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DROID Bionic Batteries: Extended vs. Standard vs. Wireless Charging

We got a hold of the extended battery for the DROID Bionic today along with the inductive (wireless) battery cover.  Both are available now through Verizon and Motorola’s stores – extended on sale for 50% off – and could be serious options for those of you looking for either a simpler charging solution or a longer battery life.  The extended battery weighs in at 2760mAh as compared to the standard battery which is just 1735mAh.  The inductive (wireless) cover on the other hand, simply slips over top of the standard battery so it won’t be giving you additional juice, but will instead just make it easier to charge your device.

Both the extended battery and the wireless cover will be getting full tests by us over the next few days, so for now, we’ll just give you this quick look at how they change the look and feel of the device when used. The extended is going to add some weight and thickness, while the inductive cover really just makes the device flat on the back while removing the hump.

Initial tests of the standard battery are giving me anywhere from 6-10 hours on 2 bars of 4G LTE with normal every day use. Hoping that this extended can last another 4.

*Note on the wireless cover:  It appears to practically lock the device from use while it’s charging.  I’m sure this is a bug that needs to be addressed, but while on the charger, it is almost impossible to unlock the device and swipe between screens or apps.  Immediate fix is needed if this is going to be an option. Most of us continue to use our phones even while they are charging.

Pics and video after the jump.  

The device with the standard battery and cover:

The device with the extended battery and cover:

The device with the wireless charging cover:

Standard battery vs. Extended battery:

Quick look and hands-on:


Let us know if you have any questions or need us to test anything out with either of these accessories.

  • kennopalus

    you can’t find a really good case to protect the phone with . The best one is by Diztronic but it is very thin. I went back to the standard battery and both another one and a stand alone battery charger so I can charge up the battery out of the phone and I just rotate then as needed. I want a really good case for the phone because of my work condition and the extended battery cases are just not good enough.

  • i use 4000mAh extended battery from Mugen.
    i am very happy with the autonomy of the phone, i get about 3-4 days between charges on moderate use, heavy use gives me 2-3 solid days. and i do not mind the bulkiness the extended batteries add at all, those who are in a need of extended batteries go for functionality anyways. So in my opinion extended batteries are the winner.

  • I don’t mind the extra weight if it’s going to give me extended battery life. It’s not like I’m carrying around a sack of rice. Doesn’t look bad at all, either. With all the apps and added functionalities of mobiles nowadays, one deciding punch will definitely be battery life.  

  • anyone know where to buy one? i looked everywhere

  • Triskite

    if only someone could make that thing wireless charging enabled…


  • jriza

    got the extended battery for 50% off. This website is great!

  • GovGeek

    Not bad at all… With the extended battery I have 50% at 13 hours run time, with the battery in “Performance Mode.” 
    42% Cell standby41% Phone idle7% Android OS5% Wi-Fi3% Display2% com.motorola.service.main
    Does anyone else have an issue with the back cover “squeaking” on the long edge? It’s seems to bow out a little leaving room to push in while holing it normally. Seriously annoying and cheap feeling. I might try a heat it up slowly to re-form it slightly.

  • EricPitt01

    Kellex, I got 22 hours on extended battery before I had to charge it.  The most I have got on regular is 14, but this is also while I was at work with the phone on vibrate in my pocket (I work in a restaurant), WiFi off and 4G on.  For $25, the extended battery is worth the purchase….my only beef is the otterbox case will not fit over the extended battery and cover.

  • Does the device fit into all the docks and stuff with the inductive back and the extended battery&cover?

  • Anyone know why Verizon does false advertising when it comes to their extended batteries? On Verizonwireless.com it says the extended bionic battery is 2880 mAh, yet when i get it, the battery is 2760…Anyone know why they do that, is it intentional to mislead us or what? An extra 120 mAh isn’t much but its just the way they advertise is bad. I’m just confused and if someone can clear this up that would be great :-).

  • Cwaddell

    Can you get a wireless charging cover on the extended battery??  or am i asking too much 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Never thought I would think the look of the hump makes the phone so much sleeker

  • I have both batteries on my Bionic.  I unplug the phone at 6:30am and by 10:00pm the regular battery is around 15%.   Yesterday I used the extended battery for the first time and had 50% after 15 hours.

    I typically make about 10 calls a day, play Angry Birds for an hour, read e-mail all day long (I get about 100 messages a day), and read stuff on the internet browser several times a day. My 4G signal goes in and out all day (3G downstairs/4G signal on the second floor), so my data is a combination of WiFi and LTE.

