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Motorola Tweets About Our “OG” DROID Friend, Hints At The “Next Big Thing”

Looks like Motorola peeps have been stalking Droid Life lately. Who else could possibly get away with calling it the “OG”? With all that to the side, we are starting to see a huge spike in Bionic advertisment, and we are sure there is only more to come. Remember all the highly edited, fast-shot commercials the “OG” DROID had back in the day? Hard to think that people are not digging this “Ninja Chick vs. Robot” ad campaign.

What about all the DROIDX commercials? The “Eagle Eye” commercial created a whole bunch of hype, and better yet, the “See You Tomorrow” promo video was almost more epic than any full length movie trailer. Either way, fasten your seat belts because we are sure to be in for a extreme marketing campaign for the DROID Bionic.

If you thought you had enough of this phone already, then you might want to stop watching TV, browsing the internet, or even leaving your house soon.

Via: Motorola Twitter

Cheers jlukes!

  • Anonymous

    Sorry moto, I’m still a bit hurt that you changed your view on what an Android phone should be. If you decide to listen and at least offer one new Android phone a year that is even remotely what the og droid was, then we can talk about what “the next big thing” is. I’m not that easy.

  • Yes Motorola, still using my OG Droid while waiting for the next big thing.. But sorry, it won’t be the Bionic that will make me upgrade.

  • Yes Motorola, still using my OG Droid while waiting for the next big thing.. But sorry, it won’t be the Bionic that will make me upgrade.

  • Anonymous

    Stock Gingerbread update?

  • Anonymous

    Just when I had decided I wanted the Bionic….TEASE

  • Anonymous

    So another device besides HD is coming? One without an encrypted bootloader and vanilla Android? Did Moto finally get it right again?

  • Kyle

    What does “OG” stand for?

    • docking

      OG = Original

      • Kyle


      • OG = Original Gangster

      • OG = Original Gangster

  • cloak420

    well i like that they mention my og droid but the fact is they havent came out with shit to make us true android lovers upgrade i guess we are stuck waiting to see if a nexus comes out on verizon 

  • Anonymous

     went to verizonwireless website this morning to LooK around for info and…attached pic for fun.
    Who in more frustrated with the Bionic delay..consumer..chat helpers…or verizon?

  • Sparky

    This is just my own random thinking…but what if if is Motorola’s way to tease a discount of some sort?  As in, anyone with an OG Droid can turn it in, and get a discount toward a new Bionic.  With a $299 2yr contract price, that would indeed be a hell of a selling point for anyone with an OG Droid.

    • If your right, im going to be in a tough situation, cause im never giving them my OG Droid. I love this phone.

      • I agree, even after I get new phone, I will be hanging on to my OG.

      •  Same here.  My daughter loves to play with the OG Droid.  There are some cute games she can play and many things I can install on it from the web.   I don’t plan on giving mine up until something is worth buying.

    • Palmyra

      There is a discount right now and it is only $30.  It will have to be MUCH LARGER for me to trade my OG in.  My plan is to use the OG as a internet tuner via WiF for the likes of Slacker, Pandora, etc. i.  I’ll play it through my receiver and home speakers. 

    • docking

      Agree with others….It would be tough to give up, as we are already talking at home about who will get my droid.  So, is it big discount, or pass down?

  • meth feld

    Is the thirty second commercial a sublime message about battery life?

  • Anonymous

    i would love to sit here and hope for the moon… But im sorry guys we are not getting anymore vanilla goodness any time 
    , or ever as far as that goes. the only reason the d1 was pure was because it was easiest to do that, and blur was still in r and d. we will never see another pure android phone on big red, so lets stop getting our hopes up ok kellex? 

    • Nexus = vanilla.  Let’s hope it lands on verizon by the holidays.

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  • Hmm

    Reduce the price to 199 before the next Gen superphones and then I will switch my OG for a Bionic!

    • If the one article is right that Sprint will have SGS2 on 09/09, there will be massive pressure for VZW to have it as well.  I just don’t see how the Bionic will stand up.  If it had an unlocked bootloader from the start, it can be modded and OC’d to see how it really compares to the competition.  I will test the Bionic, SGS2, Vigor, Prime, and iPhone 5 next to each other.  The one that looks best to my eyes, runs the smoothest and fastest, and gets the best signal will be what I choose.

      I just don’t see the Bionic being in the running.

