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Motorola DROIDX2 Review – Verizon

The original DROIDX has a special place in our hearts, so it’s going to take some major upgrades in order for this DROIDX2 to stand a chance.  On paper, it looks like Motorola has done a decent job by tossing in a dual-core processor and upping the screen resolution, but will that be enough to make this the device to take away that upgrade of yours?  Tough call – let’s find out.  

The Good:

  • Battery Life:  I wish I had a screenshot to accompany this battery note, but each time the phone had been on long enough to need a charge, I forgot to grab one.  Trust me though when I say that the battery life on the DX2 was a pleasant surprise.  With its dual-core processor, I wasn’t expecting much, but came away more-than-happy.  You should easily get a full day’s use out of it on a single charge.
  • Hardware:  You can’t deny that Motorola makes some of the best hardware on the planet.  If you liked the build of the original DROIDX, then you’ll likely enjoy this phone as well since they are almost identical.  Moto also introduced the NVIDIA Tegra 2 to its first Verizon phone, which at some point will take this phone to new heights – just not while it’s running Froyo (Android 2.2).  The phone also mimics past Moto models in looks which we enjoy, feels great in hand even as a larger device, and isn’t made of flimsy plastic like certain other manufacturers seem to manage.
  • HDMI:  Yes, the DX2 has full 1080p HDMI mirroring.  That means you can hook it up with a micro-HDMI cable to a TV and enjoy everything from your phone without hesitation.
  • Camera:  Pretty sure that the camera on this phone is the exact same as on the original DX, but something on it just seems to work better.  We’re not sure if it’s the new software that came with the new Blue Blur of if we somehow found a steadier hand when snapping photos.  No matter what, we found the camera to be a little better than average.  We definitely didn’t hate it, which is a good sign.

(click images for larger versions)

  • Screen Resolution:  We like the 540×960 resolution on this phone.  Actually, who doesn’t love more on-screen real estate?  Unfortunately, resolution numbers don’t necessarily mean “awesome screen” – we’ll get into that later though.
  • Screen Size:  This will probably be the last time we include “Screen Size” in a review since 4″ seems to be the minimum these days, but we wanted to give Moto props again for not shrinking this bad boy down.  4.3″ seems huge at times (no bad jokes please), but once you get used to it you really won’t want anything smaller.
  • Parts of Blur:  As much as we all despise OEM skins, even I can admit that his new Blue MotoBlur has come a long way and isn’t 100% awful.  There are some parts we really like including the new notification system, new app drawer with folders, gallery app and camera overhaul.  The problem with this phone is that this specific Froyo version seems to hate dual-core processors and overall doesn’t run that well.  And we’re partially blaming Froyo and the new processor because the original DX with this Blur but 2.3, runs very well.  Here’s to hoping we get a Gingerbread update in the next couple of weeks.

The Not-so-Good:

  • Bootloader:  It’s locked just lock any other Motorola device that’s come out after the original DROID.  Sad, but something we’ve grown accustomed too unfortunately.
  • PenTile Screen:  We did a pretty thorough run-through of the PenTile “qHD” screen on the DX2 after just a few days with it.  I highly recommend you read through that, but will still say that after having the device for a few weeks, our stance has actually grown more negative towards this technology.  This screen is not good, at all.  Sure, you have a bigger resolution, but the colors are so off and the pixels are so visible that I would be more-than-lying if I told you it was even “decent.”

  • Android 2.2:  Still releasing phones with last year’s version of Android, eh Moto?  This is completely unacceptable, especially when the original DROIDX received Gingerbread the day after this phone came out.  Talk about a slap in the face to anyone looking to upgrade.
  • This Version of Blur:  There is something very different about this version of Blue Blur when compared to the one that the original DROIDX is running.  Maybe it’s Froyo vs. Gingerbread or maybe it’s the fact that Moto spent little time on it – we’ll probably never know for sure.  What we do know though, is that this version is filled with bugs.  For a device that runs on a Tegra 2 dual-core processor, you’d expect there to be zero lag or stuttering when whipping through apps and home screens, but that’s just not the case here.
  • Bloatware:  Almost forgot to throw this bullet in here; shame on me!  It wouldn’t be a proper DL review if we didn’t call out Verizon for sticking in massive amounts of bloatware that cannot be removed from the phone.  At last check, we counted 21 apps that Verizon decided would be worth your while.  Are you kidding me?
  • Not LTE:  This phone could have been huge if it had a 4G LTE radio built-in.  The Tegra 2 definitely tempted us, but without those high data speeds and a front facing camera, it was hard for us to really feel like this was worth our money.  In a world of tech that changes so swiftly, 3G phones just seem so 5 years ago.
  • No Front Facing Camera:  Another missing piece to this phone that is almost inexcusable.  How can you release a phone in 2011 without a front facing camera?  All of the 4G LTE phones have them, the Incredible 2 (which is 3G) has one – so why not this phone?
  • RAM:  512MB looks like plenty of memory on paper, but once you start using this phone you’ll quickly realize that it’s not enough.  The GPU in the Tegra chip takes up a substantial amount since it doesn’t have it’s own dedicated RAM, so you are really left with about 400MB for the rest of your apps to use.  And 400MB isn’t enough when you start looking at how poorly Blur is managing  it.  Our initial thought was to blame Froyo for the memory hogging, but we’ve never run into this problem on any other device.  You’ll quickly realize why Moto is including task killer apps into their bloatware – their skin is doing a horrible job of managing resources.