    This is a very unscientific study, but the battery life is good enough for me.  Furthermore, the above results were acheived without plugging in the phone all day, and since I have a mini USB at my desk, and one in my car, I will probably be charging the phone mid-day on a normal basis.

    I think I will mostly use the standard battery since it is lighter and thinner and it’s good enough for me.  But it’s nice to have the extended battery for trips – especially since I got it for $29.

  • hatethanet

    FYI, Anandtech ran some battery life tests on the Bionic with results similar to Thunderbolt, Charge, and Revolution: http://www.anandtech.com/show/4761/motorola-droid-bionic-preview

    • LionStone

      Ah, thanks for the info. That is what I was interested to know. So in their tests, the Bionic only did slightly better on its “bigger” battery on web browsing than the TB, and did a little worse running its Hotspot than the TB, even with its newer specs, bigger battery and dual cores. On these results, I’d say the TB did just fine releasing with what it has, when it did, as the first phone with LTE. 

      And even though web browsing is the worst on the TB, that is something I don’t do too much of anyway so for me, I end up getting pretty decent battery life. Last I checked I got 12 hrs in 4G the whole time with 1 full hr of tethering my GT10.1. Stock.

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  • Rockwell1013

    I am feeling like the best bet would be inductive charger and a backup standard with a battery charger. In fact, I’m sticking to this. I’m not going to allow my bionic to enlarge its girth like so many fine parents in this country.

  • Anonymous

    People are turds .why complain so much about battery life? Just get a charger at home, work and in the car and you will be good. It is so much harder to put those thick batteries in it.

    • StanleySpadowski

      It is rare that my phone isn’t on a charger of some kind.

    • Anonymous

      This from the person that said root was “overrated”.  Some of us have lives and don’t want to be attached to our car/work/home chargers.  I travel all the time.  Sometimes plugs just aren’t available.

    • Anonymous

      you my friend obviously didn’t own a Thunderbolt or you would be thinking differently

      • M Maldonado1

        Thunderbolt = fail

  • Anonymous

    Just FYI, I tried it today at the store – the extended battery is NOT compatible with the Otterbox Defender.

    • Schillssock

      NO it isnt…..but it is compatible to the clamshell case that has the pull out kickstand on it. so seeing as the my case was already designed to have to extended battery it was a non brainer for me to get one. I am a HEAVY user and I am getting about 11-12 hours out of the battery so I am as happy as can be

  • Anonymous


  • HW6X

    I wish moto makes HW6X, a size between 4x and 8x,  so that I can get longer battery life with style

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous


  • Vash

    Hey guys,

    To all of you that are getting great battery life on your standard battery…do you guys have any special settings you’d like to share, or are you just using the stock settings out of the box?


    • Zoe

      Hi I have the standard battery, I charged it the night before last, it lasted all day and today at 10:25am I still have %50 battery life.  I went to the task manager app included with the phone, and any app that didn’t needed to be on, I selected to shut off after 2 minutes of screen time out. I also force stop the Verizon Navigator and now use by default google maps.  The Verizon Navigator was using up 45% battery but Google maps only uses 2%.  I also have phone set on wifi all day, adjusted the display and the screen time out.   

      • Vash

        Thanks, Zoe.

  • I was just able to purchase 2 wireless charging pads and 1 inductive battery cover for the Droid Bionic for a total of $44.98 + tax with free 2nd day shipping. Wanted to pass the word along, amazing price. A copy of the order comfirmation can be seen at http://williamchisholm.com/vzw/inductive_chargers.pdf

    • How did you get those prices?  Wireless pad still listed at $70 online.

    • Poncherotaf

      That invoice is as fake as it gets.  2 chargin pads for 22.49?? since when does vzw sell items rounded off to 3 decimal cents.. unless chargers are listed like gas prices…

      • ya thats not fake, if you really need proof then ask. I have no idea why or how it worked but it did. I happened to change the quantity of pads from 1 to 2 thinking about the 25% off three accessories and it suddenly changed to what I posted. I was only trying to spread the word not upload fake receipts

      • FedEx Tracking no.: 475615802139, if you’d prefer I can take a picture when it arrives, or will you still not believe it?

    • Well that sucks.  They fixed the glitch.  I had 1 cover and 2 pads coming it at $24.50.  Threw the error when hitting submit order.  Screenshots attached.

