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Motorola DROID HD Makes First Major Appearance, Sounds Like the Rumored Dinara (or is it?) (Updated)

And, whoa.  You be looking at Motorola’s next big device, called the DROID HD.  We’ve seen this name a number of times before, but up until this morning, had not had even a glimpse at what it may look like.  Well folks, here you go.  Prepare to be blown away by what could be one of the thinnest devices on the planet – one that makes the Bionic look like a thick tank.

The device is said to have a 4.5″ screen (more than likely HD, hence the name), Android 2.3 (stock?), 8MP HD camera, front camera, and HDMI out.  There is also a compartment on the side for loading a microSD and SIM card (suggesting non-removable battery), something that would lead us to believe this phone is 4G LTE.  We could probably go ahead and assume it’ll run some next-gen dual-core processor, but those specs were not reveiled.  Lock switch on the side; same size as the Bionic with a potentially larger screen.

Update:  As one dedicated reader (zepfloyd) pointed out, this indeed sounds exactly like the Motorola Dinara we reported on back in July.  Our sources said that the device would have an HD screen, lock switch on the side, would be the same size as the Bionic but with a bigger screen, a non-removable battery, and would be much, much thinner.  Yep, I’d say this is it.

Update 2:  Just heard from our sources that this is not the Dinara.  Hoping to have more details soon.

Most importantly though, this phone is unbelievable thin.  Let’s jump through a series of photos that compare it to the Bionic, so you can really get a feel for what the DROID HD may be.  

(DROID HD on the right)

Still can’t tell how thin it is next to the Bionic?  Check this one out:

And how about another by itself – brace yourselves:

Try and tell me you aren’t blown away by that?  We are talking Galaxy S II thin here, unless of course this guy has the biggest hands on the planet.  Whatever Motorola has planned for the future though, we are most definitely looking to be a part of it. There is also a shot of that side lock switch.

Here is the side compartment with SIM and SD slot:

And finally, one more comparison to the Bionic:

There is no telling when this device could see the light of day, especially with the Bionic not even in stores yet.  We are thinking there is a chance for the holiday season, since Moto CEO Sanjay Jha told us last month that they would have another LTE phone by the end of the year.  They could easily have meant on AT&T’s network though, but we’re hoping for Big Red.

I’m officially blown away.  Let us know how you are feeling.


*Note – In the pack of pics that were sent to Engadget, there was a look at a device with the back off, showing the battery.  That picture was of the Bionic’s battery, not this DROID HD.

Via:  Engadget

Cheers Bjorn and everyone else!

  • Anonymous

    Droid HD is the phone I’m waiting for.

  • Coletrane09

    Og droid runnin OMFGB like new but it would be nice to have brand new phone. Think ill wait and see how it runs (bionic) for other people before I fork out $300.

  • I am waiting for Motorola Dinara and keeping fingers crossed for 2011 year end release date!!

  • No front facing camera????

  • PrjctArchAngel

    It has the missing sim card symbol! hopefully that means its 4g not global! =)

  • My buddy, who is a VZW store manager said they’ve only been told “September” on the Bionic, but no dates yet.

  • John Hall

    When will we see a blasted 4G phone WITH a tactile keyboard. I get blasted for wanting one all the time, but it’s just so darned fast!

  • Granted

    The design differences besides how thick they are with all of these phones, are almost identical.

  • Sparking22

    ill stick with the BIONIC

  • Anonymous

    I love the specs on the hd but it looks ugly compared to the bionic

  • Anonymous

    So it’s a couple millimeters thinner, don’t give a shit.  The design looks rough around the edges.

  • HaydenHawk

    Has anyone noticed that the HDMI writting looks different in all three pictures?  What’s up with that?

  • Pennywise

    I’m feeling like I love how thin the Bionic looks to be! ; )

  • steveo

    I like the macbook pro in the background running windows 7, haha

  • Orangepicker28

    Does anyone else notice the Samsung capacitive buttons at the bottom and the missing Motorola logo? 0_0

    • Wunderwaffe

      Woops, now I see the stealthy looking logo up top, but I have never seen moto use those capacitive buttons before. Could it suggest something spectacular?

  • Anonymous

    Forget DROID anything, it’s all about the Samsung GSII.

    • Orangepicker28

      That is why you are posting on DROID LIFE my dirty friend

  • Stephen D

    It’s ugly IMO. And it’s said to be around 9mm thin. The Galaxy S2 is 8.49mm thin. It still has it beat WITH a removable battery. 

  • RW-1

    big screen, HD, batt drainer for sure …

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  • Lolitsnoah

    i feel like saying this might be a device running on ice cream sandwich?

  • Jason Purp

    Stock Android? Verizon won’t tolerate it!

  • Just look at the photos

    Screen size is the same… Just sayin.

  • Anonymous

    Now we are cooking with fire! Happy to be excited again. The Bionic looks like a bust for me (my own reasons, leave it alone) so this looks awesome.

