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Motorola XOOM WiFi Receiving Update to Android 3.2.1 Version HTK55D Right Now

An update is rolling out now to the Motorola XOOM WiFi as Android 3.2.1 and version HTK55D.  No go for 3G owners at this time from what we can tell, but Tato’s WiFi version picked it up the minute he checked. Can’t seem to find a change log at this time – we’ll be digging for one though.

Cheers Morris!

  • Jrb227

    I got the Xoom update today,  What’s different?  Haven’t seen anything yet?

  • Dinot9848

    I got the 3.2.1 update on my WiFi only Xoom. I haven’t seen any changes yet however the issue still exists that when you initially click on a link or attachment you have to rotate the xoom into portrait mode in order to get it to stop hanging up and open the attachment.

  • Lakerzz

    I really wish they would add a “clear all” button for the notifications instead of having to clear each notification one by one. What a pain in the………

  • Nobody

    Still no update here as of 7:45am MT 🙁

  • Nobody

    Still no update here as of 7:45am MT 🙁

  • Nobody

    Still no update here as of 7:45am MT 🙁

  • Nobody

    Still no update here as of 7:45am MT 🙁

  • Isaiah PEz

    still dont have my update yet… i wonder if its anything good besides a LAZER 

  • Anonymous

    I think I’ll skip this update.

  • Motosurf

    when will the update come to Hong Kong? MZ604 models? 

  • looks like they found some probs with the 4g upgrade at the heart of the OS? WHERE IS MY 4G@!

  • Dave

    So this sucker is only about 1.5MB or so….I am now really curious what it changes. Anyone have a mirror for this yet?

    • Anonymous

      It said something about a new boot loader when I installed it….

  • T2technology

    I am an avid Droid-life reader and I love my Droid X (current running MIUI 1.9.9) my question is

    What is the appeal of the Xoom? I purchased one and there were many things that made it wore than my iPad:
    display- very washed , poor viewing angle
    Resolution- why won’t that stupid bar go away in full screen mode?
    Browser- very slow rendering, useless flash rendering (too slow), jagged zooming and scrolling
    App availability- too few games
    Form factor-bigger and heavier

    I purchased it this summer so I wonder if the software issues are fixed with updates.

    I am not trolling I am really trying to understand what the benefits are.

    I think the smartphone is is way better than IOS I just

    don’t see what advantage the Xoom had over the iPad, except that it isn’t an iPad.

    • Kixofmyg0t

      I can try and answer that.

      Display: I don’t know whats wrong with ur XOOM but everyone in my office agrees that their isn’t a difference between the ipad and the XOOM. Maybe I just got a “ringer” but the display on my XOOM equals that of my friends ipad. Images and videos look the same….the viewing angle isn’t bad at all.

      Resolution: that “stupid bar” is a part of Honeycomb. Get used to it.

      Browser:useless flash rendering? Umm no problems here….but my XOOM is overclocked to 1.5Ghz..

      App availablity: that is true….their isn’t many games for it. But I say if games are the deciding factor here buy a PSP instead cuz ur wasting the xoom’s potential.

      Form factor: if I remember right it’s 0.1lbs heavier than the iFad. It has a bigger higher res screen….so if ur limp wrists can’t handle a 0.1lb difference goto the gym.

      The “benefits” are its more than just another tablet. Its boatloader IS UNLOCKABLE.

      My XOOM basically replaced my computer fir many of the daily tasks I need a computer for. In fact I rarely ever visit this site on a actual computer. Not when my XOOM is so much lighter and more mobile and has 10 times better battery life.

      • Anonymous

        I second most everything said here.  I primarily bought my Xoom for work, so I don’t play a lot of games (though a few, Angry Birds is just awesome on this screen).  But I use it when traveling for work, no more laptop, I have the bluetooth keyboard to use when I have to do a lot of typing or logging into my work applications through Citrix.  I use it when having to give presentations (use Google Apps to display powerpoints, etc).  When I can’t go straight HDMI, I have a workaround for going to VGA projectors and stuff if anyone is interested.  I think it’s an awesome device.  The only thing that I wish it had that the i&ad does is Flipboard.  That’s a truly amazing app, but it’s the developers’ close-mindedness that they have chosen not to port to Android.  Battery life is outstanding.  Widscreen is great.  And when I take notes in meetings, I love using Swype (although not specific to the Xoom obviously).

        • Laggiss

          what is your VGA work around?

          • Anonymous

            What I posed on the Xoom User’s Forum with Moto:
            Got a fix people!!!!!  Slight background, I bought the piece that fixed this a while back while I was attempting to fix an issue of sending HDMI from my computer to my TV.  So here’s the deal (will put links below): Xoom —> Micro HDMI Male to HDMI Female adaptor —> HDMI Voltage Inserter (has HDMI Female on 1 side, Male on the other) —>  HP HDMI to VGA adaptor. This worked like a champ!  The Voltage Inserter slips in an additional 5V of power through the HDMI connection (need a standard 110V outlet near by) and that supplies the needed power to get the video to pass through the VGA connection on to the projector (or whatever other VGA display you need).  On a side note, going straight HDMI works without any issues, got a Micro to standard HDMI cable from Monoprice.  Hope this helps.  Sucks that Moto didn’t have a nicer solution to begin with.  But, this is much easier than lugging around any large convertor boxes like some people suggest. Micro HDMI Male to HDMI Femalehttp://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=104&cp_id=10419&cs_id=1041913 &p_id=7603&seq=1&format=2 HDMI Voltage Insertor (I bought mine a while back and honestly can’t remember where)http://www.google.com/products/catalog?q=hdmi+power+inserter&hl=en&authuser=0&no rd=1&prmd=ivns&resnum=3&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.&ion=1&biw=1437&bih=781&safe=activ e&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=441158339672977050&sa=X&ei=DxQKTt-UIKXh0QGcsoiLAQ&v ed=0CFQQ8wIwAA HP HDMI to VGA Adaptorhttp://www.shopping.hp.com/product/computer/categories/cables/1/accessories/NP03 1AA%2523ABA

      • T2technology

        What are the benefits you get out of the unlocked boot loader that make it more than just another tablet?