Hands-on and Walk-through:




The Verdict:

If you have an upgrade available and can’t wait for the Samsung Galaxy S II, DROID Bionic or DROID3, then the DROIDX2 could be an option to consider, although it lacks some of today’s most important must-haves.  The dual-core processor is pretty “future proof” and should become more efficient once this phone gets off Froyo and onto Gingerbread, but in some people’s minds that may not make up for the fact that it lacks 4G capabilities and doesn’t have a front facing camera.  You might be able to crush a Thunderbolt owner in a benchmark, but you’ll never be able to video chat with a friend from afar.  We’re also clearly not fans of the “qHD” screen that Motorola has chosen to use, but recommend that you all take a look at one in person and form your own opinions.

So should this be your next phone?  That all depends on what you need from one.  If you really want power and aren’t into video chatting, watching crystal clear video or downloading things at ridiculously fast speeds – buy it.  If you want all of that wrapped up into one phone, then you might want to consider waiting.

Motorola DROID X2 Specs | Other DROID X2 Coverage

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  • watsen678

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  • Elliot323

    The screen isn’t the problem its the horrible Verizon 3G, the constant reboots, and total lack of support from the developer/hacker community. I broke my Thunderbolt and got this and it was a huge mistake. This is by far the worse phone I’ve ever had.

  • zippyboy11

    i have the droid x2 with gingerbread on it and theres nothing but good on it now stop complaining about the screen because i cant see any pixels

  • Haddock

    I just took a look at the DX2 today. I had high hopes, even despite the bad reactions to the pentile screen. But I must say, the screen is prih-hih-hih-ty awful. It’s not that noticeable until you look at something with a lot of detail in it, perfect example being the pre-loaded Grass live wallpaper. The thin lines of wavy grass looked very noticeably jagged and choppy to the point that it just looked plain bad. I feel like the Droid X’s screen looks a lot better than the Droid X2’s, even though the resolution is lower. At least it’s not jagged and choppy and pixelated like the DX2’s. 

  • Cashtyme2000

    You guys should review this again since it now has gb. The colors on my screen are fine and i have none of the stuttering performance woes you mentioned

  • Ruzz311

    I dont get why Android 2.2 is a negative for this phone… its so easy to root, which any self-respecting android user does anyway.

  • John Williams

    So like an idiot I put a nice thumb print into my screen on my Droid X removing it from the MultiMedia Station base….yeah I know…like I said idiot.  Well not being all that worried about 4G and already having all the kit for the Droid X, which I loved that phone, I went ahead and picked up the new X2 for $99 and so far I am mixed on if this one is better or not.

  • I think the fact that it’s basically the original DX without a camera, makes it so I’d never buy it. I’d way rather wait to get the Tbolt or even wait for another device. 

    As an original DX owner I can definitely say I wouldn’t buy the DX2

  • I think the fact that it’s basically the original DX without a camera, makes it so I’d never buy it. I’d way rather wait to get the Tbolt or even wait for another device. 

    As an original DX owner I can definitely say I wouldn’t buy the DX2

  • Jmehoff

    If its anything like the droid x, I wont be touching it with a ten foot pole. I truly remembered why I hate motorola…..can’t wait for my contract to be up.

  • tiancheng

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  • *facepalm* 
    There is a huge difference between RAM and ROM…. 
    D2 and D2G both had 512 of RAM (volatile memory that apps are ran in) and then 8GB of ROM (that is what apps are actually saved and stored to that doesn’t reset every time the phone is rebooted like RAM but is slower).

  • I had the fascinate and I loved the screen. I think you misunderstood the praises it received though as they were for the super high contrast ratios (blacks were EXTREMELY dark). The only real downfall of the fascinate was its lack of support from Samsung.

  • Guest

    having owned/used the DX2 for a week, I have to say this is probably the most accurate review of it I’ve seen so far.  I’ll summarize my feelings though
    – hardware feels solid
    – good battery life 
    – display visibility in sunlight better than any other phone I’ve seen/used so far
    – HDMI mirror cool in theory, couldn’t get it to work with Netflix
    – multimedia/car docks are very nice

    – locked/signed bootloader
    – UI feels significantly slower than my Incredible, even running stock ROM.  With CM7, the Inc feels like the dual-core phone and the DX2 the last-gen one.
    – pentile display sucks when scrolling text
    – physical buttons require too much pressure, too far from bottom of screen area

    In the end, I went back to my Inc running CM7 and am much happier.

    • guest

      My experience with the DX2 is quite similar to yours — I bought the phone and used it for one week, and ultimately the overall performance was so disappointing that I just could not justify the dollars spent for a phone which performed less smoothly than my original Droid!

      Yes – the DX2 has a nice hardware build; yes, the battery life was quite good; yes, the pentile screen is very bright while using less energy. But the negatives far outweighed the positives: scrolling – anywhere, from within the web browser, to application drawers – was horrible, laggy, jaggy, and irritating. Unlocking the phone – a pronounced delay each time. Stuttering while using the music player – with no other running applications! Occasional odd freezes requiring reboots. Oh, and yes, launching a product in mid-2011 with Android 2.2, just inexcusable.

      Frankly, I don’t know exactly what or how Motorola screwed up with this phone – I only know that on principle, if nothing else, I can’t support a company selling such a half-assed buggy, and disappointing product at a premium price. It’s insulting.  

