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Samsung Provides a Full 12-Minute TouchWiz UX Preview for Galaxy Tab 10.1


No one was complaining when Samsung announced that its new Galaxy Tab 10.1 wouldn’t launch with their special TouchWiz UX on it.  Unfortunately they still had plans to introduce the first ever Honeycomb (Android 3.1) skin in the near future and have provided a full 12-minute video of what you can expect.

I wouldn’t necessarily say that it looks awful, because it does add some nice new functionality and features.  The problem is that TouchWiz on phones is indeed awful and also makes updating happen at a much slower pace.  We won’t know how UX will affect the Tab 10.1 in the future, but it’s still something to be concerned about.

Anyone pick up a Tab 10.1?  Any of you want TouchWiz UX on it?

Via: Phandroid

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  • Based strictly on the video, TouchWiz looks good. I may install it on my Galaxy Tab 10.1, which I absolutely love. I hesitated and resisted buying a tablet for a long time, but the Galaxy Tab 10.1 broke my resolve.

  • Jason Allen

    I much rather just see google movies….But if touchwiz will bring me movies than I will take the update.

  • Anonymous

    i love my tab 10.1 but im hating the lag between screens and when typing on web form fields

  • Anonymous


  • Donstpete

    I absolutely love my 10.1. I had purchased an Acer A500 just to test drive but traded it back for this after 5 days. It is fast, crisp, light, solid and a pleasure to use. I have no experience with TouchWix… hate the name… but am keeping an open mind. Now if Samsung would only make available accessories I’d be a happy customer.

  • SD_Scott

    I am in love with my Tab. I’m on it all day, wifi enabled, Pandora playing, reading books/Droid Life, and I’ve never seen the battery drop below 40%. Simply amazing. Just wish I could find a mkv player now…

    • Donstpete

      Try MoboPlayer. In the Market.

      • SD_Scott

        Awesome, thanks Donstpete.  Watched Part I and II of the WWII in HD last night on my 10.1…

  • Supersporttahoe

    Wait, that said google talk 2. Right now the newest is 1.3.

  • Mattreed78

    Were the media HUB to rent and buy movies

  • Calculatorwatch

    Hang on so UX is just the same as saying UI except with an X to make it sound cooler? What does it stand for, User Xtreme? hahaha I just don’t see how this kindof terminology is necessary at all

    Honestly though some of the new TouchWiz features do look pretty cool and useful, I really want to show my iPad toting friends my 6 awesome mini-apps

    • UX – User Xperience

      Sony and Samsung use UX in this way in there demos and they even both have UI’s called this.

      Either way, the UI’s should be like an optional skin like Sense 2.1 on HTC phones that let you choose different skins to change the UI.

      TouchWiz UX brings a few more features to the table by integrating with Honeycomb without changing it too much.  Its the large widgets that make it laggy i believe because there were other UX demo’s on YouTube i was watching and some are smooth and some are laggy.  I guess its one of those YMMV moments.

  • Mrdavis47

    I have one.

    No, I dont want TouchWiz

  • Anonymous

    Already bought the Xoom. Galaxy tab looks nice tho.  Touchwiz should be optional and should be able to remove it if don’t like it after installing it.

  • Joster2609

    This will be very dissapointing because this seems like the first real I pad 2 competitor and Samsung is so blind that they can’t see they have something that could make many (like me) switch from an ipad and tarnish it with touchwiz, come on Samsung get some common sense

  • Joster2609

    This will be very dissapointing because this seems like the first real I pad 2 competitor and Samsung is so blind that they can’t see they have something that could make many (like me) switch from an ipad and tarnish it with touchwiz, come on Samsung get some common sense


    The video says “the galaxy tab comes with ‘indivisual’ speakers”…ha

  • I am sure it would prove to be a very cool addition. I know, Samsung’s custom UI for phones TiuchWiz v3 was stupid on Galaxy S initially, and I’ve tolerated it too much, but still Samsung did manage to update the Galaxy S (i9000) international version to Android 2.3.3 before others.

    But that’s not the point. Right now, I’m using Galaxy S 2 and the TouchWiz UI, now v4, is hell awesome! So much that stock Android isn’t cool anymore, something which I used often on Galaxy S. The features TW4 packs in are very much must-haves and the dual core Exynos processor makes sure everything stays blazing fast — you CANNOT slow the phone down no matter how much hard you try. Even with 200+ apps, its fast, fast and fast.

    The reason? Well, Exynos dual-core chip is the engine and it fully deserves all the praise in the world. But I think it’s Sammy’s developers who’ve integrated it quite well with Exynos to get the best of the processor.

