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Motorola DROID 3 Review – Verizon


Our keyboarded friend has returned as the DROID3 by Motorola.  With a set of specs straight out of this year (dual-core processor, front and rear cameras, and a “qHD” screen), this phone could be the best yet from Verizon in 2011.  We have been waiting as patiently as we can for them to bring us something current, and this is the first device that at least on paper, looks like it could deliver.  This phone has us hoping that Big Red will cut off all of last year’s tech and start dropping some all-in-one packages.  So D3, can you bring Big Red up to speed with the rest of the Android crowd?  

The Good:

  • Hardware:  Motorola still knows how to do hardware for the most part.  We may despise the inexpensive screen technology that they’ve gone with, but we’re definitely fans of them tossing in the brand new dual-core OMAP4430 along with dual cameras, a really spicy slideout keyboard and a dedicated HDMI-out port.  They may make questionable software at times, but they can still build a phone.
  • Feel:  In hand at first, the DROID3 feels a little heavy, but as you continue to use it you get used to the heft.  It is actually lighter than the HTC Thunderbolt which is surprising since it has a big ol’ keyboard attached.  The 4″ screen is still one of the best sizes you’ll find on any phone, so in hand, you never feel uncomfortable holding it.  Some 4.3″ devices are tough to use as one-handed devices – the D3 is definitely not.
  • Battery:  Battery life for me has to this point been phenomenal.  As you can see from the screenshot below, I’m well into a full day and still have 41% left on my charge.  It may look like the phone is spending all of its time in standby or idle, but I’d love for anyone to show me a phone that can even last this long doing just that.  The Thunderbolt sure as hell isn’t lasting a full day on standby.  I’m not sure if this battery success has to do with Moto’s qHD screens, the OMAP processor or some combination of both. No matter what, I’m a fan.

  • Android 2.3.4:  If Motorola and Verizon are going to continue to put out a new slideout version of the DROID each year, we hope they keep up the tradition of launching it with the newest version of Android available.  This is 2 years in a row now that they’ve made this device the most current and we’re loving it.  As I’ve said in other reviews, Gingerbread actually feels like the polished and incredibly stable OS that we’ve been begging for.  The steps that the Android team has taken to make it the best mobile OS on the planet are clearly seen in 2.3.4.
  • Physical keyboard:  The DROID2 had a horrible keyboard.  The DROID3’s is awesome.  5-rows and just enough of a bump on each key make this one of the best physical keyboards we’ve ever used.  I’ll admit that it took some getting used to, but that’s only because I’m an on-screen touch kinda guy and really just had to learn the benefits of a physical keyboard again.  Huge +1 to Motorola this time around.

  • Front camera:  It’s only VGA, but it works quite nicely in video chats and even takes some decent pictures.  One thing to note, is the front camera is NOT troubled by that blue tint that the rear camera is.  We’ll get to that later.


  • New Blur:  I’m actually pretty torn on this one.  The new Blur featured on the DROID3 (yes, it’s different than the new Blur on the DROIDX) is not bad at all.  You can tell that Motorola has really put some time into making this more than just a bunch of intrusive garbage.  There are 3D transitions, a whole pile of shiny glossy things happening, and even some additional functionality that comes in handy (screen previews, custom dock, new lockscreen, etc.).  The app drawer overhaul is welcomed, especially since you can make a folder without bloatware that will launch every time you open it.  There are definitely some drawbacks though, but we’ll get to those in the next section.
  • Video recording (1080p):  OK, so the 1080p video I’ve included below isn’t going to win any Oscars especially with that nasty cloud-covered Portland light, but at least you can record in full HD and then play it back on your TV.  We wish every single phone going forward would do 1080p.
  • HDMI-out port:  These should come standard on every phone in 2011+.  If your phone isn’t capable of connecting to a TV, it’s not a phone of the future and should be passed over.  We’re getting to that point where phones are taking HD-quality video, so we need an easy way to share and this is it.

The Not-so-Good:

  • Screen:  Pretty sure you guys know how I feel about Motorola’s PenTile matrix screens at this point, don’t you?  The DROID3’s is exactly like the DROIDX2’s only .3″ smaller, so it is not quite as unbearable.  It’ll still give you headaches if you scroll too quickly through anything though, and it leaves massive ghosting trails in games or basically anything with quickly moving objects.  It can’t render certain colors, it leaves pixels incredibly noticeable, and again, is not my favorite.  Hey, but it does wonders on battery life though!
  • Not 4G LTE:  I hate to call any phone with DROID branding on it a “filler device”, but what else can we call this?  Verizon barely acknowledged its existence, there has not been one commercial made for it, and most people outside of the tech world don’t even know that it’s available.  And you know why?  Because it’s not 4G LTE.  Had they tossed in an LTE radio, this thing would have been blasted across billboards and your television.  Unfortunately for this phone, 3G technology is no longer in the marketing budget.
  • Camera:  We heard a lot of rumors leading up to the release of this device (and the Bionic) which suggested that Motorola was going to introduce new cameras and software that were capable of taking some of the best pictures ever on a mobile device.  Well, we’re hoping they get it right with the Bionic because the level of blue tint that this phone puts on photos is something else.  I posted the best 4 I could take with it below that had the least amount of blue – not an easy task.  There are almost zero camera settings that can be adjusted, so if you want your photos to look less Smurf’d, then you’ll have to invest in a 3rd party camera app.

