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DROID Bionic Mini-Press Shots Sneak Out, A Clear Look at its Thickness

You always know when a device is just days away from an announcement because a leaked something or other pops up every couple of hours.  The latest, appears to be a set of press shots for the DROID Bionic that showcase its silver rim and more importantly, its thickness.  With these side shots, we were able to match the device up against the DROIDX and decide if this will be the next 4G LTE tank from Verizon.  It’s actually looking like Moto may have slimmed at least a portion of it down a notch and isn’t all that much heftier than the semi-slim DX.  It may not be Galaxy S II slim, but at least in pictures, it looks like it could be manageable.  

(Bionic on the left)

Via:  Pop Herald

Cheers @michaelfagan!

  • Anonymous

    am i the only one who went with the OG because of its size? i like to know that i’m carrying a phone, using a phone…not just a piece of plastic with no inner workings

  • Droid Bionic :)

    I thought my droid x/droidx2 look nice, but seeing this beautiful beast on these pictures i have to say what a beauty 🙂

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  • Allen Smith

    why does Moto keep moving the bottom buttons around?

    • Allen Smith

      nvm i looked at it wrong 🙂

  • I am pleasantly surprised at how fast this thing is. Never was a fan of
    TI OMAPs, but this new dual-core chip seems quite snappy. More on the
    Bionic at my blog: http://wp.me/p1BlyQ-57.

  • Sporty

    I’m leaning more towards the Bionic. My little OG Droid is still going strong and I’ll be able to sell it on Ebay as the thing looks like it’s in new shape. I take care of my phones and keep em in a cover. The biggest issue I have with the Bionic presently is how will it’s screen look. Secondly, how far behind are the phones spec’d a nod higher with HD screens. I’d really like to keep this phone for possibly better than a couple years,just due to its cost. So I’d like it to have cutting edge. Need it to,really…

  • Julian Owens

    I have a 5″ Dell Streak I carry around in my pocket.  You know how many bets I have won when I tell my buddies at the bar “I’ll bet you $5.00 I can make her says ‘OMG its so big!’.”  I win every time.

  • Dr. Buttballs

    I never really understood why it was such a great selling point for a device to be super thin. I usually find thinner phones and mp3 players to be a little more difficult to hold onto. I always heard the argument (from iPhone owners) that thinness was better so you can fit it in your pocket. Personally my pants pocket is one of the least desired places I’d want me really expensive phone to be. This, of course, is just my opinion.

    • Sporty

      Agree. I never ever put my phone in my pocket. Sit down on it and bye bye expensive phone. This would be worse with a thin phone! It goes on my hip in a case, always….

      • Dr. Buttballs

        That’s exactly where I have mine, I have never once put it in my pocket. I personally like the thickness of the OG Droid, it’s thin enough to not be a bother and thick enough to hold onto. 

        • Pennywise

          OG lives in my pocket. BIONIC looks as thin as the OG ~ YAY!!

          • Guest

            thinner than OG droid

      • RW-1

        +1, not a factor in my purchasing decision …

    • Anonymous

      Completely agree, this thinness race is nonsense.  These phones are already thinner than my damn fingers.

      • Guest

        The thicker one out of all moto droid was the OG, and a lot of people seem to not care about it.

  • Anonymous

    Never been a fan of the abruptness of the X’s camera hump (looks like a questionable design decision, makes the lower portion of the phone look fragile), this one is so much more subtle.  Design looks really, really solid, looking more and more like a worthy replacement for my OG Droid…just wish VzW wasn’t jacking us around so much on price. Yes, it’s only a $5/month premium over everyone else’s $200 phones, but it still bugs me.

    • Guest

      The hump makes the droid x looks professional, and it also  gives a unique elegance to the phone 🙂

  • Illinipoke98

    This phone’s stock has  risen dramatically over the past couple of weeks.

    1.  Google buys Moto possibly meaning faster OS upgrades to this device

    2.  D3 gets rooted possibly meaning this gets rooted quickly after launch

    3.  As more pics leak it looks like it is a better looking phone than prev thought (not as thick, well made)

    4.  SgsII not going to Verizon (and is only 3g anyway) and other competing phones seem to be a ways off.

    • Guest

      Do you notice that moto is leasing the updates faster than any manufacture?

