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Rumor: November 3 for the Samsung Prime on Verizon? So Says the Panda.

Our favorite LTE Panda and his newly appointed poem friend Tom have been all over Twitter the last 12 hours, hypebeasting (yep, we’re not the only ones that do it) with a new set of rhymes for the Galaxy Nexus aka Nexus Prime aka DROID Prime.  According to their sweet melodic words, the device that many of you have held out long enough for, will arrive on the day that Batman’s creator died.  Since Bob Kane died on November 3 and that’s a Thursday, you can mark that down as the newest tentative date.

Also embedded in their dual-poem are mentions of LTE, Ice Cream Sandwich, and the idea that purchasers of the iPhone 5 will be jealous.

While we love the Panda though, take it as tentative/rumor.  He clearly has the inside track on a lot of Verizon happenings, but those of us that have been doing this for a minute or two know how quickly these dates can change. November 3 sounds great for now – let’s just hope we don’t run into last minute delays like we have grown accustomed to from Big Red over the last year (Thunderbolt, Charge and Bionic ring a bell?).  Let’s also not forget about Honeycomb and its push backs.  This does match up nicely with yesterday’s 4chan mega-rumor that we first reported.

So that gives us the HTC Vigor on October 20 and the Nexus two weeks later.  Talk about a prime two week stretch.  Sorry, had to.

Saturday hypebeast.

  • Lora Aroy

    Every laptop buyers needs more features in less price. This is one of the best for new buyers. It includes USB 2.0 port, a DVD burner, mic and headphone jacks, and a Kensington lock slot also another USB 2.0 port sits on the left side with a USB 3.0 port and many more. 

  • Nate Surber

    I went to my local Verizon store at lunch today to shoot the $h!t with the manager, who I used to work with at another job.  I played dumb and said I heard about the new Samsung phone coming out the beginning of Nov. that’s going to be the first phone with ICS.  He said yeah and called it the Galaxy, but that’s all he knew.

    I’ll save everyone the trouble…

    Cool story bro.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Let’s see… November 3rd, 2011 in rumor time equates to January 7th, 2012 in real time.  Just saying.  But that’s the pessimist in me.  Yes I am a Bionic owner but I have 2 upgrades still to use.  I’m not hating on the Prime at all.  In fact I can’t freaking wait.  But we should all know how this rumor mill goes.  Delay after delay after delay. Especially with a new version of the Android OS.

  • bleh

    stopped caring…..getting a bionic on Tuesday. so tired of this smartphone hype..then “oh…woops, we misinformed you. it’s coming next month…oh wait…4 months…meh..maybe next year.”

    • Bionic

      Yup.  I love my Bionic.  You gotta get the best thing out at current time.  Cant always wait 

      • Sinofue

        What about the audio issues? Rotten camera? I would love my Bionic if it wasn’t for those flaws. Say what you will about i*hone (and most Android phones, for that matter), but everything that’s supposed to work, does.

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  • Anonymous

    When the OG Droid came out people were calling its 3.7 inch screen “huge.” Crazy how things change so fast. Now everyone wants a TV in their pocket instead of a smartphone. 

  • Larry Jr. Lima

    Notion Ink CEO just semi-confirmed: Google releasing Ice Cream Sandwich late October. This lines up with Tom Flemming ([email protected]:disqus ) and the Panda and his poems, indicating a Halloween release. The Nexus should be in by early November, most likely November 3rd, a Thursday.
    This is getting more exciting!

  • Anonymous

    If this thing gets dumped with standard ram and 1.5ghz, won’t a Bionic with DDR2 ram be just as fast?

    • thats what many lead us to believe that the ddr2 was a big thing but the benchmarks dont show much or actually no advantage of this.  weather it can be seen by the naked eye i do not know but the benches show nothing to show the ddr2 does anything for ya.

      • Dave

        It really depends on the benchmarks. Although you are right, by the numbers it hasn’t been very stellar. On the other hand, real world use of the Bionic indicates to me it’s fast, snappy, and seemingly able to handle heavy loads (with whatever can be thrown at it).

