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Monday Poll: What HTC Thunderbolt ROM are you using?

When the HTC Thunderbolt was first released we talked a lot about rooting it, but once some custom ROMs starting popping up, we sort of backed off until we heard from readers on their favorites.  We were also waiting to see which ROMs were popping up as the most popular and with the most support before we started pimpin’ any of them.  Well, it’s time we start pinging some of our brave rooted and ROM’d readers to see which Thunderbolt ROM is fulfilling their needs.  Is it Das BAMF?  Liquid Thundersense?  Let us know!

What HTC Thunderbolt ROM are you using?

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  • Matthew Herring

    Used CM7 on the OG Droid, but I’m digging BAMF.  Just flashed 1.7, and it’s teh awesomesauce 😀

  • Djkeller3

    I guess I came in here a little too late to participate in the poll, but I’m running CyanogenMod 7 Pre-Alpha and LOVE IT – 100% Sense-free goodness! Except for 4G, most everything works and probably should be a BETA.

  • Anonymous

    ignore this. Was from this morning…

  • Anonymous

    Running Das BAMF 1.6.3 at the moment. Really smooth; a few weirdities(such as changing the lockscreen from sense to AOSP reboots the phone randomly), other than that, it’s pretty awesome so far.