    • Anonymous

      The appeal is the Google Experience. Also, you really shouldn’t be having Browser issues if you’re on 3.1+… my browser sucked on 3.0, but 3.1 and 3.2 have made it as fast and pretty much as smooth as my ipad (yes, I have both. And an iPhone). I will agree, the games selection is horrible. Most scale pretty well, but some are just terrible.
      Honeycomb is the worst Android OS yet. There’s a reason it isn’t open source, Google rushed it out and therefore had to do shady tricks to make tablets work… Ice Cream Sandwich will fix that, I promise 🙂

      • T2technology

        @CurrentWeb Thanks, I figured the software bugs were fixed with an update.

        @Kixogmyg0t The vitriol wasn’t necessary, I love android as a smartphone OS but wanted to know what everyone liked about the Xoom. The bar at the bottom takes up much needed space when browsing. The pages don’t show as much as the iPad and I hope they fix the locked bar in ice cream sandwich.

        @Securitynick i also use my iPad mostly at work so thanks for the info.

    • Telephoneteck

      Two words back key. I know someone who has the fruit and it does not have a back key. That would drive me crazy! Btw I am trying out SwiftKey X for tablet for free for 30 days. I have it on my HTC Thunderbolt and love it! The stock keyboard on my Xoom was driving me crazy and i was going to just buy this, but I found they are offering a free 30 day trial. I have to say if it continues to be this great I will definitely buy it. Sorry if I sounded like a commercial.

      Droid-Life for life!

    • Fox

      No..you are trolling. Just because you SAY you aren’t trolling doesn’t change the fact that you are.
      You are on a Droid site comparing an iFad to an Android tablet with carefully chosen comparisons that make the iFad SEEM better.
      Nobody asked anything about the iFad on here. This is a post about the recent Honeycomb update for the Xoom.

      You know…the dual core tablet that has a working external memory card slot and can handle flash and is CURRENTLY on the market as opposed to something that might be coming in the next $800 version of the iFad but NOT with flash support because Steve Jobs decided FOR YOU that you don’t need flash for anything ever!

      I’m sure you enjoy the gigantic wasted space of the black bars on the top and bottom of the iFad when you watch wide–screen HD video too, huh?

      Did you convince yourself that you didn’t need cut/copy/paste too until they added it as a “featured enhancement” later on. And then did you tell yourself how great they are that they invented cut/copy/paste?

      Go into your app store and download Sprinkle…oh that’s right…the iFad can’t render it because the water physics are too complicated. How about comparing Galaxy on Fire 2 side by side and see how bad the iFad resolution is because it can’t render the complex graphics that the Xoom can.

      Think for yourself and quit regurgitating the Crapple marketing material that tricked you in the first place into wasting your money on a large phone that doesn’t make calls.

  • Anonymous

    Whatever happen to our 4G updates, I thought they would contact us again after the email?

  • Telephoneteck

    I already have 3.2.2 (rooted)

  • What’s up with the “Cheers !” thing at the bottom of the posts?

    • tjmonkey15

      I believe he is thanking whoever told them about the info in the article.

  • its a security update!!!, got mines at 8am

  • Guest

    I just got the update, and if you hold the tablet horizontally, and press the volume up and down keys simultaneously, laser beams shoot out of the micro-HDMI port.  It’s a little hard to aim, and it takes a few seconds to destroy what you’re aiming at, but it’s a great new feature.

    • Anonymous

      You can turn on the auto-guidance tracking system in the menu settings. Don’t know why it isn’t enabled by default.

    • Jrb227

      I not only don’t have that going, I can’t imagine why I would want to.  ?????

  • Anonymous

    got it, NYC

  • gregmr

    No update here. CT

  • no update in austin on stock 3.2


    I got the lame update…google tv??? really?……REALLY????

    • Anonymous

      explain further?

  • Jonathan St. Mary

    I got an update, but battery is to low to install

  • Google should have been more transparent that the only system that would be receiving updates early would be the Wi-Fi version before they sold the 3G version as a dev device as well.  I wouldn’t be surprised if ASUS beats the 3G version on this update, too.

    • Anonymous

      Ha. ASUS will probably supply an LTE upgrade before the Xoom too. 😛

  • AZdroid

    Just got the update, but I see no changes. Please dig and report. Thanks.

  • Nobody

    No update here. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Does it fix the SD card problem?

    • B6

      What problem? SD card is working whether your rooted or stock… unless your outside the US

      • The SD card is read-only right now. To me that’s a problem in that its only half the expected functionality.

  • Kixofmyg0t

    I’m already on a custom ROM so I wont miss this. 

  • Thanks for the tip — will be checking for updates tonight!

    • Clayton

      Can’t figure how to start a new comment. I am blind and I had that android was very a ccessable. Not so much. I need a background that reads the screen (in the bachground) and to send the text to the tts engine. Does anyone have any idea? Need to read Kindle books!