(click images for larger versions)


  • Software bugs (New Blur):  Motorola has done a lot of good things with this new Blur, but there are still some things that need to be worked out in a hurry to make most of us not scream for stock.  The biggest one for me is the home redraw issue.  We’ve seen this on a number of their devices, so I’m not 100% surprised at this phone having it, but was definitely hoping the dual-core processor would take care of it.  Try going into the camera app, then exit back home and count how many seconds it takes for your home screens to all reappear…still counting?  I’m also not a huge fan of long pressing on an app in the app drawer and not being able to quickly place it on a home screen.  This is one of those Blur features that hampers on a basic principal of Android.  And then there is that feeling of a lack of control due to too much going on.  With all the 3D and fancy transitions, you start to wonder if you have any control at all.
  • Lock button:  If you thought the Thunderbolt’s lock button was tough to tap, wait until you get a hold of this phone.  First of all, it’s in a really awkward spot in the middle, up top on the keyboard half of the phone.  The problem though, is that you feel like you have to hammer on the thing to get it to work.  I constantly found myself tapping it 2-3 times without it doing anything.
  • Call quality:  I usually won’t include call quality as a bullet point since most phones these days do a pretty good job in this department, but something just stuck out while on calls with this phone.  There just seems to be an extra layer of fuzz as compared to the Thunderbolt or Galaxy S II.  By no means does it make the phone not usable as a phone, it’s just something I noticed on a regular basis.
  • Bloatware:  Official count is 22 bloatware apps.    We counted 21 on the DROIDX2, so that means Verizon decided to step their game up this time around.  Oh, and there could have been more – we may have uninstalled 1 or 2 since they are letting you do that just a bit these days.

Quick Walk-through and Hands-on:




To see how the DROID3 performed in our full series of benchmarks and to see how it compared to the Samsung Galaxy S II and DROIDX2, you’ll want to check out this post.


The Verdict:

As to not beat around the bush too much, I’ll just come out and say that the DROID3 is a pretty damn good device.  It’s lacking 4G LTE support which is a deal killer for many of you, but that doesn’t mean this phone isn’t a major player.  The specs all line up, Blur has come a long way, it’s running Android 2.3.4, and technically, can take some pretty mean pictures as long as you ditch the stock software.  I would highly recommend that you install a 3rd party launcher as well, since my device seems to suffer from redraw problems.  But most of you do that anyway.  The battery life is stellar, the screen can be dealt with if you are blind (kidding!), and for a physical keyboard, you aren’t going to do much better than this.

I’m not going to do a comparison to the DROID Bionic or Galaxy S II because this phone is in a different category.  It’s not meant to be a flagship, but it’s still an above average device that should last you the life of a contract.  At $199 on a 2-year deal or $459 without, it’s not overpriced by any means and lines right up with other new non-4G releases yet has far better specs.  If you want that all-in-one monster though, we’ll unfortunately have to tell you to wait just a little bit longer.

Motorola DROID 3 Specs | Other DROID 3 Coverage

  • Woodsonsounequa

    i just bought it and i am happy with it

  • TexasBride

    I just got the droid 3 as a gift from my fiancee, 3 weeks ago. It’s super fast, weighs less and I luv the slider keypad. I’m not crazy about the camera-a lil slow to take pic.. It is true, u have to literally use a hammer to push the on/off button several times..I thought it was just me. Lastly, the battery life is poor. Drains too quickly. I have the advanced task killer but still drains too fast. I wish Verizon had a larger selection of covers for the phone
    . It’s got lots n lots of apps. I luv the motor print app–let’s me print-awesome.
    All in all, it’s a real good phone…as well as the droid earpiece..
    Still learning how to use it, but all and all, it’s the best so far

  • Man-Droid

    Disagree with screen – quality is AWESOME. Compares VERY close to the new Bionic, 4G LTE is main difference and no lap-dock capability. The right set of players rooting this beast will have a lot of toy to play with!

    • Motorola has done a really good job by making it better and improving performance

  • OrlandoBob

    Finally got my Droid 3 (last Friday after work) and had it rooted before the evening was over.  Awesome phone!!!  ‘Nuf said.

  • 671 Droid User

    I need to know when the Droid 3 will get to Guam. Im a huge Droid fan I want the Droid 3. Can anyone find out for me. It’ll be greatly appreciated. Thanks Droid users.