  • Anonymous


  • 56

    I thought Panda was working for google now not Big Red….????

  • J Dub

    My OG is really starting to show its age. Been a good run, but I need the new sexy now. Hurry up Nexus Whatever. 

  • Ray

    this is the date im eligible for my upgrade yippie!

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  • Special Transformers Edition plz! Just like the R2D2 Droid

  • CIFchamp24

    OK guys. Here’s my thing. We all would love DROID to take over completely. Leave the iPhone in the dust. Does no one else see the problem? How many of us are still holding on to our OGs because we haven’t seen anything worthy of an upgrade? Its not like we haven’t seen some cool phones with good specs come out. I see people time and time again try out something (like the bionic) and end up taking it back because of such and such a problem. The fact is, we need to see things come back to the days of the OG (but with LTE and dual core) otherwise we will always have this problem. When will a DROID phone blow us out of the water again?…. (End rant)

  • Nvitone23

    To anyone who has a twitter acount: Please follow @tfleming223. If he gets 1000 followers he will reveal more Nexus Prime details!

    • Spencer9663

      Oh this looks credible!

  • I can’t wait to get my hands on this kickass phone. I hope they keep the Nexus Prime name for it, much better than the others.

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  • Stelv81

    Give me a break. You guys are dreaming if you think this will be vanilla device on Verizon. And just stop with the drooling comments. It’s a piece of metal, plastic and wires. You guys are letting these phone take control of your lives like crack.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    A rumor a day keeps the trolls away…

  • cloak420

    i used the insurance and spend 100 to get a droid 1 back.. im waiting for nexus or sorry to say guys iphone5 depends on specs an features..i love android i got the og with custom roms everything but sometimes i think about abandoning it all n just get a feature phone like i5 but will see 

    • Anonymous


  • Sporty

    Didn’t read the comments here before posting,lol! Looks like lots of Birthdays around the Primes release,ehh? Mine’s on Nov.2nd,lol. Two years after having purchased my OG Droid.

  • Sporty

    I’ll pick up the Vigor its release date, play with it for a couple weeks and take it back for the Prime on Nov.3 one day off from my Bday. That way I’ll get a taste of the Vigor if I like it and then get the Prime if I don’t and I’ll have a new phone a couple weeks early of the Prime release. Happy Bday to me!!! 8}

    • Larry Jr. Lima

      I like the way you think.

  • Chase


  • longcat

    Watch this phone show up and be uglier than the droid charge.

    • Mike Johnson

      I love my Charge but then again I am a former TBolter

  • tyson184

    when did ‘hyperbeast’  become the new ‘it’ word?

    • Anonymous

      It is only by the tech geeks on sites like these.

  • John Riley

    NO, my early upgrade is in December.  This need to hit a snag and be pushed back a month.  Thank you very much.

    • Larry Jr. Lima


    • Tyrian

      You will wait like everyone else who was eligible to upgrade 2 months ago.

  • Anonymous

    Bionic = Test one pass

    HTC Vigor = Test pending

    Droid Prime = Finish line

    Will power don’t let me down!

  • Anonymous

    Can there be a day where Apple or the iPhone isn’t mentioned on this site?  I doubt the people that are going to get the iPhone 5 care about the Prime. 

    • Anonymous

      Agree those who are going to get an iphone aren’t reading sites like this and those reading sites like this wouldn’t buy an iphone. Just saying.

    • Sporty

      Apple….iPhone….guess there can’t be 8}

    • Who cares…your such a bitch

      • Anonymous

        It’s you’re idiot, not your. 

    • Mimeo Ink

      Yeah, no. The way Verizon’s offerings have gone lately, I’m thinking there’s a bunch of us waiting to see how October shakes out before pulling the trigger.

  • Anonymous

    Aren’t there two models of this phone. One for Verizon and one for other carriers. So couldn’t the one for Verizon be a LTE device and the other with the Exynos processor be for all the other carriers. Just a thought.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like prime time for a release considering 11, 3 and 2011 are all prime numbers.

    • Anonymous

      11/11/11 would be a cool release date…

      • If it were released on that day, it wouldn’t get bought. Everyone would be too busy getting Skyrim and playing it.