    • FYI – I was just able to order them online – 2 wireless charging pads and 1 inductive battery cover for the Droid Bionic for $49.01 ($4.03 of that is VZW surcharges).

      (1) Log In to VZW Site
      (2) Shop Accessories; Don’t browse by device – choose Chargers and Dock, choose BIONIC Inductive Cover, Check Compatibly using BIONIC, Add Qty 1 to cart
      (3) Continue Shopping; Don’t browse by device – choose Chargers and Dock, choose Wireless Charging Pad, Check Compatibly using DROID 3, Add Qty 1 to cart
      (4) Check-Out
      (5) Change Wireless Charging Pad Qty to 2, click update prices.  New discounts applied.

  • P.s. It kind of pisses me off that there are all those logos.  It’s a phone not a race car and we don’t get paid to show off the brand.

    • How did you get those prices?  Wireless pad still listed at $70 online.

    • Kevin Parlee

      I think the Logo’s represent the quality of products that you use. Like if you see someone with a horeshoe on thier jeans, you know they have a pair of true religeons. Would you take the Horse off of your ferrari? then again a personal preference

  • the inductive charging cover makes the phone look siiiiick,  If I had the bionic I would want that cover with the extended battery.

  • Anonymous


  • Well p3 said that the prime might not b on his Christmas list after what he has heard….I wonder what he heard

  • Bill Morrow

    I have had the extended battery now for a few days, and I have a couple of things to show :  😉

    I think the first one at 8 and half hours was with 80 percent battery left, and the second one was at 70 percent.  I wasn’t doing a lot of media, it was mostly e-mails, (this was during my workday), text messages, phone calls, a little skype, and some kindle reading.  The worst it got down to was 60 percent at 11:45 at night when I went to sleep after having it off the charger since like 7:30 in the morning.  (give or take a few snooze button hits)

    • Bill Morrow

      oh and totally worth it, I couldn’t make it through the day with the standard battery, now it’s doing better than that craptastic Charge I tried out for a couple of months.  (I rue the day I bought that piece of crap).

      • Bill Morrow

        Which might be a big part of the reason I am not interested in the hype beasting of the Prime, or the SGSII.  I have been thoroughly happy with my Motorola devices, (even with the bootloaders).  My OG Droid was pretty nice, up until the Bionic my DX was the best phone I EVER had.  Then I tried the Charge…FAIL.  Then I traded with my wife for her Bionic….Didn’t make ‘Sense’.  Now I have the Bionic…so far….nice.

        • Bill Morrow

          TRaded my wife for her Thunderbolt….not her Bionic.  Which if I had type that correctly, my double meaning of the word ‘Sense’ Would actually make ‘Sense’  Which it does not.

          Self Fail

          • GovGeek

            I haven’t found anything worth trading my wife for, but I can be sure it wouldn’t be for the Thunderbolt. Thinking…

    • I have to add that the extended battery is amazing. With moderate use (emails, calls, IMs, web, PLUS 2 hours Netflix over HDMI) I got 32 hours out of it and still had 10% left.

      The size increase is not too bad, flattens out the phone but is not too obtrusive, although it does increase the weight a bit more. I would recommend this upgrade to everyone. 

      • Bill Morrow

        I agree, the weight wasn’t too bad, and it centers out.  It also doesn’t catch on every single thing, (think pants pockets, wedding rings, etc), like the extended battery of the thunderbolt can.

        I am also glad that all of their docks support it.  I was so irritated in the past with extended batteries that had no docks, (think Seidio).

  • Anonymous

    Why dont they make these phones with the extended battery? Blows my mind! That is the biggest issue i have with this phone so far.

  • Filonias

    I have to say I love the extended battery. Ive been experimenting with running just 3g unless I need/want 4g. As of right now im at 10 hours with 70% left. Yesterday I went 14 hours with 4g on all day. I’m still messing around with it but I think I’ll be running 3g the majority of the time from here on out. 🙂 Outlasting everyones phones at work is just fun. : D

  • Anonymous

    Wireless does not force lock the screen.  I’ve tested this.

    • Anonymous

      He just has a bad unit probably.

  • John Dixon

    I got the extended battery from the store yesterday ($24.99). They can choose Business discount or Corporate (verizon) discount. No one at the stores even knew they were on sale. 

    The extended battery fits my hands better then the standard. It was to thin for me. I need something i can hold onto. Its what i am use to. The battery lasted me all day 7am – 2am with moderate use. 

