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Amazon Announcing Their Tablet The ‘Kindle Fire’ This Week

Earlier today on Android Life, I wrote about a tablet being lit aflame by a flamethrower, but this is a whole different story. According to TechCrunch, Amazon is going to announce their hotly anticipated tablet, and it will be named the Kindle ‘Fire.’ This may be to differentiate itself from other Kindles, which will still be on sale before and after this tablet launches in November.

According to the report, this tablet is made by the same company that made the Playbook so it will resemble the BB tablet closely but it will definitely run Android. It is said to have a TI dual-core OMAP processor in it just like most tablets these days but we aren’t sure of the clock speed just quite yet. Other juicy details of the tablet include the rumor that Amazon has been inking deals with all sorts of media providers, TV studios and book publishers prior to launch. The tablet will rely heavily on Amazon’s MP3 store and their e-book library as well. All sounds well and good right?

So far, the Fire has been said to be based off of Android 2.1 for some odd reason. Yes all the specs seem to sound good but building off an old version of Android is a questionable call. And the fact that so far, the Fire doesn’t seem to have a native email client is harkening back to it’s Playbook roots.

This tablet is going to go into a heated war against the Nook 2 which has been rumored to be launching soon as well. But we’ll have to wait until Wednesday, during Amazon’s press conference to see how, or if, the Fire will catch on.

Via: TechCrunch

  • Balls

    No SD Slot and no Google App Market….I think I’ll keep my nook.

  • Anonymous

    blackberry play book with android os lmbo terrabad

  • Saxmusiq

    Holy T-Mobile ads Batman!

  • Anonymous

    …and don’t buy something with crappy software and plan to fix it with root. Example: Samsung Fascinate.

  • Anonymous

    Who knew that the new name for Garbage is “Fire”. This goes to show you that hardware specs aren’t everything.

  • TomHolmes

    I have to wonder if CM is going to jump on this and deliver some 2.3/4.0 goodness to the masses. I have to ask myself just how Amazon would react to such an event. What we’re hearing is that they are willing to lose money on this tablet to build a bridge for their ebusiness into more American households. But if a bunch of folks simply overwrite their carefully planned strategy with a better OS, they lose. They’re smart people. They’ve seen what’s happened with the Nook Color. Have they taken steps to prevent this? I guess we’ll see.

    I yes, if this turns out to be a solid product, Amazon will dwarf the sales of other android tablets through sheer marketing muscle alone.But that’s good for everyone except Apple. Think of Kindle as the gateway drug to Android tablets.

  • Anonymous

    wtf is up with this t-mobile background ad?
    not only is it intrusive, but isn’t this blog primarily verizon phones?
    maybe move it to an.droid-life and leave us alone!

    • KG

      I wish I could flag the advertising as inappropriate

  • 3.1 or bust

  • ricklopez1

    What up with all the t-mo advertising, YUCK!! Come on I know your trying to make some money off of the advertising, but the site looks like crap. I have seen this site evolove, here everyday since the site opened way back in the day OG. But, now it really is starting to wear on me all the advertising. I feel like im going to start getting a virus by coming here. I might as well go to BGR or Engadget. Please make some adjustment.


    Loyal Reader 

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Kellex the t-mo ads seem to be taking over the page, its really quite distracting.

    • Me

      Yea I know not only a banner up top but THREE boxes down the side all the exact same lol

  • Anonymous

    Kellex the T-Mo ads have taken over the page and its a bit distracting. 

  • Kuboo99

    On a side note, t-moblie took over the site again.

  • Anonymous

    It will sell because it has the Amazon name on it but the OS is going to be completely custom, shouldn’t even bother to call it android, and the specs are going to be mediocre at best.  It’s another low cost tablet. 

  • Anonymous

    Transformer for dad, gobot, I mean kindle fire, for mom. Enough said. Will sell to the mainstream crowd who likes tablets, likes amazon, and it not looking to bust that $300 mark. For kids around the country this Christmas, this will be the newest fanciest version of Mega blocks. They asked for legos (ahem ipad) but mom and dad didn’t want to shell out the cash.

    • Anonymous

      Even for enthousiasts like us who will never buy one, this will help to further drive Android into the mainstream.

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  • They are planning to use 2.1 to compete with others good luck with that

  • Anonymous


  • If this has decent specs, all I am really focusing on is that it will be a cheap platform for devs to work on. As we all know, a cheap platform generates a lot of interest, which usually leads to a pretty big dev community. I am thinking that as long as the source gets released in a timely manner, we will see ICS on it pretty quickly.

