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Why I’m Still Excited For the Release of the DROID Bionic

The DROID Bionic is one of the most hyped phones we have seen in the last two years, bringing with it a pretty divided audience who either can’t wait to get their hands on it or are so sick of having to wait and hear about it that they have moved on to other Android pastures.  We tend to agree with arguments from both sides, but in this post, we are looking to remain positive on a device that has taken up the majority of the last year.

The phone boasts some pretty impressive specs, yet there are still those that remain skeptical as rumors swirl of phones to be released just weeks after it hits store shelves.  Could it be too late for the Bionic?  We will be finding out in just a couple of weeks.  In the mean time, we have put together some thoughts on why we are still, for the most part, excited for this phone to finally arrive.  

Dual-core and 4G LTE

The Bionic will launch as the world’s first 4G LTE dual-core smartphone, something even after 4 months of delays, Motorola should be proud of.  There truly is nothing like Verizon’s new network, but to be able to finally pair it with a next-gen processor, has me excited.  While you could argue that the OMAP4 that Moto has gone with is not of Samsung’s Exynos processor caliber, it’s still capable of crushing any single-core device in sight.  Data speeds and power – two things that we have been waiting and waiting and waiting for – have finally arrived.

Verizon’s First Real Phone of 2011

We have seen a number of Android players land on Verizon this year; some 4G LTE, some not.  But what we have not seen, is a real 2011 phone.  What I mean by that, is this is the first phone to come equipped with nothing but tech from this year.  The Thunderbolt, Charge, Incredible 2 and DROID3 are all solid phones, but each is missing something.  The Bionic, while locked and running Blur, is at least pumped up with a dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM and 4G LTE – the 3 specs that many consider “must haves” going forward.

Battery Life

While we have no official confirmation that the Bionic will have exceptional battery life, that is certainly what we are hearing from numerous sources.  Both Moto reps and our insiders have bragged about the life they are seeing while running on 4G LTE.  We all know how badly the Thunderbolt has struggled since day 1 – let us hope the Bionic can change our expectations.


Let me be clear on this – the Bionic’s bootloader will be locked at release.  It just will be.  However, with the dev community finding ways to unlock both the Atrix and Photon 4G, we are at least a little excited at the possibility of them also finding out a way to free this bad boy.  There are no guarantees, but the outlook is a heck of a lot brighter than it was for the original DROIDX, DROID2, etc.

Blur – Who Cares?

I may get shot for saying this, but I no longer have a problem with Android skins.  “Why?” you ask?  Take my Galaxy S II for example.  It has TouchWiz, which truthfully, I despise more than Blur, yet this phone is bar far my favorite of all time.  And I’ve dealt with it by using ADW, throwing on Widget Locker, an icon theme pack, 3rd party browser, etc.  Your phone can have a skin, but that doesn’t mean that skin still has to completely run your phone.  So when I get a hold of a Bionic, you can bet that the Blur launcher will disappear within seconds and I’ll be on my way to customizing it to my liking.  This is Android folks, we love it because we can make phones all our own.  Adding Blur to the list of things wrong with this phone is just silly.

The Next Batch of LTE Phones

Not to completely shift focus, but with the Bionic getting ready to hit stores, we are also ready to welcome in the next batch of LTE beasts.  Even if you aren’t excited for this phone, you should be for what is coming next.  When the Bionic arrives on September 8, you can mark that date as the count down to the release of what we are expecting to be some incredible devices that sport HD screens, are slimmer than any phone we have ever seen, and will last for days on a single charge.  It’s about to get extra spicy around these Android parts.


Now, I fully understand that there were a lot of “ifs” in all of that rubbish I just went through, along with a potentially awful 4.3″ PenTile matrix display, but this is the first time this year that I have been jazzed for a Verizon phone.  And maybe it is not even this phone that has me all worked up – it could be that it is finally here and we no longer have to talk about rumors for it?  Or maybe it really is because this phone marks the beginning of what could be one heck of a holiday season for smartphones.  No matter what, we’ll have the Bionic on day 1 and will put it through our variety of tests to decide if this phone has lived up to 9 months of hype.  Will we end up being a bust?  There is certainly a chance that it will be, but we’ll do our best to find that out for real when we have it in hands, rather than just speculating on it being one.

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  • Anonymous

    I agree here that the Bionic will be a good phone. My arguement here is that not all of us like to buy phones outright so at a time like this when their is rumors of a nexus device coming soon, it is hard to go with the bionic. I love the build quality of moto phones, always have. But I think moto is currently off track when it comes to software. I pray things will change for moto and some other companies, sort of in the direction htc has gone lately with allowing the unlocking of phones by choice. And no offence kellex but I don’t get every new phone when it comes out, wish I did though. So for me the decision is much more careful, and the binic doesnt stand well with me if a nexus device may be available in mere months. Other than that though, I would go ahead and upgrade but right now I cant do it.

  • Anonymous

    $300 is it worth it?

  • Anonymous

    I’m not going to go buy one the first day…a few weeks ago, I would have.

  • Nonyabizz

    Bionic = 4.3″ Atrix 4G.  That is all.

  • Rick James

    Its too bad the cameras on Motorola Droid Phone’s BLOW………………

  •  This is like the fat chick getting excited for the new buffet only to find out it is yesterday’s leftovers.

    Don’t get me wrong, the Bionic is a good phone spec wise.  However, it is only superior to the inferior products that are currently on the market.  However, this superiority is only short lived.  Right, wrong, or indifferent, SGS2, Vigor, Prime, Moto HD, and possibly iSuck 5 will surpass this thing in less than a month.

    This is like cheering that you lost your virginity to a girl who said it was her first time until you find out everyone has had a turn on the train.

  • I have waited this long…

  • Steve

    He;s still excited, because it allows yet another thread on the blog ….

  • So should I wait till October now!?

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  • scott

    I usually come here and lurk, and laugh at all the people who keep waiting for the next ‘bleeding edge’ phone with (insert number) core processor, (insert number) gigs of RAM (insertt awesome number x awesome number) screen resolution and (insert latest and greatest Android version) as though there were THE four things that mattered,, and, as has been stated before, hypebeast the phones that have been only rumored so far. The worst ones are those that trash phones, expecially the Bionic, because ‘it’s been delayed SO many times’ or ‘it’s got yesterday’s specifications’, when the Prime, Vigor, etc will offer specifications that are only slightly higher that the Bionic’s. Now, when compared to the OG Droid, the Bionic is like a quantum leap ahead, and ‘I’m passing because the rumored phones coming out will be so much better’ is rediculous.
    My perspective- if you try to ride that bleeding edge, you run into the software bugs like Motorola did wingerbread, early Bionics, etc… and that rumored next phone will *ALWAYS* have that awesome shaine

    • scott

      My phone started screwing up near the end, and I meant to say* ‘like what Motorola did with Gingerbread, especially on the X.

