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Google Voice Update Includes Battery Enhancement, Flash 10.3 Receives Support for OMAP4 Devices

One of the greatest apps on Earth, Google Voice, has an update available that should help to improve your battery life even though part of it also allows for your screen to stay on while listening to voicemails.  I know, it seems like two things that would work against each other, but you know what?  We’ll take Google Voice for its word, since it’s so awesome.  

The other major app to receive an update today was Flash 10.3 which actually ends up being pretty interesting even after we originally thought it was just another “security enhancement” thingy.  After checking out the official changelog, we noticed that it now supports “NEON optimizations for OMAP4 (Cortex A-9) based devices.”  And why is that interesting?  Well, because we don’t currently have any Android devices running OMAP4 processors, but are expecting the DROID3 to be one of the first.

We first reported that the D3 could be out by July 7, so with Adobe letting the world know that OMAP4 phones are just around the corner, we’re hoping they are referring to our next family member.

More info on the Flash update here.

Cheers @d1g1k!

  • And here’s my modified hack to get hulu.com working on the latest flash, see post #209 in this thread:

  • tlspatt

    Don’t update GV!  GV lags and there’s a huge delay in receiving MMS messages since this latest updated.  Google the apk file online and keep version on-hand.  That version still works swimmingly, even with GB 2.3 on my Droid X (it’s been the most stable on both Gingerbread and Froyo).  

  • dumborno

    It would be nice if there was a way to delete all voicemails in one shot.  Am I missing something?

  • Sjaglh

    thats great google voice got an update, just hope I can get my notifications, text or email, within a few minutes now instead of 20 – 30 min.  Yes ive checked all my settings and read many forum posts, many people have this problem.  seems to happen more on wifi

  • YAY, does that mean we can listen to voicemails longer than 30s??? It’s ABOUT FRIGGING TIME they fixed that bug!

  • Anonymous

    It’s not the apps that need updating, it’s the carriers. 🙂

  • Anonymous


  • Google Voice needs a complete UI overhaul and needs to support multiple texting recipients, also needs a real widget and should be able to hook into 3rd party applications.

  • LG Optimus 3D uses the OMAP 4 processor. That could be what the NEON optimizations are for lol

  • QQMore

    “keep screen on while playing voicemails”

    About damn time!!

  • Doesn’t the LG Optimus 3D use an OMAP4 chip?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah but it’s not out anywhere yet to my knowledge.

  • nerdkill

    How about fixing GV on the thunderbolts so we can sign in?

    • LionStone

      it works on TB…. use it everyday because it’s the greatest app on earth!

  • mcaf.ee/b5e0c 

  • Anonymous

    Still no honeycomb support for google voice 🙁

  • This is why I’m dumping my Xoom and getting an iPad. Google Voice, one of Google’s flagship products hasn’t been updated to support Honeycomb, Google’s own latest and greatest mobile OS. Seriously Google, you lost me, I’ve given you 5 months now, and you still can’t get it right.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I wish Google would put more effort into Google Voice, like doing a UI revamp or something.

    I only use it for free texts, though. 🙂

    • Andy Christiansen

      so you canceled your texting plan?

  • Pete

    Anyone else have problems with Google Voice on Verizon?  I had been using it as a voicemail replacement and would occasionally get GV recordings that were empty – just a minute or two of silence.  I did some looking and it sounded like there were others on VZW that had that happen, too, intermittently.  I ended up disabling it and going back to the VZW voicemail (which I hate) if it wasn’t going to be reliable otherwise.  I even considered the VZW visual voicemail but that won’t work unless you’re on 3G or something?  Sigh…

    • Mrisco11

      I have not had that problem, but I have been using my phone and getting an alert that I have a new voicemail when the phone had not rang. It happens quite a bit 

      • LionStone

        no problems here either, I use it everyday, also for my voice mail, mostly reliable and another reason why GV rocks is even at 30,000′ I can send text messages…

  • nessa

    maybe the droid 3 might release in the next couple weeks and not the rumored 7th. this might be a good sign

    • Anonymous

      But the 7th is only 3 weeks away.

      • nessa

         still too long for me to wait, im still holding out for the first rumors for the end of june

    • James_Ever

      I’m thinking this is the case as well, like it will be announced possibly this weekend or first thing Monday after Father’s Day because of all the sales happening, for pre-release online like the DroidX2. I hope it has the blue accent colors on the keyboard like the leaked photos of the Milestone3.

  • Google Voice needs to be updated to support MMS and Honeycomb.

    • Anonymous

      This would really make the world a better place.

    • Kal-El

      And support group messaging. I wish they’d bring back the single forwarding number ..having unlimited minutes using friends and family was sawweeeet

  • caseyisajim

    Google Voice IS one of the greatest apps on Earth.  Updating!……..

    • Anonymous

      i wish it had texting to international numbers. i tried once, having forgot that limitation, and it said “your account is not authorized to send text messages to international numbers” or something like that

  • Anonymous

    Still no Honeycomb support for Google Voice?

    • Anonymous

      Since Honeycomb is ” not for phones” support most likely will not appear until Ice Cream Sandwich

      • Anonymous

        That’s exactly why you need it for Tablets– so you can make calls on them.

        • Anonymous

          And that is exactly why Google is not going to risk posting of their mobile partners by giving it to you until after Ice Cream Sandwich, where it can run on phones asw well.

          • Anonymous

            The current version can be forcibly installed- it just looks terrible and doesn’t have full functionality.  I agree though that others like Skype are slowing voip / video chat in response to industry pressure.