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DROIDX Update Servers Say “Try again later”, Gingerbread on the Way?

Last week we were tipped to the possibility of the official Gingerbread (Android 2.3) update being approved and then released to the DROIDX by May 13th.  Word on the likely hood of that happening was sort of confirmed a few days later, and now that we’re seeing funny things happen in the System Updates page of the DX, we’re wondering if we aren’t finally there.

Now, I know the picture above is tough to read, but normally when you head in to check for a system update on your phone, it’ll simply tell you that you are up-to-date and that nothing is available.  Well as of last night, the DROIDX started in with the message above which reads “”Check for update was not available at this time. Try again later.”  Is that a sign that the update is being prepped for Moto servers?  Something similar happened back around the Froyo update, so we’ll continue to monitor this.

Cheers Bharath!

  • Anonymous


  • digsoreos

    On another note: Did you hear bin Laden was killed?

  • likely hood” = likelihood.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    If i’m on the first gingerbread leak what do I need to do before updating?

  • SugaShane

    Droid-life, you are beginning to make me resent my phone.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Moto I sold out and got the Thunderbolt. 🙁

  • Bunie

    You guys can stop coming here, the update will be another week.

  • Vtxtank

    Still waiting on XOOM update also……..

  • Vtxtank

    Mine is still telling me that my phone is up todate

  • Spickle

    just tried it and got the normal message. :

  • Brandonfish

    This has happened many times when Ive checked for updates in the past, usually when there’s a rumor about an update. Probably because everyone is checking at once : )

  • J-5k

    Mine still says “Your device is up to date! No update is necessary at this time.”

  • Wbwiggy

    It is just all of us, not-so-patiently waiting for the update, pining the servers. Sometimes you get the message above and sometimes you get ” Your device is up to date. No update is necessary at this time. (Seriously folks, I think this site has “Google IO fever” and they are posting anything Google related.)

  • Mpkelly75

    That message only appears with a weak signal. My dx still says up to date.

  • Anonymous

    My droid x used to do that sometimes (before i got my awesome thunderbolt) but all i would do to fix this is retry it or reboot it. this could easily be faked but it also could be real

  • Anonymous

    What gives? Verizon just called and asked me if I was able to update my phone. Before I could ask what she was referring to the call dropped out.

    • YourMomsLooseTwaht

      Can you hear me now?

    • Bunie

      No need to Lie. Verizon can tell what version you have on your phone.

      • Anonymous

        why would I lie? They called, asked if I had a chance to upgrade my phone. Before I was able to ask what she was talking about the call dropped.

        Could she have been referring to a recent phone upgrade that I used on another line, most likely she was. That doesn’t change the fact that Verizon called me and asked that specific question.

        • Anonymous

          it was probably an attempt to get you to sign a contract extension. I was cold called from a supposed verizon promotion center where a guy tried to get me by offering a minute overage protection plan, and when I said I didn’t need/want it he said he’d give me $60 off my next month’s bill to resign. I didn’t see the catch and didn’t want to “sign” anything over the phone without looking at it so I declined. He sounded really flustered and muttered something about “I’m giving you $60” but the way I look at if that was the case why require me to add another year to the contract? I told him to call back, he didn’t, and I”m beginning to think it was a scam.

      • Anonymous

        why would I lie? They called, asked if I had a chance to upgrade my phone. Before I was able to ask what she was talking about the call dropped.

        Could she have been referring to a recent phone upgrade that I used on another line, most likely she was. That doesn’t change the fact that Verizon called me and asked that specific question.

  • Anonymous

    Got that message once out of three attempts today, thought about that possible correlation, dunno the likelihood especially since I can’t duplicate it. I won’t rule it out, fingers crossed!

  • Anonymous

    I get that message all the time on my X since last July. It’s when Verizon’s servers are over pinged. Doesn’t mean a thing. You get the up to date message usually though.

  • for me, whenever im @ school [ they have devices that cause dead zones to your phone, aka, no connection], if I try to update my phone, it would say…try again later.

  • Anonymous

    Please don’t talk about updates anymore. The suspense is killing me! Checking my Xoom every 30 minutes is getting real old.

  • D2G Update please! Give me some Gingerbread!!

  • Josephrobinson91

    Can huawel ascend use this system

  • Sandeep

    This is fake!!

  • Matt

    I got a similar message on my thunderbolt.. i bet its ice cream sandwich

  • same situation here. not surprisingly, they might have jumped the gun a bit.

    • i just tried checking for an update about 15 times in a row, just to see if i could over-ping the server and get that same message, and i can’t recreate it.

      false alarm…to the max.

  • Anonymous

    wow, what a bunch of grumpy f*ks we have here….but back to things that matter
    Is is just me or has there been no D2G love goin on here…
    for example…I don’t think I’ve seen one D2 or D2G gingerbread rom post, is that because they don’t exist?

    • YourMomsLooseTwaht

      It becuase the people who own d2g complain about other people being grumpy too much.

      • Anonymous

        Clever…and useful. Thx for reminding me why I stay connected with this crowd anymore.

    • Anonymous

      actually the droid 2 has gingerbread but my brother has the droid 2 global and the only rom is fission without using romer which messes up the sensors.
      there was never a leak for the d2g but the d2 has a gingerbread leak.

