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Taptu Updated with Tablet Support

We’re finally starting to see full tablet support on an abundance of apps these days, and Taptu is one of them.  Rebuilt from the ground up with Honeycomb in mind, this is picture-styled news reader which will remind you of Pulse, except that it has unique features like the ability to import up to 100 feeds from your Google Reader account.  They also tossed in the ability to add multiple Twitter accounts, which is something the iOS version can’t even accomplish.

The rest of the goodies in this release:

  • Themes: Change the color theme from dark text on a white background to white text on a background for better reading day or night.
  • Full screen reading: Read articles in fullscreen instead of a tabbed look.
  • Instapaper support: Don’t have time to read it now? Send it to your Instapaper account to read it later.

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What are you guys using on your tablets?  Google Reader, Pulse, or Taptu?

  • Hi there–this is Dianne from Taptu. Just wanted to add to the review – that you guys should check out our merging streams feature, or what we call “DJ Your News”. Let’s say you’re really into tech & gadgets you can merge all your tech streams to make a single stream–the new stream (which you rename) then shows you all the stories from the sources pouring in (chronologically). You can do this for anything of course–we’ve set one up for Android blogs – so you can read all the posts from all your favorite Android blogs in one stream. Thx! And if you need help with anything, please ping us on @taptu or on our Facebook page. thanks!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been using Pulse for months, on my Droid 2, and recently on my Tablet. But now I’ve added Taptu to my Galaxy Tab as well. Imagine, going to the pool, and being able to bring 50 – 100 mags with me…….. WOW!

  • Still prefer Newsr with simple interface and easier to read when I want to go through all articles on my Google Reader

  • )v(urphy

    You hear that Moto??!! Do you hear that?!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’m a Pulse addict on my Xoom, but I’ll certainly give this a try. I’m loving all the new tablet apps. It reminds me of the early days with Daddy Droid.

  • Anonymous

    Pulse now has a serious contender 🙂

    The 2-way synchronization with Google Reader would be a great addition 😀

  • Smooth

    Ive been using Pulse, Luv it and just a few days ago I started with Feedly I’m liking that alot different but nice.

  • bah double post

  • bah double post

  • when do i get tablet support?

  • when do i get tablet support?