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ROM Manager Now Supports Both the DROID Bionic and DROIDX2


Both the DROIDX2 and DROID Bionic are now supported by ROM Manager thanks to @koush and @cvpcs.  You will need to be rooted and then bootstrapped in order to use it, but you probably already knew that.  Official Bionic bootstrap should be out soon – the current version works just fine for now though.

For those new to ROM Manager, simply look at this as one of your best tools when it comes to switching ROMs, managing backups, and taking care of a variety of root-only tasks.  One of the top 5 apps for rooted devices of all time, right here.  Now we just need a whole bunch of ROMs to play with on both devices.

Market Link

Cheers MistaWolfe, Mike, and Kevin!

  • Jaime Cruz

    Any way to get ROM Manager to store it’s backups to sdcard-ext (the external SD card) on the Bionic? It’s rather useless on the internal SD card…

  • Love it when I make Droid-Life.  Boom.

    It’s the little things…

  • nessa

    D3 has DDR2 memory.

    • Adamnj77

      only half

  • Anonymous

    Root its not necessary anymore. The days of the DROID are over. Devices now come super fast great ram and good battery life

    • Anonymous

      except people like control over their devices. I like to install only what I want.

       I for one like the ability to theme a device. God knows Moto has horrible skills when it comes to that.

      • Anonymous

        The skins from the manufacturers are better than vanilla. Vanilla is so boring and it you give you access to shortcuts

    • Motcher41

      Oh yes it is. Wanting or needing root for me means debloating phones that are so over bloated with provider junk software I just cant eat after buying a new phone…I am stuffed like it until I loosen the belt 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone have quadrant scores for Bionic with CM rom?

    • Anonymous

      Those quadrants are useless

      • Anonymous

        You’re probably right, how about an AnTuTu or smart bench mark?

        • Anonymous

          It all depends on the device and the display that come with it. You can really tell unless you are comparing devices with same display. For instance bionic and the photon and the same network. You have to keep in mind that all processors are good for different things. Tegra for games exynos for the web etc

          • Anonymous

            ok, taking all of that into consideration, How can you tell if you have improved the performance of your phone, not comparing it with another. What test and app do you recommend?

          • Anonymous

            I don’t use any of them to be honest, but I have tried speed test to see how fast the bionic data is

          • Anonymous

            What test or app did you use?

  • Keith Sumner

    D3 owners, please stop whining. You bought that phone, you could have waited for the Bionic. You dug your own grave.

    • I know but it sucks!!!!  Damn!  (kicking myself…)

    • I wanted the hardware keyboard. Bad. I still think it’s friggin awesome. D3 ftw! It really bothers me that hw keyboards seem to be fading.

    • Anonymous

      Could not agree more, those d3 owners could of gotten a dd2 of ram lte and bigger display 🙂 the devs will forget about the d3

      • Fenix88

        d3 has ddr2, lte costs more and who needs it when there is wifi everywhere, and the display is big enough. Most of the people who bought the D3 got it for the keyboard so all of your arguments are invalid as the d3 is the best slider on verzion right now. Us fat fingered folk dont like having to use a dialing wand.

        • Anonymous

          Droid bionic its better 🙂

    • Motcher41

      Kind of a dbag aren’t you

  • X2 Issues are huge on the XDA boards.  Lots of people are bricking devices.  Apparently the Bootstrap for the X2 is the cause.

    • Anonymous

      Issue is people using the Bionic bootstrap with the X2 despite being directed not to do this by CVPCS. Koush’s recovery won’t work for the X2 until he provides a bootstrap. Until then the old recovery works just fine.

  • guest

    “error when loading developer list”

    I’m assuming it’s because there are no ROMS for the bionic on rom manager yet?

  • Jereroy

    any idea if droid 3 is going to show up or if i can use bionic since is similar

    • don’t you think if you you could use the same version as the bionic you would see your phone listed? but sure go ahead give it a whirl.

      • Nathanael Carrier

        i did try that, it won’t boot into recovery from Rom Manager. It just reboots your phone, in fact nothing really changes when you use the bionic one. so for now i just froze it until they come up with some D3 love for it.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe, but don’t get your hopes up. Do you Remember DROID2 and DROIDX ? The devs were all over the DROIDX and forgot about the DROID2.

  • Anonymous

    i stopped using clockworkmod or rom manager a long time ago…team win recovery for me 😛

    • apples to oranges…. team win recovery doesnt support all phones.  From my knowledge only HTC, LG and Samsung. 

  • Unexpected62

    Once again, D3 outed.

  • Fucco

    how dod you go into clockworld recovery if i have a problem and the phone will not boot up. 

    • Naviathan

      Depends on the phone.  If it’s the X2 plug it into a charger and hold the down volume button until you get the Fastboot option then use the down volume button to scroll through options the Android Recovery and use the up volume button to select it.

  • BJ P.

    how about d3??

    oh and we need galaxy s2 glide on verizon instead of stratosphere
    QWERTY keyboard + 4-inch Super AMOLED display + 1.2GHz dual-core processor + 
    8-megapixel rear camera and 1.2-megapixel front camera 

    • Anonymous

      Sammy did a good job on this thing. U love Moto but Sammy will destroy DROID 3. The lte is something a lot of people will be interesting about this mid range beast

  • Alright!!  Glad to see movement on this.  Good things are just around the corner.  Here is my question…
    Bootstrap created a clockwork folder on my sd-ext but ROM Manager created it on just sd.  I would think that these would need to be in the same place for everything to sync correctly, right?  For example backups made from bootstrap are not showing up because they are on different parts of the sd card.  Any fix/concerns/issues with this?  Or will the “official” Bootstrap take care of this.  Sorry for all of the questions!  Thanks

    • Adamnj77

      I am having the SAME PROBLEM.  I am trying to make a backup but ROM Manager is going to sdcard when it reboots but it needs to be going to sdcard-ext.  Anyone have any ideas?

      • Naviathan

        I’m having issues with recovery as well.  My X2 won’t even reboot into recovery, it just reboots and back into Android.

        • Triplec76

          I’m confused as to how the X2 even got on here. The X2 doesn’t/can’t use CWM. You have to install bootstrap recovery and reboot into recovery while plugged into AC.

        • plug it into the chager.then boot into recovery.

  • Anonymous

    Hoping the port to the D3 is coming soon. Shouldn’t be that difficult coming from the bionic.

  • Loving this<3

  • Koush makes some great apps, that’s for sure. Anyone that hasn’t tried DeskSMS yet definitely should give it a look.

  • No D3 love?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I feel the D3 is really being slowed by the Moto software on it. WTB some custom roms.

      • slowed by the moto software perhaps, but forums seem to hate it.. it’s the best phone I’ve ever had. 

      • Anonymous

        By the memory

        • Anonymous

          Its because of the memory, but only because blur uses 250+mb of it

          • Anonymous

            That is my point if you had a bionic with it’s unique ddr2,you would not have this problem