  • Rlorenz

    Still getting an “up to date” message. Stop getting my hopes up, Droid life! I don’t want to void my warranty and root…

  • YourMomsLooseTwaht

    I just took a dump at the same time I was eating an gingerbread cookie. It means the update is coming!

    • MrWolf


      • YourMomsLooseTwaht

        good douche

    • Roberto Taylor

      Wait, is this the Gingerbread System Dump? lol

  • Djenks24

    Your right!!! First time, I got told I was up to date, second time same, third time, Check for update not available at this time. Try again later.

  • YourMomsLooseTwaht

    d3 said it will now be out June 6th for sure.

  • YourMomsLooseTwaht

    Mine says Up To Date.

  • TomB

    Mine says not available just like in the picture!! It’s coming soon!!

  • ImJoeNYC

    Any news on the D2/D2G yet? I WANT ME SOME GINGERBREAD!!

  • Anonymous

    shows up to date on my DX

  • Bunie

    Okay so this is a false alarm. lol be more certain, droid-life. you guys seem to post anything lol ♥

    • Anonymous

      This – while it’s nice to be kept up to date with droid dealings, some things are just better not posted until things have been confirmed or an attempt to duplicate has been made.

  • Bunie

    Did you test this on more than one phone, Droid-Life? lol

    • Mr. Joe

      They’re too busy at Google IO being fake to test it.

    • Android

      My phone is giving me the same message as theirs!

  • zroid

    I was getting that earlier today did a prl update it went away.

  • Anonymous

    Do you need to unroot before the update? Just rooted about a month ago to be able to tether for my Xoom…

    • Stop stealing data!

      • Booboolala2000

        You mean data that beerme pays for?

      • GurkhatheToad

        He’s not stealing data. He already paid for it, he’s simply bending the carriers’ rules on how that data can be used, but definitely not stealing it.

        • If he’s not paying for a tethering option he’s breaching his contract, plain and simple.

          • Anonymous

            if it’s a plain and simple breach of contract don’t accuse him of stealing which has an entirely different connotation.

          • Okay, so I’ll explain it differently. Purchasing a contract without tethering gives you data for the phone only. Circumventing guards in place to prevent taking data one shouldn’t be taking = stealing.

            Still stealing.

          • Who gives a shit? It’s his phone, he can do what as he pleases with it, and deal with whatever consequences may or may not come his way.

          • I give a shit. If people were less prone to unpaid tethering VZW and Moto would be more likely not to lock down bootloaders. They might be more amicable to rooting in general.

          • Anonymous

            The contract is for the data, we agree on that. The “guards” you speak of are property of the person who owns the phone and they can do whatever they please with them, including disabling them. It would be entirely different if we were renting/leasing the phone from verizon much like you do with a cable box from the cable company (analagous to “stealing” premium channels).

            They have every right to terminate the contracts of people tethering with their phones. They don’t have a leg to stand on if they want to prosecute them for stealing.

            Verizon should just put an end to all this and charge a reasonable $/GB. They would never do that because they enjoy charging the same for people who use little to no bandwidth as they do the few who use a lot. I also doubt they’ll be terminating anyone’s contract anytime soon over this… because those people would jump ship to another carrier.

            I really don’t see the problem with the status quo. A small minority of users are rooted. An even smaller percentage use wireless tethering. A further smaller percentage do it often enough to eat up bandwidth. They already have a throttling policy in place so what’s the problem again? They are upset they can’t nickel and dime everyone to death with outrageous charges (VZ navigator – perfect example) anymore but they need to look at the bigger picture and not drive away customers.

      • Anonymous

        haha please tell me you don’t actually have some ethical problem with wireless tethering… and then take a second to answer my actual question…

        • Wireless tethering, no. Going around and stealing data you don’t pay for, yes.

          • Anonymous

            How is tethering my xoom to my DX “stealing data you don’t pay for”? I’m missing it… I pay for “unlimited data”… when I’m not able to connect to wifi, I use that data to allow me to connect my xoom to the internet… sure, I could use my DX to do the same thing, but I use the tablet to write emails because it’s easier. It’s not “stealing”…

  • Chrishall26

    Same thing, the you are up to date message

  • I got this message a couple of days ago…when I tried it a second time I got the standard message.

  • Try again later, get this at random if you check a lot. I believe it just has to do with general server response. Servers are likely busy. After all Xoom update is pushing out.

  • Bunie

    Could this be what we were waiting for!? its a bit early, isnt it? lol Let us know what happens, Droid-Life! 😀 Let me know when to run for my DX.

  • So, when am I getting GB on my Dell Streak?

  • zdroid

    I mentioned this about a month back. So I don’t think it means anything and mine now says I’m up to date.

  • AtanRaca

    Mine is still telling me that my phone is up todate

  • Anonymous

    I get that message all the time on my D2. It usually doesn’t mean anything.

  • I’m pumped my new Thunderbolt is getting an update AFTER the DX. God bless rooting…i’ll never have to wait on VZW again. The flow of updates from XDA > VZW.

  • Ryan Bentley

    Just tried this now and got the same old ‘You are up to date’ message I’ve always gotten.

    • Amcloud80

      Same here

    • Jerry

      Same here……..

    • Jerry

      Same here……..

  • Unrooted, Blurified Gingerbread….yay -_-

    • Anonymous

      The best kind