        • Matthew Morrison

          Cant Wait!! 

  • If we’re looking at an early November release, when can we expect an announcement from Google?  If they’re waiting for an iPhone 5 announcement, Apple better do it soon!

  • Bmos

    So will this phone have LTE or not. After using my Bionic and now have returned it I’m back to my OG. And I can’t stand 3g anymore. So if this has LTE I’m in. If not then maybe it’s the Vigor that I will be purchasing.

  • Anonymous

    Remember remember the 3rd of November.

  • Booboolala2000

    Hope its true would be a four day early birthday present to myself. Hope it pans out this way. Time to put my charge and all of its accessories up on ebay before everyone else finds out. Probably get four hundred for it and everything else.

  • Too bad today isn’t November 2nd.

  • walter white

    Those dates would be hilarious if they held true. How many people would buy the Vigor and return it 2 weeks later to get the Prime. Lots, I’m guessing…

  • nov 8th bday

  • Srk052004

    Guys, I am looking for a simple combination:  dual-core, LTE, Verizon, & world phone.  Is there any reason to believe that Nexus/whatever will be a world phone?

    • Anonymous

      No. There is no CDMA/GSM/LTE chipset in existence. Yet, prob 2012

      • Anonymous

        Is there any guarantee that this phone will have an LTE radio. You seem to know some things?

        • Anonymous

          I don’t like making guarantees without actually seeing the thing, but you can go with 99.9% yes.

      • Srk052004

        Thanks, zepfloyd.

  • JukeFrog

    And then 3 months later something will top the Prime…

    • Anonymous

      Well that is technology for ya. The prime will still be a good phone though no doubt.

    • Jay J

      Yes, it will be called the Galaxy S III. Is it just me, or does Samsung seem to be 6 months ahead of the competition?

  • shr1k3r

    cmon on now kellex i’m trying to watch a football game!

  • Anonymous

    That’s great to hear!

    But when on T-mobile?
    (Assuming since T-mobile got the Nexus phones usually first, they probably most likely will get it around the same time as well, if not earlier)

    • Anonymous

      Supposedly verizon was getting exclusive rights for a little while. How long nobody really knows.

      • Anonymous

        I say B.S.   I don’t think Google (or Samsung) would want to do that. If Verizon gets the Nexus, T-mobile, Sprint and At&t will get it at the same time as well, especially if the iPhone 5 will be on all of those carriers.

        My prediction why they didn’t get the Galaxy S II, is that (Verizon) is waiting for the Galaxy S II LTE.

        And haven’t the Nexus phones always been world phones? (unlocked phones?)

        I’m betting Nexus Prime (or Galaxy Nexus) will be released on all carriers at the same time.  Matter of fact, it might be the same phone. Apparently there is a single chip that supports CDMA/GSM/LTE/HSPA+. basically will be able to run on AT&T, T-mobile, Verizon and Sprint and their 4G networks as well.


        • Anonymous

          If this is not a pure Google device then the other carriers should get it at the same time. I can’t not see Google releasing ICS with any bloatware on the first ICS device.

        • Anonymous

          BS or not that’s what rumors were saying so yeah.

        • Jam120992

          sprint had the nexus s for a lil

  • The real question is, will my D1 last that long?

    • Android69

      Still rockin my OG waiting for prime

      • Cincyman321

        Me too. Looks like I won’t be picking up a Bionic next week after all. More waiting ….

      • xyzlene

        sorry this is in all caps… JUST SPOKE TO MY FRIEND AT VERIZON.. IT IS OFFICIAL.. SAMUSUNG 4,65 INCH SCREEN  – GORILLA GLASS – SAMUSUNG DUAL CORE PROCESSOR…PERHAPS A PURE NEXUS OR VERY LITTLE BLOATWARE. TO BE RELEASED WITH I.C.S. ————— i never posted spec like these before. it  will be on verizon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ————- start saving ————– YES!!!!!!!!!!! he also mentioned another motorola coming in christmas, but has very little info on it.. just to note – he is an executive sales rep for the government… i have no desire to troll – b.s. etc….

