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Rumored Nexus Prime Specs Leak Out: Curved 4.65″ HD Screen, New Name Too?

Only a week after a support page for the GT-19250 went live, and showed that the Nexus Prime is getting close to retail stores, now there are a few rumors floating around of what kind of specs the phone will actually have.

An anonymous tipster came to GSM Arena with a few specs about the unannounced phone. First off they said the screen would be curved just like the Nexus S and that it will only be 8.8mm thin rocking a metal chassis. The tipster confirmed the 4.65-inch screen on the phone as well. A late October launch was mentioned, which would be after the i*hone and near the time that ICS would be getting announced.

But probably the most disappointing tip that was released was that the phone might not be called the Nexus Prime after all. The tipster said that the ‘Galaxy Nexus’ would probably be more appropriate name for the device since it is coming from Samsung. Until there is an official announcement we’re going to keep using the awesome Nexus Prime logo for our stories. Sounds like we’re getting close to the end. Only a month away!

Via: GSMArena

  • Anonymous

    What scares me about a Nexus phone coming to Verizon is there attachment to the Droid brand. I feel like Verizon is going to be hard pressed to release a flagship phone without the Droid branding. 

    Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the Droid branding (My phone still says DROID! and I don’t think it’s silly) but it really separates Verizon from the other carriers in what I feel is a bad way. One thing that will give the iPhone cross platform success is it is basically the exact same phone; so it gets more recognition.

    I feel like Android is starting to slow down on these software updates, which I see as a good thing. What they could do right now is release an AMAZING nexus device with a heavily refined Android 4.0 on all carriers. This way no matter what carrier you are on you can talk up this device and friends with Verizon would convince friends with AT&T to get one. Everyone would want the same super phone and sales would go through the roof!
    But, who knows if Google wants to do this with a Sammy Phone when they now own Moto. And if they do it with Moto in the next 2 years then they will be called a “monopoly”

  • RaptorOO7

    What I want is this phone on Verizon!!!!  Since it has LTE and AT&T has little to no LTE launched so far I optimistic Verizon will get it, but Verizon has only launched 1 crapware free android phone, the OG Droid.

  • Why would they have to call it Galaxy Nexus when they have a Nexus S and that isn’t a problem for them.  I think the “tipster” who only gave information that is available is a sham and just looking for 5 minutes of fame.

  • Anonymous

    All i know is that they better leak a pic or two before the iphone 5 release.   If it does have an edge-to-edge screen, you KNOW apple will sue for “copying”

  • Metal case? me like. I do really like my Nexus S but allways felt it could have had a more solid build type feeling to it, like my xoom tab. Feels like it’s built to take some abuse.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    I still kind of feel like they should go with a Droid name for this phone. Droid Prime, Droid Galaxy, whatever.

    Either way, I hope full details and pictures come out soon. Dunno if I should wait for this or get the Bionic.

  • Anonymous


  • Cooksta3276

    Getting sick of waiting for a new phone, getting ready to buy it, then rumors come out about another better one. I don’t need the best phone ever, but at this pace I’d still have a Moto Razr in 2020.  I almost got the Bionic, but the Charge was parked next to it, and I couldn’t get over the Samoled vs. Pentile screen.  Walked out empty handed.  May be tough since I have $200 in credits that expire 9/30…..  Vigor coming out by then?

  • Anonymous

    As bad as I need a new phone and as bad as I want the Bionic.  I am going to wait for this beast to arrive.

  • Just checked with the Bionic and it said it rules this phone  as well

  • Anonymous

    getting excited about this phone. I’m thinking there will be the Nexus Prime on T-Mo and the rest of the world, the Nexus Prime 4G on Sprint and the Droid Prime on Verizon

  • galaxy nexus??  no way!  just call it “prime”   dont let the corp goons at samsung get their shitty glaxy marketing hype all over it.

    • Sporttster

      They could call it the Samsung Craprocket for all I care…as long as it kicks butt….

  • RedOne

    I really hope that when Google release ICS that theu will also release a computer back up program for us Android users like iTunes to store our apps as back up cuz I had to do a factory reset and its been a pain putting back all the apps that i downloaded cuz apperently not all of them where saves to my SD card when I did move them there. So please Google listen about thia its a pain >:|

    • Stephen

      apps downloaded from the market should restore after a factory reset bc your phone is synced with your google account.

      • RedOne

        Yes just the purchased ones but not the free ones. But it would be nice to have this feature you know.

  • Dan Sciortino

    im just upset that it might not be called the Nexus Prime. hope that its a big rumor, but i want that big screen a little jump up from the 3.6 on the droid, any word on just 3g or is it going to be a 4g device? 

  • Stephen

    The 4.65 inch screen is not so bad considering there are not sofkeys.  Look how much more room the Bionic could have if you eliminated the keys.  Also, since it is curved, you will (very slightly) reduce the dimensions of the phone while maintaining a larger screen.

    This phone sounds sick.  I hope it’s confirmed before my upgrade in Oct.  otherwise I’m getting a bionic — It’s still a pretty nice phone…

  • Donnavon Hallgren

    Does it have a keyboard? Doubt it… NEXT!!!!

