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Worried About the Flimsy Plastic Samsung Galaxy S II Battery Cover? Watch this Video.


We still have no official word on when the Samsung Galaxy S II will land stateside or on Verizon, but until then, the video above should ease any concerns over the fragility of its plastic battery cover.  Since the phone debuted earlier this year, one of the biggest knocks against the device (any Samsung device for that matter) was the fact that the back plate felt (or at least looked) like it might break every time it needed to be pulled off.  The video that our buddies over at Phandroid have uncovered clearly shuts down that notion.

All I can say, is please be 4G whenever you do arrive.

Via:  Phandroid

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  • Guest

    from the forums, this phones has been pretty much decided to lack 4g. go check out androidcentral forums if you want to see the full details. i wanted this till i found that out.

  • Anonymous

    I cringed.

  • Anonymous

    What, we already got it in Guam. Now I’ve gotta go back to the store and make sure that was really it.

  • Spoken Word™

    Maybe it’s just me but I’ve owned dozens of phones in my day and I’ve never broken a battery cover or even worried about it regardless of how thin it was. Why is it that all of a sudden how thin a battery cover is has become such a hot button issue with people lamenting over it being the deciding factor in their decision to buy a phone? WTF?! Really?

    • you never ran into the battery back for the HTC Droid Incredible, i had that fucker broken a month after buying that, the colored plastic back i bought as a replacement lasted about 5 months, never had a problem with a phone battery back before that

  • Need a keyboard version plz. Samsung does have pretty good build quality. 

  • Anonymous

    Having a hard time deciding between the SGS2 or the next Nexus phone. Get the SGS2 during the summer or wait until early next year for a Nexus (with rumored 720p screen).

  • Phillip

    Concerns were more about the retaining clips breaking than the flexibility of the cover.

  • Dor Z

    Im working with this phone for a month now. i like it’s build. No need for heavy metal. It isn’t the galaxy s1…. Which didnt break eather. prefer a 110g phone over the Htc or iPhone heavy devices.
    Plus it’s the fastest one out there….

  • Interstellarmind

    all this SGII talk is giving me flashbacks of my samsung omnia with windows on it. *shudder*

  • Anonymous

    Everyone has been saying how they hope this has 4G. Personally, I kind of hope it doesn’t, especially with Kellex’s other post this morning about 4G being down nationwide (not the first time, either). Between battery issues and Verizon’s own network problems, I don’t think 4G is ready for primetime and I think this could be an awesome phone easily spoiled by the “4G race.” Then again, the 3G speeds where I live are crappy and if I had experienced 4G speeds I might not be so quick to criticize it.

    • Anonymous

       4G toggle widget. Problem solved.

    • Will Frame

      I somewhat agree. But this is a flagship phone with the best possible specs. Leaving off 4G would be like selling a Ferrari without the tires, no? Look at the Droid X2 (although it is also missing a front-facing camera). New phones missing 4G connectivity almost automatically qualify as mid-range devices now.

      My girlfriend has the Samsung Droid Charge and it seems to do fine with battery life on LTE. I think it was just HTC’s implementation that was the issue.

  • Brandon Peters

    Well it may not be aluminum, but its high grade plastic…

  • I might be worried about breaking it, if it was ever announced or available here in the US.

  • Anonymous


  • EC8CH

    GSII+VZW+4GLTE=Worthy OGD replacement… finally

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. I just hope it arrives before my renewal period in September. It should, but Verizon and Sammy are always late….

  • A bit tangential…what’s up with the dude’s fingernails? I see so many tech videos with dudes with long fingernails. Is that some sort of requirement for popping battery covers open? If so, does every digit have long and nasty nails? Wouldn’t just one long fingernail do? (FWIW: I notice this more in the spy videos from Vietnam.)

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have 4G where I live, and won’t for a while (one of the downsides to living in rural Wisconsin), so having a phone that is 4G capable isn’t too important to me. The only time I’d ever get to take advantage of it is when I make the two hour drive to Minneapolis. With that said, Verizon will be dropping the ball if they choose to release this phone and not make it 4G.

  • T Hall

    Uh oh…. Just tried it on the OG Droid, it did not fair as well…..

  • itsbeautiful.jpeg 

  • Taml17

    Is it really possible they would release this device without 4G on Verizon?  What a waste if they do.  I am so excited for this phone–my original Droid isn’t going to make it much longer!!

    • It would be pretty dumb of them to release it without 4G. They’d be losing a ton of sales. Still haven’t decided if I want this or the Bionic, especially with the whole 2nd init on the Droid X making CM7 possible.

    • Art

      it would def make me thing twice about another phone if 4g was not available on verizon model.

    • Anonymous

      It’ll be over double the thickness and cost like $400 ON CONTRACT…
      Tempting thought though

  • Dea Wa

    only if the phone can bend like that too o.o

  • I can’t bend the battery cover every-which-way on a phone that I don’t have!


  • fartbubbler

    for as much as this phone will cost, it deserves a better quality backing, like aluminum or adamantium. 

    • MeHappy

      Better quality than unbreakable plastic?!

      • Wakky waving inflatable arm tube man!!!! 
        Wakky waving inflatable arm tube man!!!!
        Wakky waving inflatable arm tube man!!!!

        Thats what the back is made out of…duh!

        • FortitudineVincimus

          WTF are you talking about?

          • pezjono
          • FortitudineVincimus

            ahh… I wouldn’t know about that. I stopped watching cartoons when I was 12.

          • You’re life must suck. Cartoons are the shit!

          • Bob

            That isn’t saying much considering what’s on T.V these days.

        • [email protected]

          love the reference

        • Bob

          Arm flailing*

    • Anonymous

      it’s gotta have plastic for antenna signal.

  • Anonymous

    A flimsy feel was the big knock on the Incredible as well. I’ve had that for over a year and have never had any issues.

    • Anonymous

      Yer so right, I had forgotten about that.  Not everything can be a tank like Moto’s phones, yet they can still hold up well.

      • Larickyd

        A tank lol

  • Damn… I am jealous I fear for my life when I take the battery cover off my Thunderbolt.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Seriously, I do too.

    • Anonymous

      Nah, not me, I’d still rather have the beefier back on the TB…after the first few times popping it off its no problem, even with rock climber/carpenter hands without the long fingernails, eww lol…

      • DrB

        I agree.  I have a paralyzed arm and I have no problems popping off the back cover of my TB using just my one hand.

  • 4G = yes please