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Verizon Readies Tiered Data Plans for this Summer, Family Versions in the Future

Verizon announced this week at the Reuters Global Technology Summit that they plan to introduce tiered data plans (not surprising) some time this Summer, meaning the days of enjoying our unlimited $29.99 package are coming to an end.  Well, they didn’t specifically say that the $29.99 unlimited plan would be gone, but it’s fair to assume so, isn’t it?  No other details around new plans were provided, however the words “kick off” and “Summer” were thrown together in the same sentence, so expect changes to happen sooner rather than later.

Shared family data plans were also mentioned though, giving those of us with multiple smartphone lines a little bit of hope.  Since there are buckets of minutes for families, it only makes sense that they would attempt to introduce something similar involving data.  Again, no time frame mentioned here, and “Summer” wasn’t anywhere near this comment, so let’s not hold our breathe on this one happening at the same time as tiers.

Mobile broadband plans currently start out at $20 for 1GB of data  – let’s hope those don’t transfer over to phones.

Via:  Reuters

Cheers everyone!

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  • Thanx for the article

  • ChrisEvo8

    I use 200 mb a month and I have unlimited. Yes MB not GB. I’m on wifi at home and at my office so tiered plans won’t bother me one bit

  • If I end up having to pay $100+ just to be allowed more than 2 GB data next year (when my contract expires), I’ll quit Verizon and go back to prepaid. VMUSA and Boost Mobile are starting to offer Android devices. No, they’re not high end Droids, but an Android is still an Android.

  • Anonymous

    This may suck, but that will depend on what the tiers are.  A little premature to breakout the pitchforks.

    I actually think the family plan part is a good idea assuming it works the same way as voice and the only fee to the other numbers will be the $10/month line charge.  There are a lot of people I know that aren’t gadget people and just want casual Internet and therefor $30 is too much.  Now if there potentially inconsequential usage (200 MB/month I have seen people like that use with a plan) is added to the primary’s regular usage then you now have two connected devices for the price of what you were already going to pay for the primary user.  It isn’t going to help who gadget junkies out, but it will help out others out.
    Even as a business customer I can see it helping as we have a few users that use their phone almost exclusively for email and are well under a GB/month we can lump together if that because available.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Magman117

    I was told by the Verizon rep at the store that the plan changes were coming . He specifically said that who ever had the unlimited plan would be grandfathered in. He used it as a selling point when I got my thunderbolt.

  • anonymous-x

     I called to confirm, this relates to new customers.  Those of us w/unlimited will be grandfathered in w/no changes to our prices.

  • If I don’t get grandfathered in, Verzion can kiss my $175 a month goodbye. When companies get greedy people need to say F-you, going somewhere else!!

  • Wel

     I’m finding all this pretty confusing. 

    Currently I have an HTC Incredible. I bought it with a 1 year contract, which has since expired. The only phone I was interested in was the Bionic, but now I’m not sure what to do. Is it best to lock into a new contract that has 4g for 2 years or if I keep paying my current monthly bill am I grandfathered in? And if so, can I still get a bionic when it comes out and keep paying 30 per month for unlimited data?

  • Anonymous


  • Oh well.  We knew it was coming sooner rather than later.  It’ll probably be similar to ATT’s plan.  I’ve never went over 2GB before.  

  • Anonymous

    Hello Sprint!!  Here I come!!!! 

  • 3duy

    Are current members at the $30 price point being grandfathered into the same plan?

    • Nyplaya513

       all are wondering the same

  • Buckgrad

    Waiting to see how badly they actually hit us for data before changing to ANY phone from my Droid X.

  • Djstar2k2

     unlimited is unlimited so use as much as u wish.  this does suck but vrz wants more money so there it go and it depends on who has the vanilla android with a kb is where ill land im not upgrading till the android i want is release on somebody carrier(prob not ma bell lol)

  • )v(urphy

    So this means I should jump on a new phone asap to lock in unlimited??? Please please please let the GS2 land!

