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Walmart and Sam’s Club Still Think the DROID Bionic Will Be Here August 4

This screenshot isn’t new by any means – in fact, we saw it back on July 5.  But we wanted to show it again though, because it’s been floating around both Walmart and Sam’s Club stores for a full 2 weeks now which could be a sign that the DROID Bionic actually is targeted for an August 4 release.

These two stores have been fairly spot on in the past when they have produced early release dates, so we’ll try our hardest to semi-ignore the fact that someone told us over the weekend that this date is about a month off.  We’ve heard all along that it would be here in the summer, and this date certainly fits that time frame.  Let’s just say that I’ll be pretty surprised if it indeed does launch on August 4 – both gut and chatter behind the scenes are telling another story.  Would definitely love to be wrong on this one though.

We’ll be digging for more…

Via:  Satellite Guys

Cheers some guy!

  • Fiehfwuioh

    I know for a fact this will be in September….

  • david

    August 4 or we riot

  • david

    August 4 or we riot

  • Beemos18

    so kellex what’s the chances this device will be available on the 4th

  • Roturn

    For what its worth…I got a call from the in-store Verizon rep I spoke to a few weeks ago today.  He said no date has been set, but that Verizon will be providing information to their reps next week on the Bionic.

  • Steve

    Yea but when is gingerbread coming out for the thunderbolt?

  • Adam Ridley

    No way Verizon would have launched a signup buzz page for the Bionic in mid July if it wasn’t going to hit stores until 9/1.  It’ll be here in August.

  • Hahaha

    Fap Fap Fap Droid Bionic..WHERE ARE YOU?! *CRYING* Fap Fap Fap

  • Busybusybusy

    The light text of the launch dates following the two phone types in this “leaked document”, when all other text including numbers is bold, makes me suspicious this is a doctored graphic. I don’t believe it, any more than I believe Motorola or Verizon anymore. I’ve long since jump shipped & went with AT&T. Nobody pulls my chains…for long! Now it’s time to remove these “when will Bionic arrive” sites from my homepage! Life’s too short, I’m movin’ on…

    • TomHolmes

      Went to AT&T huh? Man, you showed ’em!

      • Busybusybusy

        Slightly better service in my area, actually…piggybacked onto another AT&T phone in the household, proof of coverage. I wouldn’t shoot myself in the foot.

  • Anonymous

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  • That would be unreal if it came out in september….august 4 is resonable even 2nd week of august but septemeber comon…..Get this out already….just last week I thought it was early august…

  • Kellex, I cannot stand the way you talk about your sources of information.  You mention them only in passing and you speak as if they might not even be credible.  Why can’t you just elaborate?  And to top it off, you will link to a past article where you’ve mentioned another vague source and say “Hey!  See where we said this before?  Totally called it!”

    And I understand you cannot divulge your sources, but could you at least give us an idea of their credibility?

    • Bewara2009

      I couldn’t agree with you more on this.. as I said in my other post saying that Kellex doesnt tell us where he gets his info from.. I guess he wants all the credit!

      • Anonymous

        The sources probably don’t want to be named. Prossibly because they would lose their jobs.

        • That’s why I said I understand why he couldn’t mention that.  I just ask for an idea of the credibility of these people.

    • IAmJustSaying

      I agree with both of you gents as well.  However, sources you say?  It does not appear that difficult to surf the web all day long, find stories on other websites and then re-post the information does it?  My question has become more of slapping a watermark on a likely copyrighted picture from a multi-billion dollar corporation? I have always questioned that one.

  • Anonymous

    When is the pre-order date?

  • Stormin Norman

    Is anyone contemplating on waiting for the Samsung Nexus Prime?  Is it (or any Ice Cream Sandwich phone) at all likely to be released on VZW this year?  With the Nexus Prime/Ice Cream Sandwich on the distant horizon, the Bionic sort of feels like the beginning of the end for dedicated button Android phones.  Could the Bionic or any phone with dedicated buttons even be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich later?

    • Dash Speeds

      I wish I could, but my OG is on its last legs, I’m leaving for school at the end of August and there is no way I’m putting up with this thing for another three months.

      • That is what happened to me. My droid would stop responding to commands. There were moments when the screen would just not responds for a few hours. So I bought the droid 3. My hope was to take it back for a SGII or the bionic. But I bought the thing on the 14th and I have till the 28 of the month to return it if I am not pleased. I may hang on to it if it all pans out for a new nexus and buy the thing off contract and give my droid 3 to the girlfriend. The droid 3 is a good replacement.  But hopefully the SGII will show up this month and I can get that. 

  • DroidUser

    Why would a dumb phone be linked to the flagship Bionic?  Is that odd?

  • Adam

    i need a new phone to upgrade from my trippy fascinate and i think this will be it. samsung sucks with updates and if the SGSII isn’t 4G its out of question.

