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AI Type Keyboard Predicts With the Best of Them, Also Lets You Fully Customize Its Look


We may have just been introduced to our new favorite keyboard.  OK, that may be jumping the gun a little, but A.I.Type (AIT) Keyboard has certainly left a strong first impression on us in just the few short minutes that we have had with it.  Following Swiftkey’s lead, AIT employs the text-predicting model rather than the swiping, and does it quite well.  Not only that, it also brings with it some of the BlindType-esque error correction engine that we saw in August of last year.  You can miss letters while typing words, but as long as your are in the vicinity of the correct letter, AIT should give you proper results.

We should also point out that this keyboard is fully customizable.  First, they offer you an array of popular keyboard layouts, but then let you take it to a new level by allowing custom background images and key colors.  Oh yeah – it’s also free.  

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  • meth feld

    predictive text is horrible

  • Anonymous

    I installed this on my Droid Pro running rooted GB.  Most of the other keyboard apps I have installed work just fine except for this one.  The keyboard never pops up on-screen.  The list of words shows up at the bottom but the on-screen keyboard doesn’t show.  I thought it might be because I changed my phone’s default LCD Density setting but even setting it at default, it still won’t appear on-screen in portrait or landscape.  Damn.  

  • I am not really into this. 
    I’ve tried it all day, and I still prefer SwiftKey

  • Reggie

    They do not offer various keyboard layouts, as in split keyboards for thumb typing, or regular layouts. They do allow you to customize the size of the keys, etc. and the color of the keys, etc.  The predictor AI is excellent. But if this came with a thumb layout, or a swiping option, that would be perfect.

  • Samuel Stephenson

    This app requires a data connection and send every keystroke to the cloud, does this not worry anyone else? The word keylogger comes to mind. Not that I think the developer would do that, I’m just not sure how I like the idea of everything I type being sent to a server somewhere. Usernames, passwords, emails, sms… 

  • Dave

    what font is that you use kellex?

  • Mahercs

    I’ve tried a few different keyboards, and always go back to SwiftKey. It has its quirks, but they keep updating it and I am a beta tester, so I get to give feedback on crappy features. In any case, the two things that keep me a SwiftKey fan is the spacebar inserts the predicted word (PITA when it’s wrong!) and the #1 item – sliding my finger to the left across the keys to delete a word.  Simply cannot live w/o that and drives me nuts when I try another app that won’t let me do that and I have to manually backspace one character at a time!

  • Thumb Keyboard is where its at… has many themes like WP7 Keyboard and many others and has bi-prediction which is much faster no need for data

  • Yeah, an app that takes everything I type, including passwords, and sends it off to a server with no privacy policy, for suggestions. No thanks. I’d be willing to bet it doesn’t even use SSL for the connection.

  • RW-1

    I would rather give up a few MB’s space to have good a good prediction DB on the phone (SD) than have it go out to the server for it.

    Yes, that might mean more interim DB updates, however the performance tradeoff would be positive imo.

    Nevertheless, I’ll try it out and evaluate…

  • Love it. I love the Win7 theme.

  • This keyboard is great! In slow down in landscape mode compared to the others. Thanks!

  • Steel888

    This will go well with my amazing droid 3 keyboard.

  • Anonymous

    options are nice.. but performance wise.. not the best.. but alright.

  • since it uses the web to do text prediction (as it says in the market), it makes predictions a fraction of a second longer to come up.  kind of annoying :/

  • Anonymous

    whats the record audio path permission for?  anything to be worried about?

  • Alex

    Now if only they could bring the amount of RAM used down.  These alternative keyboards choke 18-22 mb of ram on my OG leaving me with nothing.

  • Mikroft

    It looks like it uses data to do the prediction?  The minute I start typing I can see my H+ icon flash

    • 0silentmage0

      It connects to their server for prediction. If you have no data connection you get prediction from the phone only, and thats pretty shitty on my fascinate

  • Anonymous

    Nice Keyboard…

  • This is already my favorite keyboard.  Thanks for relaying the info!

  • mtbhk44

    It doesn’t add apostrophes and the prediction is REALLY slow.  I think the actual dictionary it uses is very limited.  I love the UI though.  I’ll try this for a little while.  I wish I could get a copy of the Touch Pal beta – I signed up but have been shunned so far

    • 0silenmage0

      It connects to their server for prediction. If you have no data connection you get prediction from the phone only, and thats pretty shitty on my fascinate. The not adding apostrophe’s is quite annoying.

