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Motorola DROID HD Makes First Major Appearance, Sounds Like the Rumored Dinara (or is it?) (Updated)

And, whoa.  You be looking at Motorola’s next big device, called the DROID HD.  We’ve seen this name a number of times before, but up until this morning, had not had even a glimpse at what it may look like.  Well folks, here you go.  Prepare to be blown away by what could be one of the thinnest devices on the planet – one that makes the Bionic look like a thick tank.

The device is said to have a 4.5″ screen (more than likely HD, hence the name), Android 2.3 (stock?), 8MP HD camera, front camera, and HDMI out.  There is also a compartment on the side for loading a microSD and SIM card (suggesting non-removable battery), something that would lead us to believe this phone is 4G LTE.  We could probably go ahead and assume it’ll run some next-gen dual-core processor, but those specs were not reveiled.  Lock switch on the side; same size as the Bionic with a potentially larger screen.

Update:  As one dedicated reader (zepfloyd) pointed out, this indeed sounds exactly like the Motorola Dinara we reported on back in July.  Our sources said that the device would have an HD screen, lock switch on the side, would be the same size as the Bionic but with a bigger screen, a non-removable battery, and would be much, much thinner.  Yep, I’d say this is it.

Update 2:  Just heard from our sources that this is not the Dinara.  Hoping to have more details soon.

Most importantly though, this phone is unbelievable thin.  Let’s jump through a series of photos that compare it to the Bionic, so you can really get a feel for what the DROID HD may be.  

(DROID HD on the right)

Still can’t tell how thin it is next to the Bionic?  Check this one out:

And how about another by itself – brace yourselves:

Try and tell me you aren’t blown away by that?  We are talking Galaxy S II thin here, unless of course this guy has the biggest hands on the planet.  Whatever Motorola has planned for the future though, we are most definitely looking to be a part of it. There is also a shot of that side lock switch.

Here is the side compartment with SIM and SD slot:

And finally, one more comparison to the Bionic:

There is no telling when this device could see the light of day, especially with the Bionic not even in stores yet.  We are thinking there is a chance for the holiday season, since Moto CEO Sanjay Jha told us last month that they would have another LTE phone by the end of the year.  They could easily have meant on AT&T’s network though, but we’re hoping for Big Red.

I’m officially blown away.  Let us know how you are feeling.


*Note – In the pack of pics that were sent to Engadget, there was a look at a device with the back off, showing the battery.  That picture was of the Bionic’s battery, not this DROID HD.

Via:  Engadget

Cheers Bjorn and everyone else!

  • BP

    The pics show just how much of a tank the Bionic is.  After 6 months you would expect more from Moto’s “Flagship” phone.  What a disappointment!  I was pumped up over getting a Bionic, but every picture I see of the thing make me want to get the SGS2. I mean who in their right mind would choose to carry a brink around in their pocket for a year when there are better options?  Hopefully the SGS2 comes out on the same day as the Bionic and I don’t have a major decision to make. 

    • you go spill more oil in the gulf. the rest of us with be walking around with blazing speeds come sep. 8th. 

  • Anonymous

    Looks like the next generation of processors. I like it to be a bit thicker though, hard to hold on to a thin phone. Maybe a cover over the phone would improve that? OK, I like it. Hope Verizon gets it. A good phone desires LTE speeds. 

  • Anonymous

    Blur? No thanks. I will not buy a Mototola device until Google has its way with them. 

    • He mentioned stock 2.3. No blur my good sir. 

  • Ray

    can we have some ice cream sandwhich on this baby please

  • Ortega

    The way that flash is hitting the screen, it might be a super amoled hd display, I’m definitely interested in motorola now that google is a part of them

  • Macbook Pro running windows? Lol.

  • dieringer scott

    It looks like an AMOLED screen…

  • Fgdf

    I’m sure that if you need to reboot the phone there would be some kind of sequence to reboot it

  • Anonymous

    its a scrapped bionic prototype guys, who cares. They are just trying to get you all excited over beta device.

  • Looked at the Bionic battery pic on Engadget and noticed the water sensor was tripped. Hope they don’t have to get a warranty repair! http://goo.gl/aNSOr

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Something this thin cannot be LTE. I hope it does have LTE which would mean that smaller LTE chips are out there, so they can be put on thinner devices.

  • DOING!!!!!


  • Can someone explain why everyone keeps spelling iPhone like iPh*ne in post’s. I understand Apple is a sue happy company with a Mafioso business model. But come on, do we really want to cave to a prick like that? I for one don’t, so here I go living life on the edge:
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  • The 4 buttons (Menu, Home, Back & Search) has changed it’s look! 

  • Dominick

    BTW MOD- The droid-life site is reporting a virus (ziffdavis) via Kaspersky now!:/

  • George Chahinian

    soley based off the icons on the capacitive buttons, any chance this could be an ice cream sandwich device?

  • BK0092

    This is when Google needs to step in this whole new buyout/partnership with Motorola, and REALLY! make and iPhone Killer. I know its soon but hey why not?

    • Angryunibrow

      Every Android phone in existence is an iPhone killer now.