      Also, I thoroughly agree that Moto arrogant myopia has again overtaken their product strategy. Given their leadership and seeming disregard both for their product consumers as well as quality control, I question whether they will survive much longer as a mobile industry leader, or at all. Looking at Motorola’s market sales documentation over the last 2 years…well, I also don’t believe in buying products from companies which I doubt will still be in business 1-2 years from now. They likely will not be supporting software upgrades!

  • dudeeeee, whos beats are those??? go get some sennheisers…or grado…or audio technica

  • kretz

    After the dx2 goes to sleep and you press the power or home button, does anyone think it takes too long for the screen to wake up?

  • im copping the first decent dualcore 4g 1gb ram+ phone that pops up

  • Anonymous

    Until SOMETHING from VZW ships with Gingerbread, you can’t call it “so 2010” because there is no 2011 yet.  That being said, why the hell are ALL these vendors still on Froyo?

    In the Pros you are willing to concede that the lag on the X2 is most likely from Froyo.  In the CONS you still go back and place some of the blame on Blur… WHY?  Just “because” you have to say something derogatory against Blur?  If Froyo is the problem, then wouldn’t it be fair to say you have to wait and see? (at the very least), since as you noted, there is no problem with LAG on the Gingerbreadified X?

    I am still not crazy about Motorola’s launcher… while it is certainly better than what the X originally shipped with, it is still very rigid and without many preferences that the user can update, so I stick with Launcher Pro and perhaps that is what makes it better, becaue like I said, since Gingerbread no lag at all on the X, so if the X2 is lagging, something else is at play.

    Pentile screen.  We will just have to agree to disagree on this.  Even Apple adoring sites like BGR, and Engadget reviews are less harsh about Pentile displays.I’m not saying they are the end all be all, but in what I have seen in several brief opportunities to play, the problems just don’t seem all that dramatic.

    Though I disagree with on several points, I thought your roundup and summation of who this phone is for is spot on!

  • Anonymous

    I just went to the store to see the X2 with my own eyes, and it’s horrific. Compare the app drawer…when you scroll it slow it flickers and is jerky. My dx scrolls smooth even with 5 columns using launcher pro

  • Usmc1488

    Great review, yes the screen sucks, other than that I like it.  I love my DX and if it ever breaks this will be a good replacement from assurion.  Ok, onhestly who really uses their front camera? Que tumble weeds and crickets, and 4G?? I can watch netflix just fine with great quality on 3G.

  • Anonymous

    Not sure if I’d rather have this or the original…it seems that bad…

  • Anonymous


  • Joe

    You didn’t even mention the lack of a dedicated camera button? That’s one of my favorite features of my X!

  • My decision to jump from Moto D1 to an HTC Thunderbutt a few months ago is looking better all the time.

    Still, I yearn for a class action lawsuit to grant us all freedom to remove bloatware from OUR handsets.

  • Anonymous

    If you really want power and aren’t ever going to use it though –
    buy it.

    ^ FIXT ^

  • Anonymous

    Last paragraph “If you really want power and aren’t into video chatting,
    watching crystal clear video or downloading things at ridiculously fast
    speeds – buy it.  ” 

    FIXT: “If you really want power but don’t want to ever use it… – buy it. “

  • tinyurl.com/3p4aqqw

  • Bpope3006

    i have the Dx2 because my D1 mysteriously started acting up maybe having it rooted and running it at 1.2 ghz had something to do with it .. Hell knoll.. I talk about 6 of my friends to go buy a D1 and did.  All of my friends phones was acting just like mine even the ones not rooted. For some reason all of my buddies were up for an upgrade so was i looked online and i be damn Dx2 you buy online now so i did one of my friends even got a text message talking about an upgrade .. i smell ah rat! ……Anyway I like the Dx2 but am thinking this phone will recieve that laptop technology thats got to be the reasons why Dx1 got gingerbread first Dx2 gingerbread will be very different 

  • revdrcr

    Upgraded from DX to DX2 over a week ago. I am not the least interested in 4G (not even available where I live), having had an iPhone 4 for around 6 months and never having used the “front facing camera” the lack of these things on the DX2 were pluses for me. Love the phone, works great, battery life is superb. I did switch my DX 16GB micorSD card into the DX2, since it comes with a smaller card. My one wish would’ve been leaving the red camera button in place, like the DX. I found it much easier to snap photos using that, than the on-screen touch button. At any rate, I highly recommend the DX2 to anyone who’s not all that concerned about 4G, etc. My one bit of advice might be to wait for another three months or so, since Verizon will most likely drop the price.

  • Wouldn’t waste the extra $100, might as well get the Droid 1.. Other than playing games, why would you need a dual core on this?  The 1Ghz was doing fine… and I don’t think it’s worth an extra hundred  just for speed of the phone when the original was already fast enough…

  • i agree. i love my X but the lack of a forward facing cam and no 4g have me scratching my head as to why the x2 was even released.  i suspect that the other phones have been delayed because of the fact that they still had all these 3g phones to sell.

    • It’s been speculated that they had a surplus of extra parts they were going to use in the original Bionic (namely the Tegra 2 chipset) and when they scratched it, those parts went into the rush job that is the DX2.

