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Small Batch of DROID Bionics Having Radio Issues, Replacement an Option?

As many are aware of after reading my 2-day mini-review of the DROID Bionic, I was not having the most enjoyable of experiences.  Out of the two devices that I had, one in particular was experiencing a number of issues that all seemed to stem from a consistent radio switching/turning off problem.  With the device constantly toggling between 4G to 3G to no signal at all, it was killing my battery in under 6 hours, was forcing me to hammer on Airplane mode to try and revive its signal, and overall, was making me dislike the phone more and more each day.

However, after reading through comments of that initial post and continuing to hear Tato running into none of my issues with his, I realized that this was not happening to the majority of you and that it for the most part, seemed to be a rare case.  It is still happening to a group of you though.  While it may not be incredibly widespread, we have heard from enough readers in the past two days to make a quick mention of it and also to remind you that you should seek a replacement phone.

Again, this issue does not appear to be happening in mass numbers and may not even be on Verizon’s radar, but we still wanted to point it out as we have heard from more than a handful of readers experiencing the issue – including ourselves.

*Note – Since swapping out the bad Bionic for a new one, I have not run into a single problem.

Cheers Tyler, Chris and everyone else!

  • verizon sucks

    Verizon sucks ths bionics is junk n so are the 2 refurbished replacements

  • Lecious18

    I am having this issue also. My 4g has gone out since the outage and will not come back on even after working with 2 verizon techs. I was advised to go ask for a new sim card then if it still does not work they will replace my phone.

  • Zazielive

    small batch. i’ve had my first phone and it did the 4g shuffle drop signal.  got a replacement only becuase i cracked the screen.  the new phone is doing the same thing.

  • I have this issue and am glad to read a post about it. I thought I was the only one. Verizon support did tell me, after numerous calls, that there is a fix in the works but I could not wait so I called again and again until it was replaced. Well the replacement was even worst, not only didn’t it looked mega used, the WIFI did not work. I returned the replacement and kept the my original and have put up with the signal issue since. After reading your post I think I’ll call for another replacement, I just hate having to start from scratch every time. Frustrating!

  • Rwall1392

    Ive had My bionic since the week it came out. Ive had nothing but problems with data connectivity. Called versizon about 7 times already and about to call again. First they diagnosed the phone was bad because the Iphone next to me thats on that account had signal and the phone didnt. Then I got a new replacement. Still having issues with the phone. So I called again they said lets connect you with our 4G specialist. who tells me it looks like your on the edge of where 4g coverage is so try switching to 3g cdma only mode on your settings…I call and ask for money off my bill because im paying $30 a month for internet thats in and out. the woman tells me we can only take off $10 because we show you have almosty 2gb of data usage. I said well yes im on my phone constantly and have apps that run even when im not using my phone and they require data so data is used constantly on my phone. so anyways the cdma only works for about two weeks and I started losing signal again. Ive had this phone since it came out and im already ready to find a new phone its horrible. 

  • D5785C

    I live in Las Vegas, NV which is a Verizon 3g-4g market. I have two Droid Bionics that are constantly switching from the 3G to 4G network & it is just eating up the battery charge. 20 minutes of talk time on a full charge is a joke! And no I am not an Apple or MAC user. I think for 300.00 bucks I should have a phone that actually works!  

  • Billgates

    I just got a replacement Bionic because my old one had this exact issue. It was extremely frustrating. The level II tech I talked to said Verizon knew about the issues and that they were currently working on it…..take that with a grain of salt

    • Tp

      Was the replacement phone one of their “reconditioned” phones?   Having a problem with my Bionic – 3G/4G going switching on/off,  short battery life.    Went by the Verizon store & they said they would ship me a replacement.  Got it but it was a certified reconditioned phone not a new one.  

  • Dustinalkire

    Had a radio issue, no 3g or 4g+phone calls. Replaced under warranty new phone is great. No issues. So it is a valid issue just appears to be a small issue with a small number of phones.