        • Jam120992

          pretty much come down to which phone is going to have the best battery life…. prime or vigor

          • Anonymous

            Not only battery life but Google Experience or Sense 😛  I for one choose pure Vanilla Google Experince over all other bloatware!!!  Sense or otherwise, hopefully ICS is loaded on the Samsung Nexus 🙂

          • Jam120992

             oh im taking sense off anyways so…

        • Big Cat

          LAWL. Did he give you the release date for the iPhone 6 too?

        • You can tell a guy is full of bull when he has to add ” i have no desire to troll – b.s. etc…. “.
          On the other hand, is does give us all something to look foward to, and argue about…..

          • xyzlene

            i have been on this site since nandroid…never did i post a rumor. got my og novemeber 6th… was trying to be informative. plain and simple…

        • Youllreachus

          Thanks for the info, but you have to promise to kick your friend in the shin if he’s gets me excited and the date is wrong.

        • Anonymous

          I love how you preemptively apologized for the caps, and then still went caps.

      • Anonymous

        Mr three, hoping this will will be it, a ral device that has pure Google and rocks with great specs 🙂

    • rrosotho

      My OG droid just died and now im using an old lg vortex until Nexus comes out. It will be close to the OG droid 2 year anniversary nice timing

      • If mine dies, I will have to choose between the Bionic, the vigor if it is out, or waiting and dusting off my old HTC Titan.

    • Mimeo Ink

      I’m feeling the same way. I *think* it will, because the dang thing’s built like a tank? But gahd, anything could happen. My pet could knock it across the room. My bag might get upturned at the wrong time. I might sit on it, because lady jeans have no real front pockets. Power surge from the charger. Alien invasion. DEATH FROM ABOVE. 

      I hate death from above. Horrible timing.

  • Anonymous

    ill be inline!!!!

  • Mrpicolas

    He said true father. Ie… His creator..

    • Anonymous

      so does that change the date? I am not into all the background of batman knowledge lol

    • Biblo

      Bill Finger the un credited co-founder of Batman died Jan 18.  Both dates are could be valid.

  • My girlfriend’s bday is also on November 3rd. I was going to buy her a tablet as a gift, but it looks like i’ll be using the money for my Prime instead. 

    • Papoose34328


    • Anonymous

      You can always get her the Bionic while you get the Prime lol  Walk in together and surprise her,  two for one and you get your devce as well 😛

      A romantic stroll to the Verizon store lol 😛

      • Anonymous

        But don’t those usually end in tears.

        • Anonymous

          Only when the bill comes, lol.

    • PrimeJustice

      lol!  A real dou$he bag.  Girls don’t want tablets anyway… I can’t believe over 50 people liked his comment.  I guess this blog is mostly read by lonely boys…

      • Anonymous

        Or by people who appreciate sarcasm, and irony.

      • Anonymous

        Ah cmon… Our ladies appreciate the things we do for them. 

        For instance my wife enjoyed the new washing machine I got for her so much that I got her a new dishwasher as well. 

      • Bill Jenkins

        Girls appreciate big things. Preferably 10″ things. like a tablet.

    • J Dub

      My wifes birthday is also this day. Looks like I will be using her upgrade to get myself a phone on her birthday. Don’t worry though, I’ll get her some flowers and take her to dinner so I can use my new phone. 

    • Mimeo Ink

      Pah! Use the money to get *her* a Prime. 😀

    • agree.. Heyy Guys, I just got a $829.99 iPåd2 for only $103.37 and my mom got a $1499.99 HDTV for only $251.92, they are both coming with USPS tomorrow. I would be an idiot to ever pay full retail prices at places like Walmart or Bestbuy. I sold a 37″ HDTV to my boss for $600 that I only paid $78.24 for.
      I use “BïdsFïrst,com

    • agree Heyy Guys, I just got a $829.99 iPåd2 for only $103.37 and my mom got a $1499.99 HDTV for only $251.92, they are both coming with USPS tomorrow. I would be an idiot to ever pay full retail prices at places like Walmart or Bestbuy. I sold a 37″ HDTV to my boss for $600 that I only paid $78.24 for.
      I use “BïdsFïrst,com

  • Anonymous

    If it is vanilla flavored I will buy it! If it has any mix in’s then I will pass. It is high time Verizon has a pure Google experience.