  • Anonymous

    I broke my Droid X, it’ll take a little time to save up enough money to buy any hone off contract. How much do you think the Bionic will cost unsubsidized when it comes out since it’ll likely be $299 on contract? Should I expect it to cost around $100 more full retail than the Droid X2 full retail similarly? Would it be worth the extra money off contract by then even without 4G in my city?

    • Michael Bridges

      yeah but you can get a contract phone from amazon super cheap most of the time.

  • storm34x

    Samsung phones are garbage!! The samsung launcher is garbage!! Samsung copied iphone altogether!!

    • Anonymous

      Yes, you are right!  The Galaxy S II is just complete crap, there is not one good thing about it.  Not the slim design or the dual core processor or the qhd screen or anything!!!!   All hail the iphone that has lead the way in technology for all! Everyone else is just copycats!  YEAH!    *sniff*

  • Wg

    I manage an indirect Verizon retailer, so get to play with everything that comes out. I originally got the Inc2 (great phone), but switched to the DX2 the day it came out. I personally love the screen — colors look beautiful on my screen, and i can read any type of page in any color combo in direct sunlight, which I’ve never experienced. The camera is great, and I haven’t had a single redraw with GoLauncher Ex. I chose this phone over all 3 of our LTE phones, and have yet to regret it once. I already love it, and know I will love it even more when Moto/VZW quit screwing around and put GB on it — which is truly how it should have launched!

    Oh, and most importantly, all of our DX2 customers are extremely happy, and we’ve yet to have one come back for return or exchange.

  • Sirus804

    As a droid X2 owner, I can say that this is a media and gaming phone to the core… and not so much a socially aimed phone (No FFC, No Camera button.. though pictures and video are still very nice.)   When using the phone up close, that pentile display is rather annoying.  You can’t notice it at all when using it from a normal distance.  But sometimes I lay in bed with my phone close to my face and I can notice it.  However, this is for media stuff… As soon as you play some full 720p 1080p movies, nothing else matters… I’d even say that the pentile display makes the movies look better.  Sure, this isn’t SAMOLED+.. but samoled+ isn’t nearly this clear.. 

    As for gaming, this thing is a beast.. and Tegra zone is very nice to have… and the battery life is superb.. Another reason to slightly favor pentile display.  Only thing that manages to drain the battery is constant GPS use.. but I have a car charger for that.

    I have an upgrade in a few weeks and I could upgrade to the GSII or Bionic if I so desired.. but that would be rather stupid… Tegra 3 phones are just around the corner with quad-core CPUs and 12-core GPU goodness as well as up to date software (ICS anyone?), 4G, higher res and more beautiful screen and other new up to date technology.  So I’ll save my upgrade for a real powerhouse phone.

    • In order to not notice the pentile display artifacts, I literally have to hold the phone stretched as far away as I can with outstretched arms, and my arms aren’t short. Anything closer and I can see the problems clear as day. I use a phone normally about 1′ distance, so the flaws are glaringly obvious at that distance.

      You also seem to have fallen for the skewed contrast on this device making pictures and video look “better”. The color accuracy is anything but accurate. Compare the phone to a calibrated tv or laptop display and you’ll see what I mean. For someone that calibrates every tv and display they have, this is somewhat painful for me to view. Even the DX1 was more accurate. I’d sacrifice the extra brightness for color accuracy any day.

      • Hoosiercub

        The only colors this screen struggles with are vivid greens and reds, so color calibration is a little off. I’ve used one and for the general user, the X2s qHD display is fine. You’re totally being dramatic.

        • I’m not being dramatic at all. Every display I own, from computers to tvs, are color calibrated as the first thing I do. I recalibrate both my HDTVs once a month to make sure they haven’t fallen out of line at all. The color reproduction of the DX2 is so far out of whack it’s not funny. Have you seen the text on green background test that I had Kellex do? Any pixel involving the green sub-pixel is extremely distorted.

  • Nkmett15

    You know something, with all this talk of a pixely screen on the X2 I decided to look at my 2010 Gateway laptop’s screen…. I never noticed that the screen on it looks the same as on my X2, kinda pixely, but mostly noticeable on homescreen icons and apps.. But I’m happy with my laptop and it does everything I need it to do, so why won’t I be happy with my X2’s screen????

  • Paul

    Motorola simply went back to the hubris that tanked them before. The og was too much for their egos and they have quickly regressed. I was a motorola fanboy until I bought my thunderbolt. Htc actually listens to developers. They incorp orate all the best rom features into sense. The new gingerbread roms featuring sense 3.0 are amazing. Blur has been horrendous since day one, and just listening to their ceo’s plans for it frighten me.

  • Couple things:

    The Droid X2’s camera probably seems a little better because it actually is different. It uses a continuously autofocusing lens, which they pretty much had to do since they eliminated the camera button which acted as the focus command with a half-press.

    Blaming Froyo for the poor multi-core performance is unjust. This all started because one Google dev posted somewhere (don’t have the link offhand) that Froyo (*and* Gingerbread) weren’t optimized for dual-core. This has been taken very out of context. What the dev meant was that Android OS itself wasn’t optimized. Apps themselves can make full use of both cores. Also, by “not optimized” they did not mean that one of the cores is just sitting there. Both cores are still used by the OS, it’s just that it’s not as fast as it could be once Google rewrites some of the code to take better advantage of the second core (basically, adding more multithreading in the OS code itself).