  • Jason Purp

    This is the keyboard I have been waiting for.

    Peace.Love.DroidLife. <3

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t insert apostrophes into contractions.  I do like the undo and redo buttons though.  I think I will stick to Swiftkey X though.

  • Jason Purp

    If you can remove those rainbow arrow keys and the microphone key, I’ll be so happy. If not, I’m uninstalling.

    • Anonymous

      You can remove the voice input key through the settings.

    • Iazybandit

      If you actually installed it, you’d find out that you can remove the AI Settings key and microphone from the keyboard.

  • El El Kool J

    i been using TouchPal beta for a while now, and i am loving it.

  • TheAndroid1

    Windows Phone 7 copy.

    • Anonymous

      Did you notice that he has “Windows Phone 7” as his selected theme?  There are many others.

      • TheAndroid1

        Didn’t notice that, guess that explains it.

        I wasn’t complaining, Windows phone 7 easily has the best virtual keyboard on a mobile phone (to me).

        Actually I used to run a WP7 keyboard on my android phone.

  • Iny

    Just tested it on a couple of text messages. Very slick and smooth so far.

  • I am trying it out.  I really like SwiftKey so we’ll see if this replaces it.  So far, the word predictions seem just a little slow.  Then again, I’ve used SwiftKey for months so they thing almost knows what I am going to say before I think it.

    • dblj

      I feel the same way. I’ve grown quite attached to SwiftKey X. This one seems to be pretty good so far though. I’ll give it a go for a while and see if it grows on me as much as SwiftKey X did but I’m still convinced the SwiftKey is part psychic. 

      • Im convinced it is totally psychic 

    • Sk33ls

      I loved swift key x but for some reason after about a month of use i have to remove it and reinstall it because it gets super slow. This is a perfect replacement 🙂

    • Tarsis Brito

      swiftkey is the best unless flex integrates the languages together without going to change it each time

  • Anonymous

    Great, now I have 7 keyboards on my phone… but this and the Stock Gingerbread keyboard are my favorites 🙂

  • A-lo

    Tried it, but found this beta version to be too laggy. For me, I still find Smart Keyboard to be the best. It’s fast on my OG Droid, and it’s autocorrective capabilities when it comes to contractions, capitalization, and word selection so far seem to allow me to type the fastest with the fewest mistakes.

  • Dustin McCutcheon

    This is the first keyboard that can actually keep up with my typing and has the space bar big enough for how I type!!!! The predictive part isn’t as important as having something that can keep up with how fast I type on a phone.

    • Ohorac


      Exact same thing here

  • What ever happened to BlindType after Google bought it?

    • TheAndroid1

      Google might have used it with their gingerbread keyboard but I doubt it.
      I’m so tired of these companies buying up services and then doing nothing with them.

      Google’s done it with a few companies
      Apple did it with LaLa

      Consumers would have been better off if they had left them alone.

      • Anonymous

        Keep in mind that these companies also voluntarily sell themselves to the bigger corporations. Often this is because if they don’t do so, the more resourceful company will develop a competitive product and kick you out of the market. However, many companies, such as Groupon, are able to combat this successfully and stay in the fight.

        On the other hand, a lot of these companies simply lack the funds and resources and need investors and stability to ensure they can release and support their products and a buyout from a big corporation allows them to achieve all of that.

      • RW-1

        Also keep in mind, that the technology could be the internal code running the default GB keyboard… Just because they bought it doesn’t mean it may not be in use.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll try it, but I’ve found the stock Gingerbread keyboard to be very good. It’s fast, accurate, and I find that prediction actually slows me down.

  • Jim Dandy

    Say customize, and I’m all in 😛

  • Tha Headquartaz

    I’ma download it later and try it out. Might as well add it to my growing collection of alt. keyboards. Especially since its free.

  • Anonymous

    Looks pretty smart. What permissions does it require?

    • John

      lazy ass =P
      (it’s right there on the market link page)
      Allows application to access the audio record path.
      Allows an application to create network sockets.
      Show all
      Allows the application to control the vibrator.