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DROID Bionic Could Finally Launch August 4

Could the DROID Bionic finally launch on August 4?  Wouldn’t surprise us one bit.  We had been hearing “late July” for about a month now, so another week or two push by Verizon to get everything in order for the massive campaign that will surely arrive alongside it is definitely a possibility.  After all of the many delays and revisions (we’re now are rev-3), August 4 needs to get here now – this is in fact the device to have still on Verizon.

Oh, and the screenshot below does match the launch date for the DROID3 that we first reported, so that makes it at least a little palatable.  As always though, we’ll be digging for more to get those of you that have been waiting so impatiently more details.     

Via:  Android Central

Cheers to everyone who sent this!

  • Jimjah

    Nexus is garbage

  • Anonymous

    Everyone who got the Droid 1 back in November 2009 are now coming due for a 2 year upgrade. The early upgrade comes in August….. so the people who screwed up and got the HTC T-bolt with the terrible battery life and random reboots STOP hating dudes, just take it and move on….  🙂  just my opinion…

  • Anonymous

    Everyone who got the Droid 1 back in November 2009 are now coming due for a 2 year upgrade. The early upgrade comes in August….. so the people who screwed up and got the HTC T-bolt with the terrible battery life and random reboots STOP hating dudes, just take it and move on….  🙂  just my opinion…

  • Joey301

    I’m so sick of hearing about it that I don’t care anymore.

  • Joey301

    I’m so sick of hearing about it that I don’t care anymore.

  • Nothing

    Hasn’t everyone had enough Motorola games? Seriously anyone still waiting to buy the bionic is a dupe. I would bet good money it gets delayed yet again or if it doesn’t it will be the buggiest phone yet by Scrapola. Aug 4 th release when it was supposed to be an april date. This is an insult to all of VZW customers

  • Buckgrad

    The device to have UNTIL the Samsung Galaxy S2 arrives. Holding out for it… getting very tired of Moto as far as future phones go…

  • Jdevore64

    I for one am not buying, or recommending, Motorola. I love Moto hardware… but they can’t seem to do software. I have a DX… Froyo was a mess and now Gingerbread… Loved My OG!

  • Vtxtank

    <<<<< Waiting for the Bionic at Verizon.  Been waiting a long time.

  • pass.

  • Am I the only one who thinks the original design of the Bionic was way sexier than than this slab that looks like a Droid3 without a keyboard.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, you’re the only one.

    • Anonymous

      I gotta go with McClane on this one dude you are the only one….

  • Bewara2009

    Its about time this master piece gets a release date. Maybe July 28th we can pre order this baby. 

  • J Ridd

    Is this Launching with GB or do we not know yet?

  • Lmrojas

    Perfect. Asurion sent me a DX2. I sold it for 500$ on ebay to some idiot. Went and bought a thunderbolt from costco last week off contract and now I have 90 days to wait for this beast. 🙂

    • “…sold it for 500$ on ebay to some idiot.”

      Love it.

      • hey, I bought that from you!!   Just kidding 🙂  Who the hell would pay that……

  • Mctypething

    Despite its weaknesses, this seems like the only viable phone to use an upgrade on that’s come out recently or slated to come out. For whatever reason, VZW continues to release 3G phones. I still have yet to understand why anyone would lock themselves into a 2 year contract for a 3G phone.

    • Rperez076

      Probably because we are not all worried about 4G…I know I’m happy with my 3G phone

  • Jared Honey

    Good thing my OG Droid contract is up on August 4th…. must be a sign from the gods.

    This is the Droid you’re looking for…

    • Mate01

      Same here brah.

    • Anonymous

      I see what you did there 🙂

  • Stephen D

    No Galaxy S2 on that list 🙁 but what is the Convoy II?

  • Alot of Haters here.. very negative people.  I have been waiting along time for a new phone. Im still using the D1 and its been a great phone but just outdated and nothing out there has wet my pentile like the Bionic has even when it was announced at CES. This will be the phone i get. My 2 year is up 07/06 so i am ready for an upgrade. The D3 is a wow phone also but i just never use the slide out keyboard and it was limited on what kind of cases you get. Anyways I am glad they have this phone on Rev 3, that just means they are finally getting their act together to create a phone that will be a promising contender to any future phone to come out after for a t least 6 months lol.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed John! Too many haters. I think the DB and the D3 are looking real nice! I am probably getting the D3 due to the physical keyboard. Both phones look amazing!!

    • Earleepa

      I’ve still got my D1 too but the bionic just doesn’t do it for me. I’m hoping they’ll have something better out around Christmas.

      • Whatever it is, something decent needs to come on. My D1 is in it’s dying days now and In serious need of replacement. I’m hoping for the Bionic basing my choice completely on processor power alone, the one thing the OG Droid was in big need of.
        I can’t even answer my damn droid now.