    512MB not being enough for today’s apps is also “somewhat” of a misnomer. The problem isn’t the 404MB left free on the device after hardware takes its share. The problem is that Motorola has decided to set stock memory allocation settings that are *horrible*. I have no idea what they were even thinking when they set them. Whoever did, had NO idea how Android multitasking works and how memory should be allocated to a device. Caching apps in the background or leaving commonly used apps open after use isn’t a bad thing, but having as little as 30MB free just sitting on the homescreen is ludicrous. It’s simply not enough free RAM to have available to launch an app without the OS having to figure out what to juggle out of memory first. Rule of thumb is to have enough free RAM available after caching to be able to launch your next app without having to dump anything first. That will give you the best performance and optimal use of caching.

    These Motorola settings *are correctable now*, but you must be rooted to do it. You need to download Script Manager from the Market, then download the V6 Supercharger script from the Internet.


    I’ve done extensive testing of all the different available settings and have come to a conclusion of optimal settings to use to fix almost every performance problem on the Droid X2. After running the script from Script Manager, use option 6 to specify medium balanced settings. Let the script run then reboot the phone. You’ll need to run this script on each boot right now. Give things a shot and see how they run. This was my favorite non-customized option. After more testing, I’ve come up with better custom settings, though. Using option 10 from the V6 script, the memory settings you want to enter are 6, 12, 75, 125, 150, 175 (one setting per line, it will ask you for 6 total). You don’t need to reboot after using these settings if you’ve already tried option 6 from above. With the custom settings in place, you should be setting anywhere between 70 and 100MB free at any given time, which is more than ample to launch just about any application without lagging from memory dumping other apps first. This script will also fix lagging and redrawing in aftermarket launchers, specifically LauncherPro.

    • You have to run a script each and every time you reboot to make the phone run like it should?  No thanks.

      • It can be automated, I have a script I wrote that does it without any input. It can also be added to the boot sequence, but really isn’t recommended in case something goes wrong. Once there is an SBF file I’ll probably automate it on boot and probably release the script. Until then, not worth bricking it.

        I do agree, though, shouldn’t be forced to fix this horrible fuckup by Moto.

      • It can be automated, I have a script I wrote that does it without any input. It can also be added to the boot sequence, but really isn’t recommended in case something goes wrong. Once there is an SBF file I’ll probably automate it on boot and probably release the script. Until then, not worth bricking it.

        I do agree, though, shouldn’t be forced to fix this horrible fuckup by Moto.

      • It can be automated, I have a script I wrote that does it without any input. It can also be added to the boot sequence, but really isn’t recommended in case something goes wrong. Once there is an SBF file I’ll probably automate it on boot and probably release the script. Until then, not worth bricking it.

        I do agree, though, shouldn’t be forced to fix this horrible fuckup by Moto.

    • Anonymous

      Just random FYI…you can disable continuous focus and go back to auto-mode, where the finger-press action focuses and finger-release takes the shot, finger-slide (off button) cancels the focus/shot.  

  • Stelv81

    This phone is NOT future proof due to the low amount of ram and bad memory management

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    This was a really poor attempt by Moto to copy Apple’s tactic of only implementing one of the important features everyone wants.  The DX4 will be the phone to get, just wait…

  • dont see why so much hate on this DX2 this device is future proof and will likely be able to run ICS unlike some of these single core 4g phones, and with some gingerbread and dev support this phone will out perform any thunderbolt, charge, & revo

    • Anonymous

      with apps getting bigger and even being pushed to SD, having as much as MBs still residing internally, 400MBs RAM is NOT enough.

      coming from an OG Droid w 256MB RAM, it’s really a joke.
      having a D2/D2G release w 8GBs of RAM a year ago makes 512MB a joke.
      The D3 will also be crippled w only 512MBs of RAM.
      ..this… is a dealbreaker for me. Im fed up w constantly scraping for memory

      • Wes

        The D2 (and original DX) had 512mb of RAM. That 8GB was the amount of internal storage.

        • nyvz

          the original DID only have 256 ram. go look it up. I love it when someone makes a correction incorrectly. 😛

          • droid x has 512 mb of ram, the rams bus speed isnt as fast as the DX2

      • :facepalm:

    • Sigh…. If by future proof you mean will be a phone that will last about 2-3 months before dual core phones actually have a half decent screen with 1gb of ram then yeah, I suppose that motoblur infested pos is: “future proof”

  • Anonymous

    I already have a Droid X, DX2 is not an upgrade…. I will wait.

  • alphonso reeves

    in just do

  • alphonso reeves

    so far im liking it i wont have 4g in my area until like 2012-13 and an FFC really aint that important to me. i know that this phone will be future proof with it dual core and once its on gingerbread and get some dev support this phone can have alot of potential 

  • Anonymous

    I just don’t understand where Moto thinks it’s going with devices that are so half baked.  I hope Moto doesn’t put that stupid Penis screen on future devices, but knowing Moto with bad results and all they will swear that Pentile screen is the new wave of screens for mobile devices.

    The Bionic is looking more and more like another let down. OEM’s like HTC, Samsung, LG are listening to the more to the consumer than Moto.  Moto’s direction is not the right direction IMHO

  • I played around with my nephews DX2 and my OG Droid was faster swiping homescreens and scrolling in the app drawer and apps. Not sure why it is so doggy, but now I feel bad for recommending the DX2 over the Thunderbolt.

