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DROIDX2 Gingerbread Update Appears to Be Ready, Newest Version of Blur Included

The soak test for the DROIDX2 and its Gingerbread (Android 2.3) update started at the end of last week, so seeing the official documents for it on Verizon’s site today should mean that it passed.  It’s also looking like the DX2 will receive the same version of Blur that can be found on the DROID3.  This would be the newest version that comes with fancy 3D animations and additional tweaks to make it much more appealing to even Android addicts like myself.  You can click on both the image up top and the one below to see the full changelog.  It’s definitely packing in a ton of bug fixes along with those UI enhancements.

*Note – I just checked my DX2 for an update and nothing was there.  Could be a day or two away still.

Page 2 after the break.  

And the old Blur changing into the new Blur (check out the icon set):


More info.

  • Lets hope they fix the rebooting problem.

  • Brian

    My wife and I both have DX’s. I updated first to GB and she updated a few days later. I Never had an issue. My wife on the other hand has the same list of problems that everyone else mentions. I just upgraded to the DX2 and was extremely disappointed because my DX ran quicker and smoother with the GB update.  

  • digsoreos

    “Addition of Vibrate icon”? Hopefully, that didn’t trump the music “pop” bug, the call completion bug, and the poor photo quality issues.

  • AA

    I doubt an OTA is coming anytime soon, given I received an email last night from the MFN saying:

    Dear Motorola Feedback Network Member, We are preparing a project for Droid X2 owners and would like to invite you to take part. Unfortunately, we have very little lead time and will be starting quite soon. Please act quickly if you are interested — the registration period will be short. My apologies in advance if you are unable to respond quickly. We determined that some chance to take part would be appreciated even if it was necessarily restricted.Click this link to take a short enrollment survey for this project. Please note that you must be a member of the Motorola Owners’ Forums to take part.If you are not currently a Droid X2 user on Verizon, my apologies — please ignore this email. If you wish to update your Motorola Feedback Network information, click here.This is a confidential project under the terms of the Motorola Feedback Network. Do not post any details or information about this project on any public sites.Thanks — we hope to be in contact with you soon.- Matt

  • Darkchaos057

    Yesterday the phone could not find any updates but now it says the phone is up to date and no updates are necessary…

  • Anonymous

    Whenever I see the word blur I think of superman’s previous name the Blur!


  • Mikey

    If It Has Started, Where’s The File Or Leak From Someone??

  • Anonymous

    I hope this thing fixes the random rebooting and all the other glitches. I like my device but Motorola is letting me down, I’ll be looking for a HTC device in two years unless this update totally blow me away

    • digsoreos

      Not sure, but it does add a vibrate icon. #winning

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  • How Long Before They Pull This Off Their Site And Recant Their Story?

  • How Long Before They Pull This Off Their Site And Recant Their Story?

  • Flip74k

    Really hope this fixes the memory management issues!!

  • Guest

    The soak test hasn’t started yet. They just sent out another survey to MFN owners saying it was starting very quickly.

    • beanboy

      Just received a survey for soak test as well…so no test yet 🙁

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  • Strange_creation3000

    Well I’m not gonna update till it is rooted

  • SugaShane

    I had to endure the hypbeastin’ for GB on the DX, and then my DX broke a week after I updated it. Luckily, or so I thought, assurion replaced it with a DX2, and I was back in the vicious hypebeast cycle. I just want to get out. 

  • Devarshib

    Does anyone have this yet?

  • Devarshib

    Does anyone have this yet?

  • Jonathonflores6958

    Is it safe to assume us DX1 owners won’t be Getting to new blur??? I really like it.

  • Anonymous

    Considering how badly Moto and VZW messed up the DX with GB, I would strongly suggest everyone check the androidcentral forums. GB on the DX is a nightmare for about 50% of users. Avoid for a few weeks until forums reports are out. 

  • RaptorOO7

    Well maybe now there will be some real heat to find a way to root the D3 and the DX2.  Common OS, common exploits need to be bound 🙂

  • DX2 user

    Does not yet appear to be ready to download.  I just checked with my DX2, and it says No Updates Available.

