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New Verizon iPhone Marketing Campaign Mentions 4G? About to Hate on the Android LTE Parade?

Ewww is all I have to say to this image.  I hate to report on this subject, but when it comes to this phone on our carrier of choice and all of the reports of Android plateauing, it affects our Android world and we can’t help but toss it out there for everyone to see.

What we’ve got in the image above, is a box full of new marketing materials for Verizon stores that mention the word “4G” and “iPhone” in the same sentence.  We’re not saying this means that an iPhone 4G is planned or on the way, but that could be one possibility.  Truthfully though, we’ve heard from two sources with the box that say it’s misleading as hell and that the materials included only mention the 3G iPhone.  So what we’re really thinking, is that this is the launch of a new campaign which will try to sell customers on the idea that a 3G iPhone 4 is better than any of the 4G Android offerings currently available.  Yep, pretty gross.

At some point over the last couple of months, I told myself that there couldn’t be a set of commercials that were more pretentious than, “If you don’t have an i*hone…well, you don’t have an i*hone,” but that could be changing.

Update:  We’ve seen some of the materials that were included in this box and they make no mention of 4G and the iPhone.  What a sham of a marketing box.  Moving on!

Sort of a random post I know…

Cheers M!

  • The apple company Marketplaces on the lack of knowledge of their customers. I have tried to inform many of my buddies who require iPhone is the biggest factor since fellatio.

  • AT&T also had the fastest upload speeds, with a maximum of 1.13
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  • If you’re a Sprint or Verizon iPhone 4S customer traveling
    internationally, you can buy a pre-paid micro-SIM card with dramatically
    cheaper rates for data and voice calling, rather than pay for
    international roaming offered by U.S. carriers to their existing

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  • I also guess the time to start my local VZ trolling and think that talking about the iPhone 3G is better to get medieval on Android and 4G them. :]


  • iPhone is better then android though. I mean, Android JUST got cut the rope. A game iphone owners have played for over a year now lol. 

  • MrZamn

    I have had the Droid 2 for almost a year now. And , while I can’t speak for all of the DROIDS out there, they do have a few points.. #JUSTSAYING
    Believe me I love the things that Google has done so far, but the DROID 2 was not the best example of that program. And until battery life and application development improves… I will be on the fence.

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  • JagerMan

    Cant everyone just be happy with what they have.  Going from a Android and horrible battery let alone you cannot use the stock OS because it’s horrible doesn’t mean I will hate on Androids.  Who cares people!

  • iKing

    There are some nervous fandroids in here!!! Ha ha…

  • Rrosotho

     Even though im with Verizon but I think Droidlife should throw some Sprint on here, at least they are coming out with better android phone than Verizon.

  • They probably meant “IPhone 4, gee!”

  • Anonymous

    In the Iphone world, Iphone 4g = 4th Generation.

    I have an iPod touch 3G actually. Great music player, wouldn’t want it as a phone though.

  • Source from China Telecom also indicate the next iPhone will be LTE capable. 

  • Anonymous

    Who cares.  Stop posting about the iHype Kellex, just ignore it.

    • iKing

      He can’t help it….

  • Troy Mileski

    i’ve seen the posters inside the box and if you’ve seen them you would have noticed… the iphone 4 pictured is missing the top “cuts” in the stainless trim ring… it looks more like the att iphone 4…. or maybe a new iphone. HOWEVER, on the status bar of the phone on the poster it does say “3G” but also does not say “Verizon 3G” either like the current posters do… just 3G

  • my store recieved those this morning, they were “somehow” torn in half and thrown away…..the situation is under investigation

  • Anthony Vella

    If you don’t have an iPhone, well, then you have an Android.

  • Apple Markets on the ignorance of their consumers.  I have tried to educate many of my friends who insist iPhone is the greatest thing since fellatio. I have managed to sway quite a few of them. As for the rest, I’m glad they waste their money on it.  If they are blind enough to let Apple spoon feed whatever garbage they want, its their own fault.

    Google > Apple
    Android > iOS 

    on a side note…COD: Black Ops (either console), who wants some!?!?!  

    • Anonymous

      GT –> b4rry b4drinath

      • Nice, invite will come your way later today.  

        …im at work right now.    

    • tony o.

      Psn- mexfactor92

      • Got it, Invite coming later today. I just got it for PS3 so I am gonna need to level up a bit. So bear with me….


  • Stevegripp

    got that in my store its just a new paper display for the iphone 4 the labeling is just dumb

  • For all the talk you guys do about how apple fanboys are immature and rag on android, this site’s been doing it a lot too.  I come here to read about android news, not apple news.  cmon guys…

  • Wow, VZW would F*ck themselves out of future high end Android sales to promote a year old iPhone?

    • iKing

      Bcuz that year old phone is their number one seller…..that’s why

  • Anonymous

    i like random posts

  • UPS

    This picture is not fake. I work for a small time company some of you may of hear of called UPS. Verizon is a contracted shipper these ads have been coming through.

  • Anonymous

    Oh the irony if Apple releases trash talk about how you’re better off with their phone than 4G while Verizon tries to sell everyone on tiered data because their 4G is so good that you need it and worth the price.
    What an ass they will make of each other and the sad part is I’m sure Apple will likely win any advertising battle.

  • Ckoch0125

    i think it is meant to make fun of the other carriers so called 4g. Since Verizon calls there’s lte. And why would they bash their own network?

  • TheAndroid1

    Maybe that’s the name of the next iPhone, the iPhone Better 4g.
    Think of it: if you don’t have the iPhone, you don’t have better 4g.

    This seems like a typo, the first line doesn’t make any sense.

  • Anonymous

    “About to Hate on the Android LTE Parade?” Not so much. I tend to look at iPhon’t celebrations the same way I do gay pride parades. I don’t look and I don’t care.

