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Sanjay Jha Did Indeed Blame Android Market Apps for Poor Performance, MotoBlur to the Rescue

We actually reported on this story yesterday, but it seems to have really picked up steam this morning and wanted to make sure you all saw it.  During the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Tech Conference, Moto CEO Sanjay Jha tossed out a remark about 3rd party apps and the harm they are doing to phones.  In fact, he mentioned that some 70% of Android phones that are returned are due in large part to the crappy apps that have been loaded on them which are causing performance issues.  While I had initially assumed he was talking about sideloaded apps, I went back and listened to it again and he definitely blames it all on Android Market apps.

The scary thing here is that he went on to talk about how MotoBlur will eventually help users decide what they should be running on their phones.  According to Jha, Blur knows how long your screen has been on, the usage of your battery, etc.  The example he gave for the future was that Blur knows with “precision” what apps are killing off your battery the quickest and would be able to pop up a notification to warn you of just how poorly that app will perform.  So basically, Motorola would have data showing which apps they believe to be made the poorest and would be able to remind you of that.  We’ll try to ignore our thoughts on how developers will react to that statement.  Yikes.

He also mentioned shortly after “what it is that we determine after interacting with you that you want” in regards to the intelligence of Blur which gives me the shivers.  All I can say is that when a company claims it can help me decide what I want to do with my phone, that I’m tempted to run as fast as I can from them.

Your thoughts?

  • Not sure why there are so many negative comments. I think this is a good thing. If there are analytics on which apps use up the most battery, take up the most memory, etc., I think that would be really useful. If MotoBlur told me that Weatherbug was using X amount of battery and X amount of memory while Weather.com used less, it might help me to decide which weather app to use. 

    • faber78

      do you not think the blur itself monitoring other apps uses resources. apps like that already exhist so individusls can add them if they lk

  • JoeInMO

    Perfectly demonstrates how far off base Moto is.  They’re already history, they just don’t know it yet.

  • faber78

    jha is a moron and will lose his/motos a$$.

  • Dafonse

    Screw this guy. How the hell does his company promote 4g tab with sd support and sell it with ou it and get awa with it?

  • djsuperior

    This is totally it for me. I have an o.g and this will be the last phone i buy from motorola. They ruined something so great with blur and they cant seem to figure that a lot of their users dont like it. Listen to ur customers MOTO and u can be succesfull once again. I will not purchase anything from them again, since they now slap that blur shit on there and they continue locking their bootloaders. FAIL FAIL FAIL!!!!!!!!!! IMO sense is the best ui from anyone and thats cause i dont even own an HTC phone.

    • Dj

       How do you know it is the best if you have never even tried it I have heard people say it is no better

      • DBK

        lol Seriously. And considering the new GingerBlur is just as good as good as the new GingerSense, it’s obvious that he has no idea what he is talking about. Granted it’s not as pretty, but it is just as efficient and just as smooth. Not to mention that Moto still produces better hardware than the others (even though they have been slacking lately).

      • Davidocisneros

        i know because i bought my wife the incredible 2. Sense is really nice, compared to blur. Its way more polished and really smooth. Walk in to a Verizon store and play with the dx and then ANY other phone and u will see that blur runs like shit, just scrolling through the home screens is ridiculous and super choppy. 

        • DBK

          The NEW GINGERBLUR (emphasizing since you obviously didn’t understand) is amazing and just as good as the New Sense. And Dj is right. The new Sense is really any better than the NEW BLUR. A little prettier, but that’s it. Learn your facts and know your role.

          • Ssbianchi

            Ummm…sorry. The new GINGERBLUR is better, but still not nearly as good as LauncherPro or ADW., which is the first thing I install on my Droid X…and whatever Sanjay has been smoking, he needs to share it because the statement he made is beyond stupid. Perhaps he should ride the short bus to work…

          • djsuperior

            Ok dbk u obviously have a dx and ur on motos nuts. Sorry it was my opinion to begin with. Sorry I don’t know everything about sense and blur.

  • Anonymous

    Mama, there goes that bad man Jha, “Run Android Run”  and Remember what mama Google always says, Android “Life is like a box of chocolates you Never know what IDIOTt will ruin things”

  • JB

    So glad I jumped ship. I haven’t looked back since. 