  • Mr.Joe

    Loving this phone.  Shove it in my pocket and meet the ladies!  Why hello there!  Oh this in my front pocket… Well why don’t you reach on down and see what it is 😉

  •  I’m looking forward to getting the Bionic (if VZW will allow it) in Jan 2012. If it’s like the Droid X but with LTE it should be a good seller. The X2 IMHO was a total washout!

  • Joe805

    Sorry..! No thank you. Nexus one please.!

    • Guest

      The nexus will be built by sammy no thank you 🙂

  • Illinipoke98

    That looks better built than the X.  Nice looking phone.  Not as mutch bezzle at the top as the Sgs2.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Not so bad really, I’d take it… but not likely gonna buy it

  • Anonymous

    Certainly not at all impressivly thin, but decent at best I guess. I just wish the capacitive buttons were still in the order they are on my D1.

  • GOGO

    SO there IS a hump…:(

  • I think I’ve decided that I’m definitely buying this. If the Nexus device comes to VZW, I’ll sell this and buy it, but honestly, I love Moto’s build quality.

    • MFG

      I’m doing the exact same thing.

    • Tarsis Brito

      why would you want the prime? If this phone will have it all

      • Anonymous Coward

        Unlocked boot loader & ICS

        • Adam Elghor

          and 4.5 in screen

  • Sylense

    “A Clear Look at its Thickness” – Thats what she said

  • Anonymous

    I got the case for mine already and the case is as thick as the original Droid OG. I didn’t hear anyone complain about that one so stop complaining about this one, it’s actually going to be thinner than the one that started it all. 

    • Anonymous

      remind me of the screen size and overall length and width of the OG.  Now which is smaller overall? point being – you can have thickness so long as the other dimensions aren’t large.  Conversely, you can have the other dimensions be rather large, so long as the thickness is kept to a minimum.  Combine the two and you have the USS Ronald Reagan in your pocket.

      • Anonymous

        That is the STUPIDEST thing I’ve ever heard. OMG, did you really say that? LOL. Go back to work or get a job!!!  LOL

    • Pennywise

      Awesome ^.^ I love the thinness of the OG

  • slate

    Is that a Bionic in your pocket? Or are you just happy to see me?

  • Anonymous

    I really wish I could get my paws on one of these. I’m tired of trying to make a decision based on pictures and rumors.

    • That’s exactly what they want you to do. When you actually use/see it, you won’t buy it.

    • Mr.Joe

      Michael.  I haven’t seen you in ages.

  • Anonymous

    This comes to mind:  Michael Douglass 1980s Wallstreet brick phone.

  • TurbineTech

    I’s goings to buys thisssss!!!

  • PyroHoltz

    How much of this phone must be battery? Looks like a fatty to me.

  • Lgreg64

    The size of this phone comes from the LTE chip and the size of the battery. someone should show it next to the other LTE phones. 

    • hatethanet

      Agreed. Current LTE hardware doesn’t permit a super-thin phone. Don’t know why anyone would be surprised about that.

  • bionicbionicbionic

    what a beauty…lovin every angle of it, i dont care whether it is thick or not…

    • Guest

      people need to complain about the thickness of the phones. My x2 is so thin i am afraid to use it without any case. This device seems to bit a little bit thicker, which is perfect 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Being a current Droid X user it doesn’t seem bad at all. In fact, I don’t understand why people give so much importance to thickness on a phone. If It can do the things I need, I’m sold… Aesthetics take a back seat in my personal preference…

    • Have you tried jogging with an Ipad on your arm?

      • lmrojas

        Wth? I can you compare a ipad to a Thunderbolt? I come on let’s not be ridiculous

        • Re-read the OP and thing about what he said. Then sign up for some high school courses on reading comprehension.

      • Stelv81

        Lol. It may work better if one straps an ipad to their chest with one of those baby carrier things.

      • OreoMan

        Thanks Rocko, I needed that today!  Now I just have to figure out how to get all of the soda that flew out of my nose, because of your post, off of my keyboard!!

    • Guest

      I could not agree more, by the way our x/x2 are two awesome phones specs and look wise.

  • now we know why Galaxy S II isn’t coming to Verizon. The upgraded LTE version of it will be out on Verizon!

    specs: 1.5 ghz exynos dual core processor, LTE, 8.0 MP camera, NFC, 150mAh battery, SAMOLED Plus display

    • TomHolmes

      “specs: 1.5 ghz exynos dual core processor, LTE, 8.0 MP camera, NFC, 150mAh battery, SAMOLED Plus display”
      Dude, that 150 mAh battery ain’t gonna cut it.

