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“Official” DROID Bionic Twitter Calls Out @MDB228, Assures You That The Wait Will Be Worth It

Following the drama of @MDB228 and @DroidBionic on Twitter over the last weeks has been entertaining to say the least.  As of today though, it was taken to a whole new level when one called the other out as being a fake.  Hah, Droid Bionic Twitter drama at its best…OK, moving on to what’s important.

In the latest tweet of what we’re assuming is the “official” DB account, we are told that the wait will be well worth it even though the device was supposed to have been out back in May.  After seeing semi-official specs earlier this week, we (and possibly this Twitter account) get the feeling that many of you are disappointed, and are instead looking past the Bionic and onto phones like the HTC Vigor or Samsung Stratosphere.

I will just say that we really won’t know the verdict on this phone until we all have it in hand.  Some of you were expecting more, but truthfully, even if those leaked specs come true, this is still one of the most powerful devices on the planet.  You can’t argue that it’s “old tech” or that it’s not “top tier” because it is.  There are no dual-core phones with 4G LTE currently; the Bionic is aiming to be the first.  Could the HTC Vigor blow our minds a month after its release?  Of course.  But we could be saying that for every device for the next 10 years.  Tech is changing so quickly that almost every device will feel old in just a couple of months, sort of like the computer industry was back in the 90s.

So what do you guys think, will it be worth the wait or have you completely moved on?

Cheers @legoturtle92!

  • Obi5683

    Moved on.  Stratosphere, if it’s the SGSII, or Vigor.  I really like the Sense 3.0 lockscreen.

  • Realmoxies

    Too long of a wait!!!
    IMHO I think we should slap Moto/Verizon and skip it entirely.  How long has it been… 6 months now?

  • I’m looking forward to the Bionic. However, I’m not making any decisions until I see the Vigor as well.

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  • Sporttster

    If the Bootloader is locked,it’s DOA. Or at least it’ll sell far fewer than they wanted….

  • Anonymous

    Your timing is all wrong Moto.  The Bionic could’ve been king if had come out when it was originally supposed to.  Now the Vigor just looks too beastly for me to care about the Bionic.  Not to mention the SGS2 is coming soon.

  • Steve

    More hype bullshit launch it !  We will decide if its worth it.  If the bootloader is locked its and epic failure !

  • iPhone 5

    iPhone 5..enough said

  • Anonymous

    I see very few commenters these days saying “oh yea it’s totally going to be worth the wait!”. People either want the SGSII or the Vigor instead, or even phones that are further out like the next Nexus phone. No one is excited for this device anymore, and I think that Motorola is not going to have the “hit” they are hoping for (and that they need).

    That said, I’m getting SO sick of my original Droid that I will certainly try the Bionic if it’s indeed the first dual core LTE device out and see if I like it. I’d prefer a SGSII but honestly don’t want to wait for another month+ for the Vigor.

    Bottom line: Verizon has been taking FAR to long to get this dual core LTE ball rolling!

  • Anonymous

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  • in your hands huh? So the droid bionic is ridiculously heavy and oddly shaped that it needs both hands to hold it. 

  • Dominick DeVito

    All this hype yet news comes out yesterday that Ice Cream Sandwich will needrequire the OMAP 4460 and 4470 as the standard – sadly the Great Majestic Bionic will only have an OMAP 4430.


    • Please link where the Android OS will “need/require” a TI OMAP 4460/70? Because if you’re talking about that article that says google chooses TI OMAP for their ice cream OS and nexus device then that doesn’t mean they require it, 4430 can easily handle it, or did you think the newly released Bionic would be stuck on gingerbread forever?

  • Androider4life

    I was holding out for the bionic. Buy as i read the unofficial Vigor specs, if they stand true then I’ll just have to wait till October to use my upgrade. Hopefully my droid x screen makes it. Pixels die more and more each day and the sd card keeps becoming unwriteable and i have unmount and mount to get the phone to be able to save to it.

    I’ve stuck to Motorola phones, but what’s the point with the vigor coming a month after the Bionic release. Better phone and just have to wait till October.

  • Beranimus

    Moved on a long time ago. Pretty much as soon as that Pentile display was a 99% chance it was all over for me. Sad Moto, I expected a lot more from the Bionic.

  • Scott

    15 seconds for my home screen to redraw on the Droid 1.  No thanks, I’m moving onto something other than Motorola. 

  • Anonymous

    GS 2 or Vigor for me.  Crap screen, ugly design and that less-than-stellar Moto UI are enough for me to not even consider it. 

  • Dominick DeVito

    The Bionic was originally an Atrix in Verizon’s clothing.

    Now it’s a Photon in Verizon’s clothing.

    VZW had a short-lived career as the innovative cell carrier.

  • Jim Dandy

    Come release day, I think we need some “early adopters” to step up to the plate and take one for the team 😛

    • Jeffwoolf95

      that will be me…yup. I am the sucker

  • I can’t jump ship until I get REAL specs, not something that was on Motorola’s page for 13 seconds. Truth is none of us really know what the revamped Bionic is at all, except for the processor. Dual core & 4G is worth the wait for me. Maybe the delay was due to an agreement with Verizon so that 4G could saturate the market? Nobody really knows. Obviously we are all still talking about it, so lets just wait and see… Maybe we are all in for a big surprise?!