    HTC ftw

  • Dj

    I recently done a smartphone survey and it asked me about this topic it wasn’t at Motorola’s website it was with one of the survey companies and they DID NOT tell who was asking these questions so Motorola may not be the only one looking into this but the way they put it was that you would be able to help your friends decide what smartphone app to get you could give what ones you like a plus on market place and they said it would be on some phones but not others the way they made it sound so it was not an Android thing and they made it sound just like what Motorola is saying but who knows If Motorola is the Only one doing this since don’t know who was asking  

  • Booboolala2000

    Will Motorola cover your data overages due to motoblur?

  • Booboolala2000

    Another nail in the coffin. Goodbye Moto

  • Anonymous

    You would think these companies dont have access to the internet or something. I mean come on Moto, Samsung, and LG hit up a blog every now and then and see what people like before you design a phone. I left HTC out bc even though not everyone may favor Sence UI as much as I do but…It works, its visually pleasing, and it adds much needed personalization options. Like oh I dont know me being able to set peak times of day for my email syncing!!! Hello why doesnt everyone do that??? I mean I tested the Revolution, there are no sync settings for the standard LG email app! I mean NONE!!! WTF

  • Anonymous

    All I have to say is…MOTOROLA CITRUS…nuff said. When moto put that phone to market I knew they would never really change. The OG Droid was a respirator keeping them alive for just a little longer before someone finally comes and pulls the plug.

  • Donstpete

    I envision watching a movie on Netflix or Sling player and getting constant alerts from Blur that it is using too much battery power. Uh… no thanks. I think I can figure out the obvious. I’d rather just enjoy my apps thank you very much.

  • And I’ll say again.. what do you think the odds are of Moto ever actually releasing an unlocked bootloader in the future when they have this mentality now? If they’re this worried about what apps you’re running now, do you really think they’re going to let you install a whole different ROM and circumvent motoblur? Unlocked bootloaders on Moto devices just aren’t going to happen again. Time to find a new manufacturer for my phones.

  • My thoughts are blur sucks and bogs the phone down. He’s using the excuse of applications being the issue because his company can’t seem to put out a solid blur device. You know its bad when Motorola’s best running products are the O.G. and the Xoom, both of which don’t have blur. Besides, how come other phones run so well with the applications that “supposedly” are hurting the performance of the phone. Time to wake up motorola.

  • If I can’t turn off the feature that reports back to Moto with what my app usage is, I won’t be buying that phone. “Moto Ice Cream Sandwich” is sounding more and more scary every day.

  • Anonymous

    Google should start it’s own hardware company… Motorola is just thinking apple.

    Also, Google should start his own cellphone company with Google Voice. I know this is more like a dream

  • Oh dear. This my friends, is how you piss off a lot of people, very quickly

  • Kierra

    To the people say RIP Moto , I remind you that the “techie” community is probably only a small portion of consumers. The rest dont give a damn. Pay me Moto , feels like Im always caping for you.

  • Kierralj

    I dont like Blur and I dont like Sense , but I like Moto’s build quality better. Were’nt you guys just complaining about the TB? Nvm

  • RedOne1

    he has a point alot of apps on the android market are just crapp! I think google should really put some restrictions because wen it come to quality of apps Appel wins hands down. I am a android user and it killed me to say that but it’s true.

    • RW-1

      Ok, true, most are crap – Don’t download them. But the largest slowdown is blur itself, not the 3rd party apps on the phone.


    My thoughts:

    Droid OG = Epic Win

    Locked Bootloaders = Fail
    Blur = Fail
    Droid X2 released with last gen specs = Fail
    Bionic delay = Fail
    Xoom 4g upgrade = Fail
    Big Brother mentality = Game Over

    Motorola, The OG DROID was your savior; your second chance. You blew it…big time. 

    Hello HTC

    • Anonymous

      Well said Sir!!!

    • Mr.Joe


      Tegra 2 is last gen specs?

      Then why the hell do people want it so bad?