      Oh, and make it *five things that mattered- throw in 4 geez of LTE for speedy fast interwebz.

      Continued from above- *awesome shine and ‘new phone smell.’… along with delays and bugs. I’m just fine with my D2G, and will continue to be until I can fit a D3 into my budget. And I’ll LauncherPro that thing and be happy… until it’s time to upgrade to a Droid 4, or whatever the new Motorola slide-out is called. I’m a Motorola die-hard, and like my ‘yesterday’s tech phone,’ especially with Motorola’s build quality.
      anyways, I know few will read this, but… my little more than 2 cents.


    • “I usually come here and lurk, and laugh at all the people who keep waiting for the next ‘bleeding edge’ phone” i bet you’re the kind of person who would buy a droid 2 two weeks before the launch of the droid 3

      • scott

        I got the Droid 2 this February, planning on the Droid 3 around the end of the year.

    • Nothing

      Elitist much, quite the opinion of yourself there. Obviously anyone who doesn’t see things your way is inferior. You offer up a whole lot of opinion as hard substance regarding a person’s choice and how yours must be right and anyone else must be silly.

      I would hardly consider waiting for phones launching within 2 weeks of each other a foolish endever of patience for a consumer to make informed comparisons.

      • Dash Speeds

        There is absolutely no concrete evidence that any of these rumored devices will launch within two weeks of the Bionic, nor any that they are superior. I think this is a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

      • scott

        I was only trying to use ‘this promised phone has better specs, and promised bleeding-edge technology being delayed as my reason for hating on the Bionic’ as an example of how silly it seems some of the people on this blog are acting.

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  • Honestly, after having dual antenna in my HTC tbolt and thus the ability to have voice and data at the same time even in 3g mode…I’m NOT giving that up. So, if the Bionic lacks that ability, I’ll pass and begin looking to the HTC Vigor.

  • Chucklehead

    I’m not even interested in the Bionic anymore. There are too many goodies to follow.

  • Anonymous

        The Next Batch of LTE Phones   ???

    So, you’re, “Still Excited For the Release of the DROID Bionic” because of the much better phones coming weeks after it?  That’s the exact reason not to care anymore.  I’m shocked you put that in your list.

  • Ryan C

    At this point, im just gonna use my will power and wait for an Ice Cream Sandwich device..

    • PowerTools

      I just want an ice cream sandwich, now.

    • Anonymous

      I have really loved my Droid, but it is also tired now. However, after owning an iPad2, and with all of the confusion I am having over the new Droid phones, I may wait on the iPhone 5.

  • i just find it annoying that theres still no good 4g phone with a slide out keyboard. i have the charge and im sick of it.  i need physical buttons. my next phone is having a physical keyboard when i upgrade in january.

  • Anonymous

    Just to add my 2 cents, I own a Thunderbolt because this phone is SO late.  My money is now spent, and my next purchase will make this look like a toy.  Considering how quickly technology moves, releasing this phone at all now seems stupid to me.

  • Anonymous

    Why I am not excited about this phone…Nexus Prime…

  • ……………still no commercials! how do you not put TV ads out, announcing what is suppose to be the best android device of the year? I’ve about had it with the speculations and leaks all over the web, give me something I can bank on, some type of reassurance that yes, the device will be in stores Sept. 8th. I’m seeing commercial after commercial for the Revalution, the ThunderBolt, the Droid, the Droid X, etc.  I hope this isn’t going to be something that’s just dropped on us like a “Ton of bricks” way to go Motorola!

  • Caprich96

    Droid bionic will be the best device when sept 8 comes

  • I don’t think I want this phone anymore unless I get it free without signing a new contract!

  • Michael Brooks

    HTC Vigor…………. just sayin.

    • Dash Speeds

      You can keep your giant hunk of plastic and Sense, not gonna be missing it. 

  • Pnicuh

    Doesn’t matter what yall say, im tired of my BB Storm 2 im gonna pre-order this Beast and yes I have a BB Storm 2 -_-

    • Caprich96

      you will enjoy the new operating system and moto’s build quality

  • Anonymous

    As far I know, without an unlocked bootloader, we can’t use our phones as a wifi modem. That’s one of my gripes with vzw/moto. Even an I*hone can be unlocked!!

  • Quick question: locked bootloader, does it prevent rooting? If it does not, does it prevent Titanium Backup from DLing and working on this? Can I make backups and use wifi tethering minus a unlocked bootloader? My Droid is rooted but it’s been a long long time ago that I did this and cannot remember which allowed what. Does it only prevent using different ROMS?

  • Anonymous

    Why pay for services (to a multi-billion $ corp.) on a phone with a locked bootloader when I can get the same services for free on a comparable phone with an unlocked bootloader. I don’t understand the hype, no matter how good the phone is. $300 is not something to sneeze at. Until vzw/moto change their policy, I won’t buy a moto phone. I worked in retail for 15 years. Watch how fast their policies change if you stop buying their products. Just my .02. Btw, I own an OG Droid. Its been great phone, buts its pretty beat up. Time to use NE2.

  • Ohh the joys of a system that isn’t working right. Says ‘error, please repost’. One of the key reasons I posted as Sporttster. It kept telling me to log in. Well, I never logged out!
    Wopner at 3….yep….

    • This thing is acting bizarre. I posted this as a reply elsewhere and it randomly put it here as a seperate post. Hmmm..



  • lol….sorry, sounds like a epidemic is coming ‘Bring it upon us!’

  • Slickrc

    on august the first, i recieved my droid 3.  then i went online to droid-life and even thou i was happy with the phone…well, it had to go back.  unfortunately the only thing the droid 3 was missing was “4g”.  i cant wait to see what the next batch of phones bring upon us

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I use to be excited by the Bionic.. 

  • Bewara2009

    Check out the Motorola Droid Bionic commercial


    • Anonymous

      hmmm QR code at 30s

      • i froze the frame but it aliased out the top potion of the code. couldnt get it to read. 

  • Sp4rxx

    I don’t know if anyone has said this, and if they did, I agree with them:  I can’t wait for the Bionic.  It will be a tremendous leap from my OG.  Though I love my OG, the life of its existence is closing to an end as is my contract.  I plan on using my last NE2 discount on this one.

