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DROID2 Gingerbread Update Available Now

The Gingerbread (Android 2.3.3) update for the DROID2 is available right now to everyone.  You can pull the update by simply going into Settings>About phone>System updates.  Get on it!  


Oh, and the soak test for the D2 Global also starts tonight.

Cheers S!

  • Hjhh


  • Ricke

    Update keeps failing!

  • Does the R2D2 Gingerbread retain the Star Wars theme?

  • Luckycherms

    does anyone know if the r2d2 version is also getting this update?

  • A76137

    Out for droid 2 but not Global? WTH!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?

  • Macraw83

    I rooted my phone for the sole purpose of tethering. The update went through, but in the process it unrooted the phone. Just an fyi.

  • Jedisped

    used Z4 root and now I can’t install. after reboot the install fails. I’ve read about SBF but I have no idea what I’m doing. I downloaded SPF but how to I install, what to load? Sorry for being a newb

  • Inf1son

    wont install for me either. i have zroot installed and unrooted. not too knowledgable about all this so could someone provide a step by step?

  • Guest

    HATE THE NEW DISPLAY!!! Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the new “look”? The docked buttons are ridiculous, the color and window style are ugly.  Do I have to hard reset my phone? (And will that return it to the way it looked before?)

  • Mark

    Mine keep saying update failed.  I did a hard reset and still have update failed!  Arr!

  • ntensiv

    i see nothing different… im almost done with androids after defending it for sooo long. cant wait for iphone 5!!!!!!

    • Shawn

      there is massive and AWESOME differences.  Check out the phone itself for one.  I love the new look and it’s awesome when you start to dial a number, it predicts who you’re calling and shows you their number.

  • Jasonleighton

    I love it. Gingerbread on my DROID 2 global equals pure power. Its quicker, battery life is better, and it gave my DROID 2 global af nice new facelift. All I can say is a+ to Motorola for making the best android phone out there

  • Anonymous

    my (unrooted) droid 2 says “check for update was not available at this time.” why is this?

    • Emi

      mine has been saying that same thing for nearly a week.  Why is there no download for this update yet? I had the official froyo on my original droid within two days of release.  Verizon OTA never seems to work properly.

  • I was excited to update to Gingerbread earlier this morning. That is or was until the update actually bricked my phone. I took it to the Verizon Wireless store and they told me, for some reason, the Gingerbread update fried the phone and made it no longer functional. They are sending a replacement Droid2 to me overnight with Gingerbread pre-installed. It should be here tomorrow. Anyone else have this issue and no my phone was not rooted but I was running ADW Launcher. Cannot imagine ADW Launcher be part of the problem but who knows.

  • Cmiddleton3

    I downloaded the new app but now I can’t disable the password function. Any suggestions?

  • Eviloutsider

    Like everything but the battery life. It says improved battery life but it actually drains it way to quick. Used it 2 surf after I unplugged it from the charger not even 2min go by and it’s at 80%. Big time bummer for me.

  • digsoreos

    Why 2.3.3 yet again when the D3 has 2.3.4 and that version seems to work much better than the 2.3.3 on the DX and the DX2? I guess the version number won’t matter if it doesn’t carry any of the bugs the DX and DX2 have with their GB updates.


    I’ve had it installed and running for about 4 hours now. First impressions: very speedy and smooth, no noticeable lag. Still a slight delay in launching the camera, but seems better than before. Haven’t run it long enough to comment on battery life. Stock launcher is nice, but I’m going to stick with LPP. I thought I wouldn’t like the new colors and light menu backgrounds, but its actually really nice. Very polished.

    Can’t wait though for the Cyanogen team to get a good build to take advantage of the new root access. I’m not real experienced in the rooting arena, so I am going to wait it out for a clean and solid build.

  • Anonymous

    To all the people who’s update is failing to install, you have unroot first and if you modified ANYTHING that has to be restored to default.  You may have to sbf back to stock.

    • Anonymous

      I have a question. My wifes phone D2 is rooted with 2.2 Froyo like it came, all I did was root it so she can wireless tether but the ROM stayed the same with blur and all. I used super one click to root. If i unroot it with super one click I should be able to get the update to gingerbread right? Do i need to uninstall Rom Manager before updating?

