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Motorola DROID HD Makes First Major Appearance, Sounds Like the Rumored Dinara (or is it?) (Updated)

And, whoa.  You be looking at Motorola’s next big device, called the DROID HD.  We’ve seen this name a number of times before, but up until this morning, had not had even a glimpse at what it may look like.  Well folks, here you go.  Prepare to be blown away by what could be one of the thinnest devices on the planet – one that makes the Bionic look like a thick tank.

The device is said to have a 4.5″ screen (more than likely HD, hence the name), Android 2.3 (stock?), 8MP HD camera, front camera, and HDMI out.  There is also a compartment on the side for loading a microSD and SIM card (suggesting non-removable battery), something that would lead us to believe this phone is 4G LTE.  We could probably go ahead and assume it’ll run some next-gen dual-core processor, but those specs were not reveiled.  Lock switch on the side; same size as the Bionic with a potentially larger screen.

Update:  As one dedicated reader (zepfloyd) pointed out, this indeed sounds exactly like the Motorola Dinara we reported on back in July.  Our sources said that the device would have an HD screen, lock switch on the side, would be the same size as the Bionic but with a bigger screen, a non-removable battery, and would be much, much thinner.  Yep, I’d say this is it.

Update 2:  Just heard from our sources that this is not the Dinara.  Hoping to have more details soon.

Most importantly though, this phone is unbelievable thin.  Let’s jump through a series of photos that compare it to the Bionic, so you can really get a feel for what the DROID HD may be.  

(DROID HD on the right)

Still can’t tell how thin it is next to the Bionic?  Check this one out:

And how about another by itself – brace yourselves:

Try and tell me you aren’t blown away by that?  We are talking Galaxy S II thin here, unless of course this guy has the biggest hands on the planet.  Whatever Motorola has planned for the future though, we are most definitely looking to be a part of it. There is also a shot of that side lock switch.

Here is the side compartment with SIM and SD slot:

And finally, one more comparison to the Bionic:

There is no telling when this device could see the light of day, especially with the Bionic not even in stores yet.  We are thinking there is a chance for the holiday season, since Moto CEO Sanjay Jha told us last month that they would have another LTE phone by the end of the year.  They could easily have meant on AT&T’s network though, but we’re hoping for Big Red.

I’m officially blown away.  Let us know how you are feeling.


*Note – In the pack of pics that were sent to Engadget, there was a look at a device with the back off, showing the battery.  That picture was of the Bionic’s battery, not this DROID HD.

Via:  Engadget

Cheers Bjorn and everyone else!

  • Bblackinc

    Looks great but the non-removable battery concerns me. How would it effect rooting?

    • Yaw

      Very good question. I was wondering about “brick” recovery as well.

    • Anonymous

      Thinness and removable battery are hard to keep together.

    • Anonymous

      Thinness and removable battery are hard to keep together.

  • Tyvallely

    We’ve woke up to 3 amazing things in 3 days.

  • Ugh, now, more than ever, I feel obligated to wait for the next best thing.

  • Tyvallely

    Let’s hope this one doesn’t get delayedd like then it’s not so magical. Oh shit I sound like i am talking about an iPad bc I said magical. Apple don’t sue me I am 13!

  • No

    Great I expect too see it by 2014

  • Anonymous

    If the ram is at 1gig and the processor is a little over 1ghz than I will wait for this. I just pray you can remove battery and they don’t butcher the internal memeory like the Droid x2.

  • Sheldneous

    Anyone notice that that sticker is probably covering the carrier name?

  • Does HD mean 1280×720 screen?  Are there 720p Pentile displays?  Why do you think the battery is nonremovable when there’s a “Battery Removal” tab in one of the pictures?  If this is a dual-core, 720p phone, I think I know what I’m replacing my Droid with. . .

  • Firelight

    THIS is the Droid I’ve been waiting for – or what the Bionic was meant to be (for me).

