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HTC has a “Major Announcement” to Make Tomorrow, Any Guesses?

What could HTC possibly have planned for tomorrow?  That is anyone’s guess, but their plan is to have CEO Peter Chou jump in front of a mic and let the world know that something is about to go down.  Could we expect NFC chip talk?  New HD screen technology (HTC Vigor)?  Locked bootloader progress or additional details?  Something Ice Cream Sandwich?  Maybe their new Puccini Honeycomb tablet?  Or perhaps they just want to publicly pimp slap Apple for acting like a spoiled 3rd grader?


  • Anonymous

    How about the HTC Vigor with beats by dre and Ice cream sandwich all for $200 on Verizon LTE released in less than 2 weeks?   

    Then I woke up. 

  • PrettyButterfly

    I had a dream were they announced Android Ice Cream Sandwich for all HTC phones, then continued to throw ice cream sandwiches at the crowd, the kind I bought in elementary school. Was such a good dream, I wish my dream comes true.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know about what it is, but I can tell you it’s NOT a Gingerbread update for the Thunderbolt.

  • Beats Audio? That is completely underwhelming.

  • And its confirmed by android central

  • Anonymous

    Beats by Dre?  

  • wes

    AllThingsD is reporting that its a partnership with Beats by Dre…

  • Interstellarmind

    alas, it’ll probably be the apple thing.

    … small glimmer of hope it’ll be about the vigor, though.

    • Its already out its HTC investing 300 mil and partnering with beats audio



  • Christopher Wong

    Nexus Prime

  • They’re either going out of business or starting to make things for Apple (LOL).

  • I know what a dissappointment…beats audio move along nothing to see here

  • Sorto7

    That’s gonna be Honeycomb for HTC Flyer

  • LightningBolt

    Beats audio? A$$ holes. Give me Gingerbread.

  • Negativerxn

    They’re finally coming out of the closet?

  • slappynutz

    They are closing up shop……lol

  • Dasboot1

    They’ve been sold to Nokia….

  • my prediction is the vigor, and then we will have to wait for 5 months and then they will tell us a release date, then 3 more months later it will come out.

  • OnLive or some sort of cloud gaming over LTE?

  • That we can get refunds on any THUNDERBOLTS we throw thru their corp office windows?

  • Magman117

    I heard htc is going to refund all of us suckers who bought the Thunderbolt…..  🙂

  • EricTheRed

    Leaked pictures of Steve Job’s wife sexting with an HTC Droid???

    • Tizatoy84

      LMFAO… too funny….that’s a good one.

  • HTC phones with webOS

  • They’re buying Motorola so that they can unlock all their bootloaders and run the company right?

    • So locked bootloaders means there not running their business right

  • Matthod

    Maybe a fix for all the issues on my Thunderbolt. Maybe that is asking too much.

    • Peter Bartholomul

      I fixed all the problems thunderbolt phones have. its called rooting. If HTC can’t get it done then do it yourself. It’s deff alot easier and quicker then complaining about it.

  • Vigor plz. I want max Ghz.

  • Knightcrusader

    I have a feeling its about the locked bootloaders, that they are going to announce that they are finally launching and talk about how much they LOVE the dev community, yadda, yadda, yadda.

    I am surprised there isn’t news on here yet about the newest leak FW for the Thunderbolt having the unlockable bootloader in it. It’s all over twitter…

  • jimbob

    I’m hoping for the Vigor being out for Black Friday.

  • Jacob910

    Pimp slap the stupid third grader in the face and make everyone happy 😀

  • Anonymous

    Please let it be the vigor. I have been ready to upgrade for 3 months.

  • Eazy E Dlf

    Kellex i have a request how about you get back to your roots and show us how to root the galaxy tab 10.1 wifi

  • Kobeisgod

    Some phone to release by the 16 so I can take back my locked d3

  • 11knives

    Was hoping for a Vigor soon, but being I’m on strike at Verizon not sure I’ll have the cash if and when it’s released.

    • Anonymous

      Good for you guys by the way. UAW worker here

      • 11knives

        Thanks! Wish they would try to drum up some support for us on this site.

  • Unpredictable

    Androidcentral updated that it’s a phone event.

    • And this means that it is a phone call-in event. As in a teleconference.

  • HTCDev.com goes live?

  • Anonymous

    I’ll only comment on the last item. F U Jobs!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    he’s going to announce that HTC will from now on be locking all Bootloaders…. 

  • Hey what time is this party at

    • Anonymous

      I believe I read it’s 11:30 EST.


  • Perhaps that P.O.S. HTC Flyer is getting Gingerbread or Honeycomb or something…

  • Chris Phillips

    as much as i’d like to hear about the vigor, ics, unlocked bootloaders, i’d LOVE to see some good ole’ fashion pimp slappin’.

  • Cameltoe4me2

    How about Gingerbread for TB. or WE suck as a supplier

  • “we will only be updating certain phones to Gingerbread. At this time, the Droid Incredible is not on that list.” 

  • Peter Bartholomul

    I hope the major announcement is the Ice Cream Sandwich update being released this week. Because if they announce official Ice cream sandwich for this week then hopefully most of us should have it by Easter of 2012

    • Only problem is usually google will release it

      • Peter Bartholomul

        yea. But usually HTC and Motorola have something to do with the updates being released on their phones. Google releases the update but then its up to HTC to release the update to their phones

        • Yea but. Would think google would be present since its their baby

  • Carter

    It will be they have agreed to terms with Apple over licensing or something Windows Phone related. Sorry Droid fans.

  • Anonymous

    Probably more likely ” The HTC Thunderbolt is going EOL”. 

    • Anonymous

      They are replacing all our Thunderbolts with Vigors!

  • To the thunderbolt people they would not announce gingerbread at a major event…gingerbread is just not that major

    • Guest

      ya it is

      • Peter Bartholomul

        no its really not. lol. i havea gingerbread rom on my rooted phone and my friend has official gingerbread on their non rooted phone and i used both. the best feature in gingerbread is the ability to use your front camera with skype and other apps. But even thats not a major announcement.

  • Adamarman5

    gingerbread for thunderbolt

  • Sextuple Core
    4Gigs of Ram
    128Gig Internal
    Dual Core Video CPU
    4.3″ Screen 1080P
    Wireless HDMI Output
    Indestructible Glass
    48 Hour Video Playback, 500 Hour Talk Time battery
    1/4″ Total Thickness, 3 Oz weight
    Unlocked Bootloader
    Rooted in the BoxNFC5GSwiss
    Army Knife Option with 5 Blades
    Slot for money and 5 Credit Cards/ID$0 on 1 Year Contract. World

  • Happypenispants

    They’re announcing that they’re getting out of the mobile business, to devote their resources to building economical small cars.