    People argue that it is old news and that by the time it releases there will be something better.  That is true, but how many more months/years is a person to wait for the latest and greatest?  Like the computer industry, the smartphone industry is quickly changing day to day.  If you are consistently waiting on the latest and greatest (say for example, the Nexus Prime), when will you actually get a new phone?  That model could be delayed as easily as the Bionic was and those wanting the ‘prime’ will then look to something better – which tells me you will never be satisfied.

    Again, I cannot wait for the Bionic’s release.  Nothing of the specs show that it is that much behind any other phone technology-wise.  Yes as phones get better, there’s more storage, RAM, better camera, etc., but really, for me, stepping up from the OG makes this purchase that much sweeter.

    • Yea I agree but the bionic specs are top notch every phone (high end) has 1gb nothing more, dual core, and lte nothing old about those

      • Caprich96

        could not say it any better

    • Manny

      I agree but only to an extent. My OG Droid is also on it’s last leg. Just last night the physical keyboard keys began to fully fall off. Looks like I’ll have to get used to the touch screen.

      The Droid Bionic will not be old news. 1GHz dual-core, 1GB RAM, 4G LTE phone = never been done before. Therefore, it’s not old. HOWEVER, there is a huge difference in what will come out in September and what’ll come out in the months to follow. I am not consistently waiting on the latest and greatest, I am waiting for the perfect device to be a successor to my Droid. Here are my options:

      Droid Bionic, September release. 1.0 GHz, 1GB RAM, 4G LTE, PenTile, 2.3 “Gingerbread” OS.
      Nexus Prime, rumored October release. 1.5GHz, 4G LTE, Super AMOLED 720p HD, 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich” OS.

      Let’s say the Nexus Prime is delayed and not scrapped like the Droid Bionic shown at CES 2011 was. Let’s say it comes out in December. Nothing later because Google hopes to have the OS ready by Q4 of 2011. In the span of waiting 3 months I receive a 50% GHz increase, a superior state-of-the-art screen and an entirely new OS. The benefits outweigh the negatives by a large amount. Let’s not forget that the Nexus Prime will be easier to root. By the time the Droid Bionic gets a root I’ll be running CM8.

    • Caprich96

      It will have everything that you need and more. People need to stop crying and complaining

  • I would be all-in if it wasn’t for that screen. Moto dun goofed! HTC Vigor here I come.

  • I don’t want to buy a phone from a company that may end up dead shortly.  You should have included that in your article.  Will Google raid the patents and dump it?  Who really wants to be stuck with a phone for 2 years that may not get any updates?

    • Corymcnutt

      This will do nothing but make the Motorola brand stronger; they are not going anywhere.  Goggle is not interested in making hardware, just the software.  Moto’s purchase nows allow them to push out phones from a great company; you can say what you want about Motorola, but they make great electronics and will continue to develop and engineer hardware while Google developes the software,

    • James_Ever

      I’ll be honest over the past year Motorola has dropped the ball on updates. Yeah I know its also the carrier. I got the Droid3 and I am happy with it but the one thing I suggest many to consider is the bloatware that will be constantly running taking up the RAM. We weren’t expecting this much on the Droid3 and I can’t imagine how many apps that you’ll never use will be running on the Bionic. I still hope that its a great phone for those that have been waiting so long for this device and hope that all Motorola devices receive regular updates to their devices.

  • David Brown

    Luckily, my upgrade isn’t until January. So I can wait to see if the Nexus Prime potentially makes it to Verizon. If not, then this will probably be my new phone. 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care how good a phone is anymore, if it don’t have 4G, forget it. Smart phones are so dependent on fast internet speeds that if they dog like the Sprint network  or just crap out like tMobile or ATT their just frustrating to deal with. 

  • I don’t know about the knew HD screens a source of mine has been saying that the new HD phones have been not that great in the battery department

    • Anonymous

      They say pentile are battery efficient. 

      • Yea they are I’m saying the new screens that are 720 HD are suppose to not have great battery life at least that’s what I heard

  • Anonymous

    Good review, I couldn’t agree more about the(polished) Blur. Although I use LPP and signal23 themed widgets, I’m still going to set up the OEM launcher and sport that from time to time. I actually like it. Beside skins are not going anywhere and I’m getting tired of the vanilla Google look anyway. I think the Bionic is going to be a great phone, and with less bugs than the others that were rushed to launch,

  • Gonzalesjr05

    We’ve waited a whole pregnancy term for this POS and I think we can all wait a few more months for phones that are going to make this one look like crap! Shame on moto and Verizon for stringing along there customers for so long. Especially values long term customers, who have waited this long. There ought to be a special sale price for everyone who contracted month to month in anticipation for this phone. 

    The GS2, Nexus Prime, and Moto HD are just a few phones that are going to blow the doors off this one, and these are just a few that are supposed to be released on Verizon, let alone other networks… They will have things like HD, Super Amoled, NFC, up to 13 mp camera’s, and lets not even go into the fact that they may come with the coveted quad core and icecream sandwhich…

    Shame on moto and verizon…Period!!! This phone isn’t even out yet and it is already old news and outdated technology…

    • Dash Speeds

      And the phones after that will have quad-core processors and bake cake!!

      Future specs have absolutely no bearing on what is available now, funny how “outdated” means anything that is top of the line now. 

      • Earleepa

        It may have been top of the line had it been released at the same time as the atrix but not now.

        • name one device on vzw that will have better specs than the bionic on launch date. 
          you cant. because there arnt any AND there wont be any. it will only be outdated when a MUCH better device is released.. just because another phone has 200 more mHz doesnt mean its better than the other. 

      • Anonymous

        I got a 5000 dollar dell dimension with a 16mb graphics card and a 500 mhz pentium 3 in the 1990s. It was top of the line then but now, my phone has better specs now. everything gets outdated at some point, android phones just get outdated faster. That doesnt mean an “outdated” phone is bad. No, my Droid X still runs amazingly with a couple of scratches on the screen but it runs as fast as my Droid Charge or the DX2 at the verizon store. Being outdated is just a marketing scheme to get people to pay more for the latest things.

        • Dash Speeds

          That went right over your head didn’t it? I was commenting on the endless hyping of the latest and greatest and comparing phones based on rumored specs.

    • I’m behind the curve…exactly what is ‘NFC’???

      • Mr.Joe

        Near Field Communication.

        Pretty much instead of swiping your debit card to pay for something you’d swipe your phone instead.  It’s popular over in Asia and Europe and just starting to emerge here in America.  