  • Anonymous

    I’m good with my ThunderBolt, 4G and HTC Sense ftw. (Plus it’s got a kick-stand, and that’s just cool lol)

  • Let’s keep beating this dead horse:

    I still have an OGD, have had it since it released.  STILL, there is no phone on Verizon that is worth upgrading to.  Not one. Droid 2 was a joke, Droid X2 is a waste.  So tired of being offered Kool-aid without sugar!!!!    

  • Anonymous

    I looked at the dx2 at vzw over the weekend and the screen is pitiful. My tb screen is sharper and forget about comparing it to the iphone 4s screen. Why even bother calling it qHD?

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t think the screen was bad at all until the Nexus was put next to it. What a difference. 

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t think the screen was bad at all until the Nexus was put next to it. What a difference. 

  • Vire

    It’s almost too easy to say that the Samsung Galaxy S II is going to have practically everything a lot of us are looking for in our next handsets. Dual Core, large, high-res screen, and a boatload of RAM. I’m effectively looking for something that can rumble with my Xoom, in a matter of speaking. Personally, LTE or not, it’s going to be the next phone I upgrade to.

    Motorola is just repeating the mistakes that nearly bankrupted them before the original Droid was released. I’m thankful that the Droid succeeded, but I’m honestly not too thrilled that it brought such a blind company back to life.

  • Again, so much hate on the qHD yet most people that have seen my X2 or my bro’s Atrix qHD screen have never had complaints. In fact, I cannot replicate the same detail in the pentile that your pictures do. As for LTE, im in wifi all the time, and front-facing camera…really? how many people ACTUALLY use the front facing camera for video chatting? I have a number of different touch devices, many of which have the front facing camera and I have rarely used it on one device. Most review sites lately are just grabbing for specs to toss up a review and don’t bother with real everyday use. I’ve had this phone since May 20th and I can say I do agree with the Android 2.2 issues and not taking full advantage of the tegra too. The app comment tho about running a bunch of apps in the RAM, Android will manage that for itself, its not going to slow down to too many apps due to low RAM, but again will cough a bit with Froyo. Its rather shameful that Moto didnt upgrade its new phone before or at the same time with the 2.3 version but it will come. Will there be better phones, sure, but when won’t there be something better if u keep waiting?

    • Eckb

      I agree with Jake, i had an original Droid, that I liked alot, but the screen started acting funky, so I needed a new phone, and this was the best option when I got mine (around May 20th as well).  I’m always on wi-fi, and my 3g speeds are fine when I’m not on wi-fi, plus I won’t be getting 4g in my area for at least another year or two.  Don’t need a FFC, and honestly I think the screen is fine, the brightness is great, and I like that because I’m using my phone on the beach for work all the time, and my original droid wasn’t even as bright.  Lastly, these phone mfr’s have us hooked on the latest and greatest, and there will always be something better a few days after you buy yours. When it comes down to it, I just need a phone that works, can check email, facebook, browse the web and thats about it.

      • Anonymous

        Forgot about the sunlight visibility…works with polarized sunglasses too…only phone I have owned that I can do that with.  

        • even this shitty 3rd refurb OGD im on till upgrade still works smooth as can be

          • Eckb

            mine was out of warranty or i would have replaced it, i do miss running cyanogen 7 on it.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t get it either…love my DX2, love the display too…I guess I am the only person who holds it more than 2″ away from my face though which may explain that.  The pentile hate is a bunch of bs. 

    • Anonymous

      Most of the stuff is all a personal opinion except for the RAM part.  Android is supposed to manage your RAM and apps, but the Blur on the DX2 is coded so poorly that it can’t.  If you are running something like LauncherPro, have you noticed that it does a complete redraw each time you leave an app?  That’s because the system is out of memory and hasn’t made room for LauncherPro because it’s filled up with other junk.

      The screen, lack of camera, and LTE can be dealt with if its not your thing, but until this phone gets an update to 2.3, it’s a bust.

      • Nkmett15

        Your 100% correct about the redraw while using launcher pro….. or any other launcher besides stock for that matter, but it doesn’t happen every time… at least not for me. It happens very rarely, but really shouldn’t happen at all……

    • I agree with Jake as well. Upgraded from a Droid to this. I had the Fascinate for a while back in November and returned it, but its amoled screen was about the same as the x2’s. It had very visible pixels and actually looked less csrip then the x2 does, but it was given praise for it’s screen. The x2 does have bad color reproduction at viewing angles greater than about 30 degrees, but 90% of the time you use it the screen will look fantastic. And the only time I can see pixels is on the battery indicator or when holding the phone less than 8 inches from my face, other than that the text is as crisp or more than on my D1 and the outside viewing is miles ahead.

      Lack of 4G isn’t so bad when you realize that tiered data will probably rape your pocket later on. And a front-facing camera is an after thought, you’d kill your battery if you tried that over 4G anyway.

      I have this X2 for two weeks now and I’d say I’m 90% satisfied with it. The GSII or Bionic may be better when released but the advantages will be few (4g and ffc is about it)

    • John

      You can see the pixels bright as day, just like with the first AMOLED screens (DInc 1).  Its ridiculous that I would prefer my Droid1 screen after all this time.

  • An unlocked Moto Nexus device on Verizon FTW!…Not that we’ll ever see it, but that would be my dream phone..

