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Tip: How to Turn Off 4G LTE on the DROID Bionic

If you plan to pick up a DROID Bionic today, then here is a little tip for those of you not in 4G LTE areas yet and those of you that wish to save a little battery from time to time.  Unlike the Thunderbolt at launch (although it does now), the Bionic has a built-in network mode that allows you to toggle between having 4G LTE on or using CDMA (3G) only.

To turn off 4G LTE, do the following from your home screen:

Menu>Settings>Wireless & networks>Mobile networks>Network Mode

Once you tap on Network Mode, tell it to use either both 3G and LTE or just 3G.

Let us know if you run into any other tips!

  • Athardison

    Thanks, I was shocked yesterday when I got over 8 hours on one charge and that was streaming tunein for at least 6 of those. My DX was being charged twice at work and at night. I stream music all day at work using wifi and bluetooth. Loving mine!

  • Hobo

    Does the signal strength refer to whatever connection you’re on? On the Thunderbolt, the bars and dBm value only refer to 1x strength at all times. It doesn’t matter if you’re connected to 4G or not.

  • Bionic

    Whatever you guys do DO NOT get the anti-glare screen protector.  It makes the screen look like oil.  Im stopping by the store and exchanging for a normal screen protector.  

    Other than that I cant be happier.  Notre Dame has LTE so I drove by a tested.  I got 10mbps down and 9 up.  Very fast phone.  Im running go Launcher on mine and love it.  There is a lot of bloat but it does not mess with the phone itself.  

    • Anonymous

      You don’t need a screen protector with gorilla glass.

      • Bionic

        True enough, but I like to have that added protection. I went ahead and put a normal screen protector on and it looks great now. I think the pentile talk is a bunch of BS

        • matt

          the built in screen protector on the otterbox sucks too. im prob gonna cut it out and get a normal one

  • Geri O

    Anyone having trouble getting theirs to activate? Got mine at 9:15am this morning, still hasn’t activated yet.

    • Bionic

      Pull the battery and redo.  Its a known problem.  After the tech pulled my battery it was done in 5min.  

      • udapro

        Having activation problems too, battery pull tried a couple times… still no dice

        • Bionic

          Keep trying. Mine went fast after he did it. Hopefully your up and running by now 7 hours later

  • A lot of work for something that should be very simple.

  • Nickisidore

    The machine to rule all machines is released and all of a sudden all of our OG Droids are collapsing to their knees. Coincidence? I think not. We are witnessing the take-over people.

    • guest

      its called planned obsolescence 

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  • Djsquid10

    I just went to my verizon store and then did not have them yet 🙁

  • tbaybe

    Playing with one now, its quick… Smooth. Not much different than dx tho in size and feel

    • Anonymous

      Which is quite pleasant to hear! Incredible!

  • T Hall

    Anyone find any live genuine accessory pages yet?

  • Unlimited Data!!!

  • Anonymous

    whoa this phone is astounding.  just got back from the vzw store.. was 9th in line at 10am when it opened.  it’s mind-blowing coming from the og droid.  i recommend everyone go check it out.  crazy.

    • I am so stoked! Thanks for what you said, I was having second thoughts this morning even though I have been waiting for this phone. My OG is barely working at this point.

      • Anonymous

        yeah seriously i was having seconds thoughts too, but once you pick it up it’s insane.  it’s a lot lighter than i expected.  makes my og droid feel like a brick.  that thing had one foot in its grave too.

    • Sid6871

      First in line, still waiting!

    • Nathanielwspencer

      First in Line phone activated at 9:15 this morning.  Awesome Phone

      • JMZ316

        First in line for this awesome phone and rooted by day 2. Well day 1 then unrooted and had issues re-rooting it, and then day 2 I got it back. First order of business, remove VCAST, Blockbuster, etc. We’re not NASCAR Verizon so stop making our phones look like NASCARs! :o)

    • Anonymous


      I seriously want this blasted phone! Hmm…time to mow lawns and wash cars…how many lawns would I have to mow and how many cars would I have to wash to equal $300/plus tax?

      Good question! lol I’d imagine a lot!

      Lucky for me, my Droid X is still in incredible working condition. The Bionic just something I’ll be looking forward to in the next few months.

      • Anonymous

        go to letstalk.com you can get it for 199.

  • This needs a widget asap

    • guest

      Agreed, anyone know of a widget for this?

  • Derp

    How much of an improvement does this have on the battery life?

    • Lgreg64

      yes how much i will not need 4g all the time.

      • Bionic

        my battery is doing awesome.  

  • Mneighbo

    Same as on the Charge. You can toggle between 3 & 4G. I had to do that.

  • I cant wait until 4g hits Central Pennsylvania.. I’m about 35 minutes from the nearest tower 🙁

    • Phil

      Where in central PA? I just grabbed my Bionic in camp hill pa and I get great 4G signal.

      • Mrbrooks418

        down here in florida im always in 4G. every where i work and where i live are 4G. they have the whole central and most of the west coast covered.

  • The Nexus Prime will know when you are not in a 4G area and change automatically!  The screen will be 720p regardless of the 480 res reports, however the technology of the screen makes it more prone to hold more germs and viruses, especially the herpes virus!

    • Lgreg64

      it’s not about the phone knowing if 4G is available it is about saving battery when you don’t need 4G.

    • You obviously don’t understand how this works.  These 4g phones already know when you’re not in a 4g area, but they will keep looking for a signal.  This keeps the phone from looking for the 4g signal when you want to save on battery life.

      • I get what you’re saying, but I personally never noticed a difference turning off 4g in a non-4g area with my TBolt.  However, when 4g hit us last week there was a drop in battery life for sure, I’d guess 20-25% basing off where my batt is during the day vs. previously.

        • Lgreg64

          try turning off your 4G for a day and see if the battery life goes up.

      • Yeah but the Nexus prime will not keep looking for 4G, it will just know when it’s not available!  It also knows when ppl on DL make up rumors about it, and it knows what you are doing right now, and what you did last night… with that big girl!

      • Madmaxq

        What I’d like to see is a feature that automatically turns 4G off when not using ‘foreground’ data. 

    • Jason K

      It will also have wings and be able to fly..

  • Any way to turn off both and just connect to wifi? Or does it do that automaticly?

    • Airplane mode.

    • Airplane Mode then just enable WiFi.  If you enable WiFi after Airplane Mode it does essentially what you are asking.

  • Sparking22

    Hoping that the 4g will be in my area of portland~!