      • Anonymous

        It should, as long as nothing else was modified, that includes bloatware.  Rom manager should be fine unless you tried to flash cwm or something, what were you using it for?

        • Anonymous

          Thanks for getting back to me. I’m using CWM to create back ups of current rom. I never tried to download any other rom. I also have bootstrapp on there that i forgot to mention, sorry… 

          • Anonymous

            You should definitely uninstall the bootstrap, you may have to sbf but can certainly try updating first.

    • john

      FWIW, I did not have to unroot to get the update.

  • David E. Smith

    As one of the people in the soak test, here’s your fair (but obvious) warning: If you’re rooted, and especially if you’re using something like Clockwork, the update very likely won’t work for you. I spent most of a day, off-and-on, trying different ways to un-root before eventually giving up and SBF’ing.

    Mere root might not be a problem (I didn’t test that myself, and Motorola didn’t want too much discussion of rooted stuff in the soak forum), but I think the success rate of folks using Clockwork was zero.

    • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

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    • I too had to SBF.  It’s ok….let me clean things up considerably!  

      This update runs great!

      • Jigganamicz

        Please explain how do sbf? I have version 2.3.2 and I used. Zroot one button root moths ago I didn’t use any roms or flashed anything. I did use. Bootstrapper to backup phone but I long uninstalled that app and I have unrooted my phones months ago I was under the impression that my phone is back to its default settings. When I try to install gingerbread it restarts and fails to install. Please provide step by step instructions thanks so much in advance.

  • What about the Droid Pro?

    • It’s been out where have you been?

      • Anonymous

        It got pulled. They still don’t have it. 

  • Pdiddy187

    I’m on rooted stock froyo and all I get is “check for update is currently unavailable”.

  • Guma822

    WOOOO getting mine now!!! It’s about friggin time! Hopefully we get Ice Cream Sandwich sometime before 2013!


      Don’t hold your breath. I think ICS needs more processor, but I could be mistaken.

  • Scottyb112

    It sure is alot nicer and smoother so far, nice colors!! have fun all!!

  • Cody Garletts

    I’m rooted, on the GB leak, and have flashed a ROM. How would I go about installing this update without ruining my phone?

    • Titanium Backup of all your apps, then SBF, then update and re-root. Restore backup.

  • About freaking time! Ironically… I just put CM7 GB on my D2 last night 😛 hahah!

  • Anonymous

    Update fails. Tried unrooting still fails. Then though it was cause boot animation and replaced the wrong one so now I don’t have a boot animation. Someone help please!

    • Anonymous

      You need to SBF. 

      • Anonymous

        yepp i had to do that and its works great now! thanks!

  • Jeff Sharp

    I’m on rooted GB leak. If I sbf and re-root then run this update, will I still be rooted? There are some minor bugs in the GB leak that I hope will be fixed by installing this “official” update.

    • Reports are that the Droid3 root method will root this update once it has been installed.  Getting ready to try it myself (have to factory reset first, since I’m running the leaked one from months ago).

      • blitz

        I’m holding off on this update until I know I can get root after the update, have you tried it?

    • Anonymous

      The bugs appear to be gone for the most part. You need to SBF, then run the update, then root. 

  • Topher

    Finally!! There is a god!! I downloaded it and am running it right now; pretty sweet

  • Wilm

    ….ARGHH!!! Ive been waiting too long for this update. Now it wont install;it just fails halfway. Could it be because im rooted?

  • Axaxex

    Used z4 and unrooted still get a failure to update. Sorry im a noon here please help

  • Malatempora512

    Boo…Mine isn’t pulling the update. Any advice?

    • Lakerzz

      Make sure wifi is turned off on you’re phone.

      • Malatempora512

        No dice….I unrooted last week to make sure the update would pull. 

  • Anonymous

    I have to say that it’s pretty amazing. The battery life improvements are almost unbelievable. I haven’t had my phone on the charger in 25.5 hours. Granted, I have the Moto extended battery, but this is still almost 10 hours more than what I’ve grown accustomed to over the last year.

