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Download: Fede Releases Updates to Alpha Music Player UberMusic

Fede released the first alpha edition of his new WP7-esque music app almost a month ago and is already up to version 7 as of today.  After thumbing through it for just a few minutes, you can tell that this is really turning into a solid and light music player (not that we weren’t expecting it to) even if he is calling it UberMusic. (Hah!)  He’s fixed a ton of stability issues, added more menus, tweaked the widget to work properly, and overall has made the experience much more enjoyable.  To stay up-to-date, you’ll want to grab v7 below.

Download:  UberMusic-Alpha7.apk


  • Chop Chop

    i’m another one waiting for the lpp rewrite, just to say that even if this is a great music player i wouldnt consider buying it when its out of alpha/beta because it will loose support once another idea pops into fede’s head.

  • H Class

    Downloaded this app 2 days ago and have been using it heavily every since. Only thing missing is lock screen controls.

  • Shanklin07

    I like what he is doing here. I really like the metro look of Zune on Wp7 and this is something I have always wanted on Android. Someone else said it would be great if it integrated with Google Music and the 20gig cloud it gives you; I agree competely! But is that possible? I mean does Google allow this yet? Or will they make that possible?

  • rishi

    wow, so much, I don’t know what to call it…bitterness, maybe, over Fede’s pursuing UberMusic?  Its as if you’re suggesting LPP isn’t already a fantastic app.  Don’t piss on their parade if they want to do something else they really enjoy; its that doing something else that creates an ecosystem of excellent stuff.

  • He should update LauncherPro to support landscape mode on keyboard out again…

  • Mauricio Sanchez

    Let me know when the LauncherPro rewrite is done. Until then… ADW EX it is, I guess.

  • Mothinrust

    This works great! The new features are awesome.

  • lol UberMusic is a terrible name 😛

  • GREAT APP.. Looks great! Functions Great! I would use this as my daily driver ….IF…. it could integrate with google music!  THIS LOOKS+ GOOGLE MUSIC CLOUD SYNCING= best player PERIOD!!

  • Mgault

    I really like his music player but i rally like shuffle.  I couldnt find a way to make it shuffle at all.  Am i just missing that

    • Anonymous

      Tap the album cover art and it opens up the repeat and the shuffle options.

  • trumpet444

    Who the hell is waka flacka flame? …….How about some Bloc Party!!!

    • Shanklin07

      HAHA Man you just made my sh*t day all better with that comment!!

  • Anonymous

    Seems cool, but it does not see all my music.  Only the stuff preloaded on my Xoom or downloaded from Amazon.  None of stuff I ported over from my PC.  I cleared data from Media Storage since that worked for PowerAmp, but no go for UberMusic

  • Gfacekilla

    Being as I have no desire to cloud my music, this is the ultimate player for my needs. FeDe, keep up the excellent work.

  • Charlie

    I have tried Fede’s Music app through Beta 5, and now this one (v7).  I have yet to open the app on my rooted (no custom ROM) OG Droid.  I get a FC EVERY time I attempt to open the app.  Uninstall, reinstall, reboot, clear all cache, reboot, down a shot, reinstall…. same results each and every time; force close before opening.

    Any suggestions from the crew?

    • Charlie

      Anyone know how to contact Fede directly for suggestions on this issue?  (I assume nobody else is having the same issue that I am.)

  • Interstellarmind

    what say you all…’tis better than PowerAMP?

  • John

    WOW… Not bashing the app, but that’s a horrible name he chose

    : /

  • John

    WOW… Not bashing the app, but that’s a horrible name he chose

    : /

  • Scott Hartman

    I would use this today (and pay for a pro version) if it worked with Google Music Beta, but I’m now very much tied into that ecosystem.  I realize there’s no APIs yet for Google Music, but sadly this lovely music player is of no use to a large swath of users as a result.

  • Guest

    Looks amazing…but needs a few things before I switch from Power Amp. Gesture controls (swipe to switch tracks) and an Equalizer to name a couple.

  • Anonymous

    Imo this is the best music app on Android.

  • I used it when it first came out and really liked it.
    Now I have Google Music, UberMusic would need integration with it for it to be of any value.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. I have decent music players, but I’m mainly interested in one that will integrate Google music, because I really don’t like Google’s default player.

    • Anonymous

      I agree or at least some cloud storage protocol for it to be worth while.  While I keep a lot of music on my phone I like to be able to grab a few things off the cloud when I want without switching apps.

    • Warr

      If I remember it correctly Fede did say that he will integrate it if the API came out.

  • Add Google Music Beta integration (Which I don’t is possible, I’m sure there’s no API’s for it yet) and I’ll use it! lol.

  • ChrisI

    I don’t know about you guys, but I really need to download these updates so I can get me some Waka Flocka Flame!!!

  • shamrockx

    ill stick with my google music and cloud like a ninja…if this was out a year ago i woulda used it sorry bud

  • Kierra

    Love , love , love the look of this music player.

  • Rain_king46

    Dear Fede,  I love ya dude, you are great at what you do. Please, Please, Please concentrate on Launcher pro plus.  I think Google finally has us covered on music with their beta.

    • MFG

      Well said.

    • Guest

      Google needs to add many of the popular features found in third party apps like Power Amp and Player Pro before I’ll consider it a contender.

    • Anonymous

      Ehh I moved on to adw ex..got tired of the empty promises from fede. Launcher pro used to be my favorite but adw has ALOT of features.

    • Rain_king46

      Having said that, this is a pretty badass app. I have said it before, if I am a Google exec, I am looking to hire Fede immediately. 

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, whatever happened to that promise of a complete rewrite of launcher pro?

  • This has to be the best music player on Android so far..and it’s only an Alpha

    • Calculatorwatch

      Seconded, it’s like fede instinctively knows everything I’ve ever wanted from a music player that no other developers can seem to figure out

  • Anonymous

    Google’s music beta has solved all my needs and hopes for a great music player. This looks fantastic, and I love his work, but I wish it would have been around a year ago.

  • Anonymous

    Love LauncherPro, but I think I’ll stick with PowerAmp for music.

  • Fede will eventually through your hope a safety line…

  • How is the GUI of this app? 

    The new beta music with google on the OG Droid is so sodding laggy it’s killing me. 

    • Sruel3216

      just like lpp, no lag at all

  • Kdroidx


  • And with the release of UberMusic Alpha dies my hope of the LPP rewrite… 🙁

    • Ah yes, the unwritten rule that developers can only work on one project at a time 😛
      I forgot about that one. 

      • Anonymous

        but its true. idk anyone who can code or do two things during the same time. Its hard enuff to breath and type sometimes.

      • Anonymous

        but its true. idk anyone who can code or do two things during the same time. Its hard enuff to breath and type sometimes.

  • MFG

    Why download this when I have Google Music? If only he could integrate it…

  • Love the name!