  • Hp

    I have switched 3 phones already. First bionic was the data and a black screen. The second phone was turning off and on by itself. Third bionic was I think the worse of them all. In this one, the screen would not respond to the touch. I had a hard time to unlock the phone. Right now I am waiting for Verizon to ship a new one to me.


    According to verizon, there is a software/firmware update from Motorola coming in early November. I had mine exchanged and it had the same problem as my old one. I did switch to CDMA only and have not lost connectivity since.

  • Bakstroker

    Apparently there is a software update in November that will fix this issue…

  • chango 11

    hey am going true the same situation am doing nothing on the phone and all over the suttle I need to recharge in like 7 hours or less, so will U guys think I just need to get a replacement phone.

  • Ya, have only had my Bionic for nearly 3 weeks, and I am to the point of throwing it out a window. I am having the same issues, only…it’s definitely more off, than having any signal at all. I’ve got two friends who work for cellular sale (one runs a Verizon Wireless store, the other at Best Buy’s wireless department), and both say it is a common occurance with Bionic owners. I’m trading it in for something else entirely tomorrow morning. >:(

  • BionicPOS

    I bought Bionic from Letstalk.com “Will never buy from them again”, I have been having same problem for about a month….after waiting so long for this phone it is a piece of junk….the radio for network connectivity is really bad, the camera results are the worst I have ever seen from a phone camera…my iphone 3g was way better.  I really hope Motorola is aware of this and is doing something about it. 

  • Xpnt11

    I like the screen but the radio has to go

  • Xpnt11

    Yes I have this issue now and it also affects texts. Its soooo annoying thanks for the heads up

  • Justin

    I believe I’m having radio issues as well.
    I’ll be surfing the net, and them all of a sudden the internet hangs.
    Ill turn off wifi (or turn it on) and the problem still persists.
    Even if I close all windows, the internet still won’t work.
    If I go to refresh the page, the icon isn’t there as the stop one is (like its trying to load the page).
    Turning on airplane mode doesn’t help, but clearing caches and cookies sometimes seems to work.
    This happens almost daily.

  • Jfrer360

    I am on my second Bionic it was working great for the 1st few days and this one cuts out just as bad. I live in Omaha, NE and I travel a lot through the small towns around Omaha and Council bluffs and when I leave the area where Verizon doesn’t have service it refuses to connect to the other company towers. So I am left with a phone that will not make or receive phone calls, data, or texts. Then all of sudden I will get service for a minute and then it goes back to being a brick. Every time I try to call out it says no networks available only emergency calls only. Some times I can call out and then it connects and three seconds later it drops the call and says no service roaming. As soon as I return to Verizon area it goes back to normal with no issues.

  • Cheffrin

    Y ou know… Its sad that you had a bad phone! But mistakes do happen, I personally love my bionic. Couldn’t be happier!!! But I do have to say, its also sad when people hold new tech to such high standards and such needle point scrutiny… People have become so jaded its rediculous… Yes you can see the pixels in this picture but its magnified… I think sometimes people are asking for too much… Anyways, I have had none of these problems so far, and I got mine on release day…

  • To anyone that’s having success with there Bionic what Lot number mine is 33/11 and what PRL are you running on your Bionic? My PRL is 15044 and my wife’s phone with has perfect signal is 35/11 with PRL 15027 trying to narrow this thing down here……

    please respond or email me on my yahoo dizzydchs dying to get this fixed as my worry free guarantee ends today….HELP

    Kellex any suggestions?

  • Josh

    Called Verizon about this as I experienced the issue.  From the homescreen, select menu button>settings>battery&data manager>Data Delivery.  Make sure all three boxes are checked.  My “Data Roaming” was not checked.  After correcting this, my issue went away.

  • just got my 2nd phone and still having wifi issues…….