  • OrlandoBob

    My local Verizon store contact me regarding the Droid 3 I was to have held after they received their shipment yesterday.  Seems there is a world wide shortage of them.  They’re even sold out at Best Buy in the store AND online.  After checking around, it looks like mid September before they start showing up in stores.  Guess I’ll just have to live with my trusty Droid 1 for a little longer.  Must be a HOT item.  Sounds good to me.  I will survive!!!  😉

  • 671 Droid User

    When will the Droid 3 arrive on Guam? Can anyone find out for me please? I really want to know.

  • Eh, it’s okay but I’m sticking with my OG Droid 1 for the foreseeable future.  I saw the D3 dummy phone at Sam’s Club.  I couldn’t really get a feel for it since it was just the shell and not functional or the real weight.  I totally hate the metallic crap around the LCD.  It looks cheap and tacky and I imagine it would probably start flaking off after a short period of usage.  I’ve had my OG Droid 1 since 2009; I got it a few months after they came out to replace my pathetic Motorola RAZR v3c.  I’m not like the average consumer who replaces their phone every 3 to 6 months.  I find something that works for me and I stick with it.  Besides my Droid 1 runs Android 2.3.5 with the best of them.  =D

  • Eh, it’s okay but I’m sticking with my OG Droid 1 for the foreseeable future.  I saw the D3 dummy phone at Sam’s Club.  I couldn’t really get a feel for it since it was just the shell and not functional or the real weight.  I totally hate the metallic crap around the LCD.  It looks cheap and tacky and I imagine it would probably start flaking off after a short period of usage.  I’ve had my OG Droid 1 since 2009; I got it a few months after they came out to replace my pathetic Motorola RAZR v3c.  I’m not like the average consumer who replaces their phone every 3 to 6 months.  I find something that works for me and I stick with it.  Besides my Droid 1 runs Android 2.3.5 with the best of them.  =D

  • Richard Merrigan

    I own the Droid-2 currently and I would like to that I hate It constantly has to be on a charger, and yes I have tried all the app. killer apps and none of them are worth a hill of beans.  It also freezes for no reason and I have to pull the battery to shut it off and reboot it and those are just a few reasons.  
    All my friends, most of them former Droid owners have iphones and they love them.  I will never buy another phone, and neither will they, other that an iphone.  It’s the only smart phone that really understands and works with the smart phone technology…

    Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


    • Jonathan Hunt

      I don’t take advice from people that use the phrase “hill of beans”.

      I had an Original Droid for almost two years and never had a problem with the battery life or freezing and it still continues to function properly.  I’ve had a Droid 3 for almost two months now, and I’ve not had problems with battery life or freezing.

    • OrlandoBob

      I would never own an iphone.  Their apps need to be approved by Apple, so I heard.  I’ve had the original Droid for over 2 years and LOVE it!  No No No problems at all.  Rooted and running CyanogenMod 7.0.  I have a Droid 3 on hold at the local Verizon store and will pick it up later today.

    • OrlandoBob

      I forgot… I really like the physical keyboard on my Droid 1, and will like the one on the Droid 3.  I do not like virtual keyboards.  I learned to type on manual typewriters.  Remember them?  Plus, it opens up the screen to full view.

  • Joanthan Gery

    🙁 I have only had my D3 a month, 3G Antenna has gone bust. Big Red has been a PITA as well… 🙁

  • slickrc

    The Motorola XT860 4G ( DROID 3 ).  this would be the best phone.  slider, spaced out screen and physical keys, 8mp, 1080 video, and 4G.  whats wrong with this…..only in canada for a company name Bell Mobile

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure that the blue tint is actually a software correctable white balance issue.

    • Jessica Casteel

      I am able to correct it with either the Little Photo App on my phone, or the Picnik App for my Chromebook

  • Melkor849

    I would totally go for this, but alas, I have about a year and a half left on my contract. Oh well. Maybe I’ll go for the Droid4. I needs my physical keyboard. 😉

  • Anonymous

    I’ll be keeping my droid x

  • Rxd165

    Can someone please point me in the direction of a good  3rd party camera app.?

    • Jessica Casteel

      Little Photo is nice, I currently have this on my phone till Instagram comes to the Android Market.  Little Photo has just bit to many options for me, lol

  • Dreedy Android

    Hey Droid-Life, I was wondering since you say and show that the camera do put off a bad blue tint in the pics and suggest installing a 3rd party camera app, if you guys could do research on what ya’ll think is the best camera app out there and do a review on it.

  • Knlegend1

    Okay who makes a good third party camera app?

  • Knlegend1

    Okay who makes a good third party camera app?

    • Rob

      Vignette, Retro Camera+

  • just returned my droid 3, i feel like its the same as a droid 2, still keeping my og droid for now! take that verizon, atleast i got to use the d3 for 2 weeks for 35 bucks… not bad, the only thing i liked is the camera set up

    the batt was insanely good, i would go to work at 9am and come home at midnight and still have battery life!