    I bought the combo/holster case but took it back. It does fit the extended battery fine. That is awesome but i could not get it to fit into the car dock with the holster on  (yes i removed the insert on the dock). I do not like to have to remove something just to fit it in the docks (i use the car dock all the time and standard dock as my bedside dock). I would love to have a case that will work with the docks and the extended battery.

    • T Hall

      I have been hearing everybody say that the shell holster case worked great with the desktop dock and the navigation docks…

      • Bill Morrow

        I am going to try one of the silicon cases, I have the double piece case right now and I am having the same problem.

  • It’s not truly wireless. You have to plug in the charging station.

    Regular phone and wall charger- Number of cables = 1
    Pad Charger – Number of cables = 1

    • Madcow06

      It’s wireless from the power source to the phone. I’m pretty sure everyone already knows that you have to plug in the charging pad.

      • Anonymous

        Which begs the question: what are we really saving on? Convenience of not plugging in the cord to the phone? You save 2 seconds each charge, but have to lug the back at all times. And isn’t the charge time much longer wireless? Where’s the convenience if it adds heft and not battery life to the phone?

  • Shaun Sabo

    The issue with the droid bionic becoming unresponsible is not specific to the wireless cover. the one in my local store did this too on a cable. at the store though it only appeared to do this when the battery was 100% charged. if i drained it down to 90% and re-plugged it in the phone worked fine again until it hit 100%

  • Anonymous

    I feel its just easyer to use the standard battery and have a car charger, that way you dont add any extra weigh to the device

  • Anonymous

    on a positive note, you can store your loose change in the cut out for the speaker.

  • Turkey Fart

    “Looks like a ’57 Chevy I used to have…”

  • Vnvjeep

    Does it still fit the nightstand and GPS cardock?

    • Squevie

      Yes to the car dock.  I believe yes to the nightstand as well, but not 100% about that.

    • John Dixon

      Yes both Home & Car dock will fit the extended battery. The combo holster also fits the extended battery however will not fit the Car and Home dock even with the extra piece removed from the docks. 

      • Jjjjj

        The case does work with the home dock.

  • I love the extended battery.  I thought this was just a characteristic of my old phone, but why does this phone only show 10% increments on battery widgets? always 100-90-80, with an extended battery that can last…forever, 10% is pretty general.
    Unless you are a pilot and being overweight can crash your plane, 25 bucks for the battery and cover is a steal.

    • 178firebird

      Download Circle Battery Widget, 1% increments

  • Anonymous

    Kellex, I don’t know how you get such bad battery life.

    Have you rooted and de-bloated yet? This improved my battery life dramatically. I get 12-18 hours on a standard battery and that’s with normal use with the display active for three+ hours.

    Also people should be aware it can take a few charge cycles for the battery to be fully calibrated. So you should hold off on judging battery life until you have had the phone for at least 3-7 days.

  • Aaron G

    I got the extended battery today as well.  It really isn’t that bad.  I’m coming from the T-Bolt and that extended was massive.  It does make it thicker all the way round but the Bionic really feels so much lighter than the T-Bolt in every way.  So far, the phone has been running about 4 hours on 20% initial charge with no budge.  I wouldn’t say this is going to be law but it looks pretty decent.  I have made a couple phone calls and had my exchange emails coming through as well as social media.

  • Hey Kellex, your note about wireless cover making it impossible to unlock happens to Bionic when I just charge it regularly through the usb cable and docks!

    • Squevie

      Individual problem?  My OG Droid did that when it was plugged in to an aftermarket charger, but not verizon’s.  Havent had any problems with any sort of lock out using their car or home charger with extended battery and car dock

    • Sk102704

      You must have a bumb Bionic then.  I can use my Bionic without any issue when charging.  You should bring that one back.  I can imagine that being very annoying! Goog luck!

  • Steve-o

    The black case that verizon sells in the bundles fits the extended battery quite nicely. Been using it since day one and love the extended battery and the case. Also that same case DOES fit in the car stock WITH the extended battery. Greatness.

    • John Dixon

      I could not get the combo holster to fit in the Car Dock (with the extended Battery). I took the case back for this reason. I did not want to have to pop the case off just to use the car dock or media dock. (Yes i took the insert out as well)

      • Debo_nu

        I have no issue putting mine into the car dock while in the shell case that comes with the holster. Just have to lean it back a bit to lock it into place.

  • Anonymous

    I have extended battery. The photos make it look big, but in my hand it looks sharp. It is not too bulky and the battery life is excellent so far. 80% at 6:30 hours so far with medium usage on 3g.