      • Caprich96

        Near Field Communication

    • Yea your just a tool everything you said has no backing and the gs2 is basically the same specs as the bionic but I guess a benefit of being a tool is you can talk out of your @ss

    • Anonymous

      I really don’t think they will have Quad core processors, if that’s what you are saying. Plus you don’t know how these let alone the Bionic will perform, you are just looking at numbers. The Sensation has a dual core but puts up quadrant scores like a single core. Go to http://www.phonedog.com/Default.aspx Let’s just say there are allot of GREAT phones coming and their will be one to fit each individual preference. We are all different and what one person likes doesn’t necessarily fit another. 

      • Caprich96

        well said, the bionic fans will be happy with it and the dreamers will still be dreaming for their perfect phones.

    • Pennywise

      I have been looking forward to this phone since the first rumor.  I do not have ANY ill-feelings towards Motorola, or Verizon regarding the Bionic.  You have a company who is listening to feedback (CES, the Thunderbolt LTE battery horrors etc) and making a better product which makes me happy to consume the Bionic.

      Where did you get this sense of entitlement; a blog? I’m starting to resent those of you who have manifested these unreal expectations and then publicly bad-mouthed others because your wild imaginations didn’t materialize.

      Does the Bionic even have an official release date? If it doesn’t release on the 8th and you find yourself disappointed/upset with companies, then look in the mirror until you realize that you only have yourself to blame.

      Bionic should be, as pointed out in the article, the first ‘2011’ phone on Verizon… and it’s almost September. Begging the question, where are the other manufacturers?

    • Caprich96

      you are ignorant

  • Dash Speeds

    I don’t get all the hate for this phone, it’s like people collectively decided to bitch about every little thing at some meeting I obviously didn’t get an invitation to.

    500 MHz spec bump with the mess that is snapdragon and the eyesore that is Sense? After owning an Incredible, never again. 
    200 MHz spec bump with Samsung’s awful US updates and Touchwiz? I love my Tab 10.1, but hesitant about this one too. 

    In summary: nothankyou.jpg

    It’s not like the increase in processor speed even correlates with better performance, just because my Droid is clocked at 1.0 GHz doesn’t mean it’s as powerful as a Droid 2 at the same speed; architecture makes a hell of a lot more difference than speed. 

    On paper, the OMAP 4 is more powerful than the Tegra 2 and Exynos, and right now the ONLY SoC to have Netflix HD approval and LP DDR2 RAM. 

    Unlike the ignorant online masses, I’ll probably try out both the GSII and the Bionic before I make my choice when my upgrade comes out in September. To dismiss a phone like this for the “reasons” that exist now is nothing short of idiocy. 

    People are stupid. 

    • Agree nicely said

    • Anonymous

      Agreed!  My only fear is that for once, the next latest and greatest is actually around the corner, with all the delays.  I bought the Xoom, and the Xoom 4G is gonna likely be released before my “first LTE tablet in the world” gets LTE.  Moto shook my trust a bit.

    • It’s not just ALL about processing speed. The phones that are slated to come out in the 1-2 months after the Bionic have HD screens and thinner form factors as well. Not to mention the Nexus Prime (rumored for October – so maybe November, December?) is supposed to be an OMAP 4460 (1.5ghz dual core). I would happily wait the extra 1-3 months for a larger, higher resolution screen, as well as that extra 1000mhz of processing power, and it being a dev phone. These extra bumps in specs are well worth a couple months wait in my opinion. I don’t want my next phone to be last year’s model a couple months after release. 

      • Key word rumored

      • Dash Speeds

        …Adding 500 MHz in a dual core CPU does not mean an increase of 1000 MHz, nor does an increase in clock speed necessarily mean “increased processing power.” 

        The 4460 is very similar to the 4430, same CPU (at a higher clock) but a newer GPU.

    • Caprich96

      people just like to cry about anything or be jealous of other devices

    • Caprich96

      A lot of people still feel that og droid its better than droid2. The best moto droid have been the droidx/droidx2,  droid 3 and the upcoming bionic.

  • Anonymous

    I had a dual core professor once. In college. Where people are educated. You should try it.
    So you only use next years technology? Because even though the Bionic release had been a fiasco, it still has one of the best collections of new technology available to consumers. Your point is flawed, admit it and go back to your troll-dom

  • As much as I am excited to hear about the rumored Nexus Prime…I am still very much excited to get my hands on the Bionic. I have been following the release back in the Targa days, and will be buying it at launch. I dealt with a locked bootloader with my Dinc2, and it was resolved, just like every other Android device that has been locked. Can’t wait

  • As much as I am excited to hear about the rumored Nexus Prime…I am still very much excited to get my hands on the Bionic. I have been following the release back in the Targa days, and will be buying it at launch. I dealt with a locked bootloader with my Dinc2, and it was resolved, just like every other Android device that has been locked. Can’t wait

    • Just wondering…how long did it take for the bootloader to get unlocked ‘after’ you purchased the phone??

      • hmm….I bought the Dinc2 the day it was released….then it wasn’t till about early July when I got the S-off. AlphaRevX created a tool to turn the S-off, but the first release was very buggy and for Linux only. So about 3 months

  • This article just convinced me to wait it out for something else. I’m not dealing with a locked bootloader. I need my Wifi Tethering. And if I’m patient and wait, I’ll have my choice of even better phones shortly thereafter, with HD screens and more functionality and most likely,UNLOCKED bootloaders. So Moto, you blew it big,sadly….too late to the dance and then you bring the ugly stepsister with you when you do show.

    • Kris Brandt

      Dude, just because it comes with a locked bootloader doesn’t mean it can’t be unlocked.  Sheesh.

      • By the time it’s useable if it does get unlocked, the other phones will be out and more than likely, already unlocked. So that puts me in hurry up and wait mode anyway. So there’s no advantage to buying the Bionic when I’ll have to more than likely wait a month or better for it get unlocked and useable. Not interested in buying a half useable phone.

        • The photon was unlocked within like 3 weeks even sooner I believe….and don’t worry about that free tethering I’m sure that will be coming to an end for good soon

          • Sporttster

            Since when is $70+/month ‘free tethering’? My wife would LOVE for this phone to be ‘free’! It’s far from it. And Verizon I dare say isn’t interested in scaring potential customers off to other competitors dealing with folks who simply want to wirelessly connect their phones to their laptops. Now, if someone is using 10+gigs/month doing this,then yea they’ve got a potential  tool for marketing a ‘paid’ tethering solution. Otherwise the vast majority of customers see no benefit to adding additional $$ to their already quite high monthly paid plans.

          • What do you mean I wasn’t even responding to you…try reading his first comment before you try and be a smart @ss

          • Sporttster

            I AM the original poster, Rainman. ‘Sporty’…’Sporttster’…seem similar do they?