  • Anonymous

    First the SGSII, then the HTC Vigor, and finally the Nexus Prime.  Now we have the Dinera aka Droid HD confirmed!  I must resist the urge to get a Bionic upon release.

  • Anonymous

    No way this phone is Stock 2.3 based on these photos.  The battery meter is on its side.

  • Anonymous

    Why do folks think its a non removable battery when it shows a long ass red Battery Removal tag?

  • Matt Brady

    Can I haz unlocked Bootloader?

    • Anonymous

      I would set your expectations to all Motorola bootloaders remaining encrypted until November.  This is the date they stated that they will unlock all bootloaders.

  • Anonymous

    Wow Motorola is just doing everything it can to bury Bionic before it’s even released …

  • Mrhug3

    Bionic will be mine. If a version of this Droid HD/Dinara were to make it to Verizon, we”ll see. I’m done playing the “did you see the Droid Viagra S IV? It’ll have a 2.5ghz octo-core, 1080p…won”t be here til” game.

    • Ryan

      so am I!!!

  • Legoturte92

    The shape seems to have a lil photon in it.

  • Anonymous

    Kinda looks like a Pentile to me…although pictures can be deceiving…

    • Anonymous

      Here’s hoping that it’s RGBW PenTile matrix!  I’ll gladly make the trade-offs for the superior power efficiency and brightness for outside use.

      • Anonymous

        AMOLED is still superior to PenTile with an excellent power profile. They should switch to that…

        • Anonymous

          Samsung can’t produce enough SAMOLED+ screens to supply their own phones, much less afford to sell them to other manufacturers.

  • Anonymous

    Is anyone thinking it’s possible that this phone might be running ICS? The status bar has some icons I’m not familiar with.

    • Anonymous

      I would hope that that an ICS prototype wouldn’t waste space by building in room for buttons below the screen.

  • I love that you post these updates on Moto’s Facebook page haha.

  • Mwclaunch

    So, by the end of the year, does that mean 12/31 11:59 PM?? Quit trying to control my life Moto!!

  • Anonymous

    Reminds me of the Targa. This could be it, just updated. If that’s true then this could be a Kal-El handset for Q1 2012.

    Also, check out the MacBook Pro running Windows lol.

    • Anonymous

      I think the Bionic is pretty much what became of the Targa.  The old Bionic aka Etna was scrapped.

  • Anonymous

    A non-removable battery = a no go for me. Through all of the modding and bugs the trusty battery pull is a must.

    • Fattie McDoogles

      The battery is obviously removable if the back cover comes off. They
      might have initially wanted a non removable battery but have since
      changed their minds

      • Anonymous

        In the update it says that the battery pic is from the Bionic not the HD.
        Wait, I think I misread it.

        • Fattie McDoogles

          No the pic of the battery was from the Bionic, but the pic of the back without the battery wit the battery removal tag is the DHD. Look at the shape of the phone.

          • Anonymous

            Yeh, thats why I edited.

    • Yea but phones without a removable battery will probably have a hard reset by pressing vol up and power button at the same time kinda like the xoom has…..

  • Bert336

    Looks like it will have a Super-AMOLED screen by the way the screen bounced back with the cameras flash. thats how the SGII and SGI screens look like. 

    but the shape of the phone is horrible!

    • Fattie McDoogles

      Looks like PenTile. Look at the pixelation down at the bottom in the emergency and select language buttons

      • Anonymous

        I agree. If it is PenTile, it doesn’t matter how nice the rest of the phone is… I will not buy it. This is definitely a step forward but the screen still has me wondering.

        • PowersUSA

          Pentile refers to the pixel arrangement, not the tech of the panel itself. The Super-AMOLED screens on the Galaxy S phones were pentile. 

  • Dash Speeds

    Meh, other than the thinness and HD screen it doesn’t look like anything that would make me hold off on the Bionic. 

