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Galaxy Tab 10.1 with 4G LTE Easily Rooted, Netflix Hack from Transformer Also Works

One of our readers who purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with 4G LTE has already found a way to root it using the same file and method that was used to root the WiFi-only version.  It actually doesn’t get any easier than this, folks.  It’s a simple file download followed by a boot into recovery and a quick flashing.  I guess a big “Thanks!” to Samsung is needed for making this so simple.

And if you want Netflix, there is a patch that has been working on the Asus Transformer that will also work on the Tab.  Everything is included at the source link below.

Full instructions can be found at this XDA thread.  More pics of root and Netflix can be seen here.

Cheers Ben!

  • Blackford1976

    I have the samsung tab 10.1 3G modell… Can i get 4G in it if rooted??

  • Mike21222

    I just found you can patch the newest 4G version VZW Tab 10.1 without rooting if your goal is Netflix.
    Go here for instructions -> http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=16975151&postcount=22

  • Ivanluckey

    I try to download the xda file and its seending me to dropbox with a error message is anyone else getting this?

  • The GB ROM for 7 inch Galaxy Tabs has netflix. You can get it from here – http://tc9.org/tablet/download-netflix-galaxy-tab/

  • Antivanity

    Isn’t that a Xoom in the photo ?

  • I’ve been using Netflix on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 WITHOUT root or a hacked version since the update that enabled it on the Lenovo tablet.  It works great.  Why does it require a special hacked version for the LTE tab?  it should be the same 

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  • Dude ive been using netflix on my girls xoom for 3 weeks now. I had it on my old 7″ samsung tab. Then i upgraded to the 10.1 and moved it on to that via dropbox. The Netflix apk works great on all 3. 

    • Roesssmith

      is there a file to download to get netflix on the galaxy 10.1 4g (verizon).  If so, where can I find the file? and in what folder does it go?  and does it reguire rooting?  Sorry for all the questions.

  • Stephen D

    Ahh, Samsung. I wish all manufacturers were like you when it comes to rooting. 

    • TouchWiz UX update is supposed to plug the root hole and lock the bootloader from every article i’ve been reading about it.  It seems there giving users the option.  And since most companies lock the stuff to protect the content on the device such as there software and other things that carriers want to be blocked/locked up etc, it makes sense to offer an easily rootable device that won’t get locked until you choose there version of the software to run on it.

      It actually makes sense as a company move from an investors view that is, but as a consumer there are mixed feelings about it since if you opt out of the TouchWiz UX update, you won’t get future updates

  • Anonymous

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  • Wish we could manage this all on the VZW Galaxy Tab 7″!  I have been waiting for a good root, and GB update for a few months now!

  • Anonymous

    so mad. i got the TF and wanted to return it for the gtab 10.1 but forgot when the coupon expired. ugh. whomp whomp. but i will enjoy my sd card slot since i have it!

    • I was in the same boat, minus the coupon thing, I had a Transformer, it was ok but it was lacking something I couldn’t figure out, then the Galaxy Tab 10.1 started garnering great reviews and was being compared to the Transformer, the screen on the Tab 10.1 was what made me want it over the TF.  I could live without the extra ports on the TF that weren’t on the Tab, it was so much lighter and more eye friendly in design, than the TF.  

      I got the dock for the TF and i was aiming to replace my aging Dell laptop that is slower than molasses when it comes to doing anything or working right.  after a while with the TF, I used the screen more than the keyboard… and one day I finally got to use the Tab 10.1 in a best buy and I was impressed with its size, screen quality, sound quality, and over all looks compared to the TF.  then fate came knocking as ebay had a deal of the day for the 32GB for $485, i missed it by a few hours because i was looking to find a buyer for my TF,  the next day I found another day for the 16GB for $420, I jumped on it since I had a buyer for the TF. and I absolutely love the Tab better than the TF, honeycomb is glitchy but thats to be expected with a new type of software OS.  I love its performance over the TF so much I use it all the time, and i have no problem typing on it like i thought it might, the touch screen is very responsive and so much nicer than the TF’s.  The colors aren’t washed out, the contrast is very nice, and there is no light bleed on the edges anywhere. the blacks are deep and I think i made a great choice getting this and selling my TF to my friend who was looking for a cheap netbook.  they got a deal since i sold the TF and its dock for $260 when I paid almost $600 with shipping.  It was a loss but still, i made out pretty good i think.

      • Anonymous

        well thanks for making me think i made the wrong choice lol

  • Love that tablet 🙂

    • Adam Elghor

      well then why dont you just marry it!

    • Adam Elghor

      well then why dont you just marry it!

    • you must with those awesome LTE speeds

    • You should root its brains out

  • Anonymous

    I will definitely be applying root to mine this weekend.

  • Mack

    First…I need to get me an android tablet.

    • Anonymous

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      • Mack

        I am not wasting my afternoon or any of my time for that matter on a bidding site.

  • does anyone else think the glass on the 4g version is different?

    • Miguel Angel

      Is it gorilla glass?

      • im not sure i just know my wifi version doesnt feel the same.

        • Thats interesting, they must be different then like Samsung said for the UK versions.  They said they changed the one for the UK to get around patents, and the same could be said for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE version then.  

          @facebook-1119788184:disqus Whats different you think about it?  the weight? feel? picture quality? performance? (minus the LTE speeds duh lol)

          • the feel, and people have said it performs better.