  • Emeraldjun

    If this has an unlocked bootloader, then it will be worth the wait.

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  • Anonymous

    If the Bionic came in June I would have jumped. But the Vigor is to much of a fantasy phone to pass up given the one month difference. Sorry Moto!

  • Anonymous

    Price will matter big time for this phone.  This phone at $300 is like going to a car dealer right now and paying a premium for a 2011 model when you know the 2012 will be out next month with better features for the same price.  I would never make that purchase, not without a discounted price.

  • JT

    I’ll likely pass on it due to:

    (1) Quality of the display
    (2) Locked Bootloader
    (3) Promise of other vastly superior phones in a few weeks.

  • SGSII or Nexus Prime for me! I would have considered Bionic earlier this year…  Too late to get my money… I have gone from OG Droid to Incredible and am now awaiting my LTE SGSII (PLEASE!)

    • I think you will be waiting a long time for the sgs2 4g

  • JDRyan

    It looks like the Bionic will be a pretty good phone, especially given that it will be the only LTE phone that will have the laptop docking feature. Regardless, I am beyond frustrated with all the delays and constant stringing along about this device! Because of this I am moving on to either the Stratosphere or the Vigor which will both be amazing phones. The final delay to September was my breaking point!

  • Booboolala2000

    #epicfail sorry to be a hater but this is a no go for me.

  • JD

    Have to upgrade by Sept 10th. or lose $50 bucks….. Either Bionic, Samsung Strat, or Droid 3. Droid 3 is a cost saving move so I can sell it and by a Nexus phone outright once ICS hits.  

  • Dominick DeVito

    It’s just insane how quickly new phones are announced. Two months ago we all salivated over this phone, a month ago we saw some pics and continued to be excited. Yet, now look – we’re all disappointed and looking forward to the Vigor.

    Heck, I’ve had the OG Droid since November ’09 and never upgraded. Two weeks ago I signed up with AT&T via Amazon and picked up an Atrix for me and the wife – for FREE. And you know what? It’s a great value. The phone has everything (in a nutshell) that I wanted in my next phone – Dual Core, 1GB RAM, front facing camera (and a current Android OS – 2.3.4). You can’t beat free. I’m not getting LTE in my area for at least 18 months (According to Verizon) so the choice was obvious.

    I’ve played with a Samsung Charge in an LTE area and damn it’s fast – but you know what? Is it worth spending $300 for a phone that closely (or nearly matches) the Atrix, that I got for FREE?!!

    The point I’m getting at is that a few months after I bought the Droid it was already obslete. At first I was disappointed, but instead looked forward to seeing tons of phones come out weeks apart – thinking that perhaps competition would work in our favor and we would see massive price drops. Unfortunately the norm is still $200 for a new phone, and now $300 for LTE phones! That’s absurd. And we’re the idiots drooling over these things and doing nothing more but padding the bottom lines of companies that are taking advantage of trying to redeem themselves from nearly going belly-up. Yes Moto I’m talking about you.

    Wake up people! Don’t be enslaved by these things. By all means if it’s worth it to you, then buy it. Take it home and abuse it. But if it doesn’t live up to the rediculous hype that everyone has placed on the Bionic THEN RETURN IT and throw it back in Verizon’s and Moto’s face.

  • Davros

    I think they should have called it the Moto Snipe.

  • Anonymous

    I love how everyone says they hate the bionic because of the delay, and a phone that is complete vaporware at this point will be their next. How do you know the Vigor couldn’t suffer the same fate as the bionic? I’m pretty sure HTCs track record isn’t flawless either.

    • Anonymous

       people didn’t start hating bionic when it was first announced.. in fact they loved it… it was only after all the hype and delays that people lost interest. Sure enough if any other phone does the same.. people will get sick of it.

      • Anonymous

        and when you say people you mean less than 1% of the market share (geeks like us) 

        • Anonymous

          Other 99% doesn’t know the phone even exists, majority would buy it regardless.

  • Anonymous

    Droid Bionic will be Droid X2.1, just wait and see.

  • Scribbles395

    Unfortunately the Bionic does not compare nicely to SGSII. They over-hyped the phone. The camera although 8mp doesn’t compare to SII, the screen is ok at best and it should be at least 1.2 GHz. I was a Moto fan for a while but I’ll pass on the Bionic.

    • Anonymous

      you can’t compare a phone that has already been released to a phone that hasn’t. try doing that in science “hey let me compare this proton to a sub atomic particle that hasn’t been discovered yet”

    • Anonymous

      So you’ve used it right?  Please post pics or stfu.

  • Bryan Williams

    I’ve never been a Touchwiz fan but it seems like they’ve definitely improved it on the tablets so let’s hope it’s improved on the phones as well.  If it is, I may just have to abandon the Motorola ship and jump onto Samsung’s.  HTC’s battery life is what keeps me from considering their phones.

  • Anonymous

     droid bionic this.. droid bionic that.. droid bionic will be out on this date.. droid bionic delayed.. droid bionic spotted.. droid bionic changed…

    I swear.. I’m never buying this phone.. I’m sick of it already!