          • Wopner at 3…

          • Sporty Sporttster

            I I I shop at Kmart…gotta go to Kmart…need undies from Kmart….Wopner’s on at 3…at 3…

          • Sporty Sporttster

            I I I shop at Kmart…gotta go to Kmart…need undies from Kmart….Wopner’s on at 3…at 3…

      • not to mention that you dont need to unlock the bootloader to root a phone. .. which is what he would need for tethering. 

  • TomHolmes

    If Moto really wanted to sell these, they’d bundle it with an HP Touchpad for $100.

  • Mr.Joe

    Kellex is excited about a locked down blurry outdated phone?

    Someone get this guy an unlocked HTC phone STAT! 

    • Anonymous

      he was excited for the d3 too. Moto must give him a hard on lol

      • Mr.Joe

        More like a hard stack of $$$$$$$$$$$$

      • if d3 had LTE it would easly be the best phone on verizon right now. 

        just because you blindly hate motorola for no good reason doesnt mean everyone else should. 

        • Anonymous

          I never said I hate moto? Maybe next time know what you are talking about before you put words in my mouth. Thanks bye:)

    • Interstellarmind

      i do believe his daily driver is the thunderbolt. i’m sure it’ll be the vigor when it releases.

      • Mr.Joe

        I still believe it’s the iPhone.

  • LTE, webtop, dual core, sign me up. See ya later dx1

    • Caprich96

      you forgot hdmi mirror and the best blur 1 g of ram 🙂

  • Sammy Guyana

    was this a post that verizon/moto paid you to do?  kickback?  Free bionic if you repost information from 9 months ago?

  • Sammy Guyana

    was this a post that verizon/moto paid you to do?  kickback?  Free bionic if you repost information from 9 months ago?

  • Anonymous

    If its the same screen as the D2X it will be a huge fail…….dead pixels and all

  • Anonymous

    If its the same screen as the D2X it will be a huge fail…….dead pixels and all

  • Sammy Guyana

    next article:  why i am so disappointed in buying the droid bionic
    posted 1 month later.

    • Mr.Joe

      A month.  More like a few weeks.

  • Anonymous

    I would happily get this phone, if the processor would of been a 1.5ghz dual core instead of a 1.  I just can see pulling the trigger if a month later I can get a 1.5ghz Vigor.  Now if it was going to be months (4-6+), I would absolutely get the bionic.

    • Yea that 1.5 snapdragon with the old architecture

  • Guttatae22

    All I’m waiting for is the HTC VIGOR

  • Skinnhc

    Stopped reading at “locked and blur” /thread.

  • Anonymous

    Nexus Prime FTW

  • Anonymous

    Is it wrong to be more excited for the impending price drop on the Charge and Thunderbolt. I’ll take a free Thunderbolt with a contract renew rather than a $300 Bionic to replace the OG.

    • No it isn’t foolish,not at all. You’re probably the smartest one here. I’ve thought myself on this. If you stay one gen behind,you can save boatloads of cash….IF you’ve got the patience for it,that is.

      • Anonymous

        The way I look at it is that the Thunderbolt may be a tech generation behind, but it has a really strong developer following now…I’ve been following it’s progress for along time on XDA.  It’s gonna take time for the Bionic to catch up, if it ever does.  I know that’s not important for everyone, but, well, that’s my angle and its why I’ve stuck with the OG for so long…

        • Yea but the thunderbolt? At least get a good phone I would take the charge over that thing

      • Anonymous

        Or you could do one better and just grab last gen’s phone used for cheap (ie: got my droid 2 for $125 in perfect condition) and not be in a contract period. I’ve seen the TB sell for around $200 used in good shape as well. 

        • Considered doing this as well. The problem with this is you never can be sure you’re gonna get a good working phone. You very well might and then again….

          • If you use swappa they must bE working or you get full refund etc etc

  • Anonymous

    Is it wrong to be more excited for the impending price drop on the Charge and Thunderbolt. I’ll take a free Thunderbolt with a contract renew rather than a $300 Bionic to replace the OG.

  • Anonymous

    Can I get an ETA for a Dual Core LTE Slider phone?! (in black church voice)


    • Just use your pentecostal voice. It’ll work just as well.

      • Anonymous

        Amen bruva

  • docking

    A note to Droid Life: Please put together an honest review as soon as you get this thing.  This request also includes information on all of the attachments….Lapdock, bluetooth keyboard, shadowing, etc.  As soon as I get some “real” reviews, I will be ready to buy.

  • Anonymous

    Nice! My thoughts exactly!  My upgrade is ready to roll in October and I’m pretty sure the Bionic will be the BEAST to beat…until December. I’m petty much sold!

  • Zahhh

    this would have probaly been one of the best devices in android history if it would have came out in may or anything before but now it will be okay but no going down with og status respect.

  • HeyNow!

    It can’t be too difficult to rotate that picture, can it?? I keep naturally wanting to bend my neck when I look at it. ;-p

  • Murphy

    …because this is Droid-Life?

  • benjamin piorczynski

    Why get this when nexus prime is around the corner? You know this phone won’t see ice cream sandwich for like 4 months after it’s released.  Thanks but I’m waiting for a nexus phone or until ice cream sandwich is nice and cold 😉

  • T Hall

    Well Kellex, I think that makes two of us who are excited.  People sure are complaining a lot more round here.  Saying how this phone sucks and phones that have not even been confirmed are soo much better.  My OGD is tired, and this will be the replacement.

    • I want this phone to be a complete badass. I mean ass tearing, mutilation style. I would Like to have a new moto phone to replace my OGD too. I don’t think anyone wants the Bionic to be bad. I think a lot of us just think it most likely will not be great.

      • I’m excited but I’m excited over every new phone that comes out..its exciting 😀

  • Do you think buying the Bionic through Best Buy and getting the buyback program for 29.99 is the way to do it? Maybe I can make it cheaper for myself in case the Prime does come out on VZW? Any thoughts or advice?

    • No screw the buy back program just sell it on swappa or eBay or Craigslist will get more money for it…

  • I get that the Bionic is awesome, but I must admit that I am completely sick of the hype… I’ve been hearing about it for what seems like a year now and it hasn’t come out. I’m sure it’s an great phone, but the sheer volume of blog posts about it are staggering.

  • Interstellarmind

    have to respectfully disagree with you on this, K. news of htc vigor blows the bionic out of the water.

    and on the subject of blur: moto just slows down android. at first i thought it was blur, but after palying with the xoom for near a month, i realized the common denominator in a slow os was motorola beign the OEM.

    • So does every other skin…nothing new

  • jimbob

    Three reasons I’m not:

    Bionic HD

    • jimbob

      Oh, and the SG2 variant, as long as it’s LTE.