  • Stelv81

    “It may look like the phone is spending all of its time in standby or idle, but I’d love for anyone to show me a phone that can even last this long doing just that.”….Well the Droid Incredible 2 gets 20+ hours easy with moderate to high use. Thats with auto sync, gps and wireless on all day.

  • Steelhand

    What 3rd party camera app do you recommend?

  • Steelhand

    What 3rd party app do you recommend?

  • Drew

    Anybody else’s Droid 3 have a squeaky keyboard? Also, does the vibrate work differently on the Droid 3 vs. the Droid 2 (my last device) . . . it has a strange feel/sound to it.

  • TheNuttyTrinitron

    Great review Kellex.  Covered pretty much everything.  Thanks!

  • Dwizzler1

    Phone sux baawwwls. My iphone does it right.

    • No offense, well, I take that back- Offense. If you have a iTrash.. er.. iPhone you need to just get over to the apple forums and stop spewing your trash on Droid Life. Thank you and Goodbye

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  • chris romero

    I am very happy with my droid3 if you are old school and like the physical keyboard then this might be for you this is excellent as a work horse for business professionals, I have no issues with the pentile screen very snappy especially with pinch and considering it is 3G it is pretty darn fast must be the cortex A9 thats inside which allows it to handle streaming video and audio alot easier.

  • chris romero

    I am very happy with my droid3 if you are old school and like the physical keyboard then this might be for you this is excellent as a work horse for business professionals, I have no issues with the pentile screen very snappy especially with pinch and considering it is 3G it is pretty darn fast must be the cortex A9 thats inside which allows it to handle streaming video and audio alot easier.

  • RavnosCC

    Can’t believe they crippled this phone with that horrible screen 🙁   booo-urns

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  • Anonymous

    head on over to vzw website. They just launched a Back2School Promo.

    1 Get 1 for the Droid3 (u must renew contract for each
    device, but not necessarily activate the phone on those lines from what
    I understood.)
    Public listing is $199.99 w 2yr contract for both.
    Many are logging in and adding to cart to see the D3 show as $149.99.
    (as I have for renewing contract on my 2ndary family lines)
    that’s $75$ each off the bat. great price for a top tier smartphone that
    just released a wk ago.~! (or $100 each if you can only see the $199

    THEN…instead of placing the order online, I called in to
    Sales and asked if i would be able to get any additional offers of free
    accessories if I place the order over the phone instead (you kno, since
    they get commission for the sale). He looks into it and tells me he cant
    give me any accessories, but he can throw in a free month of service
    credit to my primary line.

    After the Credit discount, my total cost for TWO D3s came out to $71.70.btw, i spoke w ‘James’ this morning if u could find the same guy.

    If you dont have two lines to upgrade, then chk out LetsTalk, Wirefly or Amazon, they have 70$ deals on individual lines.

  • Canada is getting it with fake 4g. 


  • Funny they had a droid 3 vs thunderbolt comparison on phone arena and the Droid 3 screen actually looks better in the video.  Headaches from Pentile….lol  After 3 months of it, never had one or ghosting trails.  The green battery icon pixels are a bit more noticable if you look up close but it’s not as bad as all media people making it out to be. 

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  • meth feld

    I love my droid 3   the keyboard is absolutely amazing to use, there isnt that horrible auto correct to deal with, the phone call quality is ok….overall excellent device.  Personally i am glad that its under the radar…..who wants to own the same thing everyone else does, and on the subject of 3g lte etc……I’m not a techie and dont really understand the fuss…..my area doesnt even have 4g even though i have the phone (htc evo) and secondly, isnt wifi even better than 4g?  hardly anywhere i go these days doesnt have wifi, so who needs 10g (jk) to begin with?? 

    thanks for the great review

    • dieringer scott

      verizons 4g is about as fast as wifi

  • Tarsis Brito

    nice work kellex you are the best 🙂

  • Dostovel

    That’s one ugly ass cat. I hope it’s your girlfriend’s or something…

  • SprottheDestroyer

    i already saw this phone as a buy one get one at a verizon store here in south texas. guess its not selling so well

  • Yastern

    I am enjoying this phone tremendously. The screen seems fine to me.
    one point that has not been mentioned here. The D3 is a global phone. This is an amazing convenience if you travel. That plus the keyboard convinced me to go with this one.

  • I’ll wait for a 4G model or the Bionic.

  • Booboolala2000

    Mine had crappy battery life.. I had to take it back. And I had a tbolt and a charge. So maybe it was just a lemon.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully the Droid Bionic doesn’t follow the roots to the Droid 3’s crappy camera and PenTile Matrix display.. otherwise Samsung Galaxy S II is the phone to beat.

  • Anonymous

    y u no LTE?!

  • Andy

    its only 129 bucks at walmart

  • Anonymous

    My wife just got a D3, its an awesome phone. The screen looks great, I have a droid 2 and friends have a tbolt and charge, and have done side by sides and really dont notice a difference besides the blacks being better with the charge. From a D2 it is a great upgrade, better kb, bigger screen, dual core, ready to roll for ice cream sandwich

  • Anonymous

    Why so harsh on the Thunderbolt?