  • Djstar2k2

    i always make the same points so Mr motor make a droid with the hardware of the d3 sans pentile and 512 ram more RAm and pure vanilla android and you can save money on the ads. simple. I get the unlocked points but roming ain’t always easy I ain’t used rom that ran as good or better than stock. I love cm7 and Pete’s(thanks devs) but both are buggy hell cm7 the actual phone calls and data would stall and Pete’s my KB just do odd things like open my gmail out the blue. I just don’t get what’s so hard to make a pure android phone with a keyboard and up to date top line specs

    • babadush

      they have contracts with all the bloatware people so they have to add that crap. it’s another way for them to make a million while we all spend a million 

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  • BeatdownbyGS2

    all these ads and commercials hyping a phone that is beaten before it cam out. GS2

  • Legoturte92

    I don’t know if they will be able to call it the Droid Go because it sounds fairly close to the PSP Go and with all the lawsuits these days with patents who knows if Sony would end up suing google for using the word “Go” in their name.

  • Moto OG droid sucks

    OG droid suck because of it’s memory 256 and the speed. I do not know why compare the droid bionic the beast with the moto droid

    • @ Kellex: Ban this user now, plz. kthx

      • Dash Speeds

        As much as I love my Droid, he is kinda right. The RAM kills this phone completely, huuuuge bottleneck (considering the SoC it uses is just shy of the original snapdragon in terms of performance and features a better GPU)

        • It’s 2 years old you moron.  How are you so simple and still alive?

          • Guest

            we know it is two years and when it first came out it sucks too 256 of ram come on 🙂 Moto did it right with the droid x, which is the best thing in verizon. The bionic will take the throne for now on

        • Guest

          Thank you! i wonder where all this people have been if it was not for rooting and for kellez, who showed them how to root and stuff. They will be rocking their 550 speed with 256 of ram lol. Droid owner go cry now

      • Guest

        Why because i am saying the thuth lol. You are clueless in here you dont know nothing about technology

        • Because you don’t come into someone’s house and disrespect the owner. The OG Droid started this whole revolution and more specifically made this page what it is today. Dynasties have to start somewhere. GTFOH. You are a horrible guest.

    • Anonymous

      You sir are a complete idiot. GTFO

      • Guest

        the only fat idiot in here is you go play with your nintendo fat boy. Your phone sucksssssssss

    • babadush

      go play with your facebook phone

      • Guest

        516 of ram better than 256 🙂 4.3 display better than 3.7 and lastly 1g of speed better than 550 🙂
        Droid x droidx2 wins 🙂

    • You are slow.  We (OG owners) are all coming up for an upgrade and they are trying to get us to upgrade to the Bionic.  Lastly, whatever device you have sucks.  The Bionic (which I will not be buying) will beat it and each phone there after.  Stop posting.

      • Guest

        you stop posting and defending your 256 cheap ass memory droid lol

  • Anonymous

    Any clues how the battery life is compared with the original Droid?

  • QQMore

    Looking for the next big thing.  Verizon, dual core, 4g, no physical kb this time, AND UNLOCKED bootloader.  For now, totally enjoying OG Droid + Simply Stunning 5.5 (just released a few days ago btw).

  • Kylch

    Motorola should have made all their phones like the OG Droid…no blur and unlocked bootloader.

  • Im_just_saying

    Do you idiots really think you coined the “OG” Droid name?  Come one.  Next thing you know you know, you also developed every smart phone that has been developed.

    • babadush

      “Next thing you know you know, you also developed every smart phone that has been developed.”

      no sorry that was apple

  • Trooper

    Surprise, its the BioNexGoogle!

  • Droidlovinyogi

    Righteous big ups and props
    to Kellex and the Droid Life crew!!!


    This definitely means
    they’ve been lurking here and probably for some time. In reality we shouldn’t
    expect too much, but let’s hope it’s not just them appropriating and trying to
    co-op our grass-roots terminology. Time will tell if this is an indication of
    something of substance on the horizon that really addresses us “OG” Droid
    users. Not some weak locked up BS, but something with top specs, which is up to
    and surpasses the level we’re accustomed to that we can sink our teeth in!


    who think that locked bootloaders are okay and don’t matter either don’t know
    what they speak of or they know and don’t care. In any case don’t fool yourself,
    locked bootloaders do matter – this is a reference to locked bootloaders that
    can’t be unlocked.

  • Telephoneteck

    She will be mine. Oh , yes – she will be mine.

  • Anonymous

    I still rock the OG, with PE6.5 (thanks to the post on here).  My phone is dying though, and it is a little buggier than I’d like so I’m ready to upgrade.  Will that be Bionic, GSII, or Prime?  Remains to be seen, but one of them will be getting my money.  

