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Confirmed: LG Revolution Launching May 26 on Verizon With Netflix, New Black Look and Bing

The LG Revolution will launch of May 26 alongside the DROIDX2 and Xperia Play, making next Thursday a beast of a day.  This will be the third of Verizon’s four 4G LTE devices that were shown off at CES to hit the market, and as you can see from the picture above has gone through some changes since we last saw it.  Instead of going with the silver backing we’ve grown accustomed to, LG and Big Red decided that all black would be much sexier – I have to agree.

So what else can we expect from the LG Revolution?  Well, it’s the first 4G LTE device to be flooded with Bing instead of Google Search which I know isn’t going to make many of you happy.  It will launch with Netflix though, so at least you’ll have 4.3 inches of goodness to take in all of your favorite movies and shows.

It will also launch with Android 2.2, LG “User Interface”, a 5MP rear camera, 1.3MP front camera, 1GHz Snapdragon processor, HDMI-out, a 16GB pre-installed SD card, and will likely be one of the first to take advantage of Qi wireless charging.  The rest of the specs can be seen after the break.  

And if you had any questions on the device, feel free to ask them in the comments and we’ll see what we can find out.  As far as it being “locked” though, we have no idea, but will assume so being a VZW device and all.

Cheers ___!

  • its gadget so beaulty

  • Lolz

    Any info on the bootloader? May not be horrible if we can root it.

  • travis roaten

     how much will it cost?

  • Ed Tranosky

    does this mean you can’t switch it to google search, and also do you have to use bing maps, or can that also be switched to google maps?  

  • NeedsAnPhone

    should i get Droid X2 or LG Revolution?  give me some reasons why

    • JJ

      I’m wondering the same. 

  • Fattie McDoogles

    So passionate… too bad no one uses the forum

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  • Anonymous

    Bing??? no thank you.

  • Themrjustinjones

    SStill no dual-core. The X2 is ugly and allready outdated. I am close to leaving verizon. Fail after fail whike everyone else has cutting edge devices. Why do I need to overclock my D2 to at least 1.26ghz for it to run rite. My 3500 mAh battery still doesn’t last all day. I won’t buy another phone unless it has the solar panel back cover

  • Anonymous

    Am I blind? How much RAM?

  • Bogger44fl

    Sounded good till Bing was mentioned. I thought Android was supposed to be Google. Bing totally turned me off. Fail.

  •  Price?

  • Vtxtank

    Bing….NO THANKS!!! 

  • Hima Bichali

    Bing? Really? Well there goes a potential phone…

  • Bingsucks

     lol BingFAIL…no f’ing thanks

  • Anonymous

     “making next Thursday a beast of a day”

    What’s so “beast” about 3 very boring phones being released?  I never imagined that the carrier that put Android on the map would become such a slouch in the hardware department.

  • Boring, just seeing VZW launching nothing with 4.3″ LTE single-core slabs. Ugh, get dual-core ASAP or a physical keyboard please, spice things up!!!

  • Anonymous

    This device looks all Charged up.

  • Anonymous

    What the heck is a LG user interface? Hey verizon, snap out of your funk and give us the Nexus. Screw all of these kiddy phones. When it comes to new phone releases, Verizon = FAIL.

  • Bing on an android phone is an insult to Google.

  • Danita Rambo

     Does having Bing search mean I can’t use the Google search app? Confused or does it just mean Bing will be on my phone like whoa? 

  • Hey Verizon,

    I have an idea, stop screwing things up or you are going to lose some customers.



  • Raptor007

    I was looking at this phone, UNTIL, I read BING.  No thank you, no way.  I’ll wait for something much, much better.

  • d-roids

    the description looked good till bing…..

  •  This phone is not revolutionary at all. If it was instead like the G2X on T-Mobile with the dual core and stock Android, then this name would be ok.

  • I’ve got 4.3 ” Netflix glory on my Droid X.

  • Anonymous

    How integrated is Bing? Would that simply be a system setting you can change if you want Google instead? If it’s forced upon the user that I would never buy this phone. One a side note, you should not have to root to change it. It’s a matter of principle.

  •  How come T-mob gets the G2X and we get this horseshit.  Still, my OG Droid with GPA15 runs better than anything that has come out on Verizon.  Sad…

    • TheVoiceOfReason

      I wish I could “like” this post 1000 times! 

    • Agreed, I’m seeing T-Mobile getting better phones than Verizon, the smallest vs largest nationwide carriers, pathetic!!!