  • Take Actions

    Sorry guys… but bitching at this blog is useless… 


  • Up2bcrazy

    Well lets face it folks the handwriting has been on the wall for ages now. do I agree with it NO. does VZW really give a rats ass what we think, NO. This is just another way for them to fatten there pockets and hand out more big bonuses to execs who don’t even need the money to begin with, yet us average citizens are getting taken to the cleaners. And I will say this is they think they are not going to offer a fair amount of data usage on a tiered plan ( min of 2Gb for $20 or less) we should all pack it up and leave. Shit I’ll one up the industry, screw the smart phone I’ll go back to a regular Cell, and IMO that is what many others should do as well. Let them keep throwing money at there highspeed network as we all walk on them not generating any revenue. Maybe then they will get it threw there heads American are sick and tired of the corp & gov’t BS takeovers over everything in our lives. IMO it is a sad day when people just continue to go along with what they tell you. This is a prime example why I will not and refuse to buy a device from a any carrier and get stuck in a contract with them. Which mind you is another joke they rip us off one with the ETF and the price paid for the device to be in contract. They are almost fully covering there cost on the day I’d buy the phone. Don’t let the clowns fool you thinking about retail price to justify the contract as it is hogwash. THEY DONT PAY RETAIL to the mfgs, we pay retail. If they say the device is $450-500+ retail they aren’t paying anything more then $250-300 for it by buying in vol. So when you pay $200+ under contract they made almost all there money back in one shot, yet they want to scam you out of another $350 if you break the contract which in essences means they are getting more for the device then if you just bought it straight up to start with.

  • Anonymous

     That is some BULLS**T!!!!!!!

  • wow thats sweet, i remember when it used to be 5 dollars in the beginning for talk text and video 😉 ahhh back in the days! 

  • Bigsike

    Customers of Tmobile and Sprint will fall victim to
    this as soon as the $phone comes to their network, how people can be so
    blind as not to see what device and company is responsible for all of
    this is beyond me.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously considering T-Mobile, they are picking their Android game up in a major way.

  • Alex9483

    Okay, I’ve been on verizon now for over a year with their $29.99 unlimted data plan when I got my OG droid. I sold my soul for another two years so I can rock a Tbolt with LTE on the same plan. I would think my plan stays at $29.99 unlimited because I have a contract, right?
     After three years when my contract is up, would it be safe to assume they will let me renew with my original unlimited plan (grandfathered)?

    •  I really do hope this doesn’t affect us that already have the 29 unlimited thing going because im about to renew, to a thunderbolt and droid incredible 2 🙂 there is no 4g coverage in my area but i cant resist i know its a year old technology *evo clone* but still, its on verizon . . . i hope this doesn’t ruine it. But isn’t it true that if they change something for everyone, that would allow you to opt out of the contract  without fees?

  • Booboolala2000

    Won’t your prices stay the same under your contract? And if they do change can’t you cancel your contact? Thunderbolt and Charge on my family plan with the $29/month.

  • Guest1A

    Will customers who are already under the existing $29.99 unlimited plan be grandfathered in and maintain that plan?  Or will Verizon be forcing anyone and everyone to conform to the new tiered data plans?

    • I would like to think that you will remain unlimited as long as you never cancel your contract and always renew. But they can do what ever they want. I’d like to think even more that they might just raise the price of unlimited and add other tiers. Tiers aren’t bad, they make it possible to save money, but just leave us with an unlimited option. Shoot, I’d be fine with $40 for 10GB, but I doubt they will do that. If I can’t keep my unlimited or the caps suck (like AT&T) then I will have no choice but to go to Sprint.

  • Raptor007

    If you have a data plan 3G or 4G they can’t really do much to your plan, unless you drop data or change the plan you have.  So lock in as quickly as you can and hold on.  This must be part of the so called competition factor that AT&T is trying to imply with their T-Mobile acquisition.  There is not enough competition and all of the current carriers follow the leader, one changes they call change so really they need to be forced to innovate and not hold users hostage.

    • This is why AT&T should not be allowed to acquire T-MO. It is a monopoly on GSM technology and it kills inovation. If AT&T gets T-MO, then I strongly believe AT&T will be broken up again by the government. I think Verizon is too big as well. Until we get some innovation and real competition, the carriers are going to charge us more and more for less and less. As it stands, we should of had tiers 4-5 years ago, but not now, we should have strong networks with plenty of bandwidth.