    • tjmonkey15

      I have been waiting for the Bionic for a looong time.  Will most likely be getting it.  I like Moto phones (for the most part) and even like Blur to an extent too!

      • Tarsis Brito

        i dont get this people what is so great about a google device? Motoblur with froyo was not good it lags often but not the with gingerbread it is fast and we dont even have the new motoblur. You all can go to htc and samsung but i stick with moto the bionic will be the best phone in history and it will run on verizon let

  • Anonymous

    As long as this crap has taken this phone better be AMAZING.  If this has a freakin’ Pentile display, low RAM, and poor battery life, I wash my hands of Motorola.

  • Drnick124

    This ship kinda sailed when they forced me into getting something else to stay ahead of the tiered data. I had been waiting for it but they forced my hand.

  • Sapan Dhora

    Its coming with the same qHD Pentile screen.


  • Anonymous

    Just told my boss I was coming in late that day, hopefully as more details emerge this will be the phone I’ve been waiting to replace the OG Droid with.  I dont know when they SGS2 is coming anyways…..

  • is this phone going to have a physical keyboard? like thee droid 3? im debating on holding out if this phone does. 

    • WormDoes


    • ChrisI

      I have had a physical keyboard on the past three phones I’ve owned, and thought I couldn’t live without it. But I recently got the Sensation, and the virtual keyboard is great. It’s at least AS good as a physical one. I was huffing and puffing for no reason. I think having a really good, responsive touchscreen is important though to be able to compare virtual vs. physical. As the zen master says…. 

      • Tarsis Brito

        that is a great phone that you have man my friend got it and i loved it too i wish it was on verizon

  • Anonymous

    Wonder how soon XOOM 4g upgrade boxes will be rolling out now the BIONIC is now in the final stages of release. 

  • Mneighbo

    After having the Charge, the only way I would get the Bionic is if it has the Super AMOLED Plus screen, which apparently it doesn’t b/c it has the qHD screen, which is inferior. I’m happy with my Charge. 

    • Booboolala2000

      Same here. And am still waiting for lte on my XOOM

    • Tarsis Brito

      charge looks pretty i have to agree i dont know why it is not dual core 4 g

  • Qbrisco

    lots of talk has anyone held the phone in their hands????

  • Scottholstein Sh

    I can’t wait for the Bionic. I just upgraded to a DX2…and it is awesome. It was a huge upgrade. The screen is excellent, and the speed is tremendous. I have two more upgrades on my line, and I will use one for the Bionic. I don’t understand why all the negative comments all the time. Perhaps if some folks would upgrade instead of sitting around and griping about everything, they might be a little happier. The DX2 is a tremendous device, and I am certain the Bionic will be even better…just thought someone else might want to hear from a happy verizon customer for a change.

    • Tarsis Brito

      i do agree these dump people should start making their devices if they are so smart. all droid line up from moto are great

  • Dbdillon73

    I know we don’t know for sure yet but it that’s the screen it has then I’ll stick with my Thunderbolt. 

  • Amenemhat1

    Does anyone know what the Cosmos II or the Convoy II look like?

  • Jeff

    I can understand the delay.   It takes time to decide what crapware like Blur, Vcast____, to cram into the phone.  It also takes time to lock the boot loader down so that no one can remove all of that crapware to make the phone operate efficiently….

    A clean high performance phone will NOT BE TOLERATED…..

    • Anonymous

      Locked bootloader does not stop one from rooting and removing crapware.

  • Sean

    is that picture recent or one of the old bionic testers?

  • Does it seem weird that the D3 is listed as the Droid III in that screenshot, when VZW clearly refers to it as the “Droid 3”? That’s the only thing that worries me about this leak. I want the Bionic release date so bad! Why does  my suspicious brain tell me it isn’t real?

    • TeflonBilly

      Roman Numerals?

      • I agree that III means 3 in Roman Numerals, but VZW never refers to their Droid branded phones that way. Perhaps this is a third party reseller’s screen?

  • Anonymous

    SWEEEEEEET! That means it’ll have a system dump soon!

    Err… I mean, someone will get a review copy, hopefully, and a Bionic System Dump will be available shortly after(lol). Here’s hoping!

  • Imns

    Does it still only have the same 512MB as the original Bionic they paraded around six months ago?

  • Anonymous

    Is your sd card a class 6-10? If so, try a class 4 card. That fixed most of my GB DX problems.

  • Anonymous

    BIONIC FTW!!!!

  • By the way…the Bionic is just Verizon’s answer to the Atrix 4G, same stuff different phone.

    • Anonymous

      Except for bigger screen, better processor, better camera and LTE.