  • durtoffmyshoulda

    The picture of the back of the phone with a white battery is the Droid HD. Engadget also has a picture of the Droid Bionics battery cover off. If the Droid HD’s battery is “user replaceable” is another story. I’m sure most of us here could replace it anyway tho 🙂

  • Anonymous

    If this phone isn’t out by Christmas then it is not on my radar. come Christmas I’ll have a new phone, and there will be no more waiting games.

  • Anonymous

    Why do they dangle the newest phone in our faces before the oldest newest phone isn’t even released!!?? At this rate I will NEVER buy a new phone because the next best one is just around the corner infinitely!! :/ uggg.
    BTW this phone looks friggin’ awesome! 😀

  • great.  now I’m officially flummoxed.  Bionic is pretty much everything I need in a phone but fat, and with a qHD that I will wait to pass judgement on.  GS2 is all that and lower drag higher speed plus what might be a better screen.  DROID HD?  Better in every way perhaps?  Dinara?  I’ve waited a long time for an upgrade.  My Droid is starting to show its age.  But I could wait longer for a better phone but in the world of smart phones there is always better!  GAH! *twitch twitch*

  • Earleepa

    Non removable battery = no sale for me.

  • Anonymous

    I’m calling it the next nexus phone! Since Google does own Motorola Mobility. 🙂

  • theE

    this is what pisses me off about having an android phone.  as soon newest most awesome phone EVER is nearing release another newestestest awesomer x2 phone is a couple months away from coming out.  then you have to deal with does it have android 2.3.8.strawberrysorbet.9.0.1 or dual quad-backflip snapdragon harry potter processor!? at least with the iphone you can be content for at least a year before the new version is out.

    • Anonymous

      Look for an Sharp Wizard on eBay, those shouldn’t produce any upgrade envy.


    If you guys look at the notification bar it is stock gingerbread by the looks….and kellex only verizon has the name droid so this is definitely for vz i think..

  • Hmmm. Droid Bionic < Droid HD. Now, STOCK ICS please.

  • Stelv81

    Droid HD’s new slogan: “It’s like looking at an HD TV through a screen window”

  • Anonymous

    I think the status bar suggests that the SIM PIN is enabled. I usually get that icon in the status bar after powering the phone on, before I enter the SIM PIN.

    Do VZW LTE SIM cards require PIN codes by default?

  • Philip Van Luke

    Wow people allready discounting the Vigor on here? its not like this is 1080P HD screen, im sure its 1280×720 just like the Vigor, its probably a much hated Pentile screen, will be sporting a TI processor rather than the always amazing snapdragon series, and will be sporting motoblur rather than the speculated, and beautiful, sense 3.5 and has the ugly angled corner form factor of the Photon

    Umm I am still counting on the Vigor being the true next gen cell im looking for.

    • Dash Speeds

      I’d take an OMAP 4 over snapdragon any day. DDR2 support will compensate more than enough for the difference in clock speed, not to mention the snapdragon SoCs are power-hungry as hell. 

      It certainly doesn’t hurt that I hate sense and its “improvements.” Whoever thinks that the icons and menu style they use for sense is beautiful needs to get their eyes examined. I’d rather my phone look professional than an amalgamation of clip-art style icons. 

      • geedee82

        I feel you on the Sense comments, I don’ t know how anybody could actually LIKE that annoying crap on their android phone, i have to put launcher pro on it immediately.

    • geedee82

      I am not a motorola fanboy by any means but I can tell you that TI Snapdragon processors are not necessarily any better than the newer TI’s, I hate all manufacturer’s skins but I think Sense is the WORST and ugliest feminine looking heaviest skin I have ever seen, it completely changes the entire UI to where it doesn’t even feel like your using android OS, and although the Photon’s corners were ugly, these are no where NEAR as angled and I think the form factor actually looks pretty damn slick.  It will probably still have that horrible pentile display though.  Anyways, Motorola’s build quality is rock solid and hopefully this one will have an unlockable bootloader, so I would DEFINITELY prefer this phone over the Vigor.  We don’t even know what the Vigor looks like, but it will probably end up looking like all other HTC phones, yawn.

      • geedee82

        *Qualcomm Snapdragon

      • Lets not forget with HTC if you sneeze you’ll need to recharge your battery.  My wife’s Eris was an Error from the get go.  Never again will HTC get money from me.  Glad I picked the OG Droid.

    • Anonymous

      Always amazing Snapdragon? Snapdragon is only a buzzword. The Exynos and OMAP are better chips.

      Seeing how one carrier asked to have Sense removed so some HTC phone could get GB….Sense might be a tad too heavy..Its smooth n all, but Blur never had to be removed just so the phone could get an update.

    • Anonymous


  • Campbell2835

    was looking forward to bionic, vigor and iPhone 5 after seeing the droid hd that thing is the phone to have

  • Strange_creation3000

    That is not the back of the bionc… Look at the camera and the shape of the phone… Definitely the droid hd