  • Anonymous

    All i see is fingerprints

  • Kixofmyg0t

    Anyone else notice Windows running on the MacBook Pro in the pics?

    That’s how it should be period.

  • Anonymous

    In the first picture I don’t see any of the typical buttons leading me to assume that this phone is running ICS.

  • Anonymous

    Still want to know what the HD means as far as resolution and aspect.  While I like the Bionic’s qHD screen, the Galaxy 2’s Super AMOLED just plain blows it out of the water.

    • Anonymous

      HD just refers to resolution, not how beautiful a screen can look.

      • Anonymous

        Right, which is why I was curious what the possible resolution on this one might be.  Are we looking at the same resolution as the qHD screen on the DX2 and Bionic or something new.  Just throwing out questions none of us can probably answer at this point.  That is the fun of the internet right? 🙂

        • Anonymous

          Probably 720p since that seems to be all the rage for future phones now however ridiculous it is.  I’d much rather have an 854×480 AMOLED screen.

  • Anonymous

    please have quad band 3G and you are mine!

    • docking

      I was told that it doesn’t matter, as a 4g phone will work on 3g.  Someone let me know, if I am being mislead.  I will not have 4g for at least a year, but was stilling going Bionic.

      • Anonymous

        I should Have said “please have Quad band GSM 3G” as all GSM droid miss the 900mhz band Ive always wanted to get 🙁 also your 4G phone will work on 3G as it has the 3G CDMA bands needed 😀 hope this helps and your wait is well rewarded

        • docking

          Thank You for your clarification. Whew, now I can still get my bionic.

  • Anonymous

    Cool phone.
    I’m digging the Macbook Pro running Windows 7 in the background as well.

  • Droid = Verzion, therfore Droid HD = Verizon.

    • Anonymous

      You may be right!

      • Anonymous

        I may be crazy!

        • FortitudineVincimus

          Are you the lunatic I am looking for?

          • Rickkane

            Turn out the lights…

          • Rbess1965

            Don’t try to save me!

          • gian

            you may be wrong, for all i know…

  • wow, a device not even on the shelves already obsolete (bionic)

    htc needs to pump out the vigor and this moto hd device needs to come quick before the quad cores come out

  • Guest

    Yeah I came all over the place. No biggie.

  • An if you look closely enough you can see the same crappy pentile display in the gray areas of the Emergency call and Select Language. HD means more pixelation with Motorola phone products…

    • John

      Agreed.. you can also see it in the noti bar icons.  If you can see pixels on the screen in slightly enlarged pictures taken by a crappy camera then there is an issue motorola!!!  

    • You cant tell through a picture ass


    Truly amazing and with the takeover by Google, this thing should be amazing without the Blur…at least I hope Google stops using Blur and, for that matter, I also hope they stop using Sanjay Jha.

    • PyroHoltz

      Google has clearly stated they’re staying out of Motorola’s business for at least the first year.

      Besides, the merger/buy-out hasn’t even been approved by the FTC yet, most likely these phones will be in the hands of customers by the time things are firm.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see another Motorola Google Experience phone soon.

      • I dont know that looks like a stock device and I cant see them testing a device without blur included unless and here is the ringer if it is a stock device so I am thinking this might be a stock ICS phone but I could be wrong have been before so at this point lets just hope

  • Anonymous

    Image #10. Is that whole thing (in gray) the battery? If so, would I finally be able to go an entire day (or two) without charging?

    • ChrisI

      Image #3 answers your question. It appears to be a standard size battery. I do love how all the ports are external though, no more removing batteries and/or battery covers just to put in a SIM card, SD card, or whatever. 

      • Anonymous

        Removed the battery pic.  That was a picture of the Bionic.  Don’t want to confuse anyone. 🙂

      • geedee82

        I believe image 3 is showing the Bionic’s battery, not the DHD

  • Scott Willenborg

    4.5″ screen?  I am now officially selling my Bionic to get this one… offers?  I only paid $6.48 for it at http://www.annoyingf**kingposts.com !

