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Download: Cut the Rope on Android

So much for that big Friday surprise, right?  We just got done reporting that Getjar will be the first to have Cut the Rope starting tomorrow, but they’ve already posted it up at this link.  And if you don’t feel like heading there, we’ve posted the .apk file below.  The version we have is for the DROIDX though, so depending on the screen resolution of your device, you may want to still head over to Getjar.

Download:  cuttherope.apk [officially from Getjar]

Cheers @jonathan_shell and @cheeltun!

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  • Couldn’t get this game to start up on my OG Droid with LGB 2.1. Anyone else get it to work on OGD?

    • msg04

      Only OG Droid rom i was able to run this on was Project Elite v5.02…all other CM based roms would not run this no matter what I did. I didn’t even need to run Swapper2 on PEv5.02