    25.5 hours, in Performance Mode, Animations on, 7 widgets that rely on data, 4 email accounts (all push), 1 hour 44 minutes of talk time (I avg 3,000 mins/month), and more. 15% remaining!

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. At first I didn’t notice the battery improvements, because the battery indicator used to lie. Thirty percent used to mean you have about a half hour before your phone dies. Now 30 percent means you can keep on trucking for another few hours.

  • String216

    Can this be rooted? If yes, which method?

  • is this update for D2G as well?

    • No, D2G just started soak test. I’m sure it will be available soon.

    • Laun17

      The update came through for my D2G last night, I didn’t think I was part of the soak group.

  • Anonymous

    is this identical to the DX one?

  • still no R2D2 love…sigh

    oh and should note that if you are on the old GB leak you cant update directly so if you want official you have to SBF back to stock then update, which is stupid because the version numbers are behind the new one so should update, guess different update checker or something.

  • Anonymous

    got the soak test update a few days ago.  everything went well.  the only thing i have noticed is the battery life is a bit worse.  i have the extended battery as well and before the update i could go all day.  now by 5pm it needs a charge.

    • Anonymous

      That makes no sense. I have the Moto extended battery too, and my phone has been off the charger for over 25 hours. That’s with almost 2 hours of talk time! I don’t see how your battery life has declines. Mine is WAY up. I used to only make it 17 hours.

      • Anonymous

        Just reporting what’s going on with my phone. No need to get pissy.

        • Anonymous

          I’m not pissy, just surprised that my battery life can jump 50%, and yours could drop.  It makes no sense.

  • Jason Purp

    Rockin’ that Bionic Red background I see, Kellex

  • Anonymous

    Uh, its not there?

  • M123tifa

    Be careful D2 owners, I just updated mine, and my phone isn’t acting right at all.  Random reboots, along with NO BACKLIGHT whatsoever, I am pretty pissed off about it considering I just got my new refurb.  I will end up going another 4 days without a phone cuz I wont get it til monday once the claim is in.

    • Chad

      i got that same problem too smh


      No such issues here…yet. Hopefully it stays that way.

  • Anonymous

    I just downloaded it I love it. Its good to get a fresh new update before whatever the next phone I may get is released ;p

  • Fatty McButter Pants

    ..and download completed….a thing of beauty!!!

    • Anonymous

      try the go launcher with the update 🙂 You will like it

      • Anonymous

        You should also use the new gingerblur app drawer with go launcher. Shortcuts>app groups>all apps. (:

  • Anonymous

    Congratulation droid 2 owner 🙂 It seems that moto is getting the updates fast nowadays 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Yep, a year isn’t too bad I guess.

      I’m very pleased though … I just installed it on my wifes D2!

  • Maansova

    Downloading, at 56% now :)…. Im so jelous this is my wife’s phone i have the tunderbolt and i still don’t have gingerbread :(…. Happy for her tho. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Hopefully we’ll get some GB love on our Incs and Bolts come September though… I just wish it would come with Sense 3.0… 

    • Anonymous

      lol i know right ! that is a shame that the thunderbolt its taking so long for GB. You will get your turn Sept though

  • Working, but lagging like hell, hopefully thats just because its new and needs some time.

  • Kaelion731

    Not working!…  🙁

  • Guest

    update failed…

  • Fear the blue blur of DEATH!!!! Hopefully you guys get CM7 cause im loving it on my X

    • I will take off ADW for a bit, then im back to it.

    • Sam Stern

      We have it, been running it on my D2 for about 2 months now.

      • where did you find it? I’ve been running an old Fussion Froyo FOREVER and I’m so sick of it…

        • Anonymous

          Check out the forum at RootzWiki.com The main devs are metickone and revnumbers. Fission was a good ROM back in the day, but GB is much better. I ended up running the leak instead of CM7 myself, but it’s worth a try. 

  • FINALLY! But I will only use it for 8 days, then its Bionic time.

  • I hope that is sarcasm. Droid 2 R2D2 is still a Droid 2 under the hood.