  • Anonymous

    Awesome! Now this I might buy… Lets hope is here for Xmas…. BOGO anyone?

  • MFG

    F**king BLUR…

  • jimbob

    Obligatory post saying the Bionic is crap.

    • DroidKing

      Finally a phone that could be a true successor to the OG Droid.  Let’s forget about the Bionic, Photon (on Sprint) and the HTC Vigor- the HD Droid is the new king of smartphones.
      With Apple releasing a super thin, super high res phone in the coming months, this HD Droid will be the only phone that can compete.  Thanks Moto for finally listening to us!

      • HDDroid

        Yes! This will be the king of smartphones and put Droid on a level playing filed with the Apple phone screens.
        You forgot to mention the SGSII- that is old news now too. Can’t wait for this phone!

        • Stelv81

          Sadly this will not compete with Apple because the type of people that buy I*hones don’t want a phone like this. The general public doesn’t care about all these hardware specs. They care more about optimized software that can work bug free with no lag. They want dependability, something that Moto is not good at, hopefully Google fixes that.Plus not to mention that I can see the Pentile in the screen from the pictures, it’s way more apparent in larger screens. Plus Apple fanboys buy anything that Jobs tells them too anyways because they are brainwashed. Until a customer finds fault with their IFail they will not switch.

          • Nick

            I*Phones are dependable.  My droid has been on its last leg for a 6 months now, my 1st gen i*od Touch works as well as it did when I bought it.  Why would I want a Android phone that is obsolete in 2 months as compared to a year with an Apple product? I’m tempted to go to the dark side…

          • geedee82

            Go right ahead nobody cares bro

          • Jbernard703

            you cared enough to reply bro

          • theE

            look for the droid HD2 coming out 3 weeks after this one.  lol.

          • DroidDoes

            I’d actually rather the Droid 4G HD.  Essentially the Droid 3 (with the keyboard), but with LTE and an HD screen.  Come on Moto get cracking!

          • Anonymous

            Just like you care enough to troll on this site?

          • Anonymous

            so its better to stick with a crapple and wait for yearly releases then have newer tech constantly roll out every couple months? sounds like you shouldnt be a technology enthusiast. 

          • Anonymous

            If better specs means your phone is all the sudden “obsolete” then the iPhone 5 will be obsolete at launch. You can’t argue Android isn’t better just because of specs and then say it’s not good to buy an Android phone because another will have better specs 2 months later.  Either specs matter or they don’t, make up your mind.

          • Anonymous

            This kind of logic confuses your average iFan.

          • Anonymous

            I’m right there with you.  My Droid started to get really slow pretty quick.  Yes I wiped cache etc, restored to factory defaults, flashed new roms (PE, Cyan, etc) yet it still shows its age, while my friend’s older Iphone 3GS seems to still keep moving along….smoother. Hell, it’s smoother than my brother’s X2.  I don’t know if the slowing down over time is a Droid thing or if it happens to all Android phones.

            I’ve been checking these sites daily since February waiting for the Bionic or SII.  At this point I don’t really care about either anymore.  I haven’t even touched them and they already feel dated. All said and done my Android experience has been great but I have no reason to be exclusive to it.

          • Stelv81

            Yes +1

          • Pennywise

            My OG runs WAAY faster than both of my brother’s I*hone 3 and I*hone 4s… Running PE and the OG absolutely flies! (feels better than my friend’s DINC2)

          • how are you doing that my og overclocked to such a high voltagew, and running pe and i see that guys point my friends 3gs runs wayyyyyy smoother

          • Anonymous

            Well then you have an anomaly.  Running an OG droid with the latest PE and a 1ghz kernel, the thing still bogs down. No amount of overclocking or ROM flashing is going to fix the 256mb of RAM.

          • Anonymous

            How is your droid on its last leg?  Mine isn’t, still as good as they day I got it, better actually because of the Project Elite rom I’m running.

