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DROID Charge EE4 Update on the Way – Fixes 4G LTE Connectivity, Other Bugs (Updated)

An update for the DROID Charge looks like it has been approved by Verizon and is just awaiting their pressing of the “Go” button.  The new 9.9MB EE4 build will introduce a slew of bug fixes, but whenever we see something mentioning better 4G LTE connectivity, it needs to be highlighted.  And I guess we always like it when call quality and GPS tracking have improved as well.  Overall the update should be considered pretty minor, since it’s not Gingerbread.  

Update:  Looks like the update could be rolling out now…

The changelog:

Call Features
+ Improved battery life when placing a voice call.
+ Easily return calls within the call log entry by pressing the phone icon.
+ Outgoing calls from the Visual Voice Mail application will be placed properly.
+ Pressing and holding the ‘1’ key will automatically route the user to the Voice Mail service (*86).
+ Audio has been adjusted to avoid ‘No Audio’ or ‘Screeching Sounds’.

Web Browsing and Data Access
+ Accurately detect and connect to the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE or 3G network.
+ Enhanced browser performance.

Email and Messaging
+ A new Email folder structure has been implemented. When a subfolder exists under a current Email folder, an arrow will appear to the right of the folder icon. When a user touches the arrow, the folder system will expand to show all subfolders available for selection.
+ When an Exchange password has been modified, the device will direct the user to the password screen to adjust the saved password accordingly.
+ Improvements in the Email and Calendar sync.

Additional Device Features
+ Restoration of Mobile Hotspot capability.
+ When in USB Mass Storage mode (UMS), the device will be recognized immediately when plugged into a PC.
+ Device recognizes ringtones purchased from the Verizon Wireless website.
+ Improvements in GPS performance.

More info.

Cheers @morrow171!

  • Jazsy115

    this update Bricked my sister’s Phone!? (Rooted)

  • Anonymous

    still havent gotten it. can i do it manually?

  • Anonymous

    Still haven’t gotten it. Miss pulling updates from my Droid x 🙁

  • This is a +1 for Samsung. They got out a 4G/3G connectivity fix out quicker than HTC could. So I think this is a good sign of things to come from samsung. Hopefully gingerbread is right around the corner 🙂 !

  • Stephen D

    Wow, the 2nd update for the Charge and the Galaxy S2 has had 4. Samsung could just be turning things around…

  • Anthony

    is anyone else pissed that samsung phones dont have a notification led light. i know i am. i loved that on  my og droid. only thing holding me back from buying this phone. 

    • Yep and the Thunderbolt’s is useless being in the call speaker. Can hardly see it.

      • There is an app called noled on the market.  It pops up moving led indicators on your screen itself, with a lot of color and other custom options.  I like it more than having a dedicated light to be honest.

        • Anthony

          i feel like that would kill a lot of battery though? 

          • so far it hasn’t for me, it leaves the screen black which with those super amoled displays lowers the amount of battery in use.

          • Anthony

            thanks for the insight 

          • Anonymous

            Yep it doesn’t use battery except for the pixels that are lighting up for the faux led. On any oled displays, there is no backlight, each pixel lights up individually. So when one lights up the others don’t use energy and you don’t see them on. Unlike an LCD screen which uses the same energy no matter what its doing unless its off.

        • Anthony

          i feel like that would kill a lot of battery though? 

    • Mandafbaby

      I thought there was something wrong with my charge because it wouldn’t light up! whats the top right circles for then?

      • Anthony

        proximity and light sensors 

      • Anthony

        the proximity and light sensors 

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Alivethruyou

    Wow this update is huge….I’m loving it with no more lag in browser

    • Yeah the browser is moving along alot more smoothly.

  • Game

    how do u root the DROID Charge

    • go over to XDA forums, there are whole threads devoted to it.  I would wait though, this new update just came out, so the way this works could change.

    • If you’re familiar with ODIN you can flash a pre-rooted kernel as well as CWM from here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1092114. There’s plenty of other stuff over on xda too.

  • LivinFree

    Nice can’t wait to see it. Kinda curious if the update will mess up rooted devices tho and how we will handle updating to it so we don’t loose root access

  • Yeah I was pretty surprised when the update came through, I hadn’t been paying attention to XDA or androidforums which I think had noticed it prior, (figured this out after I googled the update), but I will say one of the weird differences is I have more signal bars in 3g now, (never had 4g so don’t know if the number of bars has changed there).


    • My battery seems to be doing much better for some reason as well.  I am noticing better 3g coverage, and prior to the update when I would move off my network extender to regular towers I would lose signal for over a minute, now the transition was seamless.  I am curious to see if I can hold a call now….

      • 7 days to 4g.  I feel like a little kid going to Disney World for the first time.

        This could be a fail at life, I am not sure.

        • Haha don’t worry I’ve been counting down the days til the 16th for 4G to be released in Lansing/Ann Arbor to cover me too. More excited about that than anything else at the moment 😛 Was in Dearborn yesterday to pick a truck up from eastern michigan kenworth and the 4G service was amazing.

          • I am in Dayton, Ohio, and the only time I have seen 4g was when my wife picked me up at the airport in Columbus, she has the tbolt so I saw it on hers, I still had my DX then.

          • Anonymous

            Im in metro Detroit and we’ve had 4g from the beginning long before the thunderbolt. It is amazing. You will be happy with it (unless you already have it I’m not very good at memory). Good luck fellow michigander

    • Anonymous

      Wait you already got the update?  Nice.

      • I was [email protected]:twitter that tweeted it

      • Screenshot of system info:


  • Rick Wilson

    Sweet, can’t wait for the update to try out these new improvements.

  • MFG

    Wow! This should be a nice update! Just gotta wait for Kejar to update Gummy Charge!

  • palomosan

    My question is where the heck is my TBolt update.

  • hfoster52

    This phone has been out for weeks and already getting updates might mean Samsung is really serious about there customer support.

    • Rick Wilson

      I totally agree that Samsung is serious about better supporting their android phones. I was also glad to hear that Sammy gave a S2 dev to CM group to ROM it.

      • Yeah I know that dev phone news was great.  It seems like Samsung is realizing that this development community is an advantage rather than a nuisance.

    • Yeah I really think they are starting to come around and be serious 🙂

    • Anonymous

      It’s nice to see they are changing how they used to be with updates lets hope it continues to be like this.

    • Anonymous

      It’s nice to see they are changing how they used to be with updates lets hope it continues to be like this.