  • I’ll just tell myself they are going to rock my world with the Droid 4G next fall, and stick it to the i*hone in every way imaginable. Killer screen, camera, unlocked with the newest version of Android, battery recharges itself… With the X launching alongside the 2, and the D3 launching with the X2 and sandwiched between the Tbolt and Revolution, and the S2 and Bionic, maybe Moto is biding their time.

  • Scott

    I went into a store and played with the D3 and have to admit the physical keyboard is nice.  Although the store model wasn’t showing any redraw, a simple Google search shows people all over the place griping about this.  I’m still dealing with this on my OG Droid whether I run Go Launcher or Launcher Pro and it is so beyond old.  I’m not blowing my upgrade on this.  My Dad’s Samsung never has redraw issues.

  • But what about RAAAAAM?

  • Anonymous

    review felt like it was nitpicking… the screen is not bad at all. it’s great in sunlight, it’s bright and works better the OGD1’s screen…i don’t see the issues with the ghosting and stuff and i wear glasses, use the phone don’t hold up to your nose looking for pixels. the screen is not a problem on this phone, please stop thinking like an iphne snob and talking about screens. I run some games on this phone including the angry birds games and they all run great…this screen is very good.

     I liked the new blur but i replaced it with go and my phone zooms faster than it zoomed on go which was pretty fast as well. the call quality is not bad either least for me. I don’t get the big deal on LTE, the 1st generation lte chips the phones are using now are battery killers, they may be fast but 3G is fast as well and verizon seems to have enhanced it plus this new hardware makes it better. Next year LTE will be integrated on stronger chipsets so next yr I’ll get a droid 4 that is LTE and global.only samsung seems to have figured out how to not have LTE drain their battery and not by much. I’m currently 8 hrs and 37 mins in since taking my phone off the charger, playing some games and watching a movie on netflix earlier and I’m down to only 80% show me an LTE that can do that with a regular battery or an extended one.

     i don’t know if moto or google added these small features like talking caller id but this phone has a lot of parts to it that often don’t get covered in reviews.this phone is easily top 5 in all the networks combined…

  • Anonymous

    – the lock button is a beast like my audi’s doors to shut or open. so you are 100% correct on that.

    – the time it took to go back to home after leaving camera on my phone was immediate.

    – the screen isnt so bad i compared my screen to my friends D3 and mine is actually a lot better.

    – my pictures arent blue at all, the hue and contrast isnt as bad as the pictures above.

    ——-what i did notice which you didnt get to, and for me it is a down side major, because im a workout-aholic and a personal trainer and when the phone is in my pocket like the OGd you could change the song with the up and down button, on this you can’t so it makes it hard to workout and not change the song like i want to without having to really stop.  i kno it seems petty but it was a great feature in my book. 

    ——- the biggest thing i dont like is the lock screen issue with the security code.  i set it and lock my phone, then i unlock it and put the code in…then lock it again and then unlock it and the security feature isnt there…major suck for keeping people out of my phone.

    but over all this is a pretty nice phone

    • @Lane252 I had the same lock screen issue… It is an option in settings… you can choose how long the phone has to be idle before the lock activates. This feature is really nice for me since i have screen shut off at one minute, but often I’m just doing other things and don’t want to have to unlock it again. It is in your security menu somewhere, search around your menus you will find it. Hope this helps.

      • Anonymous

        yea i just found it lol. thanks for the help and i think thats a pretty cool feature

      • Anonymous

        well what about the notifications? im having issues with gettin them late

  • Phone is great in the store, but walk away just because it does not have 4G. I think they dropped the ball a little on this. Now where the hell is the Bionic???

  • Chucklehead

    I settled, happily, with the Thunderbolt but if the D3 was 4g I would’ve been all over it!!

  • TomHolmes

    I’ll make this really simple for you if you’re considering buying the Droid 3.

    If you’re a keyboard lover – I mean you really love a physical keyboard and it is a top-three major factor in buying any phone – then this is your phone. There may be a better one tomorrow, but today, this is your phone.

    If you aren’t a keyboard lover, buy something else. The Bionic should be at least as strong as the D3 but with 4G and a bigger screen. 

    There are other reasons to favor the D3 over a big slab such as smaller screen and better battery life, but keyboard vs. 4G is the biggee.

  • J Dub

    My co-worker got this recently. I don’t know what all the hub bub is with the screen. It looks fine to me. I haven’t used it much, but when I see it it looks pretty decent to me. As far as Blur goes, get rid of it. I don’t care how good it gets. It’s still like putting perfume on crap and saying it smells good now. As for LTE, again, I don’t see the hub bub. It’s currently a battery drainer and as far as the whole country goes there are very few places that have it. If you upgrade to a killer 3G device now when your contract is up 4G should be ready for prime time. Still waiting patiently on the GS2 to show up. It says wonders about the device that everybody basically has said it is the best Android/any phone available right now. 