      • HeyNow!

        Bionic HD has me intrigued, as well.  My only concerns: as thin as it is, I don’t know if they’ll be able to fit an LTE radio inside. Also, some of the rumors said the HD is a ‘lesser’ version of the Dinara.  While you can only take these rumors with a grain, it’s enough to give me pause.

        • Caprich96

          you mean droid hd aka spyder there is no bionic hd

  • OG Droid

    The only reason I’m going to get this phone is just to piss people off on the site. haha

    • Caprich96

      that was so funny

  • It’s outdated already. When is the Bionic 2 being released?

    • Rp780

      When Jesus returns 

      • OreoMan

        Which is……..?

        • Anonymous

          DECEMBER 22, 2012

  • Anonymous

    Blur really slows things down. That cannot be argued.

    • Interstellarmind

      i think it’s jsut moto, not blur. jsut look at the xoom versus galaxy tab. no blur, but xoom is STILL laggier.

      • Na plenty of lag on the tab and sense too lag is with every device there is no denying that…moto, HTC, Samsung etc

      • Anonymous

        Just because you say so doesn’t make it true.

    • This can be said for EVERY SINGLE skin put on by manufacturers. It’s like saying the weight of your seats slow your car down. Well, yes, but you need it.

      • except .. no one really needs the skins. 

      • I agree rock every skin slows down everyone is really blind and think its only blur..I used them all and they all have there short comings

  • I’m firmly in the no-PenTile-ever camp. If my vision were worse, maybe I wouldn’t care … but I see every one of those tiny jagged edges and it drives me nuts. I could never buy a phone with a PenTile display, and it makes me sad that Moto has put one on all their recent releases.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t see why people complain that much about pentiles because i’ve seen the D3 in person and the screen looks really nice. and i’m not old and i have 20/20 vision

      • Yea some people are just a lot more picky but I also wonder if,many of these commentors have ever seen and compared screens

        • Scott

          I’m one of those who goes in and plays with all the phones in a Verizon shop on a weekly basis, and I havem;t seen any problems with the screens- PenTile or not. And for me, screen resolution isn’t the ‘one thing’ I look for, but rather how does the phone feel in my hand and how nice the software on the phone operates. Blur doesn’t ’cause’ me problems- I LauncherPro that thing. Rooted, Bloat Freezer for the stuff I don’t need or want, and therefore Android fulfills it’s purpose for me, and why I still love my D2G (fabulous screen).
          it’s the perfectionists who look for ‘perfect’ who are going to find the most fault with a phone when it doesn’t have the bleeding edge specifications.

      • Caprich96

        people are stupid and they complain about anything.

    • Pennywise

      Samsung uses Pentile displays.

    • Caprich96

      pentile its good it saves battery stop complaining

  • Bird in the hand, as I said earlier.  Will be getting this launch (pre-launch) because: (1) I need a phone as OG is barely functioning due to drops/water and (2) there is always promise of future tech, sometimes have to jump and no word on launch dates of any of thes other “mythical” phones and Verizon has a poor track record of being first to launch innovative devices

  • EC8CH

    Just Imagine how different the world would be if the OG Droid was delayed as long as the Bionic has been.

    Now that’s some scary $h!t

  • this phone could of been special if it was released in may like it should have but now that we know whats coming down the pipe doubt it people waited 4 months for this i would think that 2 or 3 more for a prime or a sg2 is worth it

  • Fallsgable


  • Tabe

    “and will last for days on a single charge.” – Say WHAT? On the next batch of phones following the Bionic?! I don’t buy it. Are they putting magic in them instead of batteries?

    • Second that. If anyone know any of the next batch of phones following the Bionic have battery that last for days on a single charge, let me know. Battery life is my # 1 priority for my next phone. I will skip Bionic if there will be one in a few month or before the year is over!

    • HeyNow!

      Right. Definitely putting the cart before the horse. Lets get an LTE phone that lasts 12-15 hours on a single charge before we start fantasizing about phones lasting “days”.

  • Earleepa

    Dual core 1 ghz processors are last years tech not this years. The excitement over this phone wore off with the first delay. With phones with better specs being released right after this one there’s no reason to waste an upgrade on it. Its already a dinosaur and it hasn’t even been released yet.

    • AMung

      How many dual core phones were released last year??

      • Anonymous

        Umm zero. 😛

        • AMung

          Score. Point proven by “the man” himself.

          • Earleepa

            Only thing the man proved is that he’s an illiterate bionic fanboy.

          • Use facts not opinions pretty simple

          • Anonymous

            Only thing you prove with every comment is that you’re a trolling nimrod.

          • hkklife

            I was SO very close to paying full retail for a Bionic but there are just a few too many “concerns” with it…and no, I do not mean what’s coming out in the next few months. I am just speaking abou the Bionic’s spec sheet:

            -Still 4.3″.  If it was coming with a 4.5″ screen 960×540, I would probably bite, despite it being pentile.   If It had a 4.3″ 720p I would probably bite. But 4.3″ pentiile 960×540 is no upgrade from my X2. 

            -No simultaneous voice/data over 3G like the TB.  This is one of the most disappointing shortcomings on the Bionic. I was really hoping that Moto used the huge delay since CES to make it comparable to the Thunderbolt in this aspect. 

            -Camera sounds nice on paper but I am worried that it will end up looking bluish and disappointing like the D3 (probably the same sensor).

            -Wasn’t 32GB of internal storage rumored a while back?  I would have preferred 32GB internal (for performance and simplicity reasons) and an empty microSDHC slot instead of 16/16, as I already have a 32gb card ready to pop into it.   Will ICS even support external storage? 

            -After the 2011 debacle of the buggy/delayed GB updates and the 4G Xoom, I have many concerns about Moto’s commitment to their legacy devices going forward due to the Moto acquisition.   The Bionic may end up as another redheaded stepchild like the X2 appears to have become. 

      • Earleepa

        Attic, earlier this year therefore those specs are old news.

        • Anonymous

          What’s an Attic? Atrix maybe? Who’s illiterate? And it was released THIS year, so that has THIS years tech, yes?

          • Earleepa

            You’re illiterate that’s the spell check on your beloved og droid that can’t spell not me.

          • Earleepa

            When was the ces or whatever you fanboys call it? Early in the year right. Therefore dual core professors were developed last year thus it is last years news. You can admit it Verizon and motorola both dropped the ball on this one when they allowed at&t to have the first dual core device released in the states, not to mention the gs2 which hasn’t even been released here yet but has been I Korea since early in the year.

          • Earleepa: confirmed for retard.