    • Anonymous

      I have an OG as well and I am on MIUI currently but have jumped around all the major releases, but I too have noticed small things just starting to go on the phone, like my charging port is bent from so many different chargers in the search for one longer than a foot, and the lose charging port causes the phone to reboot as soon as the phone is plugged in or unplugged. Insurance said they would replace it but I have not gone through for two reasons I would like to keep my OG as it is now a classic, and I dont see the point in paying for a replacement when one of the three phones you mentioned will also be mine in the very near feature.

      • babadush

        i got a thunderbolt on craigslist for the time being. I also was an OG Droid user but it got to be unbearable after all this time. 

        to those saying the thunderbolt sucks. sorry no. with CM7 I can run it at 1.4ghz and still get 12+ hours of battery life with juice defender. 

  • JAmes

    I love my OG Droid and plan to hang onto it for another year. Hopefully things change by then.

  • Anonymous

    How dare they… lackluster releases for 2 years. Pft.

  • Anonymous


  • Mdhenshaw

    Yes Moto… We’re waiting for the GS2.

  • Justin

     as i write this, i sit on my toilet using my og droid.contract is long since up, waiting for the bionic to hit….

  • AC Slater

    Put enough marketing behind this and it will be huge.  For better or worse

  • Anonymous

    The Droid 3, with an unlocked bootloader and 4G would be my close-to-perfect phone. 

    Sadly, its not, but its close enough and I got it. 🙂

    • babadush

      aka Droid Bionic

  • Anonymous

    I installed the Project Elite ROM recently on my Droid 1…holy crap this is awesome. I didnt think the original Droid could perform this well. 

    • Pennywise

      Me too ^.^

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately my OG running PE performed worse than my old Blackberry Storm, and Cm7 is not a whole lot better. My bet is because this phone is a CLNR but does anyone know of other awesome gingerbread ROMs to test my theory?

      • droidlvr

        i’ve been using simply stunning and it’s great

      • Anonymous

        What is CLNR?

        I tried stock 2.1, stock 2.2, rooted stock 2.3, Simply Stunning, Bugless Beast, Cyanogen 6 and 7, and Ultimate Droid. So far Project Elite kills all of them for every day performance. 

        I did install the CorCor kernel over the default kernel. Dont know if that has anything to do with it. But I am very happy. I feel like I have a new phone. Quadrant benchmarks look normal for 900mhz overclock, but the performance feels exponentially better. 

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, I can’t reply directly to your comment. A CLNR is a certified like new replacement. In other words, someone’s old broken phone that they “fixed” and gave to me to replace my broken phone.

    • Guest

      like i said you need to put things inside the phone to run ok
      unlike droidx that was great coming our of the box 🙂
      keep injecting your cell with steroids lol

      • Anonymous

        The Droid X great coming out of the box? LOL! I have a friend with a droid X who might disagree with you. 

        The Droid X was pretty mediocre IMO. No glass screen, polluted with Motoblur. It was ok, but there were phones that came out at the same time that were better. The Fascinate was better in every way.

        • Anonymous

          LOL, No.

          • Anonymous

            In what way was it worse? Same speed. Same memory. Better display. Glass screen. What does the Droid x have that the Fascinate didn’t have as well or better?

          • Anonymous

            Seriously dude? All of Moto’s phones since the Droid have gorilla glass screens. The DX had more memory (24 GB vs 2 GB), a larger screen, better camera and far better build quality as well as support. The Fascinate was stuck on android 2.1 for the longest time with forced Bing and shitty touchwiz which still hasn’t been updated to GB.

  • KevinC

    The Bionic is nothing like the OG Droid.  It’s full of bloatware and blurred Android, and not to mention that locked bootloader.  Motorola can go suck a fat one.

    I’ll pass on this one and keep my OG Droid for now.

    • Guest

      OG Droid could not beat droid x once droid x was in verizon and you are comparing dual core 1 g of ram lte with your miserable moto droid 256 of ram SUPER SLOW no speed and cheap display just 3.7 get the f out of here with your bull shit. By the way not a lot like the plain vanilla skin.

      • OG Droid > DroidX

        • Caprich96

          you are a moron and a pig

  • Shane Girodat

    The only thing so far that has kept me from buying a new Android phone is the fact that there is no stock Android phones like my OG Droid at Verizon. I won’t buy another till it either comes stock or can be easily rooted so that I can slap CyanogenMod on it.