    • Anonymous

      I wish it were. It is a D2 under the hood, but you’ll notice that it has a totally different skin than the D2. Hopefully it’ll get updated at some point. 

      • Mickey Bennet

        The system version and model number are the same on both the Droid2 normal and R2. I hope I get the update soon.

        • Anonymous

          Even if they have the same system version, they have a different skin, which affects updates. I’ve read that some people have SBF’d their R2D2’s to the D2’s version. I don’t know if that’s a good idea, but if you’re desperate that may be a way to get to Gingerbread. 

          • You CAN sbf an R2D2 with the D2 sbf file, you’ll just lose the skins and the sounds etc. That MAY work as a way of getting the D2 update. it might be worth a try if you don’t mind losing the R2 stuff.

          • Bigdav1178

            I’ve sent a message to Verizon inquiring about an update for the R2-D2 – now waiting for the reply. I have a feeling, however, that if we R2-D2 users intend to run GB, we’ll be SBF’ing to do it. Considering that there is no difference between its software and the regular D2’s except for artwork, sounds and a couple apps, I feel like if it was going to get an update, it would be seeing it at the same time as the Droid 2 and the Droid 2 Global (whose update is listed as coming soon).

          • Nicking Ninaj

            I sent one as well. Keep us posted, please.

          • Bigdav1178

            Reply from Janice at VZW…
            “Verizon Wireless is a Service Provider and we do not manufacturer wireless phones. Software updates are provided by the manufacturer and are completed in a phased approach, based on area and ESN ranges if and when they become available.
            We do not have information regarding these Software Updates and are unable to advise you of release dates. You will receive a notification on your device when the software update is available. Not all devices are updated at once, due to network impacts.You will not have to manually update the devices. If you would like to determine if your is eligible, please go to the settings menu on your device. ”

            So, basically VZW is clueless, and I’d be willing to bet on there being no plans to upgrade the R2-D2s. I’ve checked Motorola’s website, and the Droid R2-D2 drops to the regular Droid 2 when seeking support for it (no support pages for the specific model, unlike the D2G). My next step is to contact Motorola.

          • Ryan

            i just contacted Motorola about it and this is what they told me, “there will also be an update for your R2D2, but as of now we do not have the time frame yet, this will be released over the air.”

          • Anonymous

            This is what Motorola told me: “Currently, the Droid R2d2 will remain on Android 2.2.
            As of now, we don’t have any updates yet as to when the 2.3 will be available.”

            It doesn’t seem too encouraging to me.

        • Nicking Ninaj

          They actually aren’t the same (system versionwise). Unless I’m mistaken.

  • Mickey Bennet

    Do you know if that means they’re just gonna ignore my phone?

    • Anonymous

      There’s no telling, but if you aren’t happy with your phone you may be able to convince a VZW rep to send you a different one. 

  • Axaxex

    How do I get this if rooted please help

    • Spickle

      just unroot then update.

  • Downloading now 😀

  • Mickey Bennet

    I have a Droid 2 R2D2 and it won’t update yet. Does the fact that it’s an R2D2 effect whether it’ll update?

    • Anonymous

      Yep. Different phone. Moto skinned it totally differently. 

  • Nicking Ninaj

    Droid 2 R2D2 here. No update (yet?).
    My heart is broken. Beep.

  • Kjosburn

    finally, should be fun, but i think im switching.  cant stand the pentile screens…

    • Alan Paone

      You know the D2 doesn’t have a pentile screen…right?

      • Kjosburn

        yes thats what I have, due for an upgrade.  Tired of all the quirks, to top it off this wont install

  • mike aim

    they need to figure out a way to make this significantly faster, because thats one of apples few appeals, universal updating for their devices as a whole…not one here, one there, one a year later

    • Anonymous

      The problem is, the “they” you refer to are multiple manufacturers… To compare Apple, which has 5 devices in total running the latest version of iOS to Android, which has hundreds, isn’t a fair comparison. 

  • Agacom24

    downloading now!!!! wow I’ve waited so long for this!!! Cheers D2 owners!

    • Installing now.

    • Adam Elghor

      D2 users unite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Downloading now! Can’t wait — FINALLY!!!