            While your logic of “well it was presented this year, so clearly is was made last year” is airtight…that means that this years technology won’t be released until next year according to your brain. So why are you complaining?

            There’s been only a few dual-core phones released so far, all of them in the past 6-8 months. Have some humility…you’ve been proven wrong. There’s no other phones that have been released that make this phone “look like a dinosaur”.

            Now, please proceed to make yourself look even more like a fool.

          • Orangepicker28

            Agreed. I will be laughing when the I*hone 5 shows up with outdated specs.

          • it will.. but it will be revolutionary still. 

  • Anonymous

    as i’ve posted before, would anyone buy a $300 radio with the fm dial locked? 

    • Anonymous

      Photon. Atrix. GTFO.

    • Anonymous

      Because your analogy is weak. 

      More like….why would anyone buy an expensive car with the hood locked.  Sure you can get it serviced, but apparently we can’t be trusted to change our own oil.

      • Monk

        Well said…  Now if it turns out to be a ferrari I wouldn’t change mine 

        (not saying that it is, just building on the analogy)

      • Anonymous

        i love my og droid. i just cant see owning a phone and havin vzw/moto tell me what i can or cant  do with it. to me its all about control. i pay for their service. who the hell are they that they can  charge extra for a service  that an unlocked phone will do for free???!!

        • Anonymous

          I don’t disagree with your thoughts, just you way of presenting them. 🙂  I think you are absolutely right!

          • Anonymous

            I thought it was pretty good. I even got my wife to understand what I was trying to say. Alas, she still wants an iphone when our NE2 comes up next month. LOL …Some of these kids don’t seem to understand or care that they’re being ripped off by a multi – billion $ corporation.

      • I’d say its more in depth than changing the oil. Lets put in a new cam.

    • Would anyone buy a $300 radio in the first place?

    • Tabe


      That analogy…. doesn’t match up to this scenario.

  • Anonymous

    I am excited about this phone as well (even though i will be waiting until Christmas for the other offerrings) but isn’t this phone and the Atrix the same hardware wise? I just started thinking about the fact that AT&T has practically had this offering for a while (not to mention it was free at BB a few days ago).

    So yes, I’m excited to see it on Verizon and I really hope it is polished beyond belief, because that’s really all the Bionic seems to have on the Atrix.

    • Anonymous

      Different processor, Atrix also doesn’t do 1080p video, screen is bigger.  There are some differences.

      • Earleepa

        Theres already talk of an atrix 2 on the horizon kellex and this POS hasn’t even been released yet.

    • Earleepa

      It’ll be polished alright, as much as you can polish a turd.

      • Why are you here if you are going to make childish statements to everyone’s comment…you don’t need to comment you don’t like verizon or android we get it now move OK little kid

    • Anonymous

      Verizon doesn’t seem to be the Android leader anymore.

      Sprint and AT&T seem to get the new tech. I love my Thunderbolt but you can’t argue that the Evo came out long before.

      The Bionic will be nice but its not ahead of the game by any means.

  • Flippindewd

    After Google bought Motorola, we might see an unlocked bootloader soon.  Or atleast maybe pure Gingerbread – why would they want to stay with blur?

  • Anonymous

    If I could get $300 for my like new DX with extended battery I would get the phone since I have an extra upgrade.  Otherwise my DX is more than capable for the next couple months until ICS equipped phones hits.

  • Chmo

    whats the point? with vigor, galaxyS2, droidHD, and nexus on the horizon, the bionic is limping to the finish line

    • Anonymous

      Not saying I would get one, but just to present the other side none of those phones have a real release date.  If you need/want to upgrade now it isn’t a bad choice since you don’t know how many months you’ll be waiting.  However I hoping you really “need” a phone now and can’t wait otherwise I agree there is no point.

    • Tell me when those were coming out?  I’m sure when the Iphone or Thuderbolt came out, people were saying, what’s the point. the Bionic will be here any second now.  Bird in the hand, my friend, bird in the hand

  • EC8CH

    Unless VZW is planning on staying 6-8 months behind other carriers with their hardware, the Bionic will be surpassed in a matter of months.

    and by months I mean 1 or 2.

    • Anonymous

      That’s what’s always going to happen. I say, find a phone you like and stick with it no matter what new things come out and get a new one at the end of your contract. And going to the verizon store everytime i go to the mall doesnt help 🙂

      • EC8CH

        After the release of the original DX it was quite a while until there was a replacement with considerably better specs on VZW. That won’t be the case with the Bionic.

        • Who knows with verizon

        • Anonymous

          You don’t know that, stop pretending you have a magical crystal ball.

  • tbaybe

    it will still pbly be the next phone i dish out the $$ for… im a moto girl, i cant help it 

    • Earleepa

      Like they say you can’t have beauty and brains.

      • tbaybe

        yea, you dont know me. so say all you want. 

        • Earleepa

          One more thing I have to thank God for when I wake up in the morning.

          • EC8CH


            wake up, thank god for that, brush your teeth… just another day in the life of a d!ckhead

          • Tabe

            I’m fairly certain that the brushing teeth part is optional for guys like that.

          • Earleepa

            I’m so proud of you to admit that both you and tabe are both dickheads

          • Anonymous

            You sir are an ASSHAT

          • EC8CH


            My three year old pulls off the “I know you are but what am I” with more style and finesse

          • Anonymous

            F*ck off dipshit.

        • Caprich96

          you are not the only one 🙂 I love moto and the build quality and sound quality of their devices 🙂

      • Tabe

        Stay classy

      • Tabe

        “They” (your parents) weren’t telling the truth. Just trying to make you feel better about yourself.

    • lmrojas

      Ignore the dateless loser. But what about the Droid HD? I can’t drop my X for this when im expecting a HD in December.

      • Earleepa

        You can leave your personal life out of this loser

        • can someone ban this tactless idiot pls?

  • LZMarine

    I will check it out at the store, but feel it it too little too late.  These specs in Feb, even June woulda had me sold.  Now I might wait or jump ship to another carrier (even no-contract Metro-PCS to bide my time until the “right phone” comes out on any LTE carrier… AT&T is rolling out 4GLTE soon, so VzW might have missed the opportunity to capitalize on the LTE exclusivity.  LTE is a bigger differentiator than the iPhone (which is moot now)

  • Illinipoke98

    Because my OG is wheazing louder and louder each day.  Half the time it can’t even stop coughing long enough to answer a call.  It cant wait for a might, could, maybe, possibly, appear a few weeks later phone.

  • Anonymous

    I really hope the Nexus Prime rumor mill and the people I know aren’t pulling my leg….if it holds up, there is no reason to get a Bionic. 