  • Punkdefied

    For the people that swallow the iPhone 3G > Android 4G LTE, I will happily take a $100 dollar bill from you and return 10 $1 bills and explain how you will have more bills therefore more money.  Any takers?

  • Anonymous

    Hearing those “If you don’t have an i*hone….” commercials makes me want to punch a baby

    • If you don’t have crabs, well, you don’t have crabs.

      • Anonymous

        If you don’t have an i*hone, then you probably aren’t a tool

        • Anonymous

          If you like that unfunny fool in your avatar, then you don’t need an iPhone to prove you are fool!

          • Anonymous

            You’re cool

        • Anonymous

          if you don’t have an iPhone, well, you aren’t an iSheep.

  • Wow, Droid Life got a hold of iphone news before iBGR????? Nice! haha

  • Wow, Droid Life got a hold of iphone news before iBGR????? Nice! haha

  • max

    i hate i os so much that i sold all my ipods bought a samsung galaxy tab and droid i hate ios with a passion and for copying android in their new ios 5 what unoriginal apple

  • max

    i hate i os so much that i sold all my ipods bought a samsung galaxy tab and droid i hate ios with a passion and for copying android in their new ios 5 what unoriginal apple

    • wb

      you obviously hate punctuation too

      • Senor_LOL

        EL OH EL

    • Digg

      Just wow.

  • Kingtroll


  • JoeInMO

    Looks entirely fake to me.

  • J D

    Probably means “Why the iPhone is better that other 4G Smartphones?” 

  • Anonymous

    Yeah I guess that’s possible but I doubt that vzw would have promotional items in store that knock their 4g network. Unless I’m misunderstanding this situation.

  • EricTheRed

    I just think it’s funny that some of my iphone friends think their phone IS 4G because they have an iPhone 4G…priceless.

    • except that its called an iphone4 not an iphone4g?

      • Jake S.

        haha #nerdrage

    • Anonymous

      that’s the best part…it’s not an iphone 4g..its an iphone 4

    • Anonymous

      I’ve heard that plenty of times from my friends. 

    • they were brilliant in that marketing….calling the 2nd iphone the iphone 3G knowing full well that 4G was up and coming and the majority of people who purchase the iphone know nothing and would assume it was 4G.

    • People with iPhones aren’t necessarily the smartest…

    • Anonymous

      They’ll call the next one the iPhone 5G.

  • The Observer

    Why would VZW try to tarnish 4G phones, more specifically Android since we all know iDon’t doesn’t do 4G, just to sell more iPhonies? Do they make bigger profits off of iPhonies?

    • Anonymous

      No, they actually let far less profit.  But it’s a big mover, and is more likely to get customers off of feature phones than Android is.

  • This is odd. Why would VZW purposefully cannibalize the sales of the platform that they have the most control over?

    • just guessing, but i bet verizon’s cut of revenue per sale is higher on the iPhone than Android devices.

    • There were about 2.2 million reasons in the winter.  Remember, Verizon had a lot of control over BlackBerry and Windows Mobile, too, and that helped kill those platforms.

  • jbonics

    Need 4G too. /

  • Anonymous

    iPhone 5 won’t have lte this year, maybe next year. It’s too new & isn’t fully nationwide yet. Honesltly wit all these data caps with all these carriers, I dint care as muc about. At least now I don’t

  • Anonymous

    I guess its time to start trolling my local VZ and wait for them to mention the 3g iphone is better then a 4g Android and get medieval on them. :]

    • Anonymous

      That was awesome =D!

  • Anonymous

    Well, if you narrow it down to VERIZON’S 4G Android devices, the iPhone actually is better.

    • James

      Very true.

    • Anonymous

      Sad but true…

      Until the bionic anyways 🙂

    • Anonymous

      lol,… that tiny thang… 😀

  • DroidzFX

    It meant to say iphone, Better 4G, and smartphone

  • Anonymous

    Makes no sence for VZW to hate on their own product.  It does make sense for them to hate on competitors “4G” service by highlighting what VZW’s iphone already does reliably — skype, netflix, etc.  Might just be a side-effect that people choose that over some LTE android phones.

  • Anonymous

    Well if you buy and new iphone in September when it’s released. Your contract will end 3 years into VZW LTE roll out…I’m sure if you don’t feel slow when you first buy it, you will eventually…. Long live the robot!

  • Anonymous

    So verizon its going to fight their own products? That doesn’t make sense.

  • Anonymous

    Leave it to Apple to help Verizon shoot itself in the foot more efficiently than it already has… Who needs 4G??

    • Anonymous

      Don’t forget, “4G” means a lot of different things and none of them compare to LTE, so it makes sense to put the iphone up against competitors “4g” android phones.

  • Raptor007

    I doubt it will have 4G LTE, since AT&T doesn’t have LTE rolled out and that would just confuse the the zombie iPhone fans.  Either way it will come with LTE sooner or later, but I still won’t buy an iPhone!

    • Anonymous

      They are talking about Verizon who does have LTE – anyway I agree with you – F apple and when it finally does get LTE it will be like the world changed when in reality our Droids have had it already – hate apple and iphone users DIE!

  • Raptor007

    I doubt it will have 4G LTE, since AT&T doesn’t have LTE rolled out and that would just confuse the the zombie iPhone fans.  Either way it will come with LTE sooner or later, but I still won’t buy an iPhone!

  • maybe time to stop referring to it as the iPhail and start calling the VPhail.

    • Anonymous

      Lol! Funny!

    • Anonymous

      Don’t forget to add the FailBolt then too.

      • And Fail X with GingerFail.

        • iKing

          And let’s not mention HoneyFail….

  • maybe time to stop referring to it as the iPhail and start calling the VPhail.