  • Adam

    199.99 or 299.99?

    • Bewara2009

      or 249.99

  • Mark Wilk

    How many days must I stand outside the Samsung temple with no food or encouragement before they release GS2 stateside. 

    I had my heart set on that phone since it was announced but I might end up with a Bionic if the specs compare and if my OGD finally dies.

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  • Fallsgable

    I have only 3 words for you all…




    • Anonymous

      I have more…. no HDMI out, no 4G, crappy touch wiz….. I don’t care how fast this phone is….. OH yeah did i forget SAMSUNG!!!

    • Anonymous

      I have more…. no HDMI out, no 4G, crappy touch wiz….. I don’t care how fast this phone is….. OH yeah did i forget SAMSUNG!!!

    • you dont know if it is pentile so I wouldnt speak until you have facts

    • TomHolmes

      I have more than three words. I own a pentile phone of high pixel density and I consider it a plus, not a minus. The screen is a power miser and it is nice and visible in sunlight. The checkerboard characteristic is an oddity to be sure, but encountered rarely and never debilitating. I find the graphical anomalies on the quadrant test revolving planets far more annoying, just to put things in perspective for you.

  • Ozzzmosis

    i wish my Sam’s club sold Verizon  phones ;(

    • Fallsgable

      I wish my Verizon sold Sam’s Club phones  ;(

  • StillOGing

    I really do wish the DROID3 was 4g capable so I could stop giving a shit about this phone… the hype is like waiting for LeBron to pick a team, exhausting.

  • lotto

    you people realize this isnt going to be the flagship phone for long? holidays are RIGHT around the corner, for the people getting a phone that was set 9months ago, you will be 9 months behind when you get this phone, and then you will be pissed in november… why get a phone thats been delayed.. the updates will be delayed too? retarded

    • Nick Kowalczyk

      Except… this isn’t the same phone that was “set 9 months ago”.

    • Anonymous

      Because it is a different phone. In novemeber the phones will only last a few months as flagship anyway, by your logic might as well never get a phone.

    • Gzeller13

      You do realize that this is the era of smartphones where no device is the flagship more than a couple months right? I mean I loved my OGD but seriously the Incredible came out like 4 months later with much better specs. Then DX with better yet. This has been going on since. And yes, other carriers have the same thing, its just that VZ is a step (or three) behind now each time.

    • droidbot

      Really! You think the people that came out with the first cell phone are going to put out a phone that’s behind in technology. They didn’t take all this time to come out with an old phone.

    • TomHolmes

      I agree with the premise that Bionic won’t stay at the top of the heap long, but it isn’t because of a feature set that was locked nine months ago. The original Bionic was dust-binned and went back to the drawing board, probably due to some strategic change in the market like the SGSII. Rumor has it they co-opted the Targa platform and dialed up the spec to make it a beast and transferred the Bionic name to it. I don’t know that’s true, but it’s hard to avoid knowing these things if you read the sites (like this one).

  • Anonymous

    The Bionic BETTER be comparable to the GS2 and stand up for it’sself, if not Moto will see a rash of cusotmers jumping ship to other OEMs and bad press.

    Atleast Samsung can come up with a great device to follow up from an orginal good device. The OG should’ve been the same way but Moto came up with crap. The D3 is yesterdays news with avg specs for 2011 but nothing to make you say “Wow, this is the beast I’ve been waiting for”

    Samsung has done what Moto has failed to do with the OG and thats “Build Off a Good Thing”

    • Anonymous

      Right but the GS2 does not have HDMI out or 4G? The Bionic will…… The only thing SG2 has going for it is speed….

      • Not even that fast, benchmarks are helped by low resolution and i/o memory trick.

        • Anonymous

          True true,  🙂  whats i/o memory trick??

          • Anonymous

            Voodoo lag fix check out any Samsung forums.

    • I dont think it should be comparable it should be 10x better…the gs2 has been out for awhile now so the bionic better have 10x better specs….The droid 3 is not last years specs bro… its inline with every new device…I seen you post here before I am dissappointed to see you type something this stupid

      • Anonymous

        I would agree, but if the SG2 comes out on Verizon it will probably have 4g,
        I can’t see why Samsung wouldn’t theSG2 not 4g to really make this thing
        lightening fast. HDMi port, I can live without it, or Samsung will end up
        incorporating hdmi into the device.

        You can see a definite better experience with Samsung right now than Moto.
        Moto seems to have lost touch with the consumer and google experience IMHO

      • Anonymous

        @Jakub Palka No OEM is going to give you a device that has everything, it’s
        called profit and bottom line of keping there revenue string going and while
        techology is moving fast, the OEM’s and carriers would like nothing better
        than to string along devices with certain specs and inch their way in sales

        Mot could come out with a device that has everything you would every want
        for that particular period, the device would be a hit, but then they would
        lose market share as the year goes on and other OEM’s ocme out with
        different devices that appeal to other users.