  • LG Executive:  I have an idea, let’s take forever to release a phone with 2 year old specs.
    Verizon:  Sure, we don’t mind release the same phones repackaged just to take their minds of a dual core, 4g phone.
    Customer:  What happened to the Bionic?
    Verizon:  *cough*  Here’s a dual core phone, without 4g, or a front facing camera.  Pay no mind that it’s exactly the same form factor as the original Dx.

  • FortitudineVincimus

     Bing… bwaa haa haaa NOT

  • )v(urphy

     2.2 with a 5MP shooter..um…no thanks…

  • Why do they insist on putting so little ram on these phones?  Pretty much any system apps and apps that use widgets either can’t transfer to sd or don’t work right if they do.  Flash and Google maps alone take up around 20 mb of space and once your phone uses up around 50% of it’s internal space your phone starts to run like crap. 

  •  Netflix is out…. LG Rev is a non story.

  • Is there a way to debing besides rooting and installing a new Rom?  

    •  Through a method call HOW (Handset out window). To debing your phone using how, open any window in your abode and heave your Bing Phone out said window. Upon impact with hard surface your phone will be debinged.

  • Mr.Joe

    The 16GB microSD card is a GOOD SIGN!

    The TB and Charge both had 32GB which I’m convinced contributed to their over $200 price tag.  I’m expecting the Revolution to be $199. 

  • Anonymous

    bing? nope.. wasted device verizon.. bunch of idiots

  • DanSke

    Thank God! They changed that back. It was god awful ugly before.

    Oh another note its Bing and LG. Eh, its gonna take a few tries for them to be a contender with all the other android heavyweights. I’m not sure if I’m digging the look of the skin either. It looks like a crappier TouchWiz, if that is even possible. 🙂

  •  Bring out the Bionic, enough with this mediocre crap!!

    • Dean2359

      You got that right dude,whats goin on with verizon and all this middle tech junk? I want the htc sensation on big red or of course the bionic,seems to me that verizon is falling wayyyyyyy behind in the good stuff 

      • steve

        They have the iPhone now, why worry about those crappy droids right? They have a new flagship. (pardon my laughter from extreme sarcasm) When the bionic comes out the SGSII will be coming out and it’ll make the bionic outdated at release, just like the merge that just came out and was supposed to last november. Just like the fascinate that came out 6 months after the SGS just like the thunderbold which came out close to what 8 months after the evo? Just like the charge, which is practically a SGS with 4g and a pretty screen… Verizon is always behind everyone. Hell they didn’t get LTE up and running until what, end of december? And didn’t even get a phone until what april? As much as I love Verizons network, or what it used to be before my constant network error and lack of signal… they are starting to go down hill. I’d move to T-Mobile but I hate AT&T. That leaves sprint, which is something I’d rather not deal with. Verizon is too worried about the ability to bloat their phones to make a few more bux a month than actually releasing devices that  users would like to get while they are still useful. Might as well all move to cricket.

        • I hate the iPhone, causing VZW to slack on Android.

      • Drpointer

         att and sprint, both have dual core big boy phones out.  why not the “mighty big red”, and its “awesome LTE” network?
        they are putting out phones that should have been out 6-9 months ago.  I WANT to switch from iphone on ATT to an android dual core on Verizon, but this waiting game has me frustrated…

  • EC8CH

     meh… got Netflix on my OGD now… I have no use for you LG Revolution 😛

  • You lost me at Bing. Why on Earth?

    Do these phone developers even listen to us?

    • EC8CH

      I’m almost positive Microsoft is paying the manufactures to preinstall B*ng. 

      • bigdav1178

         I’m almost positive Microsoft is paying VERIZON to force the manufacturers to preinstall Bing. The carrier dictates what bloat goes into the phone.

        • EC8CH

           you sir are correct…

          yet another example of how carriers have too much control.

        • True dat. True dat my friend. 

  • Guest

    voice over lte?

  • Pcman1911

    what happen to all of the people that said they will rather die than to buy another samsung phone. LOL!!!

  • Stephen D

    Bing? Bing=no updates, as Fascinate users have found out. And I though this would have the Tegra 2. Yet again, Verizon is releasing a phone with outdated tech. If they don’t get the Galaxy S2 by July, I am switching carriers.

    • Anonymous

      Have fun switching carriers. 