          • Granted

            I’m not a die-hard for either company, but man, I would love a screen on my Android phone that could match how amazing my iPod Touch looks.

        • Norm?

      • Keith Sumner

        YEP, and with the way things have been going the droid HD will be released in December of 2012…:)

      • TheOGDroid

        Oh yeah, this phone is going to be awesome.  Unfortunately, the Bionic will be a glorified Thunderbolt with a better battery life, while the Droid HD will be the first true successor to the OG Droid.
        Whipping this thing out when someone is showing off their Apple i5 and you’ll have a true competitor.

      • Tony Allen

        If thinness is all you think makes a smartphone a king of smartphones.. you bettered head off and buy yourself an iPhone and a Macbook Air. 

      • Anonymous

        A true successor to the OG would sport a physical keyboard.  It matters to a lot of us.

        • Phink

          YES +1
          i’ve been looking for a phone that can replace my OG, but so far almost none of them have the external keyboard.. so until a new android phone comes out that has an external keyboard, and better battery life, im keepin my OG 😀

      • Anonymous

        A true successor to the OG would sport a physical keyboard.  It matters to a lot of us.

  • gearmonky

    is it just me or does that look an awful lot like a SAMOLED screen?

  • iNice

    So how many hours did it take him to glue this masterpiece together from different phones?

    • Trolololol.

      • iNice

        So what you’re saying is that you are diggin the design of the sd and sim card slot compartment?? I guess some people really do like gaps.

        • Do you smoke crack??

          • im sure he’s on harder drugs.

  • Anonymous


    • palomosan

      It’ll be nicer if they release it Vanilla Android.

      • Anonymous

        Just from the start up screen and the icons at the top It looks to be vanilla android but all that might change before he phone is released

  • Anonymous

    Looks great, but looks 4.3 to me, especially by the last picture. New icons are probably indicative of ICS at release…

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        You’re welcome! thanks for the props! +1

        • Mike

          Maybe this is VZW’s version of the Dinara?  Since that was rumored to AT&T…

    • Anonymous

      Is it just me or did the D-HD get rid of the soft keys at the bottom. See pic 1. The Bionic’s are clearly visible but the D-HD seems to be removed & part of the display. Alla Honey Comb/Ice cream Sandwich.   

      • adryan maldonado

        my Thoughts exactly. But guys theres one thing bothering me. THE NON-REMOVABLE BATTERY!!!!!!. That is almost a deal breaker for me. Why cant moto make an awesome phone like but keep true to the droid moniker. You know the thing that made it better than the iphone. One of the many things first advertised that made the OG droid so popular. Come Moto. If sammy can make a thin phone with a removable battery than so can you. If i wanted a phone with a gorgeous screen and non removable battery i would get an iphone

        • Anonymous

          If they make it the same size as the extended battery would be then you wouldn’t need to remove it. Again, that is “if” they do that.

          • Anonymous

            Sometimes phones freeze and I need to do a battery pull. What happens if this one freezes? They all do at some point

          • Anonymous

            Good point. Maybe they’ll have some sort of long push on the power that will stop all contact w/ the battery. 

          • Binglut9

            they will have a hard reset button like they do on the xoom…If my xoom ever gets stuck or anything all you do is is press vol up and power button at the same time and it will reset it

          • EnergyAtma

            holding down the lock button and volume up on the xoom (which has a non-removable battery) hard resets the device… should be similar with this.

          • Anonymous

            To think back to older devices, you want to avoid saying hard reset. Because back in the days of PalmOS and Windows Mobile, a hard reset is the same thing as wiping your data partition. The correct term is a soft reset.

          • Anonymous

            Hard reset is a full power down, soft reset is just a reset.

          • Anonymous

            On the xoom you hold down the power button and vol down to restart it so im guess it could be something similar for this

          • Jbernard703

            my iPhone 4 has never froze

          • Anonymous

            GTFO our Droid-Life iSheep!