  • Still having this issue changed phones twice now and the Verizon Stores in POLK County arseholes are not allowing me to change my phone out. I’m really pissed off at the VZW customer service now especially when I spend 1200 dollars on these two phone off contract and I have 4 other lines….if there is a verizon rep reading these post i want to blast Joshua Baily and Laura (manager) at the Lakeland South store for piss poor customer service. Way to keep your customers Verizon….10 year veteran here thinking about sacrificing coverage for better customer service……. 

  • I’m having this same issue on two phones that were both purchased on the 8th….mine and wifes…hopefully this will alleviate the issue for us….cross our fingers on this one…..

  • bmac

    returned my phone because of this issue.  vz support said its a known issue and motorola has a software push coming in november to fix it….but thats not a def time frame.

  • Anonymous

    Last night, I went to use my wifes bionic to look something up and the 4G icon was not next to the wireless bars. There was nothing next to the wireless bars. Just the bars and the clock. I tried airplane mode but it didn;t do anything, so i rebooted the phone and it connected. Is this a symptom of the radio issue?

  • Tomsyco

    I think my radio is bad. I dont have 4g in my area but my 3g keeps dying out and wont come back even though i have reception. Had to go as far as taking the battery out.

  • Cef21

    Oops, I forgot to mention VZW suggested not to return the phone for the 3G/4G dropping connection issue because even though a new phone might not show symptoms right away chances are it will.  I would first check power tools then wait for the November software update.  Other than that, I really love the phone!

  • Cef21

    Ok I spent 45 minutes on VZW support call on Thursday due to 2 issue: #1. the issue mentioned about here with 3G/4G drops.  They did a few things with me but VZW has heard from Motorola and they said it’s a known issue that they’re currently looking to fix.  They hope to have this fix in a software update in November.  They did say to expect a software update in October but probably won’t include this fix.  #2 I had an issue with Wi-Fi always turning itself on no matter how many times I shut it off, we tried several things, got on the phone with Motorola and couldn’t fix it.  They told me when I got home to untinstall my connection and re-install but that didn’t work.  As it turns out I de-installed an app called Green Power, once that happened my problem went away.  I also noticed the 3G/4G issue is not as bad, I think that contributed to it.

  • MJK

    I don’t ever see my bionic switch from 4G to 3G to no service, but when I try and make a call, it hangs and slowly gets to connecting.  Never connects, then I notice no service.  Bluetooth also isn’t connected. 

    I’m not sure if it is connected to the issue, but when I flip the device on its side to type and it won’t flip, I always look to see if the phone has service and it does not. 

    I got my phone the day they released them.  Have had it happen 3 times.  Might try to get a replacement.  Love the phone otherwise.

  • Bionic_no_4g

    I have the exact problem you described. I bought two phones. One worked great, 4g all the time. The other would go from 4g to 3g, back to 4g, and eventually no g, just a cell signal. I could place the phones side by side and the one phone would drop 4g everytime in a short period of time. Oddly enough i could stop and start the wireless radio and 4g would come back most of the time and of couse if I powered it off/on it would come back, but just for a short time. I took it back to Verizon and the swapped it out. So far the replacement is holding 4G all the time.

  • Phillip Vassenkov

    Word of advice, my bionic was giving me all sorts of guff which I suspected was related to radio issues. It would print BP error messages, lose signal, randomly reboot, etc… and I had to make 2 trips to the verizon store to argue with them. I got fed up with the lady who was “helping” me because she kept telling me I needed to replicate the issue in the store. I offered video evidence from the night before of the phone rebooting every 40 seconds which she didn’t care about. I demanded that I speak to a manager and he promptly looked up my issues on their internal forum and issued me a new replacement phone.

  • Aromero369

    My droid is heating up and burning through battery in 7 hours!!!!!

  • Tiffany

    I also have the same problem with my 3g and 4g dropping out. I have switched my phone to cdma only for now. I seem to have less problems, but my network dropped out again tonight. My chance bought the phone from a totally different location and he has had the same problem.