    • EC8CH

      If they would advertise the Nexus Prime on Verizon ahead of time by a month or so like they did with the OGD, I bet you would see some impressive sales numbers.  They need to build up hype and anticipation to get the masses interested.

      • Anonymous

        except the Nexus is a pure Google device/product, so it would really fall on them to push it.

        • EC8CH

          OGD was a pure Google device and VZW paid a big bill for the advertising on that one 😉 

          • Anonymous

            but it wasn’t a Nexus, despite kinda being similar in theories OGD was the launch of the entire Marketing campaign of Android (actually heavily pushed by Moto) and Verizon as a hedge against the iPhone. I’m sure Verizon would feature it, especially in conjunction with LTE but I wouldn’t expect DROID type support  

          • EC8CH

            Exactly… times have changed.  Too bad I would love to see some ads of the same caliber for the Prime that we had for the OG. 

            Maybe Google can dig in their couch cushions and pay for some Nexus advertising if they really plan on doing a big launch on all carriers this time.

          • Anonymous

            I agree, you can really tell how much Verizon has invested in a device buy it’s media campaign. We haven’t seen a good marketing campaign for awhile. Remember when the OG/DX came out??  Nothing but TV commercials and radio commercials as well.

            Seems like Moto has been cutting back on spending all of that money for a device they know is not a flagship device or expects short sales from.

            I have yet to see any commercial about the Bionic with the OG and DX you saw hints of their release via commercial and radio play.

          • Anonymous

            well I have seen a million Revolution/ 3 month Netflix commercials, and the Bionic is not out yet

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, I’ve seen more advertising for the Revolution as well !!! Let’s see how Verizon plans to market the Bionic, that’ll tell you what they truly think about the device and it’s sales potential.

          • Anonymous

            The inc had alot of advertising there for awhile.

          • Eddie

             like a race horse duct taped to a scud missile!

          • Anonymous


          • Caprich96

            that’s the only good thing that you have said this week. I wont put you down for that lol

          • Anonymous

            ironically, you are totally right. As a matter of fact, the ad marketing for the Bionic blows. Kellex points out that people are excited about this phone but it would appear to me that the only excited ones are the uber-informed, like us. Ask anyone on the street what the next model is coming out from @pple, and the will respond iclone5, now ask them what the newest flagship Android device is. They will probably respond, “DROID something.” more people know the term droid than android and no one knows what the Bionic is. Lets put it this way, no one will be camping overnight waiting for the Bionic and that is VZWs fault.

          • trumpet444

            If they started advertising the Prime too early (if it truly is coming to vzw) they would definitely kill sales for the Bionic. If it really is coming, we won’t hear a peep from them about it until at least 4 weeks after the Bionic is on shelves. I would say the same goes for advertising the SGSII too early

          • if You also read the article about the OGD and how it came about it stated that it was the device that brought android back from the dead.  IMO the OGD is the original Nexus phone, because before the OGD android was nothing but a slow OS that couldnt compete w/ iPhone

          • Anonymous

            I agree with you, I’m just talking from a Marketing aspect here. DROID was a Nexus before they thought of it except it was a partnership between Goog and Moto where as now Goog calls all the shots in the vertical.

          • Anonymous

            no g1 was first nexus.

          • Anonymous

            G1 sucked and no one bought it. you had to have a usb adapter to get a headphone jack, i think the phone was literally designed by retards

          • Anonymous

            That doesn’t change that it was still the first nexus.

          • Anonymous

            except it wasn’t, it was a G1. We’re saying the OGD was the “first nexus” (not the quotes), not literally or it would be called the nexus.

            The OGD was a good phone, and very popular.

            the G1 was a shitty phone, and not popular.

          • Anonymous

            yeah but you also have to take into account the droid was on verizon with way more customers than tmo

          • lets face it. the droid was the first android phone that came out with better specs than the current android offering. that is why it was successful (aside from the marketing campaign.) 

          • Caprich96

            i agree lol which makes moto the best manufacture 🙂

          • Anonymous

            It wasn’t. It was an HTC phone they elected to put Android on. OGD was a phone that was actively developed around Android 2.0 to maximize it’s potential with major Google input.   

          • Anonymous

            no g1 was first nexus.

          • Caprich96

            i agree but the droid x and htc evo brought the goods to the tablet

          • Caprich96

            it was the first one though

    • SpyderDroid

      Great post, but or $299, I’d like the Bionic to have included a NFC chip, HD screen, 2 mp front camera and slimmer body.  These are the reasons I’ll hold onto my OG droid and save my $ for a phone with 2012 specs.
      And for anyone who disagrees- a couple of new blackberry’s just released include NFC chips, the upcoming Spyder and Vigor will have HD screens, the SGSII has a 2 mp front camera (along with every other Verizon 4G phone having at least a 1.3 mp camera) and the Spyder and SGSII have the slim profile.

  • Anonymous

    Because the blog has the word Driod in it of course…

  • Anonymous

    negative lol

  • I think this phone might be too little too late… but we shall see.

  • Droidbot


    • Anonymous


      *first person to point out that you weren’t actually first, also that you sound like a dullard.

  • Anonymous

    Im just stuck on the whole 2 yrs to upgrade ur device deal. I wanted this so bad but i heard it at the last minute before i got the Charge

  • Nwuknowme

    i like it 

    • Calvin Williams

      Why? Have you used it?

      • Anonymous

        So you ask him why he likes it and has he used it then proceed to bitch and moan about things based purely on your own speculation?  Good job contradicting yourself.

        1. The new software on the Droid 3 is far from slow, please just stop with this FUD.
        2. Most people don’t consider the D3 or Atrix screen to be terrible, just you people here that love to go on hyperbolic rants
        3. You know next to nothing about the Nexus Prime, Vigor, Revolution 2 or even Verizon GS2.  Please don’t pretend to know how good they are.
        4. You know very well why the Bionic was delayed, it had to do with a technological limitation involving LTE and the Tegra 2.  Would you rather they have released a half baked, badly performing device?  You would just be here whining your heart out about how shitty it is even more.  There’s a reason why, despite the delay, it’s still the first dual core phone with LTE and high end specs.
        5. Yes, it’s locked, deal with it. Don’t like it, don’t f*cking buy it. Complaining on a blog isn’t going to get Moto to change so vote with your wallet. No one wants to hear your crying.

        Seriously, I cannot believe you people don’t get tired of bitching and whining day in and day out.

      • Pennywise

        And hopefully the 4 other monkeys who ‘liked’ this will read it: Verizon requires Motorola (and the other manufacturers) to lock up their phones on their network. Boycotting Verizon now?