        The D3 is old new and Moto knows it, how many commercials did yu see of the
        D3??? How many ads have yu seen?? What marketing campaign was out for the
        D3??? I’ll tell you NONE!!! Not like the OG Droid or the OGDX for example
        both of those had national marketing campaigns and TV commercials. Don’t be
        fooled the D3 is second fiddle compared to what the OG brought in hype and
        it delivered.

        The D3 is has improved Blur which look pretty good btw and is somewhat an
        improvement over the D2 thats for sure, BUT is i worthy to sicceed the OG
        thats my question to you!!! Because i guarentee 100% of the OG owners like
        myself will tell you NO!!!!!

    • People are still buying crap like thunderbolts and dinc 2 but you think D3 has avg specs…lol

      In the US, Atrix is still the king, like it or not.  Even though it’s been so long. Yes a Moto device.

      SGS2 is nothing special either, dual core, 1gb ram, blah blah, been done before.

      So what are these amazing specs that other devices have?  All I see is turds everywhere.

      • Anonymous

        Because that’s what all the sites are saying it’s the best phone. People are turning into the ifanboys going by what others say and taking it for the gospel and nothing will come close to it..ever lol

  • Beka27

    The D3 is listed as being released 7/14, which it was… IN STORES… with online orders available a week prior.
    This begs the question… what are the chances that the Bionic will be released 8/4… IN STORES… with online ordering available 7/28…  We might just see this thing in July… or November… lol.

    (An aside:  I’m so glad I’m not getting this phone.  It’s comical to watch everyone else losing their heads… just glad it’s not me… for a change.)

    • Blake Robinson

      enjoy your 3G galaxy S II or iphone 4s/5 fool.  If your device isn’t 4G and you live in an area with 4G you are behind the curb bud… srry to break it to ya. But then again if you don’t live in a 4G area it’s understandable

      • Anonymous

        I have a droid charge in a 4g area and I’m considering getting a droid 3 instead. So far all 4g gets me is terrible battery life and a bigger phone. Data and voice not a big deal, and besides speed test to say wow look at that, I get decent enough download speeds on my wifi connection to not care. If I have to turn off 4g all the time to make it through a day, I might as well get a technically superior phone, well superior in all ways besides that screen (super amoled+ ftw!)

        • Fd2blk78

          Was contemplating the same thing! Buuut, 4g is pretty sweet! Decisions decisions decisions

      • Beka27

        Well… that was rude and unnecessary.  FYI, I am only 9 months into my 24-month contract with my DX.  I won’t be getting ANY phone until AT LEAST June 2012.  But thanks for assuming I am a fool.  I appreciate that.

  • Anonymous

    If they haven’t announced a release date for the GS2 by the time the Bionic comes out, the Bionic will definitely be my next phone. Can’t wait! My OG Droid is on it’s last leg…

  • MFG

    My biggest hope for an August 4th launch is the fact that Verizon has the Droid Bionic signup page up and has had it up for over a week. Would they really have a signup page up in July for a device coming in September?

    • Anonymous

      They pretty much did that for the Thunderbolt.

      • Anonymous

        The thunderbolt never went back and revised. They should have done this with the TB and revised it to fix the bugs.

        • Anonymous

          I’m just saying they had preorders for the Thunderbolt a month or two before it was released.

  • OG Droid

    Thank God!!! Please be true!!!!

  • Bewara2009

    Like I said, The Droid Bionic will be here in 2 weeks, If you are excited as me like this! 

    • i dont know how excited you are so i dont know if i can truthfully click like. 

      • Bewara2009

        You know when a kid gets candy, and I am sure you seen their
        faces, that’s how exited I am 🙂

    • Gay.

    • yay!!!

    • noway not two weeks I think more like august 15 like mid august

  • Sean

    Is this, perhaps, Moto’s way of building Apple-esque hype over their biggest device this year?  It really doesn’t make any sense that they would release WITH the new iPhone, too dicey, especially if people are annoyed enough about the phone coming 9 months after it was announced.  What might make more sense is to keep the 8/4 date, rumor 9/1 release, and get people bothered and talking, who will ultimately cave on 8/4 no matter what they say this month.  I mean, that makes sense.  It would be WAY too dicey to release so close to the iPhone.

    • Sean

      the more i think about it, this is all hype-building.  the switching of days is just to rile consumers and get them excited, pissed, anything as long as they aren’t complacent about it.  as a trusted source for VZW DROID news, the rumors around DL are not what they usually are.  far too here and there, wishy washy.  what do we know?