  • Usawrestling

    Garbage by Moto. Locked bootloader, motoblur and no physical keyboard…this is nothing like the OG… The Droid 3= closer…if only it had a 4G radio…I would have made her mine

    • Guest

      you are clueless

  • Pennywise

    “A sentimental longing for the past” – Remember getting the OG? Awesome tweet; I’m stoked for the Bionic.

    • Pennywise

      Additionally, what a tweet!! Motorola in a way acknowledges the phones they have released between the OG Droid and the Bionic haven’t been as impactful as the  OG… doubling my excitement for the BIONIC!

  • Yes

    So the next big thing from Motorola will be a slider? I hope so.

    • Anonymous

      I hope this “tease” isn’t for the Bionic, though I think it is.

  • John Poe

    I wish they’d fix the buggy crap they’ve been dumping on us for the last year or so before working on “the next big thing”.

  • faber

    Seriously pathetic they can’t figure out or just ignore why that phone was/is so popular and even worse have refused to repeat that success with good hardware and unlocked bootloader. Moto deserves to fail.

    • JLHS

      Moto knows how well the OG sold — it’s U.S. carriers who force manufacturers to create crap phones.

      Why? Because of money. Phones that are too good, use too much bandwidth. Phones that are unlocked can be used to tether freely and take up too much bandwidth. 

      Unregulated mobile networks in this country have failure U.S. consumers. Without technical standards, you have phones that only work on a single network and lock you in to a single mobile carrier. This lack of competition prevents consumers from enjoying the benefits of having carriers that must out-compete each other for your business. As it stands, At&t and VZW control 80% of the market — the incremental changes they make have stall innovation and growth in this country for too long.

      • Anonymous

        The bandwidth usage issue is hogwash for what is quite plainly a money grab. They could identify the abusers, or be slightly more generous with their usage-based plans if they chose to do so. But they won’t.

    • faber

      And again, samsung and htc have phones on both netwoks with easily unlocked bootloaders….it is nit the carriers soley….moto jumped all over locking bootloaders and faught hard not to unlock….it forces you to upgrade. Only their crap software and people spreading new of how this all works is causing moto a backlash

  • Sorry, Moto, but my “next big thing” isn’t going to have Blur or a Pentile screen. I guess I’m feeling nostalgic, because my OG Droid and I can wait.

    • Guest

      you are an idiot then

    • Dipesh

      again with this pentile crap. you realize pentile is not a new type of lcd or something like Samsung’s AMOLED. Pentile is just a name for how the pixels on the screen are configured. guess what, Samsung’s Super AMOLED screen is also “pentile”!!! but they use another pixel configuration. 

  • Lol, that’s adorable, Motorola thinks the reason we’re still using the D1 is because of the nostalgia. It’s really because we’re waiting for them to make a phone that’s not shit!

    • And all God’s People said “AAAAaaaaaamen!”

    • digsoreos


    • JLHS

      Moto knows how well the OG sold — it’s U.S. carriers who force manufacturers to create crap phones.Why? Because of money. Phones that are too good, use too much bandwidth. Phones that are unlocked can be used to tether freely and take up too much bandwidth. Unregulated mobile networks in this country have failure U.S. consumers. Without technical standards, you have phones that only work on a single network and lock you in to a single mobile carrier. This lack of competition prevents consumers from enjoying the benefits of having carriers that must out-compete each other for your business. As it stands, At&t and VZW control 80% of the market — the incremental changes they make have stall innovation and growth in this country for too long.

      • Anonymous

        I wish I could like this post more than once.

      • maybe google should by verizon then, super supercharge android 

        • Tyler Fish

          Agreed! 😛

      • Anonymous

        Moto does know how well the OG sold, and that’s why each device that they have made since has been better from the standpoint of the specs. The biggest complaint about moto you will hear or see on any site is “the bootloader is locked” or “blur sucks”. The problem is that the people complaining about the bootloader and blur are in the minorty. Do the US carriers force manufacturers to create the phones the want? Yes.. Is it because of money? Yes.. That should not be a surprise to anyone its the goal of all companies to make money. Do they intentionally make “crap phones” because good phones take up to much bandwidth? No.. The major carriers all throttle their service for to consumers that are heavy data users and with the days of the unlimited data plan quickly fading away data usage will fade as well. I don’t want to sound like an oppolgist for the manufactures or carriers they have failed us on many things that we may want from them but we don’t need to over regulate them because the cost of the regulations will be passed down to us. Lastly I couldn’t disagree with you more on your statement that “incremental changes they make have stalled innovation and growth”. I would venture to say that growth and innovation in the tech world as it pertains to cellular technology has grown more in the last three years then the previous twenty combined.

