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App Inventor for Dummies, Two Copies Up for Grabs! *Updated With Winners!*

Probably one of the hardest things I’ve done so far on this site was reading through all of these and determining the winners. You all have some fantastic ideas. We wish everyone could win.

The two winners are… 

Brett Henderson and Banjo_Lips! Both had great ideas and we wish them the best.

I am only 15 years old and love the android community. I really want to make a app using my nexus s. I want to be able to make a data transfer app using NFC, So the phone uses less power and less time than bluetooth data transfers – Brett H

My wife would like something that would allow her to keep track of her medical history (symptoms, appointments, medications, durations of illnesses, etc) – Banjo_Lips

Good luck to both of you and thank you everyone who entered!


Our publishing buddies over at Wiley just released a new book that should interest those looking to enter the Android application game.  The book is called “App Inventor for Android: Build Your Own Apps – No Experience Required!” and is a complete guide on how to get up and running and pumping out apps with Google’s App Inventor in no time.  The book takes you through the simple setup process and then proceeds to teach you how create 8 different apps including one for Twitter.  There are pictures, step-by-step guides, and even instructions for getting adb setup which is something I know that many of you have struggled with.

Most importantly though, we have 2 copies to give away to those aspiring to be the next big developer.

To win a copy:

1.  In the comments below, let us know what kinds of apps are missing from the market that you would like to see made.  There are bound to be at least a few.  (Keep it semi-clean.)
2.  We’ll pick a winner in 2 hours at 4:15PM Pacific.

And if you don’t happen to win, they wanted to make sure we passed on discount information for those who would still be interested in purchasing the book.  From now until June 18, you can hit up the Wiley site and enter code ANDRD to receive 40% off.  Not a bad deal, right there.


  • Guest#2

    I’d love to have an app that can picture and record all the anniversary gifts I received, for tracking of memorable events

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  • Dallas Dave

    What the heck – it’s May 29th and the code doesn’t work?!  See attached image?!

    • Anonymous

      The discount code is for the ePub version of the book, not the print version. The link provided in the post links to the e-book available for discount. Sorry for any confusion.

      Chris Webb
      Associate Publisher
      John Wiley & Sons

  • Can you put the app inventor apps on the market for sale?

    If not, is there a book that’s legit that can teach you how to make apps that are able to be listed on the market?