  • James Kernicky

    And to think I was still excited about the Bionic …what will HTC have for me in October is now my thought…

  • Whatever happened to the Sanjay Jha that put his balls on the line with the OG? You know…the guy who had that crazy “give them what they want” idea?  Either bring him back or find someone else to do it rather than passing the buck onto other folks.

    • RW-1

      The same tool that endlessly repeated Razr versions after that commercial success. Business model never learned.

  • Rizzidy

     F Motorola

  • Rizzidy

     F Motorola

  • Jcorf

    I loved moto blur till now. Maybe I won’t be getting the Bionic or Droid 3…

  • He said this info to “Bank of America Merrill Lynch Tech Conference” These guys only want to hear how they can make more money thus any BS will be adequate to gain their trust and investment in MOTO. The consumer makes or breaks a brand – Dont buy Moto and you will see how fast Moto changes tracks.

  • Anonymous

    The weird thing is that they seem to think that Moto Blur is actually any good. If so, then why do people hate it so much. Seriously, what’s the harm in making a purely Google phone. It actually worked for them at one point (OG forever!)

  • Missthetrain

    My only experience with Motorola recently is the O.D for about a week, couldn’t stand it and had to send it back. He does have a point about the Android Market though. I call it the Wild Wild West anything goes, anybody with a development kit from any corner of the globe can post an app on the Market regardless of intentions. It has been running rampage until a few weeks ago when Google start looking at the market more closely, with pressure from hardware OEM no doubt. It also took a third party(Lookout) to do the job for them(Google). This rampage will not be going away that easily as long as the “Fruit” store has the bragging right. Let’s hope this won’t come back and bite Google in the you know what. Personally, I think the biting has already begun.

    • RW-1

      The app situation is the same as for a computer, know what you are doing, period. It is not a market issue that Moto can’t build a device to run the apps – they DO run, and RUN EVEN BETTER when you REMOVE BLUR. [/case rested]

  • tjhrulz

    My thoughts are this, where is my stock phone verizon 

  • texashorns88

    It truly shocks the conscience that Moto’s strategy would be to adopt the arrogance and smugness of Apple and Steve Jobs when their company’s entire resurgence has been a direct result of positioning themselves as the anti-Apple.  Moto and Jha have apparently let the success go to their head and attributed the turnaround to their own brilliance instead of the market demand that existed for a product where you weren’t told what is best for you when it comes to smartphones.

    Those comments are troubling for a plethora of reasons, and may have put the final nail in the coffin for me and Moto.

    • RW-1

      It’s not arrogance. You have to be intelligent to be arrogant.

      Their model had been to make one good device, then rest on that, give endless variations on said device that never measure up to it (Razr), then swirl down the toilet unless they come up with something else.

      OG Droid SAVED motorola, if it hadn’t taken off, there would be NO Mobile Division left in Moto at all, plain and simple.

      This tool got away with one good thing, and couldn’t figure out how to repeat it if the directions were laid on updise down on his crappy tie to read every time he looked down whilst lying to investors and customers.

      They never claimes to be anti-apple, they were pro-android, and should have stayed that way, without blur.

      Moto – Kill off blur and stay with vanilla android and concentrate on what you have proven to do best:

      Make robust hardware.   If you hadn’t been worrying about how the market was killing the phone (A big bunch of BS) you:

      1. Wouldn’t have a delay on the bionic as you scramble to find chipsets that work with 4G.

      2. Would have had GB 2.3.4 ported over to every device you have on the market by now.

      You screwed it, and sit pointing fingers on how 3rd party apps now slow down a phone that had last years specs and runs a crappy UI on top of an awesome OS.

      Look in the mirror, blame your reflection, and chop them fracking ears.


  • Greg

    Sanjay Jha = next Steve Jobs 

    • RW-1


  • DDDD

    I just want reliable MS Exchange support and Blur why it doesn’t work. 

    Its the single reason my next phone won’t be a Moto device.  

  • Looks like my next phone will definitely not be a motorola.  Screw him and his huge ego.

  • RW-1

    I hear the super tool is considering renaming the bionic to razor, to bring back the glory days ….

  • Anonymous

    Won’t own another Motorola device as long as it has a locked bootloader and crappy Blur. I loved the og droid, but won’t spend another dime on any more of there devices no matter what specs it has!

