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Rumor: November 3 for the Samsung Prime on Verizon? So Says the Panda.

Our favorite LTE Panda and his newly appointed poem friend Tom have been all over Twitter the last 12 hours, hypebeasting (yep, we’re not the only ones that do it) with a new set of rhymes for the Galaxy Nexus aka Nexus Prime aka DROID Prime.  According to their sweet melodic words, the device that many of you have held out long enough for, will arrive on the day that Batman’s creator died.  Since Bob Kane died on November 3 and that’s a Thursday, you can mark that down as the newest tentative date.

Also embedded in their dual-poem are mentions of LTE, Ice Cream Sandwich, and the idea that purchasers of the iPhone 5 will be jealous.

While we love the Panda though, take it as tentative/rumor.  He clearly has the inside track on a lot of Verizon happenings, but those of us that have been doing this for a minute or two know how quickly these dates can change. November 3 sounds great for now – let’s just hope we don’t run into last minute delays like we have grown accustomed to from Big Red over the last year (Thunderbolt, Charge and Bionic ring a bell?).  Let’s also not forget about Honeycomb and its push backs.  This does match up nicely with yesterday’s 4chan mega-rumor that we first reported.

So that gives us the HTC Vigor on October 20 and the Nexus two weeks later.  Talk about a prime two week stretch.  Sorry, had to.

Saturday hypebeast.

  • Lora Aroy

    Every laptop buyers needs more features in less price. This is one of the best for new buyers. It includes USB 2.0 port, a DVD burner, mic and headphone jacks, and a Kensington lock slot also another USB 2.0 port sits on the left side with a USB 3.0 port and many more. 

  • Nate Surber

    I went to my local Verizon store at lunch today to shoot the $h!t with the manager, who I used to work with at another job.  I played dumb and said I heard about the new Samsung phone coming out the beginning of Nov. that’s going to be the first phone with ICS.  He said yeah and called it the Galaxy, but that’s all he knew.

    I’ll save everyone the trouble…

    Cool story bro.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Let’s see… November 3rd, 2011 in rumor time equates to January 7th, 2012 in real time.  Just saying.  But that’s the pessimist in me.  Yes I am a Bionic owner but I have 2 upgrades still to use.  I’m not hating on the Prime at all.  In fact I can’t freaking wait.  But we should all know how this rumor mill goes.  Delay after delay after delay. Especially with a new version of the Android OS.

  • bleh

    stopped caring…..getting a bionic on Tuesday. so tired of this smartphone hype..then “oh…woops, we misinformed you. it’s coming next month…oh wait…4 months…meh..maybe next year.”

    • Bionic

      Yup.  I love my Bionic.  You gotta get the best thing out at current time.  Cant always wait 

      • Sinofue

        What about the audio issues? Rotten camera? I would love my Bionic if it wasn’t for those flaws. Say what you will about i*hone (and most Android phones, for that matter), but everything that’s supposed to work, does.

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  • Anonymous

    When the OG Droid came out people were calling its 3.7 inch screen “huge.” Crazy how things change so fast. Now everyone wants a TV in their pocket instead of a smartphone. 

  • Larry Jr. Lima

    Notion Ink CEO just semi-confirmed: Google releasing Ice Cream Sandwich late October. This lines up with Tom Flemming ([email protected]:disqus ) and the Panda and his poems, indicating a Halloween release. The Nexus should be in by early November, most likely November 3rd, a Thursday.
    This is getting more exciting!

  • Anonymous

    If this thing gets dumped with standard ram and 1.5ghz, won’t a Bionic with DDR2 ram be just as fast?

    • thats what many lead us to believe that the ddr2 was a big thing but the benchmarks dont show much or actually no advantage of this.  weather it can be seen by the naked eye i do not know but the benches show nothing to show the ddr2 does anything for ya.

      • Dave

        It really depends on the benchmarks. Although you are right, by the numbers it hasn’t been very stellar. On the other hand, real world use of the Bionic indicates to me it’s fast, snappy, and seemingly able to handle heavy loads (with whatever can be thrown at it).

  • Anonymous


  • 56

    I thought Panda was working for google now not Big Red….????

  • J Dub

    My OG is really starting to show its age. Been a good run, but I need the new sexy now. Hurry up Nexus Whatever. 

  • Ray

    this is the date im eligible for my upgrade yippie!

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  • Special Transformers Edition plz! Just like the R2D2 Droid