  • Anonymous

    How’s that HDMI mirror mode work?  Does it up-res games or internet video or anything to 1080P? 

    • Kellybl131

      You will get a pop up when you plug in the HDMI cable and choose full mirror mode. It will run everything your phone will, I was watching Netflix on my HD TV last night. 🙂 I don’t think it was 1080P becaus efaces were a little pix-elated, however as the movie went on the quality got better.

      • Anonymous


  • Mr.Joe

    Stopped reading when I saw the mac.

    Don’t trust no one with apple anything.  If I wanted to be shoved apple propaganda I’d go to Apple-Life.com 

  • Mr.Joe

    Stopped reading when I saw the mac.

    Don’t trust no one with apple anything.  If I wanted to be shoved apple propaganda I’d go to Apple-Life.com 

    • Troll is trolling

    • Dostovel

      Haha I always have a little prejudice when I see Apple anything as well, but that’s just my complete distaste for Lord Jobs and the JesusPhone… which IS MY OPINION so spare yourselves calling me a troll or any other faggotty internet jargon because I don’t give a crap what any of you think of me nor will I ever see any reply to this post because once I move on from posting a comment I never go back to the thread.

    • Did you expect to see a Linux desktop?

  • Well my Droid just shit the bed after taking its final fall from kitchen counter height. I ordered a D3 today so it will more than likely be my wife’s phone once my phone line is available for upgrade. So I will use it for 3 months ad hopefully have my dream phone.

    Anyone want to buy it for parts?

  • Well my Droid just shit the bed after taking its final fall from kitchen counter height. I ordered a D3 today so it will more than likely be my wife’s phone once my phone line is available for upgrade. So I will use it for 3 months ad hopefully have my dream phone.

    Anyone want to buy it for parts?

  • Saint Peter

    Holy hell that’s one fugly cat

  • Anonymous

    Good review, good phone.
    This is a really nice phone. 

    Not to mention fast. No LTE is a bummer, but LTE really isn’t a big deal. A bit overrated IMO.

    Plus, id take better battery over LTE.

    • Telephoneteck

      I have to say LTE is crazy fast! I am not lucky enough to live in a 4g area, however when I visit the Seattle area the speed difference is amazing on my Thunderbolt. I am talking about my 3g service @ about 1.5 mbs vs. 4g service which I clocked between 12 mbs to 28 mbs. So for me yeah I can’t use the 4g service very often but it makes the 3g look like dial up!

      • Anonymous

        Sure, the numbers are higher. 
        But with web browsing, you won’t notice a difference. 

        If you download 200 songs a day, you’ll save yourself 15 minutes if you have 4G.

        So overall, its very overrated and for now, has many issues and until it matures, 3G is a more safe option. 

  • Dilay

    This would have been an instant buy if it had LTE. Hopefully a slider comes out with current specs soon since I’ll be using it for at least 2 years.

    • Talus

      Seriously, there needs to be super slider phones too.

      • Anonymous

        agree completely. can’t understand why we can’t get these big super phones with a slider option. back in the day, they would release a smartphone and a ‘pro’ model with a slider keyboard, but that trend has gone by the wayside it seems. if you want a slider, you have to basically take a mid-range device in most cases. this phone looks really tempting, but i feel like i want LTE if i’m committing 2 years.

    • Jack

      Having used my coworker’s Tbolt, my next phone just has to have LTE and a physical keyboard. You just need keys to make full use of Android and LTE is many times faster than EV-DO.

      • Anonymous

        Droid 4 FTW….see ya next summer. 🙂

    • Fgklhjoirg

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  • Anonymous

    Ok, that Droid 3 vs Galaxy S II pic comparison did it for me.  No way I’m buying this.  I was on the fence but definitely on the ground now.  Can’t Moto hire someone from Kodak to help them out in the camera department??  That blue tint is horrible!!  Whoever let the software go with pics coming out like that should have been fired!!! I sure hope they find his replacement before the Bionic drops…..

    • Anonymous

      My thoughts EXACTLY, couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Anonymous

    When you’re discussing the battery life, it would be helpful if you showed a screenshot of the battery use graph that has the bars representing phone signal, wifi, awake, screen on, and charging. The picture of the top 1/4 of the phone showing “1 day 1 hour, etc, on battery” isn’t informative and makes it seem like you’re exaggerating the actual battery life. Also, based on that shot, it looks like you barely touched the phone during that time.

  • Anonymous

    I briefly handled the phone yesterday (finally), and the slightly rounded bulge of the lower half slider really bothers me. Being a marginally thinner device than the OG, it really actually feels and looks much thicker.