  • Guest1A

    what’s the point of releasing this phone? It doesn’t have any notable features that deliver the “wow” factor.  It’s basically a crappier version of the thunderbolt.  they’re trying to use the selling point of it having Netflix? When people are at the store (or online) trying to choose among the available 4G LTE phones, they’re going to pick between the Thunderbolt and the Droid Charge.  The revolution is going to be an afterthought.  and the fact that it’s not Google Branded, but BING branded, makes it even worse.  and who knows how terrible that “LG User Interface” is going to be.  Everyone’s waiting for the Droid Bionic and the Samsung Galaxy S 2, anyway.

  •  the LG “UI” looks an awful like TouchWiz which looks an awful like iOS…anyways saw the T-Mobile version of that phone in the store the other day and it is pretty awesome…light weight

    • Steve

      No you seen the Tmo version of the lg optimus 2x, this is nothing compared to that phone. Just because it’s new and made by LG doesn’t mean the specs are the same. Single core snapdragon vs dual core tegra 2, huuuuuuuuuge difference. Not only is the g2x dual core but the gpu is incredibly powerful. 

  • Darren B

    LG “User Interface”… Lol. No thanks. 

    • EC8CH

      That’s funny they couldn’t even think of a name for their skin, HA.

    • Mr.Joe

      Which should you go with…

      Blurified Froyo
      Pure Uncut Google Gingerbread
      LG’s TouchWizish iOSish Froyo 

      • TheVoiceOfReason

        Definitely Pure Uncut Google Gingerbread!  But when Verizon gets a phone with the right software that we all want, it has to be on a slide out video game controller phone for teenagers.  I am really starting to wonder if Verizon will ever hit the nail on the head again.

        Until my contract runs out I will continue to dream about a Verizon Nexus!

  • Anonymous

    WHAT WHAT WHAT???  BING!!!!!!!

    *school bus closes*

  • Anonymous

     thanks for the close up of a headphone jack. wasn’t sure what it looked like 

    • Andrea Duey

       That actually made me lol

  • Fattie McDoogles

    Who’s getting this? Because without a community to de-Bing this phone its gonna be terrible

  • Anonymous

     It’s an LG Thunderbolt with Bing and Netflix then….ok, pass. Your turn Bionic/Targa

  •  Forgive my ignorance but ” flooded with Bing instead of Google Search”. Is this just a matter of different search engines or this something more? Is Bing vs Google really a big deal? flooded with Bing instead of Google Search”. Is this just a matter of different search engines or this something more? Is Bing vs Google really a big deal?

  • Morgan Hicks

    The S2 won me over with the screen and the ability to change the whole font of the phone

  • Dan

     WTB (What the Bing)! !!?

  • The Observer

    I’m happy with my Thunderbolt. If I switch to anything it would be the Bionic, but only if it is unlockable.

  • Bigbn73

    who wants an android device with bing. LG can keep this one for themselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  •  Bing eh? Not buying that.

    • Your picture is awesome! 

    • Anonymous

       Why does bing bother, google has the search engine game on lock. Leave us in peace, by which I mean keep your crap off our phones!!

  • Morgan Hicks

     Why couldn’t this have a dual core? I’m getting so impatient.

  •  ram?

    • Kellex loves Malware

      512mb, i played with this at the start of the month, its slow and binged, no thanks. No bing and more ram it would be decent, but LG is late to the party as usual 

  • saving my monies for the Verizon Function!!!

    looks like a nice device though….for a newb

    • palomosan

      Agree, I thought HTC would bring some Dual core love to Verizon but I’m gonna have to stick with the Samsung S2 if has LTE on it. 

      • stu

         all signs are pointing to it being 3G only.  no way than can fit a 4g radio in that thin shell.  if it is a mod friendly phone, i will be all over it unless something else great comes out in the mean time

        • Anonymous

          Somewhere in some official Samsung document on the internet it said the form factor will vary by region and by carrier, so there’s nothing stopping them from adding LTE and making it a little fatter to compensate.

          Also, there hasn’t been anything that would suggest either 3G or 4G, whatever you’re hearing is pure speculation. What makes you say “all signs” point to 3G only?

      •  It won’t have LTE. Not sure why people keep thinking it might.

        •  wont? browsing the interwebz, some rumors suggest it will

        • Look under the Specifications column. “Frequencies: 1.9 GHz CDMA PCS, 800 MHz CDMA, 700 MHz LTE”

          Do you know something the rest of us don’t? 

  • Guest

    How about my netflix?