      • Tarsis Brito

        this phone might have 12 megapixel
        better processor
        and when we talk about lte we have to be happy. I tried the thunderbolt and its fast even with one core i can just imagine the bionic on lte i will laugh at all these haters when the bionic comes out

  • Of course, the day after my birthday the Bionic is set to release…how fitting. 

    • Custom Colonel

      My psychic powers tell me your bday is August 3rd…am i right??

  • still thinking HTC will be where its at when i get my new phone in 2 years (or until my Droid 2 breaks) lol

  • tomNasty

    This has to wow the hell out of me to ditch my TB for it…at this point the only thing out there thats worth getting is the GS 2 but how long till that comes out

    • LionStone

      Yea the screen on the TB is great, plus the camera and native photo editing…kicks ass…

  • Anonymous

    Motorola messed up the DX so badly with their gingerbread release, I’m going to avoid their phones. Just check the DX forums at AndroidCentral. My DX reboots daily, GPS takes 5 minutes to lock on, and 3G disappears every other day and requires a reboot. Others have reported many more problems. Even VZW is holding of on other Moto gingerbread releases.

    And yes, I tried several factory resets to no avail.

    • DroidzFX

      I never had any issues on any leaked GB so I cant say I relate. But if i was you with those issues I would go to CM7 and see if it still occurs. If not well then you have a functional phone with a lot more options. 

    • Anonymous

      Is your sd card a class 6-10? If so, try a class 4 card. That fixed most of my GB DX problems.

    • Lmrojas

      I had the same issues in fact vzw sent me a DX2 after complaint so much about the DX.

  • timmy13

    Can we just get some better, clearer pictures to hold us over.

  • Meh, I’m done getting excited over this phone.  Ever since the news broke about a Nexus/flagship ICS phone possibly coming to VZW in the Fall, the Bionic no longer whets my appetite.

    • MicroNix

      Depends if you want VZW or not.  I don’t clamor to a carrier based solely on the devices they carry….Nexus or not.

      • Err, I don’t understand your point.  The Bionic is only coming out on Verizon.

        • MicroNix

          But chances are the Nexus isn’t.  When someone says they are not going to go with one phone (Bionic on VZW) but wait for another (Nexus) on a *different* carrier makes me wonder if they plan on jumping carriers just for a phone (and possibly break contracts) or what.  Doesn’t matter if the Nexus comes out, if it is on Sprint, FORGET IT!

          • Anonymous

            Yea and I love VZ and there 4G speeds.
            Sprint/ATT/TMobile are much slower in almost everywhere they have coverage. And, VZ has more coverage. 

            So Id take the Bionic over the upcoming Nexus Device, even if it has better specs.

            all IMO

          • Anonymous

            But if Verizon got a Nexus device it would almost certainly be LTE.  Google has pushed the specs with the other two, no reason to think they would stop now.

          • Actually, the news I’m referring to says that a Nexus and/or other flagship device will be on all carriers, including Verizon.  That’s what I’m waiting for.

          • Anonymous

            This would be nice to see, Verizon with a pure google experince device. I hope this is true 🙂

          • Anonymous

            see: xoom

          • Anonymous


  • BJ P.

    what is the difference between dx2 and bionic? 

    • 4G and hopefully no shite firmware.

    • Anonymous

      4G, FFC, faster OMAP4 dual core processor, double the ram, double the internal memory, 1080p recording, hdmi mirroring, bigger battery, webtop and of course different design.

    • Tarsis Brito

      bionic will have better specs let better cam and processor

  • Youngs2se

    is the Droid 3 still scheduled for Direct-Fill on the 7th?

  • I’m really ready for a new device and I really wanted the Galaxy S II but it seems that Samsung is taking their sweet time that by the time the phone hits US carriers the rest of the world will be about to release the 3rd generation. As well as rumors saying it won’t be an LTE device. I might have to check this phone out and maybe make the jump…..

  • This phone better suck my dick or I’m going to be pissed after all this waiting…

  • tbaybe


  • Lakerzfan80

    If the Droid charge had a better processor I wouldn’t be so eager about the Droid bionic but sadly this is the case I’m willing to pay full price just to ditch my charge. I just bought it in may to make sure I was going to be grandfathered into my unlimited data plan : -)

    • The Truth Squad

      Youy could have purchased a cheap OG Droid on Ebay and saved yourself a lot of money.

      • Anonymous

        Better yet, you should have switched to Sprint.

  • Anonymous

    It will be interesting to say the least to see how Moto responds with the Bionic and how much functionality they pack into this device. A little surprise I hope is the unlocked bootloader, I hoping for specs that are comparable to the Atrix or better in terms of ram alongside some heavy dual core action plus the 4g.

    This device should be a beast, no not the D3 step above but a BEAST to rival anything HTC or Samsung etc..puts out. But, we all know Moto’s history so it’s a wait and see game.  