    • keyboard?

    • Larry Jr. Lima

      You can have the “Stratosphere”, aka, LTE Epic…

  • Am I the only one that thinks 4.65″ is too big? I’m still waiting for something with 4″ as I believe that is the perfect size for smartphone. 

    • I think it’s too big. One of the reasons I went with the htc incredible 2 was that it wasn’t as massive as the other smart phones they had in the same price range. I think 4inches should be the limit on size, otherwise get a tablet.

  • Anonymous

    The curved screen (while not a requirement) is a big win in my opinion. I love my girlfriends Nexus S curved screen.

    • Cmonnats23

      what does a curved screen even mean?

      • Anonymous

        Go look at a nexus S sometime. the screen is actually concave (i.e. closer to you at top and bottom). It’s not enough to really notice when looking at it, but i feel like it really improves the feel of the phone.

  • Anonymous

    The Bionic is getting ripped in another article.  I almost felt a tinge of remorse.   After seeing some people whining over a 4.65″ screen I gotta say that 99.9% of opinions here or on any other Android site mean DICK.  And yeah, I am mad.  XD

  • 4.6inch screen? is it a phone or a tablet?

  • why are there over 9000 “u mad bro” comments on here ? it is certainly not a new comeback, please stop.

    inb4: u mad bro ?!

  • Sporttster

    Lookin’ forward to it whenever it comes out. Larger screen,faster processor,better screen,unlocked bootloader,Samsung,metal chassis! …yea,I’m waiting for this bad boy!!!

  • Anonymous

    Is this going to have lte? If so wonder how the battery will hold up with that hd screen? seems like just another thing you don’t really need that people will bitch about for killing the battery.

  • Stelv81

    I do not know why people are just assuming that Verizon will offer a pure vanilla unbloated Nexus phone..its never going to happen. Never. Just get it out of your heads. Verizon offers Vcast-a-riffic bloatified phones. Thats what they do, that is partly how they make their money.

    Secondly Samsung makes some good things. I have a Samsung Tv, its nice. But they also make a lot of junk, like all the Galaxy S1 phones (Use to have one). They are not consistent with their products.

    • Anonymous

      og droid. xperia play?

  • GlassScratcher

    If curved screen means no Gorilla Glass then I don’t want it.

  • Anonymous

    I just used one upgrade on the Bionic.  I’m holding the other 2 for the Prime and the next big thing after Prime.  But if history has taught us anything it’s that the specs NEVER live up to the rumors.  The Prime is scheduled for “late” October?  Fat chance.  More like St. Patricks Day 2012.  But all we can do is wait and hope.

  • Anonymous

    Imagine reading this on your brand new “the machine to rule all machines” on the way home, $300 later… U know you’re a lil mad bro…  U gotta LOVE how this news surfaces the SAME DAY as the bionic comes out!   4.65!  Curved! Thin metal chassis! ICS!  Oct!  Niiiiiice!  

    • Anonymous

      Well if you’re smart you have more than 1 upgrade in your pocket.  Well that and the money to afford  more than 1 upgrade.  I have 2 more on top of the one I just used for the Bionic.  I’m more mad that the Prime isn’t out first.  Oh well.

  • Friedman 179

    4.65″ is cool and all, but we still don’t know how much of that isn’t buttons and notifications bar. Also, 720p is great in theory, but so is qHd. We all tend to forget that led screens are based on a pentile matrix, and I’m pretty sure we’re all afraid of any screen getting effed up by pixelation. Yes, I bought a Bionic, only because I prefer Moto build quality and hoping for a quick ics update. Blur don’t bother me, dim leds and historically crappy software and cheap plastic build quality do. That, and I’m sure apple will be using samsung again to stop distribution of the device. I’m sure they’ll claim samsung implementation of ics violates the innovations of ios5…

    • Anonymous

      Moto uses a different type of pentile screen htc’s don’t look like that nor do the new samsung’s that showcased hd screens.

  • Bmos

    I just got my bionic should I return it I know its a no brainer but would like an honest opinion

    • Sporttster

      Personally,I’m waiting. THEN I’ll be able to see em side by side and make a informed decision,along with having a month or so to see how the Bionic has progressed if it has or whether they’ve finally got the bootloader jimmied open. Compare em and then I’ll make my decision. Would be nice to have the phone I want that works well for more than a couple years. Save some $$ that way…..

  • Anonymous

    So wtf do u suggest??? A prime number?? Or maybe a pic of italys prime minister with a bunch of hoes?? Stop whining n go play with ur bionic

    • Bmos

      U talking to me. Scarface voice.

  • Anonymous

    What I’m hoping for is the Prime to be on all four carriers 


  • Jason Purp

    Well, if it’s getting the Galaxy tag, that still won’t be the final name for it, considering that it will be on Verizon and there are no Galaxy-titled devices on that list at the moment.

  • Anonymous

    This will be my next phone 

  • Iny

    Screen size would be too big for me if this is true. With everyone else on the name too; Why change such an awesome name?

    • Anonymous

      would be sick if it was an edge to edge screen though.. that could make it smaller than the DX and the same size as the OG