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New Gingerbread RUU 2.11.605.2 for the HTC Thunderbolt Leaks

With just 9 days left in September, we are inching closer and closer to the end of the time frame that HTC gave us for the release of Gingerbread for the Thunderbolt.  Both it and the Incredible were supposed to be updated by the end of the month, but only a small group of Incredible owners seem to have seen the light.  All Tbolt owners and the majority of those with Incredibles have yet to see anything.

Thanks to a leaked Android 2.3 build that just popped up for the Thunderbolt though, we at least know that they are continuing to work on the update.  While we have no idea if this is the official build or not, it is flashable to everyone including non-rooted users.  Just remember that with any RUU file, your phone will be wiped completely and there is always a chance that you will be off the update path.  


1.  Download this file and rename it to PG05IMG.zip.
2.  Drop the file onto the root of your SD card, meaning it is not in a folder.
3.  Power down your device.
4.  Hold Volume Down + Power to boot into the bootloader.  (Quick boot from the market also works)
5.  Your phone should recognize the file. Follow the on-screen instructions.
6.  Once everything finishes, choose the option to reboot.  Enjoy!

Via:  Android Police

  • maxxmentum

    I have a rooted Tbolt, and installed the last leak (debloated, rooted)  Ever sense then my ROM Manager restore has not worked.  It restores, goes on the the HTC screen and hangs.  I now think HTC = Hard To Communicate.   Had to rebuild it from froyo to get everything working Sans gps lock (off by 1000′-2500′), sms,mms, and flex9.  Has ROM Manager restore failed for anyone else after update?

  • Phil Austin

    I flashed this, it unrooted my phone, locked my bootloader and won’t let me into clockwork mod.  Any chance it can be reverted?  I need this thing to be rooted!!!!

    • Phil Austin

      ah, revolutionary still works.  hello root.


    @Syrio35:disqus  This would be my last, as my incredible was no good either, but im betting my last bets on the vigor first…

  • Nancy57

    HTC thunderbolt is without a doubt the WORST phone I have ever had!!  Text messaging is a disaster…they either don’t send or appear to have sent, but the recipient never receives them. And…on really special occasions, my phone decides to send messages to someone other than the person I was responding to.  Missed calls, though I may have a voice message, show no incoming call.  Only had this ‘thing’ since March…if I don’t get a new one from Verizon within the next week, will likely be reactivating my blackberry. What CRAP!!

    • fm

      Nancy my TB has been sending texts to wrong person too. Voicemails don’t get delivered occasioanlly.

  • Anonymous

    Somebody wake me up when Android actually starts to push out the official Gingerbread update…

  • Elyesq

    I have tried step #4 at least 4 times and cannot get it to load into the bootloader.  What am I doing wrong???

  • Schaefer76

    If your phone is rooted and install the update, will your phone still be rooted?  Or, will this update only work with phones that are rooted?  I’m assuming the video and camera works fine with this release?