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Max Payne Getting HD Mobile Treatment Early Next Year

In a press release this morning, Rockstar Games the company behind games like Red Dead: Redemption and Grand Theft Auto spoke about some details of their refresh of the bloody, dark noire Max Payne series. One of the interesting tidbits from the release said that that Rockstar was giving the original Max Payne a full mobile makeover.

While Rockstar didn’t come out and say that the game would be featured on Android as a platform they mentioned “taking advantage of the latest mobile technologies, including incredibly customizable controls and support for wired controllers.” The latest mobile technologies brings to mind the Kal-El processors that are right around the corner. And last that I heard, the i*ad is not really all about ‘customization.’

So this remains to be seen how it will play out. Max Payne 3 is set to drop around March of next year and it would be a safe assumption for Rockstar to launch this alongside the game for more marketing purposes. Any gamers in the audience that have played through Max Payne before? Plan on getting this on your phone or tablet when it comes around to the market?

Via: Android and MeGamasutra

  • Can’t wait for this one, loved the first title, how long ago was that now?

  • Granted

    Hell yeah! I’d buy Max Payne for all of my mobile devices in a heartbeat! I played all of the previous titles and they were groundbreaking and awesome! Especially the drug tripping sequences with the babies crawling everywhere. Max is pretty gruff looking now, but I guess keeping with a timeline takes it out of you. Plus anything made by Rockstar is always amazing! I’m still hoping they release more Red Dead DLC on my 360, and I can’t wait for a new Grand Theft Auto, and with how absolutely stunning the fourth episode, and it’s two DLC episodes were, I can only imagine how incredible the fifth one will be. Their stories are so to notch, it’s like playing a to tier movie, and not a regular old video game.

    I still crack up when I think about the scene where Niko is in the helicopter on a big time mission, and Roman calls him on his cell phone, and asks Niko if he wants to go come to the strip bar, and Niko is like “I’m kind of busy Roman!”, while they are getting shot at, and trying to shoot the enemy down with rockets that the rasta drug dealer guy is shooting, ahahahaaa

  • Anonymous


  • john patterson

    I would much rather Rockstar make an Android exclusive version of Grand Theft Auto instead of Max Payne Max Payne is a good game but its the same every time. Grand theft auto is the same every time also but its also an open world environment that lets you do alot more then just missions. Downloadable content like on the ps3 and xbox may e asking for too much so for now i dont care if they just make the gta game for android OS

  • James Murphy

    Hey man. Listen. You don’t have to write the word “iPad” as if it’s a curse word. Lighten up. Each mobile platform has its strengths and weaknesses.

  • Guest

    A mobile version of Max Payne would not compare to the original PC version.

  • But! But! Mark Wahlberg is incapable of growing a beard!!

  • Anonymous

    If it’s one of those “Tegra Only” games, they can go eff themselves.  Splintering gaming and apps up into “Sorry, you’ve got the wrong SoC” is hurting Android in a big way.
    We end up relying on selfless Android devs to shoehorn the API compatibility with various phones and GPU’s.  Lots of thanks to them, and none to these goddamn developers and Nvidia.

    (the rant is of course invalidated if this is not the case)

    • Anonymous

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  • Hollywood_A&R

    Like rapped Tyga said “Max Payne, Travis Porter, make it rain, Young Money Gang!!!”

  • Anonymous

    played 1 & 2. fun games, interesting story and game mechanics..looking forward to mp3 and mobile version of the first