  • I’m Satisfied With Mine For Now, I Know It’s In Dire Need Of Gingerbread So Hopefully They’ll Get It Out Quickly. (Wishful Thinking) I Don’t Really Have Anything Bad To Say Because I Just Used TiBu To Freeze Alotta The Apps That I Don’t Use. I’ve Always Been A Fan Of Motorola Even With Their “Skins” Kinda Just Gotta Roll With The Punches. I Think It’s A Great Phone It’s Not Garbage By Any Means. I Do Wish That The Developers Will Get Into This Device And Get Us Alil Customization Themes, ROMs, Kernels, Pretty Much The Whole Shooting Match. With That Said I’m Still A “Happy” Customer And Like Having That Anticipation/Waiting Feeling For New Things.

    • Anonymous

      I Wish I Got As Much Action As Your Shift Key

      • Seriously, that was painful to read.

        • Mikey

          Was Someone Twisting Your Arm While Reading It?

      • Sucks To Be You.

        • Anonymous

          Sucks that Terryville High School didn’t teach you how to use capitalization (hint: beginning of sentences and proper nouns).

          • Mikey

            You Are Just Too Funny Dude. I Don’t Think I’ll Ever Understand Your “Problem” With The Way I Type. I Will Say It Once Again, My Style Of Writing And You Sound Like A Troll By Saying Something About The Capitalization. Also I Make Sense Everytime With My Thoughts. Don’t Worry Because You’re Not The First NOR The Last Person To Gripe About My Typing. Thank You.

  • Mr.Joe

    I enjoyed Mr. Tato’s G2 review.  Why can’t he do more reviews?

  • Any chance this software would run on a Droid X? I

    • Anonymous

      Already have it, and with Gingerbread. Just update your DX (if it’s not rooted).

      • Anonymous


        • Anonymous

          What do you mean inaccurate? I’ve been having this software (with Gingerbread) since July 1st (at least officially).

          • Anonymous

            2 different versions of blur even though they look somewhat similar. Different features and junk like that. 

    • Anonymous

      Already have it, and with Gingerbread. Just update your DX (if it’s not rooted).

  • Anonymous

    The thing they changed about the camera is constant focus. At least that’s what they advertise.

  • shr1k3r

    so if motorola releases a new phone with the letter 2 in it, don’t buy it

    • Waknatious

      oh yeah….. huh.

  •  I probably won’t venture forth and purchase this phone but I am pleasantly surprised to see some love for MotoBlur. I’ve been using the “GingerBlur” since the first DX leak of Gingerbread and I have to say I am impressed with what they have done with it. Course I will not allow Blur to handle my social networking.

    I still think alot of people are giving the newer version a bum rap because it’s what they are used to. Thats why so many will harp about deodexed roms and don’t even really know what it means to them. Word of mouth. I ventured through the few ROMs offered now for the DX with gingerbread and truthfully RIGHT now Im staying stock and rooted till its time for a new phone

  • Anonymous

    I’m done with MotoBlur. Replaced my Droid X with Thunderbolt and while I prefer vanilla, I’ll take Sense over MotoBlah any day.

    • Anonymous

      new blur != old blur

      • Anonymous

        They both = bad

        • Anonymous

          What don’t you like about the new blur? 

          • its pretty gewd

          • Anonymous

            He doesn’t know… it is the blind fury against Blur.  If you replace the launcher, you get stuck with 2 widgets that still load into memory (Social and News), and yet BLUR is still blamed for lag, memory issues, etc.  Blur is so much better, but at this point, very few care, and will hate regardless,.

          • The issue with Blur is it adds no real value to the phone other than eye candy (when compared to an AOSP phone with certain apps installed to give you what functions blur does give you) and it even looks ugly to most (myself included). I really could care less if I don’t get the Tegra 2 gpu or whatever is coming next, I refuse to buy a motorola device until either A) the bootloader is completely unlockable or B) It has either AOSP from the start or has an option to disable all blur functionality along with removing all the blur apks from your phone. Until then I will be buying HTC devices for the quick updates & easily removed skin, so long as they keep true to their unlocked bootloader policies.

          • Anonymous

            I am not saying that everybody has to like Blur, and you give reasons which is both commendable, and very rare.  On one hand you do admit that Blur does offer some functionality over stock (the fact that you have to add a couple of apps to replace it), which again… rare on these forums.  I can’t comment too much on ugly.  That is a preference thing.  I too found the initial Fischer-Price look of Blur, as it was back on items like the Cliq pretty bad, but I like the new look on the Droid X with Gingerbread (granted, the first thing I did was reload LauncherPro Plus to get away from their launcher).

            I understand (and even agree) that it would be nice to have Motorola devices unlocked and even staying away from them until they do… that is your choice… but that is a different discussion.  What I was talking about here is more about people hating on Blur just because it is Blur.

          • Anonymous

            I am not saying that everybody has to like Blur, and you give reasons which is both commendable, and very rare.  On one hand you do admit that Blur does offer some functionality over stock (the fact that you have to add a couple of apps to replace it), which again… rare on these forums.  I can’t comment too much on ugly.  That is a preference thing.  I too found the initial Fischer-Price look of Blur, as it was back on items like the Cliq pretty bad, but I like the new look on the Droid X with Gingerbread (granted, the first thing I did was reload LauncherPro Plus to get away from their launcher).