        • Guest

          The og droid sold a lot because at that time it was the first good android device unlike the g1 from HTC, which was a failure. After DroidX and droid incredible release, Droid x became the best moto droid in verizon hands down

        • JLHS

          Before spouting your Randian ideals on regulation, it might help to observe the facts[1]. In case you didn’t bother to look at those stats, many other countries pay less for better service, while also having access to better devices. Why? Because the countries out-pacing us on that chart have competitive markets for wireless carrier service. It’s much easier for a company to make money and gouge consumers when it has little-to-no threat from competition. 

          You may have also missed the lesson on anti-competitive behavior in your economics class, but per the LTE spectrum auction rules[2], VZW is required to provide open devices and applications in order to promote a more competitive marketplace (thank god for Google). There is fantastic literature on how network operators tend to stifle innovation in order to maintain price control — start with “Long Distance Warrior” a documentary airing next week on PBS and then read “The Master Switch” by Tim Wu.

          [1] http://gigaom.com/broadband/mobile-internet-cost-around-the-world-infographics/

          [2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_2008_wireless_spectrum_auction#Google_involvement

          • Anonymous

            First.. You offered up No facts in your first post just baseless opinion which is OK that’s why we come to these sites so don’t get your panties all in a bunch if someone dissagrees with you. I dont disagree with you when it comes to anti-compettitve behavior in the market place. Of course more competition brings better products and service just like more regulation brings higher prices. In the mobile market we have competition, VZW, Att,Sprint, Tmobil, and countless regional carriers. How many more do we need for you to consider it competitive? Maybe you can post me a link or a study or tell me about a book or TV program I can watch to let me know.

        • babadush

          i agree with everything except for one thing. You say since unlimited data plans are fading away, data usage will fade away? 

          I think the more complicated smart phones and tablets get; the more data usage will be used. Look at cable. Barely used anything before sharing (i.e. p2p, video streaming, music streaming). All of which are just starting out in the mobile world. I’d expect the data usage to be more and more money coming out of the pocket of the consumer as a result. just my prediction though. what do I know.

    • Anonymous

      LOL  so true

    • Nexus Prime?

      And because we are all at the tail end of 2 year contracts.

  • Sleek2g

    I seriously lol when they posted that. Then responded with “If ny next big thing kyu mean an Unlocked Bootloader, then yes im waiting for the next “big thing””.

  • Anonymous

    Tron meets Thunderdome with a crazy 30-something chick in a strange ninja/matrix outfit with a custom short version of the Blade sword….Did I miss something?

  • Anonymous

    I look forward to the launch and following ads and hype.  It’s the pre-launch hype that’s getting me ready to puke.  

  • Must mean they are going to release an unlocked phone. Because they aren’t talking about the Bionic.

  • WAldenIV

    All that “aside”?

  • Jgaeta

    I’m still rockin an OG droid. Waiting for its equal sequel…

    • Jeff

      Me too,

      No Androind phone has truly bettered it yet…  Just loaded SS5.5 and it runs better than ever and can with a 1ghz kernel can still keep pace with most new phones…..  It truly shows the power ad flexibility of a phone without a locked bootloader….

      • Pennywise

        Part of the reason why they lock them. (the much bigger reason being Verizon’s network security concerns)

      • Pennywise

        Also, if it’s unlocked, how is Verizon going to charge you for hotspot? Charge you for tethering?

      • Guest

        LOL it is like steroid you need to put things in your OG droid in order to run fast and smooth. Unlike droidx, which came with 516 of ram 1 g of speed bigger display as well. You and your OG droid suck

        • OG Droid Owner


          • Guest

            lol suffer

        • Your an idiot.  Please phrase your posts so they are at least readable.

          • Droidx2 rule

            you seem to understood the post, and you got hurt lol dont play yourself fool your droid 1 suckssssssssss

    • Anonymous

      you’ll be waiting for a long time.  there can be only one.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks. Now I have the Highlander theme song stuck in my head.

        • EC8CH

          Heeeeeeeeeeeeeere we are!
          Born to be Kings.
          We’re the princes of the Universe. HEYAW!

      • Anonymous

        whats funny is this is a double post.

        • Anonymous

          It’s not showing up that way on my end, but what do I know? I can’t think straight over this awful racket in my head.