    Im really afraid of getting this to upgrade my OG b/c it’s getting so little attention. no marketing attempts by Vzw, nothing stellar (aside from keyboard that most dont care for) for individual interest to pick this over the bionic., I would hate to be like the D2G and be ignored by the ROMing community.

    like many have said already in ohter comments, is anyone getting any closer to root? this thing has been out for 2wks already. 199$ is a pretty hefty upgrade price for a 460$ Retail phone. Im seeing 150$ from verizon directly, and amazon/wirefly are also up for 150$. Letstalk is the only one offering lowering that 150$ but they cant seem to make up their mind flipping prices every single day. Im very tempted at the 130$ mark, but I really feel like this should be a $100 phone on 2yr contract.

    btw, if you’re opening a primary line coming to verizon, you can get this phone for as little as 60$ on contract.

  • Anonymous

    As always, I love the review and Steve Jobs loves the product placement. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Even though I don’t live in an area with 4G support, I’m still really glad that I went from my OG Droid to the ThunderBolt. I am absolutely in love with Sense. 

    • Telephoneteck

      That’s what I did, and I am glad I didn’t jump on this d3! I almost sold my TB to get the d3, but I am so happy I waited. I will definitely be looking at the bionic though! I wish vzw would do more for this thunderbolt though!

  • I love it.  It’s going to last me a long time.  Don’t get LTE here so I don’t care about it.  It does everything my OG Droid did a little bit better. 

  • I love it.  It’s going to last me a long time.  Don’t get LTE here so I don’t care about it.  It does everything my OG Droid did a little bit better. 

  • RockingEris

    Ok. So my comment was deleted. I understand. Could someone tell me where to post for an invite? The Google thread is so old I didn’t think that would work. Thanks in advance, peeps!

  • Ricky P

    It not having the 4g LTE isnt that bad, I still have the unlimited data on my 3g droid phone, from repeated callesto verizon If I upgrade to a 4g phone I would loose the unlimited data.

    The rear camera taking blue pictures, I have not notticed that on my phone, it is true that there isnt as many setings for the camera in the camera app but all the settings are there if you  look for them, to change the size of the picture you have to go in to the photo edditing section and then change the size.

    The two things I do not like about the camera app is 1) no self timer, 2) no zoom for the front facing camera
    and I wish it had easy to find video chat for it.

    It does have alot of blote ware but the new G.B. system has the ability to hid this and only show the apps you want shown.

    • KevinC

      that’s not gingerbread allowing you to hide the bloatware, that’s motoblur allowing you to.

    • Kellybl131

      If you upgrade from a 3G phone to a 4G phone you DO get to keep your unlimited data. We got an email a few days ago saying all data codes (even BB29.99) are now universal and will not require a system change when changing ESNs. I use the application “angel camera” and it has a self timer and a bunch of other features that the stock software does not offer.

    • Jessica Casteel

      Google Talk now has video chat!

  • I recognize your location in the video – we just completed the work on the Timber stadium.  Cheers!

    • Anonymous

      You did an amazing job it. 🙂

  • Silksmooth12

    IMO, my D3’s call quality is a big improvement over the OG.  Of course I don’t have access to all the new ponies galloping across the plains like Kellex!

  • Anonymous

    So is anyone getting close at all to rooting this thing?

    • Anonymous

      Not that I’m aware of.  There still isn’t root for 2.3 on a variety of devices, so it could be a while.

      • Anonymous

        I was afraid you were going to say that. Well, that means I’ll be sticking
        with the Droid 2.

      • Tarsis Brito

        I know 4g it is great but come on there are many areas that do not have 4 g just yet and this device its the super cell for those people. I would love for the bionic to have a nice camara like i just saw on the gs2 8 megapixel its fine, i also want moto to put 5 megapixel front facing camara that will be sweet

        • I dont agree with the 4g not being in many areas. Have you see how fast they have been throwing the towers up? its like every month another 18 citys go online. They put one up almost 20 minutes away (Freeway) in a city called may field and i get 4g at my house

  • Mario Lo

    I guess Kellex read that poorly reviewed article by Engadget today too

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t, but thinking I should now heh.

  • QQMore

    That low quality screen thing is starting to bother me now.  If moto starts using that on all their devices, especially the Bionic or that other “superphone” that was hypebeasted earlier in the week, I’m definitely going to have to start looking at another brand 🙁

    • I just wanted to let you know I only liked that because you said hypebeasted. 

    • Anonymous

      Like a certain Samsung phone? Can’t think of literally any other phone that can compete with the bionic…I’m going with Sammy, personally.

      • QQMore

        Yeah could be.  I actually picked up the Sprint version in BB the other night (granted it was the dummy device version) and I liked the design for the most part.  I haven’t looked into rooting and aftermarket ROMs for the Samsungs at all but if it can be rooted and flashed, I wouldn’t have to deal with their touchwiz junk then.

  • The cat approves of the DROID3!

  • Adam

    My life long dream is for kellex to reply to one of my comments.

    • Anonymous

      i would hate to have your dreams

    • Anonymous

      Favorite beer?

  • Unexpected62

    Kellex, did you USE the Droid3 for that 1+ day of battery life? Mine dies in 6-8 hours, with hardly any use. No background updating crap, I know how to monitor battery. My cell standby is constantly off the charts. How much time had your display been on when you took that screen shot?