          • Jboogie1289

            That’s because it didn’t work to begin with!! Next………………………

          • Anonymous

            Funny… my co workers iPhone 4 did when he was showing us clips for a school play his kids were in.

            I laughed a lil inside… : )

          • Anonymous

            You really think if the battery was non removable there would be no other reset option?  I think even if they had grade schoolers doing QA they would catch that one…

        • Anonymous

          It would be safe to assume that if the battery is non-removable than it probably has incredible battery life. I would assume better than the Charge and maybe event he iPh*ne.

        • Dominick

           The picture that shows the battery says battery removal..

        • The comment about the battery not being removable is wrong, look at the picture, it shows a removable battery. And yes, I can read the comment under the pictures saying that the picture is of the Bionic’s back and not the HD’s but that is wrong also. The BGR report on this clearly shows both phones in the pictures and the Bionic has a some what standard looking square Motorola battery in it and the picture of the ultra long and thin batter above with no Motorola labeling on it is from the Droid HD and it clearly has a big red tag saying pull to remove the battery. 
          Bottom line, the battery will be removable.

      • No they are there. See first pic.

        • Anonymous

          It was throwing me off b/c in one pic it looks like it’s there & the other it looks like it’s not. But I was looking more closely at gallery pic 2 & you can see the screen stops before the soft keys. So they just didn’t make them prominent like the other droids. Which is cool.

      • Michael Allis

        It appears that the buttons are capacative like on the Bionic/OG Droid, but they’re much darker than those when not lit, which leads me to think they’d be constantly backlit.

      • Michael Allis

        It appears that the buttons are capacative like on the Bionic/OG Droid, but they’re much darker than those when not lit, which leads me to think they’d be constantly backlit.

      • Dr. Droid-moron

        Check the picture at the very top you can see soft keys.  It goes menu, home, back, search, you can barely see them but they are there!!!

    • Spc Hicks09

      4.5 in. screen. Not 4.3.

  • fartbubbler

    blowN away.

  • Anonymous

    If it’s truly a “DROID HD” then that would have to mean Verizon, yeah? I mean, nobody else can use the “Droid” brand…

  • is this for real?  another Fn phone to compare… when the bionic still don’t even have an official release date?  WOW, this is just getting too much for me!

  • I was wondering when this would pop up here 🙂

    The Droid moniker makes you think VZW, but perhaps it is a different carrier? What’s interesting is that the touch buttons have different (non-blur?) icons.

    I still want this Bionic.

    • Anonymous

      You east coasters wake up too early. I should still be in bed right now hah.

      • Anonymous

        We east coasters have been in the office for 2hrs already, go to bed earlier dammit, we like news with our morning coffee 🙂

        • Seriously.  I’m already thinking about having some Jimmy Johns delivered to the office for lunch. 

      • I’m in AZ, I work my IT job from frickin 5am- 2pm. I just refresh this site about every 5 minutes for my entire workday haha.

      • Tabe

        Just make Timo do all of the early morning work! =P

    • Anonymous

      Droid is a trademark of Verizon, so unless it is loaded with another phones ROM for testing, this must be for Verizon.

      • Anonymous

        While I agree with you, the same was said about Evo on Sprint, but the Shift and 3D both keep the Evo brand elsewhere.

  • If this ends up on Verizon, it will be my OG Droid replacement.

    • Anonymous

      It is called a DROID HD… why do you think Verizon pays George Lucas royalties on the name….

  • Anonymous

    Yet another reason to skip the Bionic!!

    • Binglut9

      You can say that about every phone that comes out with the rate that android phones are being released if you keep waiting for the best you will be waiting a very long time…because by the time this comes out I am willing to bet quad cores will be the next thing to come out and people will be saying “just wait for quad core in 2 months” so might as well get what you need now because any phone from this point forward will be a great phone….