  • Scott

    Anyone out there hope that the traditional Kindle sticks around for a while?  I love mine and take it with me everywhere.  Now if only publishers would quit charging $15+ for e-books. 

  • ShopDroid

    Another android tablet flop, sigh.

  • Anonymous

    Once Techcrunch revealed this was going to be a low spec, fully customized version of Android that doesn’t have Google Apps I lost all caring for this tablet.  Maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised, but I doubt it.

  • Anonymous

    Oh come on… 2.2 was a big jump, No new device should have 2.1.

  • Anonymous

    Does this mean Kindle DX will have reduced pricing? Oh I hope so.

  • Anonymous

    In other news from Amazon – they are also releasing a laptop computer with a custom version of the ever popular Microsoft Windows 95 Operating System 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure it’ll end up with Honeycomb, if not then Amazon deserves it to fail.

    • Yeah, like the Xoom 1 will get LTE and SD card support.

      • Anonymous

        Umm…ok.   Btw, it did get sdcard support.  No you can’t write to it within Honeycomb but that’s entirely Google’s doing.

  • Free with Prime subscription? I’ll take it.

    • CIFchamp24

      Do you just wanted people to know you have Prime? Cause you know it’s not gonna be free. But alrighty…..

      PS. I have Prime too everyone!

  • Bionic

    Unless this thing is $200 or less im not considering it. Id rather get a xoom 1 when its price drops due to xoom 2 release.

  • James Loiacono

    hmmm… thats an odd technological decision.

  • ajharman53

    This looks extremely similar to a BlackBerry PlayBook…

  • Anonymous

    But to be fair, the Kindle Fire’s OS will be so customized, and so different than any other Android OS that is out there that it won’t even matter what the OS version is, as long as it functions well and supports the majority of apps.

    • Android69

      But 2.1 means no flash right? Or did I miss something?

      • Anonymous

        Ahh, I seemed to forgot about that. Took flash on my DX as granted. 😉 Well in that case, screw this!

  • Anonymous

    Just a lot off target there amazon… Moving on…

  • Jason Purp

    Too bad everybody just wants to save their money for the Prime.

    • too bad this will outsell the Prime by a 10 to 1 ratio. 

      • Jason Purp

        You sure about that? I wouldn’t be. I wouldn’t be at all.

        • Anonymous

          First off I’m definitely not getting this, so not a fan. But it’s a tablet and not a phone, so it’s pointless to compare it to the prime. Second, it’s target audience are kindle owners like soccer moms and dads, not the android mod crowd. There’s a LOT of kindle owners.

          • Jason Purp

            I was comparing it to the Prime in terms of sales -_-

            Maybe there are a lot of Kindle fans, but there are even more smartphone fans, and many of them think it’s pointless to get a tablet because it’s just a big phone without the phone.

          • exactly. every soccer mom who wants an iPad but doesn’t want to pay $500 will love this thing. this will be more popular than every other android tablet combined and multiplied by 2

        • yes i am sure about that. kindle is huge and amazon is huge. nobody knows what the prime is except the people who go to android site. this tablet will be on amazons home page everyday for months. the prime is just one android phone in a sea of android phones. 

          • Jason Purp

            Do you think everybody who goes to the Amazon website looks to see what the Kindle is, or even has an interest in it? I’d say in the end, those who know about the Kindle and those who go to Android blogs, thus knowing about the Prime, is basically equal.

            Plus, Verizon will be advertising the Prime constantly, on the internet as well as on their crappy TV ads, but nevertheless they are commercials and they advertise the device to some degree.

          • you have no clue what you are talking about so i will stop after this comment. individual android phones are not very impressive in terms of sales. there are more kindles sold than nearly every android phone. check the numbers. this tablet will fill the void between ereader and iPad. it will do huge numbers. the prime is just another phone that will be old news after the Htc whatever or the Samsung who knows are released three weeks later. 

          • LionStone

            Seriously? There’s a void between ereaders and ip? That’s too bad. Naw, this one is just another tablet among a sea of tablets…

          • Younggottimmg

            Just shut up Jason. Jeff is correct.

          • TheAndroid1

            Considering the Kindle is the MOST sold item on Amazon.

        • Anonymous

          I wouldn’t be so sure that because YOU want a Prime REALLY bad that everyone does.

          You don’t need to post on every article Prime related and…not.  We get it.  You really really really want the Prime, math is false, we are morons, and the Prime gives blowjobs.

    • TheAndroid1

      Let’s just hope it’s not another 300$ phone.

      What would be awesome is a $300 nexus prime with a car dock, desk dock, and battery thrown in.

    • Anonymous

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