  • Anonymous

    Its shape lends itself too much like Nokia. Anyone else see that?

  • Come to my country! 🙁

  • Englilish Paper

    “You be looking at?” Really?

  • Greg

    Should I give up my Thunderbolt for this? Hmmmm

    • i would give up the thunderbolt for a nice pair of scissors. 

  • Dominick

    That is HOT. Thank GOD the first few posts are not gripes from the midgets who just can’t stand a few more millimeters on a screen for a smartphone.. even though all it takes is to lessen the bezel to do so. Hmm Bionic or HD…

  • BOING !

    BOING !

  • Jake Storms

    There is a picture of the Droid HD battery also as it’s the one you have above.  It’s just not a swappable battery as there are two screws on connector at the end of a ribbon cable coming off the white battery.  

  • droidless

    It appears that there are buttons on the bottom, look at the lead picture. Maybe they only light up with the phone on? Because you cant see them in the other pictures. Regardless, Im still getting the Bionic, Ive been stuck with a Samsung Alias from 2007 since April. I cant stand it any longer.

  • Sonicsayz

    no battery removal?  what happens when the phone freezes and you mess up while rooting it?  thats nooooo good

  • Anonymous

    This is what the Bionic should have been.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone think that’s a type of amoled screen? Because that’s the exact same reflection the screen makes on my Droid charge while the reflection of the bionic next to it is a regular LCD reflection like from my Droid x

  • Djlowproz

    The next motorola phone to get delayed

  • Jcastle482

    Looks like a removable battery to me

  • Anonymous

    Better not have Pentile…

  • Tmax224

    correct me if im wrong, but the note says the pic without the back cover is the bionic, yet the pic before with the cover on looks exactly the same at the top with the HD 1080p and the flash

  • Shadowz1218

    The Droid HD may be thinner, but I still like the overall appearance of the Droid Bionic by far. Then again, who is there to say that the Droid HD will look the same when it’s released.

  • Stelv81

    The Bionic isn’t event out yet and they are already putting efforts into new phones. This must be Jha’s doing. Those people that are waiting for the Bionic must be pretty pissed right now. Nothing like a 7 month delay to alienate customers. It’s not just moto’s fault though. Dual core, more ram and LTE have all been hyped by multiple blogs, forums, web sites and manufacturers to make us think we need it. It would be nice, but if we didn’t know the technology existed we would still think 3g and a 1ghz single core was fast.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    This does not make the Bionic look like a tank, the Bionic IS a tank!

  • Anonymous

    I just got an iPhone4 for $ 25. 54 and my girlfriend loves her Dell laptop that we got for $ 36.47 there arriving tomorrow by UPS I will never pay such expensive retail prices in stores again. Especially when I also sold a 42 inch LED TV to my boss for $ 645 which only cost me $ 62.78 to buy.We are getting all this stuff from, GrabРenny.com

    • Anonymous

      Cool spam, bra!

  • yeah I agree until we get to the real specs

  • Anonymous

     This cant be that Dinara for AT&T. The back and front looks different….unless it went thru a revision.

    And like some have already mentioned…Droid is Verizon’s thing.

  • Lovehate1976

    I will still get the bionic because there will always be a next big thing. All that matters to me is that it’s a moto with their great build quality. Then I will worry about the latest and greatest in 2 years. The bionic is more than enough phone for me

  • Anonymous

    I’m not a fan of the tapered corners… looks odd to me.

    • Anonymous

      Going for the TiVo peanut remote feel?  While it doesn’t look good on a table it may feel much better in the hand.

      • Anonymous

        True.  And once a case is on it probably wouldn’t be as noticeable either…

  • lol MacbookPro running Windows. I see someone is loving OSX ^_^

  • Da Tank

    Taking a look at this gal definitely has me thinking LTE.

    1) It would be idiotic to keep releasing purely 3G phones if they can make LTE this slim.
    2) The SIM card indicator in the top right is in line w/activation icons and anything representing connection to the network. Even global phones SIM card notifications are on the left hand side. 

    In other news, one of the icons appears to be a get my a** on the charger asap since it has the charging bolt (see how I worked those names in, clever huh) and the 45 is in line with the halfway gone battery on the side. Other icons indicate an available wifi network potentially and maybe something global related but I have no idea on that.

    Anyways, this device could be the competitor to the vigor.

    Props for motorola having this much done already. Lets hope for ICS sans BLUR, and sans Sanjay Jha.

  • Interstellarmind

    everytime I try to get out, they pull me back in!!!

  • Randal

    When will Motorola make a phone with a NFC chip?

  • Kierra

    Mention Moto around these parts and the thread will do numbers…

  • Anonymous

    How big is the battery? that is my question..

    • Anonymous

       Judging by the size of that battery removal tag….its looks HUGE.

  • I want to know why they did not make the Droid HD the Bionic since we all had to wait this long??

  • Tyvallely

    That MacBook in the background is running windows 7

    • Anonymous

      I noticed that too! On the flipside, for those of us out there that have a macbook pro, we can assume the approx thickness of these phones. I think the HD might be a droidx2 replacement. Almost the same shape!