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PayPal on Android Updated, Deposit Checks Using Your Camera

PayPal is one of those things that some people in the modern world, just can’t live without. It allows you to buy securely from almost anywhere, send money as a gift, view account balances and countless other things. The PayPal Android app was something that did all of that originally, but as of today you are able to do one more thing – deposit checks.

The iOS version of PayPal app received this feature back in October of 2010, but we’re the types to say, “Better late than never.” Also added in this update is the ability to move the app to the SD Card for storage.

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Via: Paypal

  • PayPal’s limits are current $3,000 per month in check deposits and $1,000 per check.  Kinda useless for paychecks… wish my company was large enough for direct deposit.  Oh well.

  • AnimateDroid

    is there cam deposit feature as piss-poor as the Chase Android App?

  • Tyrian

     FC on my Droid after taking the picture and clicking OK.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  •  Keeps telling me it’s out of focus when it looks perfect

  • Rob

     so… what happens if you snap a picture, deposit the check, forget to destroy it, and deposit it again at a bank… will it bounce?

    • Anonymous

       it should because your bank already will have that check # marked as cashed.

  • Raptor007

    I’ve used it in the past, nice feature since I have a PP debit card to keep my “tech” funds available.

  • Raptor007

    I’ve used it in the past, nice feature since I have a PP debit card to keep my “tech” funds available.

  • EC8CH

     off topic:

    Just held a Asus Transformer… wow.

  • Anonymous

     Takes 5 or 6 days for the funds to appear. Sucks. Fact that you can do this at all, Cool. That’s really a neat feature and if I lived say, in the wilderness, or someplace where it would take me a week to cash a check, then it  would definitely save me from a trip to the ATM. Still neat though.

  • nahkid

    how is fraud not rampant on this .. I guess I’m just amazed that this is even possible.  

    • yeah i see this being a issue with false information or fraudulent photos

      • User

         USAA has been doing this for almost 2 years.  I am sure PayPal did their homework before offering this service.

        • Along with that, Citibank offers it and I think Chase as well 

          • SetNick

            I cannot imagine banking any other way now…its one of the best things in banking. well, giving back the atm fees probably tops it.

  • Fallsgable

    WHO keeps $11,000 in their PayPal account…!?!?!

    (and FIRST!)

    • Fallsgable

       ok….not first….  🙁

    • nahkid

       you’re first in my book…   😉

    • Anonymous

       who deposits checks to their PayPal account? i’ve had a couple friend have their PayPal accounts frozen and it was a super-pain-in-the-ass to get the funds free’d up. PayPal has some of the worst customer service.

  • Chad

     Too bad it’s a battery drain because it’s constantly running.

  • Kaufkin


  • Johnc28

    “better late than never”
    story of android’s life. 
    -android user.

    • Anonymous

       Could be a best seller…

  • gUEST