    So, my point is, if the software team at Samsung is able to integrate their UX custom UI on honeycomb very well — like they’ve done on GS2 — the custom Ui will surely turn out to be a bliss, because the features TW offers and UX will offer, are quite cool — sth you won’t want to miss when you go for stock or non-UX ROMs.

    And given the fact that Samsung has taken due time to bring the UX on Tab 10.1 — rather than just loading it partially-cooked or partially-integrated upon tab’s launch — makes me believe, it would be one awesome addition.

    Ah, btw, the tab 10.1 is yet to launch here in India. I’m just dying to purchase it. My only wish is that this launches soon, before the quad-core based things start to pop over from literally everywhere, including Samsung’s own leaks.

  • 1. I’ve heard many times that it’s optional, and that you even have to have a Samsung account to get it. Naturally, I skipped that registration the moment it came up.

    2. I love Samsung products (I have this tablet plus a Fascinate) but WOW, this video is embarrassing. Do they even look at stuff Apple and Google produce? I had to turn it off half way out of sheer embarrassment, but they’d already made two spelling errors in the text, and the overall style and narration remind me of something from 1987. Samsung needs to hire a real advertising agency.

  • Thanks Samsung for more frag

    • tjhrulz

      What in the world makes you think fragmentation is caused by custom skins, I would never ever think that XD

  • Patrick H

    Looks okay…still, let’s hope that it’s optional.

    • Sure it’s optional. Take Touchwiz or never receive updates again

  • DroidzFX

    Why does samsung have to put a pearl necklace on everything?

    • Anonymous


  • Joster2609

    I thought it was optional to download so if u want to stick with vanilla u can, or that better be true or else I’ll get a xoom

  • Anonymous

    Lol i would just cancel the download

  • Rob Meyer

    TouchWiz… it sounds as dirty as it looks… = )

  • Xzombiex66

    Wow the tab seems pretty laggy in this video..the delay when using the touch screen is pretty bad.

  • Anonymous

    In an ideal world they would provide two 3.1 upgrades, one with and one without.  Then everyone could be happy.  Now back to reality…

  • Please keep it Vanilla, Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    I was seriously considering it, but I think the Asus EEE pad Transformer is looking more desirable everyday.

    • I’m on the fence between those two myself.

    • tjhrulz

      I wanna see their next generation of it the specs kellen mentioned the other day are great! Or we could all wait for the nexus tablet 😉

      • DroidzFX

        Nexus tablet = Xoom

        • tjhrulz

          Nope 😉

          • Anonymous

            I thought the same thing that Xoom was pretty much a nexus style tablet. 

          • tjhrulz

            It was but there is a nexus tab in the works, maybe 😉

          • Its a Google Experience Device. Its the first Generation Nexus Tablet. Just didn’t get branded Nexus.

            There should be a second generation Nexus Tablet late this year or early next branded as so though.

    • Anonymous

      I have the Galaxy Tab 10.1, was considering the Asus, but when I read the quality control problems…and the screen on the Tab is so vivid, the sound on it is awesome also.

      Something to consider!

      • Anonymous

        I liked it too when I was playing with it at Best Buy, but I noticed it was a bit laggy then the Asus, and even now with the video the UX seems just as bad, if not worst. I guess we have to see if this will honestly be a “optional” download, and I might consider it. 

        • I was worried after I ordered my tab 10.1 and played around with it at best buy when i noticed it lagged heavily like the transformer.  but when i got mine it didn’t do the same thing as the best buy display, I think it either had 3.0 instead of 3.1 on the display or Sammy has a revision 2 model shipping already.  Either way, i am VERY happy with my G-tab 10.1 😛

      • Ditto, I had the Transformer and when i heard about the screen, sound and camera being better, i bit the bait when it was on sale on eBay for $450.  I made a good decision, the Tab 10.1 is so much better thanks to the better screen, sound, camera, flash, rumble! (yes this thing has haptic feedback!) and the design is so much nicer and thinner and lighter than the Transformer.

        The colors of the screen don’t wash out like on the Transformer, the contrast is very nice and my battery life whooped the Transformer by lasting over a day.  (Need proof? here’s a screenshot I took)

        The performance on the tab is better with no lag, its silky smooth and its just professionally built.  Not saying the Transformer is a bad tablet, but i would rather have those features on the Tab vs getting a budget Android tablet.  You get what you pay for and the Transformer is a tablet built for the entry level Honeycomb user because of its cheaper materials and lower price.Only thing I miss from the Transformer? the sd card/microSD card slots that were built in. but adapters are available for the Tab as well as many more accessories and third party support as well as Devs.You can’t go wrong with the Galaxy Tab 10.1