  • DX2 user

    Does not yet appear to be ready to download.  I just checked with my DX2, and it says No Updates Available.

  • Mr. M

    The problem i see with this is that the soak test has actually yet to go out. Email from from 3 days ago still had no eta on when moto was going to start the test.

  • digsoreos

    The soak test started? The blogs only reported that it was about to start. Haven’t heard any mention of it being underway. If so, kudos to those participating who kept their silence.

  • Nkmett15

    If this doesn’t fix the music lag/skipping issues along with the lag and redraw of apps and widgets…..I’m gonna be very disappointed….

    • I hate when the music skips! Especially because I listen to music constantly…

      • Nkmett15

        Me too!!! Especially considering my phone is always used as my main music player…

        • Same.

          • music skip has to do with the amount of system apps in memory. Hopefully GB will handle the bloat better then 2.2 did with this phone. With stock 2.2 rooted and bloat removed I haven’t experienced the music skip anymore.

      • Anonymous

        Wait, it skips? Maybe they just wanted it to be a more realistic experience like when a cd would skip in your car.

  • Bretton J Key

    Has anyone read what the update is supposed to fix?
    like really, all the problems I been having with this phone is known and VZW acts like everything is kosher.
    If this updated don’t hack it. I hope VZW will let people trade their phone for device that properly uses its’ hardware.

  • Me

    fyi- not aware of the soak starting yet so don’t hold your breath on these pdfs, Verizon is known to jump the gun on these.

  • Whoa whoa whoa why is everyone complaining about the DX’s update? What was wrong with it?

    • Anonymous

      Check the forums at androidcentral for details.
      – random reboots about 1/day
      – complete loss of 3G and phone capability including 911 about 1/day with no notice. Requires reboot to use the phone.
      This and other issues affect about 1/2 the DX users. I went through 2 DX’s with the same problem – finally replaced with a DX2. Running exact same apps on DX2 and Froyo there is not problem.

      • As stated above, it’s a major issue with 3G and Phone service dropping when you leave a Wifi connection, the system doesn’t switch back to 3G, even though everything appears to be fine until you try to place a call…then you get a “Call Ended 00:00” message…it won’t connect.  There’s no way to recover from the issue without rebooting the phone, it’s a hassle and a half.  See here for 14 pages of complaints on the issue… https://supportforums.motorola.com/thread/52111?start=0&tstart=0

    • SmellslikeVageen

      What rock did you crawl out of? 

    • A very frustrated DX ownde

      Take a long look at some of the Owner’s Forums (DX ones) on the Moto website. It is both shocking and a shame that Moto would do this to us for the last 9 weeks. It appears that they just don’t care! Problems galore, and no fix in sight.

  • will i be able to update if I am rooted? Or do I have to revert back to normal?

    • Drayton Moody

      Definitely revert back to normal. You don’t want to brick your phone.

  • Silksmooth12

    I figure out that turning off ALL animations on the D3 makes is run a little snappier.  And seems to alleviate the camera app going back to the homescreen lag/redraw.  Not completely cure it though.  The only thing that sucks is that you lose the cool CRT screen off animation.

    • Nkmett15

      Noticed the same thing myself with my X2. Luckily, at this time, I don’t have the cool lock screen effect, so it’s a win-win for me!!!!!

  • I’m guessing the benchmarks should shoot up pretty nicely!!  Highest quadrant so far for me was 2985.

    • Drnick124

      Is that rooted? Unrooted Ive never got past 2500

  • Drnick124

    Hmm, wonder how the benchmarks will look after this update.

  • How about fix the X’s GB bugs first!

    • Hopefully you guys just get this version and they bailed on the original DX GB version. It’s completely different, so giving you this version will probably fix most of those bugs.

  • Droid Does 4g

    How long till we are able to pull the update manually??

  • BJ P.

    want this update on dx!! 😀

  • Anonymous

    Anything to keep their mind off of the Bionic, huh?

  • Abc

    Lets hope it is not a hacked up job like the GB for the DX.

    • Stephen D

      Hopefully it’s the new Blur on the Droid 3. Fast and smooth, optimized, and nicer looking. 