  • aventador779

    WOW. I have had my upgrade available since Novemeber 2010, and I was patiently waiting for the Bionic…. an entire year I with an open upgrade. WOW.

    • yeah dude but this is the last of our upgrades so got to make sure the purchase is worth it.  2 years from now computers/tablets/phones will probably be closer to being one anyway so dropping 600 on a phone will get you a lot more than what it gets now

      • Anonymous

        They are pretty close as it is now. I can only imagine what in 2 years they will be like.

        • I’ll never tire of my keyboard and mouse…unless there is a dock that you can put your phone in that goes to the monitor/keyboard/mouse/ etc etc.  I can def see that happening.  You can already connect things to a phone wirelessly.  who knows maybe that was googles plan all along.  take over the mobile phone OS then the tablet OS and then destroy microsoft?  =D!

          • Anonymous

            I agree with you but I mean with moto making the laptop dock and all those accessories the phones are moving in that direction at a break neck pace. For me they just aren’t at the level that computers are yet but in 2 years maybe they will.

          • yeah i also agree with that.  quad cores/dedicated graphics are the next phase.  i guess it all just depends on how much power they will be able to cram into these little devices.  Googles software is definitely on pace to have an OS like that.

          • Anonymous

            And once google adds hardware acceleration into android then it will really increase the power of these devices.

    • Andres Garcia

      had an upgrade since July. Still waiting as well. Might grab the Bionic, but JUUUUST rooted and rommed my tbolt. Reset up the whole thing after seeing some of the stuff on the home screen post a few days ago. Its like a whole new phone and i really like it. boom

    • Trathephoenix

      U have the willpower of a jedi knight!

  • Anonymous

    So, I’m still confused on whether the Verizon device will be a true nexus experience..? As in that it will get all the updates first and if it will be TouchWiz-free…? Cause I really want pure android on verizon. no bloatware, no touchwiz or blur. 

    • Don’t hold your breath. Expect VZW to backup a truckload of bloat to put on it as usual…

      • Anonymous

        So far all Nexus’s have been free of bloatware, I wouldn’t think Google would let Verizon change that spec at all sense it is basically kleeping with the other Nexus devices.  Again hopefully but yes, we all know Verizon likes to slap their Fat Bloatware on the devices!!!

        • Anonymous

          We don’t know if this will indeed be a Nexus device yet.  Verizon turned down both prior.

        • Matthew Morrison

          why? i dont understand that

    • Jason Purp

      On a device like this, bloatware will be having a f***-fest. TouchWiz WILL be on there, but it’s TouchWiz 5, which isn’t as intrusive as other OEM skins. Apparently it just makes small “enhancements” instead of skinning the entire phone, since ICS is already a good user experience. But we’ll see…

    • Sporty

      Nice thing is it’ll be a Samsung device so no locked bootloader. It’ll be unloaded ASAP 8} . No waiting like the Bionic…

  • Anonymous

    Maybe that is when the actual prime is coming and not the Verizon version since the panda no longer works for Verizon. Just saying maybe Verizon gets it a little earlier.

  • Jason Purp

    Got a Bionic today.
    Not a single f*** was given.

    • Jason Purp

      WAIT, I lied.
      I’m returning the Bionic tomorrow. Screen gave me a huge headache and the buzzing in the background of the music is annoying. Looks like I’ll be getting the Galaxy Nexus after all.

      • Greeningml

        I took a look at the Bionic yesterday and ran it side by side with the Charge and Sammy destroyed it in web browsing and speed tests.  The Bionic would freeze halfway through the SpeedTest (it looked like it corresponded with the switchover from download to upload), reported inaccurate speed results, and finished ~25 seconds after the Charge.  I don’t know if my Verizon store in Huntington Beach, CA received one of the few with radio problems, but that sealed the deal for me.  As far as UI performance, the Bionic was very smooth and snappy.  Its just with the radio problem and the sub-par camera performance, I will be waiting for the dual core Sammy LTE device (in whatever form it comes in).