    • Anonymous

      I’m sick of people whining about it.

      • LionStone

        Yep…and sick of people whining about battery life…for ‘any’ phone. whiny little bitches lol…

        • Anonymous

          People can be such mindless twits.

  • Anonymous

    Moving on whats the point of waiting for a delay?  I think its called crying wolf….

    • So if your moving on why are you here

  • Droidtot

    I’ve moved on.  The 720p reso of the Vigor won me over.  Plus, their delays just deflate any happy thoughts.

    • Thanks for telling us you moved on…we were all waiting to see what droidtot would do first

  • Edge

    Moved on. Samsung Nexus Prime or HTC… waiting for more details.

  • My OG Droid is on its last leg, I have so much stuff loaded on it that the phone cant keep up. Plus my screen is cracked so I can’t wait another month for another phone. I’ll be picking up the Bionic because I don’t want to get stuck waiting for a phone that may be delayed like the Bionic.

  • Moved on. Nexus Prime.

  • Anonymous

    A few of my friends have HTC phones and they are filled with bugs and issues. and some of me friends have DX’s and they are running great. A friend of mine has the D3 and it’s very impressive, in fact I believe it’s just a glimpse of what the Bionic is going to be. I’m sticking to the “Droid” name by Motorola. Moto makes great hardware and is built to last like the D1 that started it all. Any other Droid by any other manufacturer is not an OG…. IMO  I truly believe the Bionic is going to surprise us all and allot of people are going to regret not waiting….

    • Agree people are just mad cause they have to wait don’t let anyone tell you this phone sucks because it won’t and maybe they will even have a surprise for us

      • Anonymous

        whining about waiting is the american way

  • muscularbanana

    my blunderbolt will just have to do until we get a nexus phone with respectable tech specs. Or the vigor depending if I think I can ever trust HTC again…

  • Itsover

    They both are fake bottom lime! 

  • al

    well, you know what motorola can do to make up the wait? and make you buy thiers instead of vigor? 
    unlock the damn thing and ship it unlocked.. but wishful thinking doesn’t get you anywhere. hopefully vigor doesn’t get pushed back alot. 

  • MDB228 is fighting back now. Both are fake…

  • 72leprechaun

    I’ll wait on the Bionic, I’m a die hard turkey hunter and the one thing any good person of that sport learns early is to have patience

    • Interstellarmind

      then why wouldn;t you wait a month and get the htc vigor that, as of now, has 2x the power?

      moto doesn’t give a crap about its customers (blur, delays, locked bootloader), dont’ encourage their awful business practices, or don’t let them dupe you, with misguided brand loyalty.

      fyi: i owned the og droid, droid x, xoom 3g, and now the thunderbolt.

      • Anonymous

        I wasn’t aware the vigor had a 2ghz + processor can you link that for me. Thanks

        • Its not 1.5 maybe single maybe dual core no one knows that’s the problem but you got people like inter that never seen, or heard anything about it and they are already crowning it the best phone

          • Anonymous

            I know, I was being facetious towards that guy. It’s rumored to have 1.5ghz and he said it’s double the bionic (a phone we still don’t have concrete specs on) so his accusation was a bit overstated

          • Ahh I see now my bad bro

      • Anonymous

        Two times the power?  lolol.

    • Yea agreed plus I cs is going to be built on the omap which will probably mean the bionic will be updated pretty quick

    • LionStone

      yep…and bow hunters! gobba gobba 🙂

    • LionStone

      yep…and bow hunters! gobba gobba 🙂

  • Djenks24

    Thunderbolt was released on time but the software was unfinished.  Now we are all left begging for an update.  Evo 4G Gingerbread was released on time and now they are begging for an update to fix it.  Maybe Moto is just holding the Bionic until its right.  This would be refreshing.  I’m just glad my upgrade is in March, all the smoke will be settled by then.

    • Anonymous

      I agree completely, I’d rather have a phone that works when i get it and not have to wait months for upgrades to fix bugs and issues. I think Moto delayed it to make it right and not disappoint the user like the Tbolt did. HTC rushed it and screwed allot of people. The new blur looks good and is very polished, the 3D effects look incredible. The phone with more features covers more peoples preferences. HDMI out is a feature worth having. 4G LTE by VW is a feature worth having etc…. 

    • the thunderbolt wasn’t released on time trust me I know..you don’t remember the wars people were having I got banned from a site for that POS phone

  • Anonymous

    you’re last paragraph says it all. Thanks for the rational thought Kellex. 

    • Yea I know I’ve been saying this too people don’t like. To wait and when you make them wait longer their brains get all crazy…its called wearing their emotions on their sleeves

      • Anonymous

        Exactly. I’ve had my OG droid the whole time and while it’s not as fast as all these other phones I’ve made the best of it. People have become too impatient and fickle. I’ve seen a couple people (not necessarily on here) say they buy a new phone every time something awesome comes out. That seems like a waste of time and money to me. If they have money to blow like that good for them but not everyone has that ability. Appreciate what you have not what may be around the corner. It’s a very spoiled mentality.