  • Motoxer

    I bought the Bionic yesterday and didn’t see 4G service at all. Not one time throughout thenday did I see the 4G appear here in Jacksonville Fl. I returned the phone not only because of that but also a dead pixel and unusually flimsy noisy battery cover. Verizon replaced my defective peice with another Bionic. This new Bionic has literally reset itself about ten times an hour every hour since I’ve had it. Tried factory resets/battery pulls ect. Im over it! This peice of $hit is going back and Im getting my DX reactivated. I should’ve known better…

  • Ken

    What kind of battery life do you get for the good unit.  I only get 6-8 hours but do not have network issues.

    • Augie

      I gave it a try today on the standard battery and see what life I would get. I took it off the charger at 8am and have been texting, checking email (3 email accounts), web pages, few calls and anything in day to day use. Right now its 3pm and I am at 40% right now. That is a lot better than 15-20% left in 6 hours.

      I have to say my data connection has been better too holding 4G steady or handing off to 3G with no problem. I will have to see how the battery goes over the weekend then see if I want to keep the extended battery for emergency use when I can’t charge it

  • Augie

    I had the issue where I was losing connection and when trying access mail etc I would get “no data connection” errors. My battery life was horrible too, I drove from Chicago to Columbus and used the phone for one call and a few text messages I went from full to 15% in the 6 hour drive.
    I did get a replacement and batter life and data connection have been solid. It did take some persuading to get them to swap the phone because I couldn’t replicate the data error.

  • Ranlil

    Well today my Bionic shut down (second time) where the battery needed to be removed and reinserted.  When I called VZW again, the support person said she would pass me on to a more in depth tech to discuss the problem and they would send a new phone.  So now this guy tells me everything will be fixed with new software coming out soon and I should consider powering my phone down every 2 to 3 days.  I told him that if that was needed, I’m taking it back for a different phone.  He now said he is reporting the problem to MOTO and he’ll get back with me Monday.  This sucks!!  Still love the phone.

  • Ranlil

    Well..  It lost the data connection again this morning and was hoping to get new phone..  They of course had me switch on roaming to see if that solves the problem.  When this happens, the battery really goes down.  So… Waiting to see if it happens again..  Love this damn thing by the way!

  • Anonymous

    When I initially picked up my Bionic on Saturday my screen had a bad LCD panel. When they switched it out for me I haven’t had any problems with the phone at all. Great battery life too!

  • Chris

    Anyone having random reboot issues with there Bionic?

    • Anonymous

      Not at all…

  • Jared

    I went to Verizon today and heard them say DOA an they got me a new BIONIC….. thanks!

  • Anonymous

    Tato, that name gives me a chuckle 😀  No offense there Tato 😉

  • Anonymous

    In other word, a non issue from the start. My friend has the same problem, whatever new toy he buys, he always is the guy that gets the defective unit, even if we buy it at the same time at the same location. Its uncanny. Told him he should be hired as a cooler for casinos. Bad device luck.

  • Jfrer360

    Yeah I was having the same issue but I was not able to make or receive phone calls or any sort of data. I travel through a lot of rural towns for work (Satellite guy) and my signal drops here and there. As soon as I left 3g or 4g coverage it would completely disconnect  me but when I came back into the 3g/4g area it was up and working like nothing happened. Getting a replacement tomorrow.

  • Whcoleman37

    I called about my signal problem to verizon technical support and they said they were working on a fix. They told me the only thing i could do for now was to toggle airplane mode. I guess we are not the only few with this problem.

  • blacksred

    I did have to return my Bionic for a new as the speakerphone stopped working after less than 24 hrs.

  • Anonymous


  • I’m having the battery die in about 8 hours.. and the phone is getting hot in my pocket.  i’m not doing anything with the phone really, maybe checking email occasionally.  Think that is a bad radio?