    Oh and Moto please work out the bugs, lets not have 20 updates to fix things that should’ve been tested out over the long delay of deplying this device.  Thing should be bullet proof by know.

  • Anonymous

    Won’t this basically just be a Droid X2 with LTE, including the crappy pentile screen?  If so, then no thanks.

    • DroidzFX

      No One knows the latest Specs….I would suspect its gonna be a little more than the X2

      • FFC. And no stock Froyo effed firmware.

        • DroidzFX

          I did not see the internal specs listed anywhere. If you have please share.

      • Tarsis Brito

        it will have better screen that’s why they are making it 4.5 better specs speed wise new motoblur, which i will love 🙂 bionic will be the faster phone ever no one knows how the phone its going to come out. They might have a display better than retina or same a retina

    • dixie1

      I agree. I love my DX but this looks like a replica with different specs. If that’s the case it’s a no go for me. 

    • Rob Meyer

      ahhh the “pentile screen” comment from the visual aficionados. I dont necessarily think this screen is all too bad. If youre not sitting next to another device with a superior screen will you really notice the difference? probably not. So keep your super amoled or retina display youre packing….an ok screen @ 540×960 is good enough for me with awesome hardware/software specs.

      • Anonymous

        And that’s fine.  But for those of us who are bothered by the pentile matrix (I really didn’t care for it on my DINC and I don’t like it on the X2) it can be a deal breaker.  I like the screen on my bolt and prefer it to the X2’s screen.

        • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Can we get tomorrows spec’d phones today, instead of yesterdays spec’d phones tomorrow? Does moto have the same clown design all their phones?

    • Mr.Joe

      Everyone does this and I can’t blame them.

      The iPhone has looked the same since 2007.  Yet the damn thing sells like hotcakes EVERY TIME.  Even though like nothing changes.  

      Every manufactures phones look a like IMHO.  None of them brake new grounds and when they do people complain.

      It’s a no win double loose. 

      • Anonymous

        And we all know how well the Kyocera Echo sold considering it one of the only phones to break the mold…

    • Anonymous

      I agree as well, and Mr Joe is right too. HTC has the same look with the EVO and Tbolt but it’s sexy as hell and looks better than the Moto designs for example.
      Also I am tired of Moto and others using the same old specs from earlier this year and think it’s an upgrade for a device mid to late year when new technology is out.  

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t seen the screen yet to say it’s crap and I could care less about Blur.  I just want clarification on the bootloader before pulling the trigger.  Since they aren’t likely to do that and this phone is likely to be outdated by end of year (like all phones after 5 or 6 months) I’m going to hold off for a Nexus.  I think I have a better chance of seeing a Verizon Nexus 3 than an unlocked Bionic bootloader come winter.

    • Anonymous

      I doubt we’ll see either.

  • Inboy81

    Hope they keep the DROID eye as appears that’s awesome

  • Anonymous

    We need a good battery for this phone. 

  • do we have full specs on this thing yet?

  • Custom Colonel


  • DroidzFX

    Please tell me they changed the screen

    • Anonymous

      Judging by the screen shot it doesn’t look like it

      • DroidzFX

        I don’t think there is a current photo of the newest revision…I am crossing my fingers its been changed. Otherwise I will be holding out. 

        • Anonymous

          That’s why it looked so familiar. And ditto on the holding out. 

          • tjhrulz

            I think the phone in the screenshot is a droid 3, look at the bottom it is separate from the screen like it has a keyboard. I do not even think that is a bionic 

          • Anonymous

            The droid 3’s camera/censer is to the right of the Motorola logo on the front. Not to the left like this picture.

          • tjhrulz

            True I did not catch that, well here is to hoping for a good screen on the bionic 


  • Please.

  • CAN’T WAIT!!!   

  • Rp780

    FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! unless of course they need to make more “updates”

  • yeah i will be first in line at my local verizon store…..need to ditch this shitty charge asap!

    • Anonymous

      Just curious. What don’t you like about the charge?

      • Anonymous

        I can think of 3 reasons:

        – it’s ugly
        – single-core processor
        – Touchwiz

      • Dislikes:
        -cheap build quality
        -poor GPS performance
        -poor battery life
        -lack of notification LED
        -slow file system
        -touch jizzz
        -poor radio performance (when i had a tbolt for a few weeks network speeds were always faster by 2-3 mbps)

        -Super AMOLED + screen
        – good call quality
        – awesome mobile hotspot
        -great camera

        • MicroNix

          Well hopefully Moto’s Bionic camera doesn’t suck as bad as the D1.  That was an “embarrassing” camera

    • Kellex you must’ve had a great 4th of July  “this is in fact the device to have still on Verizon.” correction, “this is in fact still the device to have on Verizon” and another “we’ll be digging for more to get those of you that have been waiting so impatiently more details.” I don’t know what to say about that one lol, it’s ok though you’re still awesome!