  • Kixofmyg0t

    Pics don’t do the Bionic justice…..it looked different before i actually held one in my hand. I can say its bigger lenth and height wise than my DX but not much thicker. 

    Idk why people are hating on the thickness of the extended battery…..I’m the onky one of my friends that DOESN’T have their phone encased in some ugly case that triples its thickness.

  • Andrew Akker

    Does the wireless inductive back support the extended battery? Why is it so hugely thick if not?

    • Steve-o

      Because it has to house the inductive coils would be my guess. 

  • Does the extended battery work with the docks?

    • Squevie

      I can verify it does at least work with the car dock.  

    • John Dixon

      Yes works with both docks. You do not have to remove the dock inserts either.

  • Ssplawson

    Extended doesn’t look nearly that bad as the tbolt s

  • Anonymous

    Its sad that even with the pentile screen the bionic still needs an extended battery…is battery technology really this bad? Will this be a recurring problem as the tech becomes more sophisticated?

    • Yes, lithium polymer tech is 20 years old, also hybrids that extend mpg maybe 4 mpg on trucks and suvs?  Of course dude.  Imagine the batt drain on the vigor and prime at 1.5, LTE? please.

      • Anonymous

        Sorry, it was meant to be more rhetorical than it sounded. My point is why are they pushing LTE tech on us with antiquated battery tech? The level of strain that LTE (as well as hd screens, dual/quad core procs, etc) places on today’s li-ion battery tech is ridiculous. I just wonder if they’re putting as much r&d into solid state battery tech as they are in making sure their LTE network is up and running. Don’t get me wrong, I want bigger, better, faster too – just don’t neglect the almost 30 year old power source.

  • Zach Morris
  • Anonymous

    Anyone know if the wireless cover for D3 does the same lockout thing?  Was thinking of picking one up.

  • I can’t tell from the article, is there an extended battery cover with wireless charging?

  • EC8CH

    Too bad the extended battery couldn’t have just made the back flat like the wireless one… cause as is it’s fugly.

    • Anonymous

      a flat back would have made it look great with the extended battery.  i don’t know if i can go from that sleek and sexy hump in the back to junk in the trunk.

      that and verizon’s sold out.  i’m going to jump on it if it’s still on just because at $25, what the hell.  but it looks stupid.

    • Anonymous

      I have the extended battery installed and I disagree. It is not fugly. I think it looks quite good.

    • Sheabyrd1

      I am Glad to see the 1998 motorola phones are back in style. Honesty I don’t want to carry a cucumber in my pocket (lolz). This is the friggin’ furture WHY DOES A TOP OF THE LINE PHONE NEED TO BE SO THICK AND BULKY!? You heard it 1st here bionic= Droid Fat And Incredibly Lame (droid F.A.I.L)

      • Anonymous

        You need to see it in person; hold it, use it. It’s really a nice looking device. These Moto devices are just getting better and better looking; sleek, modern, aggressive, appropriately weighty, with a professional look and feel to them. 

      • Anonymous

        Moto are the best 🙂 Best selling flip phone razor and droid 1 and droid x sold a lot as well 🙂

      • Anonymous

        The Bionic with extended battery is still lighter than the Tbolt.  I own both.  I have the holster/extended case combo.  It only bothers dudes that are light in the pants to begin with.

        • LionStone

          Yea but the TB is still sexier than the Bionic.

          Hey I’m curious if anyone has tested the regular battery on the stock Bionic with 2 hrs of tethering? One hour of tethering?

    • swb6345

      I just don’t understand why the extended batteries have to be so thick to begin with.  We have the technology to make them the same size or thinner but manufactures are to cheep to produce them.  We could get so much more out of the batteries if they were made right to begin with. Years and Years ago, I mean back in 97/98, I got an extended battery for my nokia phone. It was double the mAh, thinner then the OEM battery and had the built in vibrating ability back when it was built into the battery.  It was some kind of poly carbon blah blah battery.  That battery lasted for years.  When I changed phones in 2001 that old phone sat in a box for years.  I gave it away in 2005, turned it on with that extended battery and the damn thing still had a charge, 1 bar left. Yeah we keep making all these advances in technology but why does it seem in some cases we are going backwards…

  • Do you know of any cases that fit the extended battery?

    • Anonymous

      just the shell holster

    • Anonymous

      I believe the official case from verizon can accommodate the extended battery or the regular one. I have the case that came with the power and protection pack. Case already has the hump for the extended battery.