    • Anonymous

      Did you turn off the global mode?

      • Unexpected62

        yes, i have seen no improvement.

  • For the redraw issue that is always a RAM caused issue(stupid people putting only 512 of RAM on a dual core), I remember that aside from scripts the only way that could be fixed on the OG droid was swap ram overclocking didn’t help at all.

    • KevinC

      a dual core phone doesn’t need any more RAM than a single core phone.

      uninformed statement.

      • to fully utilize it does, get a i7 and have only a gig of RAM instead of 2 it is a noticeable difference. Android especially needs RAM because that is what is needed to multitask, non used info is stored in random access memory for quick access later.

        PHD in computer science, I know more than few things about this

    • KevinC

      a dual core phone doesn’t need any more RAM than a single core phone.

      uninformed statement.

  • vernon

    galaxy s2… where art thou?

    • Getting ready to be a beast on 3G service only 😛

      • Anonymous

        I’m good with 3G on the Galaxy S II if everything else about it is as top notch as every review has been for this device.  To me, no 4G and everything else perfect is much better than 4G on a POS phone.  If the Bionic has the D3 imperfections (they are nearly dropping together so how much hope is there) then the SGS II @ 3G will be a no-brainer winner.  I can’t believe the number of people that hold 4G and unlocked bootloaders so high on the list that basic functionality and performance take a back seat…..but to each their own.

      • Anonymous

        Great Phone w/ 3G> Not so great phone w/ 4G

        And all the 4G LTE phones have tons of issues. 

  • slntbob_

    Con: Only 512 MB RAM, right? 🙁 

    • Anonymous

      Yeah it does. I didn’t notice a RAM problem though other than my launcher redraw, so didn’t mention it.

      • Anonymous

        I would classify the redraw problem as a RAM issue.

    • Andrew

      you mean pro.


  • Well done review.

    I guess the battery thing is hit or miss. Battery life on my D3 is a joke. But otherwise I like the phone a lot.

    Glad you liked the keyboard. I was beginning to think you guys were refusing to acknowledge they exist anymore :P.

    • Did you disable global roaming, I saw that suggested here and told a friend of mine who says that gave him an extra 25% battery life per day. 

      •  Global roaming has been disabled from the start… first thing I did. Thought it would help… but battery life has been a disaster for me. Chewed through 50% in less than 4 hours when I decided to give it a second chance tonight, cell standby used over 60%. Same issue the other people with D3 battery problems have been having. Motorola can stop releasing buggy, half finished products one of these days, or I can stop buying them.

        • antoniooo

          !lucky. My tbolt is dead in 4 hours..

          • TheNuttyTrinitron

            Try Eaton Rom…it is super fast, stable, and battery life is amazing.  Doesn’t have all of the glory and aesthetics of Sense 3 and GB, but in my opinion it blows any Sense 3 rom out of the water (no offense to all of the dev’s!).

          • TheNuttyTrinitron

            Try Eaton Rom…it is super fast, stable, and battery life is amazing.  Doesn’t have all of the glory and aesthetics of Sense 3 and GB, but in my opinion it blows any Sense 3 rom out of the water (no offense to all of the dev’s!).

        • Ouch I know what product I am not going to get, that is for sure.

          Maybe CM7 would help XD

          • Once they get the battery life straightened out, it will be a GREAT device. Props for judging it on the actual hardware though instead of blowing it off due to lack of 4G without giving it a second thought.

            Funny thing is, CM7 was buggy and terrible on my OG compared to a lot of ROMs I ran in the past. Guess I am just unlucky when it comes to things that apparently work well for others, hah.

          • No that was true for most OG droid owners (myself included) it just could no longer handle it, and CM7 was not going to spend that massive amount of time it took other devs to get it absolutely perfect. But when I had to get a droid 2 it really is the best.

            Yeah while I want a 4G device I can settle for less if the less is that much better

          • Anonymous

            You’re not running a task killer, are you? Probably not, since you crawl Droid Life, but if you are you’ll increase battery greatly by ditching that thing (and performance).

        • Anonymous

          i getting a good solid 11-14 hours on mine with quite alot of use, alot of angery birds, facebook, web browsing, and texting….and some of that was done in no service or low bars ……im very impressed with it

    • Realist

      I too am having issues with the battery…

  • Ryan C

    Once again, a good solid ★★★★★ review from Droid-Life. Nice work (:

  • Anonymous

    I’m loving my Droid 3, and I think that’s a quick review that’s solid and fair.  Much better than that lazy review over on Engadget.

    • Anonymous

      I live in an area blanketed with LTE but I am waiting on the technology in the phones to mature a bit more. I bought this phone to fill me in untill then and absolutely love the keyboard on this thing. The screen isn’t as bad as people try to make it out to be but it’s most definately not anything to write home about either. Great review on this btw 🙂

  • Drew Galyen

    First. Always wanted to do that, for some reason…