      • Anonymous

        HAHA that is what I was thinking.

    • Anonymous

      Actually that also won’t work. That’s a GSM multimode chip that fits LTE with it’s natural sister in GSM/WCDMA all on one board so it can maintain the form factor. There’s not a CDMA/LTE AOI board yet that would be needed for Verizon…that would fit that factor. So a Verizon version would need a variant of the variant….which means you’re no closer to ever seeing it.

    • JW3

      Aint gonna happen, dude.  IF…the Prime even comes to Verizon, it will probably be at least a year. 

  • Anonymous

    This is good news because now we know that having a case on it wont be so bad.

  • Jsmith

    Oh how I wish this would be released so you guys would stop gushing all over it and switch over to complaining about all that is wrong with the phone. Soon to be followed by how much you hate the phone and finally countless post on every android board in the universe about all that sucks and how you can’t wait for the next big phone to come out. Pathetic and predictable. 

    • Dash Speeds

      You’re clearly reading the wrong sites then.

    • Anonymous

      You’re bad at this.

    • This is the way of tech gadgets. They have us by the balls.

    • Ab gar

      Not all devices follow the thunderbolt life cycle.

    • Geri O

      As pathetic as second guessing a bunch of other people’s posts?

    • Stelv81

      There is a grain of truth to this. While this site and many others provide valuable info and quality reading for me…some things are just irrationally overhyped without having a model in hand to test.

  • Brandon

    Say what you want about the Bionic, but with phones like this, Vigor, and Nexus Prime coming down the road, it’s hard not to be an excited geek 🙂

  • T Hall

    Wow, not bad at all!

  • Chuckg73

    That phone is way too thick and……I am just kidding, it looks thinner than I expected.

  • Looks like the Droid X to me.

  • Eazye207

    Yeah i thought it was going to be a lot thicker than these pictures. Its not to bad

  • Anonymous

    im glad the bottom is just a visual drop, it doesnt actually drop off, but it really looked like it did

    • What does this mean?

      • Anonymous

        in the orig pictures the top view looked similiar to the droid 3, with the drop off under the screen. for months i thought this looked identical until i saw a good side shot. and as you can see here its pretty much flush, which im happy about

        • Gotcha. I agree, I though that would look stupid on a phone with no keyboard. I hope it looks as good in the hand as it does in the press shots…oh another one.

    • Anonymous

      I couldn’t agree more. I thought it was going to have a weird Droid chin but without the sliding keyboard.

      • Anonymous

        id go ape nuts (in a good way) if this had a keyboard 
        ive had my dx since release date and every now and then i refuse to text because i get annoyed with the virtual keyboard, but they have gotten significantly better over time

        • Anonymous

          If you don’t like the stock keyboard there are many others to choose from.

          At the moment I am using Thumb Keyboard and I really like it.

          • Anonymous

            in general, i dont like the virtual keyboards.
            my favorite of them though is the stock gb. 
            ive tried: 
            all versions of blur keyboard (2.1,2.2,2.3)
            swiftkey (love it on the tab though)
            swype (hate having it on landscape)
            slide it
            ai something

            and im sure there have been more

          • Guest

            I used like you but once i got my droid x and i got accustomed to the virtual keyboard, i cant go back to physical keyboard

          • Tarsis Brito

            I love swiftkey and as my launcher either the new motoblur or go launcher 🙂

    • geedee82

      I know, everybody kept saying it looked like the Droid 3 but kept trying to tell people, “no, it looks like the Droid 2”.

      • Anonymous

        It does look like the Droid 3 just without the keyboard and lip and slight redesign on the back.

        • chris

          Yeah exactly like it, just completely different.

          • Anonymous

            The front looks just like the D3 (with fake lip) and the back does as well but the camera is different, the edges are beveled and it has a slight hump.

        • Guest

          It does look gorgeous, even more than the droid x because it has the candy bar look rather than being square.

  • That’s not bad, it will be a bit of a bulge in the pocket, but hey, that could be a good thing!

    • Anonymous

      “thats what she said” gold is what that is…

      • ricbon

        GIGGY GIGGY!!

  • Dash Speeds

    Wow, much thinner than I though. Sooo psyched for this phone!

  • EC8CH

    I think it looks good