  • Aj

    if its not here aug. 4th, i am going to get the iphone5

    • Anonymous

      Let’s not doing anything stupid now. 😛

    • Anonymous

      You’ll be waiting for that too anyway. 😛

    • Tomgillotti

      Wow… To the dark side just like that…? Nothing is worth switching to an i*hone…

    • droidbot

      While ur at it just sell your soul to the devil.

    • C-ya only 499,999 activations instead of 500,000 damn…..

    • TomHolmes

      Dude, I’ve heard of a crisis in faith, but to bust out and worship Satan?

  • does anyone have official specs for this phone yet?

  • Ugh, the suspense is ….

  • Anonymous

    Bionic is launching after the iPhone 5hits the market

  • Dash Speeds

    If the Bionic isn’t here by August, we might as well say goodbye to Motorola. All signs point to a late August/Eraly September launch for the next iPhone and you can bet that without a few weeks of lead time, the news of a Bionic release will be lost in the wave of usual Apple fanfare. Personally, I need a new phone before I head back to college so if the Bionic misses this date I’m going to have to settle for the Droid 3 or the Charge. I feel safe assuming that a lot of other people are in the same boat. 

    • Anonymous

      In a quick comparison test last week at a Verizon kiosk, I couldn’t see much of a performance boost on the Droid 3 compared to the Charge, which is really sad considering the dual-core nature of the Droid 3 (I’m talking about general use – not download speeds). Makes me skeptical about what Bionic will bring to the table beyond being 4G. I’m waiting because to see what Bionic really does, and figure if nothing else, it means Charge prices will drop (maybe BOGO?) once the Bionic is released.

      • Guest

        I would recommend the Charge. Kellex is just a moto fanboy so his review doesn’t do the phone justice. Sure its not dual-core but its got the best screen in the world, 4g, a gingerbread leak, and a great developer community.  its the best phone on vzw right now IMO.

        • Gzeller13

          I completely agree. My wife and I both had upgrades at beginning of July. Bought a Charge on my line and she is still on the OGD. That way I can give her the Charge if the Bionic lives up to the hype.

          Anyways, I have been using it two weeks and I absolutely love it. Even with a Froyo Rom, it completely blows away any rom I ever had on my OGD. The screen is fantastic, got 23 hours on a charge yesterday, it runs very smooth and fast, and I actually like the lighter feel. Also, the cam is great, and even though no 1080 capture, I’ve heard it doesn’t work that well on other phones anyway. If the Bionic reviews are bad, I might end up holding on to this since the wife is still living the OGD.

          Hope that gives some people some help.

        • your on crack

  • Anonymous

    Device is done. It’s in final testing, if passes 8/4 is likely, otherwise 9/1. What I’ve heard anyway.

  • I’m hoping you’re wrong and that it will be here by 8/4.

  • Jamerson90

    The Droid bionic is related to the Cosmos?

  • T Hall

    I really hope it will be on August 4th.  Come on Moto and Verizon, the OG it getting tired 🙂

  • Yaw

    Hmmmm, what are the Cosmos II and Convoy II? No one else is curious?

    • Dave

       My guess is those two being feature phones.

    • the cosmos2 is a dumbphone and it’s already out on the vzw website

      • oops, sorry… “feature phone”

      • Then what exactly is the Convoy II?

        • the convoy was a rugged featurephone on vzw. so i’m assuming it’s an update to that

  • Matt Galo

    Could you elaborate on your sources? Are you totally sure it won’t hit August 4th?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah all he says is chatter but won’t elaborate.

  • tbaybe

    i can only hope it is here Aug 4… 

  • Max

    the droid bionic is going to be awesome but i wish it would ditch the moto bloat

    • Anonymous

      And not just the moto bloat, but all the other crapware VZW is inflicting on customers. Just helped two friends upgrade to smartphones (Incredible 2) and the amount of sheer crap on these phones is just discouraging, not to mention the annoying ‘synchronization feature’ you have to disable at the account level to keep from getting bombarded w/text msgs as a result of VZW taking control of email and contacts synchronization on these phones.

      • Drftsld

        I agree, the Iphone is not filled with bloatware. Moto and other android manufacturers need to stand up for themselves and stop getting punked by verizon, or they will loose customers to apple. I wish google enforced this.

        • Kevin

          if we can’t get an unlocked bootloader, VZW shouldn’t be allowed to load any of their uninstallable sh*t apps

          • Anonymous

            I’d even be willing to pay extra to get rid of the bloatware.

          • Anonymous

            So would I, and for an unlocked bootloader or vanilla phone no skin.

        • The iphone IS filled with bloatware though. There is the stocks app which most people don’t use and can’t be removed, the weather app which is not very good, and the clock app can’t be removed, along with all of the other apps that come pre-installed on it. I would definitely say that this isn’t half as bad as the VZW bloatware but, it still has bloatware.