  • Every thing I hear about/from Moto is bad. It’s almost as if they just want to fade out of existence. I’ve yet to see a phone since the OG that I cared for and have given up hope of ever seeing one, including the upcoming, guaranteed to be disappointing Bionic. In the mean time, HTC keeps looking better and better.

  • Anonymous

    Sanjay, thank you for telling me exactly who will not be producing my next phone.  Is it time to start using  “*otorola” yet?

  • Run as fast as you can!!!! Someone fire this Jha guy will ya.

  • Anonymous

    Moto-rot should stick to hardware. Blur is a perfect example of what should not be on an android phone. Oh, and lets not forget all the “Good Apps” the carriers put on phones. Can you say crapware, spyware, bloatware? They are not to blame at all. Screw these double talking corporate idiots. I hope they go down in flames, just like Palm.

    No Blur, no sense, no touchwiz, no purchase.

  • Sep

    Ironically, it is Blur that is the crapware that’s ruining my phone.

    • Inkster09

      Can’t agree more than that great point

  • slappynutz

    Motorola is going away, i think they as getting as bad as ATT.. FULL of SHIT

  • Locsta

    All this is doing is forcing developers to create more efficiently running apps. I think its a good idea.

    • Locsta

      Now that I think about it, my phone does run a lot better without Blur…

    • Locsta

      Now that I think about it, my phone does run a lot better without Blur…

  • Henry Evetts

    wow…eff off Sanjay. I had a lot of respect for you, Moto. The DROID series made me like you a bunch.
    BUT, sorry, no more brand loyalty to you

  • Moteh

    Motorola is openly saying they’re spying on their customers? Wow, I thought companies try to hide that they’re doing it. Motorola must be doing so much spying that it’s impossible to hide so they’re trying to put a positive spin on it instead.

  • kurttrail

    Work-in-progress Xoom.
    Back-to-the-drawingboard Bionic.
    And now Blur Brother?!

    Boy am I glad I’ll never buy another Motorola product!

  • blakjakdavy


  • The leaked version of Gingerbread I have on my D2 with Blur pops up a window after some time if you leave an app open just sitting there with a message saying XXXXX has been running for awhile, do you want to close to conserve battery or something like that, with yes and no options. Its kinda annoying.

  • SamIam

    I don’t know what all you tin-foil hat types are freaking out about.  Personally I would love to be able to know how much battery life individual apps are sucking up.  There have been several times I loaded a bunch of new apps to try out all at same time & then found battery life sucked but I didn’t know which one was causing the problem.  Anything Google, Motorola, or anyone can do to help me weed out badly written apps the better, IMHO.

    Yes, BLUR V1 sucked…but so did Cupcake.  The new version of BLUR has a bunch of nice features, looks pretty good & it doesn’t seem to slow down my Droid X at all. 

    • eyesparky

      Android lets you do this already in settings and it is even more accessible in Gingerbread. Google have surfaced the functionality to make it more apparent to users.

      • SamIam

        No, it doesn’t already exist.  The Settings>Battery & Data
        Manger>Battery Usage output only shows you what components of your
        phone are sucking up battery life.  It doesn’t tell you which
        application is doing it.

        This seems quite useful to me.

        • Anonymous

          Umm, idiot, it does tell you which apps. Go crawl back under your rock.

          • SamIam

            Rickerbilly, have you actually looked into what apps are shown on that list?  How about you actually take the time & view what apps are shown on your phone now.  Got it?  Now use the task manager & see how many apps are actually running on your phone.  I’ll be not even 10% of them showed up on your battery manager list.  It pretends to know, but it doesn’t.

          • Anonymous

            Dear SamIam, thank you for further proving me correct. Task Managers show what is stored in MEMORY, not what are actually being USED by the CPU and therefor USING BATTERY. So what the Android battery manager IS showing you IS what applications ARE draining your battery. Now, once again, go crawl under your rock and stop publishing MISINFORMATION!

        • eyesparky

          Fair play re: breakdown by app. I thought Gingerbread had added this resource use breakdown. I use one of those pesky 3rd party apps (Astro) on the rare occasion an app misbehaves to see what is eating the CPU cycles etc. on Froyo (worked in eclair too ;)).