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Check Your Inboxes, Spotify Invites Are Already Going Out

Spotify, one of the coolest streaming music services you’ll find, opened its invite doors to U.S. residents last week.  There were no details or hints given as to when they might start sending out emails to those that signed up, but it appears as if it is happening now.  ANd while we’ll admit that we are a little surprised to see it happening this early after all of those announced partnerships through companies like Motorola, we’re not going to complain.  So go check your inboxes!

And if you haven’t signed up yet, be sure to do so here.

  • Kelly

    got mine, signed in, then installed the android app only to find out in order to stream music that is not currently on your phone, you have to pay $10 / month, no thanks! uninstalled.  I will stick to google music and pandora.  and maybe I will give the grooveshark app so many have mentioned a try. I really don’t get why everyone was so excited about spotify in the first place now knowing what I do.

  • David Hayden

    Just noticed I got an invite last night, so far so good.

  • Owlcitybelanova
  • Max

    i got mine

  • Anonymous

    Got mine! So far I love Spotify!

  • Anonymous

    Got mine! So far I love Spotify!

  • Mike

    I have 9 invites, I doubt youll get free 6 months of free premium from them, but theyll get you in…is anyone interested?  Ive had them for years..

  • So let me get this straight. Spotify gives you a taste of what you could listen to on your phone via the desktop client, but you have to pay to get that mobile functionality. Why would I pay for something I get free through Slacker and/or Pandora, etc?

  • Rj3mendez

    I have had my account already signed up since last Thursday without an invite. 

  • i got it this morning through Spotify (not motorola errr lol) anyways without the premium plan its just a music player like the stock Music or Google Music. You can look at what is new/released though but get a message to buy the plan to listen to is. Anyways had to sign up for account online then sign in after downloading from Market.

  • RW-1

    Moto couldn’t even do this right… signed up through them earlier, never got anything.

    Got a link from a friend for an invite thru om and had it in 17 minutes.

    Perhaps moto will send their invites after they secure rights to add blur to the Spotify client…

    • Edward M Yang

      Or maybe you weren’t selected to join the test. Maybe.

  • Anonymous

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  • I already paid for it. I love this service.

  • TheAndroid1

    Love the desktop app, mobile app is horrible.  I have not found a way that you can sort by anything but playlist.  No sorting by artist, album, etc.

    • Sorting and the lack of Genre browsing bother me, but broad searches for things like “dub step” do turn out some good results. Though browsing would be far nicer, and I hope it arrives soon.

      • TheAndroid1

        Spotify is years old, I doubt anything major is changing soon.

  • Anonymous

    Glad to hear. I’m not too hyped about Spotify but glad to see it finally coming to the U.S.

  • Got mine! 

  • Anonymous

    Wohoo got mine. The excessive hype has paid off, thanks Droid Life.

  • 喜欢你这 我会经常来

  • Anonymous

    You know something about the BIonic you’re not telling ussss.  When can we know?

  • Adrien Hawthorne

    Got my invite about an hour ago. Loving Spotify.

  • Wyveryx

    ditto, it be in me inbox…

  • Anonymous

    Got Mine.

  • Anonymous

    Got my invite. 🙂 Trying it out. 

  • AndroFan

    Was just getting ready to send in the tip.  Just got mine.

  • Just Got Mine 🙂

    Spotify Rules :)))

  • Bigsike

    Got mine this afternoon

  • Jsnoffke

    Got one and well this started out as a service that well to me was a who cares but after using it for like 10 min it has won me over as AWESOME this thing is great love it…. way to go spotify

  • Adam

    whatever it’s not like i’ll ever use this

  • Adam

    those lames didn’t send me anything

  • Anonymous

    AH YEAH! I got it!

  • 0mie

    I’ve had my Spotify account since it rolled out in Europe, this is nothing new to me :/ lol

    Here is 1 free invite…first come, first serve

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    https://www.spotify.com/invitation/cm7FUSAgA9XpRyKtJust click the link to sign up…

  • Gots mine!!

  • MFG

    Sweet, got mine, thanks. Not sure how much I’ll use it, though lol

  • I got mine!

  • Jonathan Rose

    Got it!

  • Patrick H

    Just got my invite! Pretty cool!

  • Anonymous

    Grooveshark is superior in every way! I will not stop making these comments until people see the light and the blogosphere stops overrating this stupid service. I mean, for crying out loud, Spotify doesn’t even have Zeppelin!

    • Groveshark may be greater on selection but half that selection is horrible quality so that said i personally prefer quality if im listening to music so ill stick with spotify with a little G music here and there as well

    • the one great thing about grooveshark is that the client is web based (desktop app available as well) – i subscribe so I can use the mobile app as well

      however, spotify is much more polished. more responsive and reliable quality of music.

    • Guest

      tinyshark ftw

    • Anonymous

      My first search was for Tool and I got zip. I’ll try it again some other time but that was a bad start.

      • TheAndroid1

        I didn’t think any music store had Tool, even iTunes?

    • Anonymous

      I would expect this. Anyone claiming to have this much and that much of mp3s are just leading people on. 

    • Anonymous

      I bailed on Spotify for good the first time I heard an audio ad in between my tracks. And it took a whole ten minutes for one to pop up. I could deal with the limited selection and the capped stream time per month, I’m not putting up with that.

      Grooveshark wins all day every day.

    • RonsterWVU

      Just the cheaper option of steaming to my mobile device is a win for me. 
      The interface is not as clean as Spotify… but something I can live with! 

    • RonsterWVU

      Just the cheaper option of steaming to my mobile device is a win for me. 
      The interface is not as clean as Spotify… but something I can live with! 

    • I literally haven’t even completed the spotify registration and I already have to agree that Grooveshark still reigns supreme.  Disclaimer: I’m no audiophile so I don’t mind some lesser quality.  What I do mind is a limited music selection, a bunch of audio ads, a nonexistent web interface, and paying $120 vs $90  for an inferior service (or even $20 if you caught it while they were still doing the “buy a shirt, get a year free” deal).

      Here’s a pretty decent comparison of services including grooveshark and spotify.  The author is most likely biased because given the write-ups, it appears to me that grooveshark would be the clear choice.  http://thenextweb.com/apps/2011/07/14/showdown-spotify-vs-rdio-vs-grooveshark-vs-pandora/

      • Anonymous

        Exactly. Why the hell do I need to install an app on every computer I want to stream music on? I mean, hell, I use linux at home and the spotify client doesn’t even work on my machine because it’s so buggy!

  • Woot! Got mine.

  • Woot! Got mine!

  • Anonymous

    Got mine as well, listening now 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Just got mine