  • Mr.Joe

    I’m holding on to it FOREVER!

    Running CyanogenMod my OG Droid is JUST as good as any phone released today.  I’ll go as far as to say my OG Droid will be just as fast as the bionic.  All thanks to CyanogenMod!~

    • If only the OG had more RAM I wouldn’t have upgraded. I couldn’t take apps being constantly killed due to the OG’s measly 256MB of RAM. Other than that, I loved that phone.

      • same, ram is really holding me back. 

        also im having terrible battery life on CM 7.1RC, but that’s just me.

        • Pennywise

          I’m using PE (6.5?) and my OG runs better then my buddy’s Droid X2 and Dinc2

          • I’ll have to check that out. CM runs pretty good, bat life is great on standby. but play a game and it’ll drop from 80% to 15% quite suddenly. (and yes i wiped battery stats before flashing 7.1rc)

      • Mr.Joe

        That’s odd. I’ve NEVER had a SINGLE memory issue on my CyanogenMod phone.

    • Guest

      256 compare to 1 g of ram
      dual core compare to 550 ghz
      lol you are an idiot stay with your cheap moto droid, while we rock the best thing ever from motorolla

      • The best thing ever…for 2 months until the HD (spyder) or Dinara are released.  The Bionic would have been nice 4 months ago.  Old news now.

      • The best thing ever…for 2 months until the HD (spyder) or Dinara are released.  The Bionic would have been nice 4 months ago.  Old news now.

  • James Jun

    Yes, Motorola, we’re just waiting for the next unlocked bootloader phone from you just like the OG Droid. 

    • Jeff

      And NO BLUR….

      • Who cares about Blur if it’s unlocked? You can easily install a custom ROM and never see Blur again.

        • Anonymous

          If blur is so damn great let them offer it as an option. The mere fact that they dont give you the option to remove it really says all that needs to be said about its desirability. 

          People buy Moto products in SPITE of blur, not because of it. 

          • Anonymous

            Google won’t let anyone sell a phone and put the name “Android” on it unless it comes with Google Apps.  Does the fact Google force you to have them make Vanilla Android crap?  Of course not.

            No one invests into a platform just to see people remove the parts that can make them the most money.  For Moto that’s Blur to build brand loyalty to earn repeat customers.  This should be common sense by now.

            As for how good Blur is and whether it achieves that, well that’s another argument all together.  That’s why root and/or unlocked bootloader are the real resolutions.

          • Anonymous

            How many people do you know who want to remove the default google apps? I know LOTS of people who want to get rid of blur.

            The two are not the same thing. Blur is a skin on top of the default stuff. Google’s apps ARE the default stuff. 

          • Anonymous

            My interpretation was you said non-removal = bad.  Just saying that one doesn’t equal the other.

            If you run CM7 or other similar rom you can run without GApps, so they are default because Google says so, not because the OS won’t run without them.

        • Guest

          i agree but the new blur is becoming the best skin out there 🙂

    • Pennywise

      OG Droid had a locked bootloader.

      • Anonymous

        …I think we would have noticed that…..

        • Pennywise

          ?? OG Droid was locked. After release it was unlocked by the dev/modding community.  Verizon requires manufacturer’s to lock smartphones headed for their network.

          • Jam120992

            true story

          • Anonymous

            You are correct… But they didn’t encrypt it so it was easily bypassed.

          • Anonymous

            I think you know he meant an encrypted bootloader. Stop trying to be a smartass.

          • babadush

            why cuddle the person who uses incorrect jargon?

          • GotSka81

            On the contrary, I think there are a lot of people out there who don’t realize the difference.

          • Guest

            yea it was, the thing was that it was very easy to unlock like the atrix and photon

        • babadush

          there’s a difference between a locked bootloader and an encrypted bootloader. the OG Droid had a locked bootloader. The rest of the moto products have encrypted bootloader. 

      • No it doesn’t?

      • Guest

        who care about bootloader the og droid did not meet the right specs moto was very cheap putting 256 of ram and not even one g of speed

        • Dipesh

          you do realize the “og” droid is almost 2 years old…i would love to see a phone with 1ghz processor and 1 gb ram before this phone came out. it was the best phone of its time, and the reaon android is as big as it is today. 

    • Caprich96

      no comparison between the droid bionic and the lack of specs droid. The droid x still the most popular moto droid on verizon

  • Just give us the damn Bionic already and stop this madness!

    • Mr Blurryfingaz

      Madness……??? THIS…IS…SPARTA!!!!!