            I understand (and even agree) that it would be nice to have Motorola devices unlocked and even staying away from them until they do… that is your choice… but that is a different discussion.  What I was talking about here is more about people hating on Blur just because it is Blur.

      • Mr.Joe

        AMEN AMEN I’ll say it again AMEN!

      • Anonymous

        blur != shit, but, at the same time, blur = shit.

    • barrecade

      I just did the same today! Loving my thunderbolt, any idea when 2.3 is coming to it?

      • They said by the end of Q3 2011 (which is the end of this month) and considering the MR2 update is rumored to have been pulled (was the update to fix reboot issues) it would seem HTC is making good on their promise. 
        P.S: They would pull the MR2 update for the GB update because it would be chaos to update all the TB’s out there twice in the same month. Makes more sense from Verizon’s standpoint to only do one of them (less bandwidth and less cost).

  • Jeff

    No 4G or a locked bootloader = No Sale to me…..

  • So from the review DX2 is a fail for Moto or Verizon – I think this is a device commissioned by verizon due to the success of DX however Moto failed to realize the consumers thus many faithful Moto users will now look else where to replace their DX – I know I will – I recommended the DX to 4 other users as their first Android Device no way now can I even recommend DX2 when I personally think its a waste of hardware.

  • Rain_king46

    Moto, do me a favor. Call Samsung and ask them for the number of their screen supplier. I have ranted on this phone plenty already. Nothing here to make me want to upgrade from my DX. Anxiously awaiting the Galaxy II or Bionic. 

    • Anonymous

      Hmm, who’s Samsung screen supplier. That’s a good question. Maybe it’s Samsung?

    • ramifications

      Samsung’s screen supplier is….wait for it… Samsung! 


    • ramifications

      Samsung’s screen supplier is….wait for it… Samsung! 


  • Anonymous

    man i have to say its the best phone ive ever owned, i love it,  ive had droid, inc1, dx, dx2, iphone4, and this is definately my fav,  especially once the mango update hits,  cant wait for that.  smoothest and prettiest os for sure

    • Anonymous

      I think his reply was supposed to go under the Trophy comment.  Just so everyone knows. He’s not calling the DX2 his best phone. 😛

      • Anonymous

        He also mentioned iPhone4 though…credibility fail.

  • To me it’s the phone that is ‘almost there’ in so many ways. It, almost has enough RAM, it almost has 4G, it almost has… features that others, as said, like the Bionic/SGS2 will have. I, almost, purchased one.

    I’ll be waiting, still can’t decide on Bionic/SGS2. I think I dislike Touchwiz more than blur, but I like CM more than both. It’s seeming more and more like SGS2 is going to take it with the super ease of rooting/ROM customization.

  • I think for people looking for their first smartphone, especially ones who don’t need 4g, this is a great device. However, for current Droid X users, I can’t see many upgrading to the X2. Even though the performance increases are there, they’re just not enough to warrant he $199 upgrade price.

    – Sherwinator

  • Raggy

    I’ll be waiting for the SGS2, since it will blow this piece of junk and the Bionic out of the water.

    • Mr.Joe

      I pray to God it’s locked down and has Bing crawling all over it.

    • Anonymous

      It’s just too bad the SGS2 looks like something Apple came out with in 2007, and it’s network speeds will probably be the same too. 

    • Still no indication of when the SGS2 will be out? This is getting ridiculous….

  • Ssplawson

    Trash stick with my thundrbizzle

  • …not worth the waste of an upgrade from my DX. I’ll wait for the big boys to come out and play and get me an SGS2 🙂

  • Chefmelv20


  • Kregstrong

    yea thats probly the worst phone i ever owned,  only kept it for a few days.  never will i buy a skinned android phone again,  ill stick with my htc trophy til verizon gets smart and releases a stock android phone

    • jnt

      how are you liking WP7 and the Trophy?

      • Anonymous

        Would love to know the same thing actually.

        • Anonymous

          man i have to say its the best phone ive ever owned, i love it,  ive had
          droid, inc1, dx, dx2, iphone4, and this is definately my fav, 
          especially once the mango update hits,  cant wait for that.  smoothest
          and prettiest os for sure,  u can message me and ill tell ya some more man

    • Mr.Joe

      They do!  On the same day!  It’s called the Xperia Play!

      OMG why do people forget about this phone!  They’re like OH I NEED STOCK A DERP!  Then it’s like here ya go!  Then they’re all!

      DERP NO!  I have 2000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 other requirements and this doesn’t cover it!  But I won’t mention any of them!  I’ll just say “I want a stock phone” or “I’ll get an android phone when Verizon has a stock one”.


      • Anonymous

        Except it sucks… all but the game controllers part of the phone is junk.

  • Mike

    Sounds good, no wonder the Verizon rep tried to sell me one to replace my 4 month old Droid X…

    • 21 bloatware apps, are you F ing kidding me……… WOW. That is some BULLSHIT! Unbelievable, both verizon and moto should know better. They got where they are with a pure, clean experience and now half of their android phones run like molasses because of stupid apps you cant uninstall.

      • Devs will have a “freeze” button out in no time.

        • It is total bullshit to have to deal with bloatware, but Gingerbreak can root the Droid X2 out of the box with one click.  You can delete all the bloatware off the phone, and freeze most of the BLUR crap with a bloat freezing app (Titanium backup pro, or Bloat Freeze for .99).  Between root and bloat freeze my Droid X2 is running a lot smoother now 🙂