    • Anonymous

      Seriously, why don’t they work on patching that thing up. It’s been way too long since they released it to not have a patch out yet.

  • UpYoursHTC

    HTC your hear this ???  My TBolt is still not running GB !

    • daniel walsh

      htc is failing this. how hard can it be?

    • Abc

      Dont be so excited about it .   Moto pushed the GB update to the DX a couple months ago and ruined a lot of devices.

      • Arthur2142

        I’m so disappointed with my DX now…Moto’s problems is what has me seriously considering a GS2, even if it doesn’t have LTE!

      • Kierra

        I didnt know this. Mine has been working fine.

    • Mine is. 🙂

    • Peter Bartholomul

      mine is. my tbolt is running gingerbread 2.3.4 and HTC sense 3.0

      • Arturo Apaez

        Im also running gingerbread 2.3.4 and HTC sense 3.0
        Das Bamf…..is the baddest

  • Inboy81

    I hope this update is better for you DX2 users then the DX1.

    • Anonymous

      It’s looking like the new version, so unfortunately it probably will be. 🙁

      • Where is our X1 update to fix this GB crap?

        • The DX GB update has been broken for almost 2 months now…where’s the fix?  I was hoping to stick with Moto on my next phone, but I really, really think they are dropping the ball with the DX…I likely will jump ship over this.

          I really am not just complaining to be a complainer…I have had two important instances, one an emergency, and was unable to use my DX without rebooting it first. I think it’s enough to warrant my frustration.

          • Anonymous

            I had the same problem on 2 DXs. The worst part is when you are on the road and think your family can call you and you can make calls but cannot – no matter how strong the signal. I will avoid this update for a few weeks until its tested.

          • Yep, there’s not indication that your phone won’t work until you try to place a call.  It’s a major issue that I’d think Motorola would take more seriously.  

            My scenario was two weeks ago, my office was on shutdown and limited staff.  A severe storm blew through and we either were struck or close-to-struck by lightning, our fire-alarms (which are tied directly to the FD) went off, and our phone system reset due to the strike. Myself, being the only technical person on site tried to get hold  of the FD to read the panels off to them, but couldn’t place the call due to the Wifi/3G drop bug…I seriously screamed at the thing and did a battery pull, then grabbed someone else’s phone off their desk and used it instead (sadly it was an i*hone4). 

            The more I think about the issue, the more frustrated I get with this…and I really have no problem ditching Moto over something like this.

          • Dude, get away. Get far away. Motorola’s been going downhill since the OG Droid.

            I left for HTC and haven’t been happier. 

          • Custom Colonel

            LOL!  You left for HTC and couldn;’t be happier?? seriously?  Oh I know, because you can fix their crappy phones yourself right?  No need to expect customer service when the customer is expected to provide the service, and they’re ok with that.  Man, HTC has you lemmings wrapped around their little fingers.

          • I don’t know, those of us that read can see that he hasn’t been happier with HTC.

          • Excuse me for asking, but I gave my Droid X to my dad. Anyways, the GB update seems okay when I’m using the Droid X. What’s so broken about the update? I’m curious.

  • Lmrojas

    I wonder if their will be a rooted version put out now that they have Clockwork recovery, like the DX.

  • daniel walsh

    at least the update was quick

  • Anonymous

    Sigh, still waiting for the HTC Thunderbolt Gingerbread update

    • daniel walsh

      going to take forever for that update

      • BJ P.

        didn’t want to wait so i sold mine and went back to dx that i used before tb

      • Anonymous


  • Jeremy Gentry

    looks like Motorola is beating htc at their own game, quick gingerbread updates! CHECK!

    • daniel walsh

      nice job moto. now get the droid pro, the d2g, d2. d2rd2 updated to gb

    • Maybe they’re gonna pull a Samsung and be good all of a sudden.

      • Anonymous

        Samsung is good overseas it is the carriers in the US that slow down the updates. The original gs1 has had gb for months yet none of the us variants officially have it yet.

    • Tarsis Brito

      lol could not agree more droid x had gb faster than thunderbolt lol