        • Anonymous

          No radio problems with my Bionic. I’ve done a few speed tests and this phone is definitely the fastest LTE phone on Verizon thus far. The camera does need work but it’s the software not the hardware that’s to blame. Probably among one of the first things to be fixed via OTA updates.

          • Briebel2684

            Don’t bet on it. It took a year to fix the focus on the DX, with the patch that broke everything else. I still like moto hardware, but they have horrible software problems.

        • Anonymous

          I’ve got no such issues on my Bionic, no delays and a 70 ms ping with 18 mbps speeds.  No radio issues either and this thing is fast as hell.  Only issue I’m having is less than stellar battery life.  The camera isn’t too bad, it takes great macro and outdoor shots, in low light situations it’s not the best though and sometimes struggles to focus.

    • Droids

      I got the Bionic yesterday and very happy I did. Only issue is that I’ve been forced to wear a drool cup whenever I use it.

      • Calvin Williams

        That just means you aren’t used to good phones. Go compare it to the epic touch 4g and you will fix your drooling problem

        • Jason Purp


        • Anonymous

          Yeah that’s it.


  • virtual human

    Or MAYBE it’s coming out on January 22nd, when Heath Ledger died. *Gasp!* (You know, since the Joker made Batman who he was by killing his parents… at least in the movies…)

    • virtual human

      However, the first comic to feature Bruce Wayne’s father, Thomas Wayne, was released in November of 1939, in which he was murdered by Joe Chill!

      Of course, the date of the fictional murder was June 26th, so maybe we have to wait until next year!

    • McGuest

      what movies have you been watching? Joker wasnt even in batman begins ( I assume were talking about the non-terrible batman movies). It was joe chill jeezzzuzzz

  • Mscaduto

    Anyone else think a (rumored) 4.65 in screen is too big? Leaning towards the smaller Vigor even though I’m sure this will be a better phone.

    • Lugzey

      I agree….but sacrifices have to be made!!!

    • Anonymous

      I’m on the fence going to see if the vigor has any glaring issues and if not ill prob get that.

    • With the buttons being removed in ICS, this should allow for that extra screen space without making the phone gigantic.  

    • Dan

      The Epic 4G Touch’s 4.52-inch screen fit perfect in my hand and that’s coming from someone who uses a Droid X on a day to day basis. If the phone is slim enough, a 4.65-inch screen will be just fine in my book. 

    • Android69

      The Samsung Gala Note has a 5.3 in screen which looks sweet so 4.65 seems relatively small.

    • Earleepa

      Get pants with bigger pockets.

  • Autobots… ROLLOUT!

  • tjmonkey15

    So glad I didn’t get the Bionic.  I’m sure it is (or could be) a great phone, but I would have huge buyers remorse knowing these couple phones were right around the corner.  Especially the Prime.

  • Anonymous

    Nov 3 is my birthday. This would be perfect.

    Buy myself a Samsung Prime AND get a Dairy Queen Chocolate Xtreme Blizzard cake on the same day!

    • Carmen Diva

      Lol aw

    • Anonymous

      Mine’s the 10th! Early bday present for me!

      • Mines on the 8th! Reminds me when i picked up my OG Droid almost 2 years ago. Awww good times!  

        • mines the 5th….of april 

          • Adam Elghor

            mines the 2nd of april

          • Anonymous

            Mine’s on the 1st of April

            …only fooling.

    • Some random dude

       Forever Alone ..

    • Derp

      My bday too. Wanna text eachother on our new primes about how good our dairy queen is?

  • Anonymous

    I will def be buying off contract.

  • Anonymous

    November 3 would be great, my upgrade is the 27th of nov.

  • Bigsike

    I passed on Bionic I want a bigger screen than my X so I’ll probably pass on Vigor too so that leaves Prime or Megatronor or what ever the name is going to be it looks like the winner to me 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I can wait, my contract ends on November 7th anyway 🙂

  • Keith Sumner

    so you talk about this info but don’t post it or link to it? OR am I just missing something?