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VCAST Apps Coming with DROIDX Gingerbread Update, Renamed to “Apps”?

This shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anyone that’s owned a Verizon device over the last decade, but I believe this is one of the first times we’ve seen it appear on the DROIDX.  Yep, we’re talking about the VCAST appstore which has showed up in the newest 4.5.591 Gingerbread build for the DROIDX.  And to make matters worse, it’s looking like Verizon is trying a new technique to get customers to use their market – trickery.  Since all of their other VCAST apps get buried at the bottom app drawers, they’ve changed the name on their appstore by calling it “Apps” which as you can imagine, popped it right up to the top so that everyone will see it each time they open an app.  This will also confuse the hell out of novice users who wouldn’t know to look for something called the “Market” and will assume that this is where all of their “Apps” are. Sneaky, sneaky.

Anyone ever used the VCAST appstore?  More than once?

Cheers Dale!

  • Motoxer

    This will be the first this I freeze once I’ve rooted my DX again… f¥¢kin Verzon

  • Stevenwilson45

    I have owned a droid x since september of last year. Great phone. Great hardaware and even with motoblur running 2.2 great software. I have been greatly anticipating the 2.3 update. I just hope Verizon and motorola allow the most effective version for the x to come to the consumer. Please put your egos aside. Don’t load us up with ram eating crap like stupid vcast apps. If I wanted vcast I would have bought a samsung. Knack.

  • KO

    Doesn’t the TBolt already have this? I know mine sure does so this is not exclusive to this update.


    Basically i want iphone styled apps on android, thats all.


    Basically i want iphone styled apps on android, thats all.


    I buy some gameloft apps of there, but i wish they had more selection, encouraged developers, and made them more apple like quality…

  • Tiberiumdj

    This is more then likely the only reason GB has not been pushed OTA yet…….Big Red you should be beaten with a large blunt object.

  • Kerby

    This is the one thing that I give Apple credit for. When Verizon brought all their bloatware garbage to put on the iPhone, Apple told them to go stick it where the sun don’t shine. I wish Google had done the same thing.

  • Larry

    How I wish we actually had a Congress that represented the people and not corporations. Maybe that way we could get a decent telecom bill that prevented carriers from doing stuff like this, double charging us for tethering to use the same data we’ve already paid for, and locking our phones down to prevent us from actually fully owning them. But since our Congress is bought and paid for by corporations, in no small part thanks to the current batch of Supreme Court Justices that declared corporations to be people, I doubt that will happen. To boot, they’ve even turned net neutrality, a good, into something dirty and controversial.

  • Anonymous


  • I just want them to release the darn OTA update for my D2 already. It’s driving me crazy.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t mean to rain on anybody’s parade, but if a few Verizon apps forced onto my DroidX is the worst thing to happen in my tech life, I can live with it. I know they use some system resources. But I was, and continue to be, happy with the DroidX performance even with Verizon Bloatware. Since I run 99% of my apps on my 5 home pages, I almost never encounter the Verizon stuff.

  • the way i see it, if i am forced to have the verizon apps on my phone, I want a kickback from verizon. if i buy a phone with an advertised 512mb of internal memory and verizon steals some back, i think it only right that they have to pay for it.

  • Anonymous

    I actually use the VCast thingy. It’s not bad… it just doesn’t have a lot in it like the Market does. I use it along with Market and the Amazon app store too. They all work fine. Not sure why people are hating on it so much.

  • Anonymous

    Just root, and delete it all.

    Its not that hard people, unless your installing ROMS.

    And even then, its somewhat easy.

  • CJ

    Only a complete idiot would fall for that since every Android phone comes with a user guide that points you to the “Market” and the new app drawer has the “Market” front and center with the icon in the top right spot.

  • Anonymous

    When you buy a computer that has pre installed crap you can simply uninstall, why should a phone be any different? I am paying them for service, but I bought the phone.. Shouldn’t I decide what apps to use? It should be illegal. if you had decent apps people would use them or want them. Instead they want you to pay for crap you can get for free… No thanks, you get plenty of my $ already.

  • SugaShane

    If this ‘tricks’ you into using Vcast, then you deserve to be using Vcast.

  • EC8CH

    Now just add “Cr” to the front of that Vcast App and you’ll hit the name on the head VZW.

  • why is all the bad stuff left for droid x …………there are other droid series phones getting minor updates and nothing as bad as this story

    • It’s not just the DroidX, its every android phone on VZW

      • Anonymous

        Some times i’m glad i have a R2D2 cause ill never see a update.

  • Allen Ellis

    I noticed this a few days ago on my Thunderbolt when I opened Vcast Apps and it wanted to update itself. So it’s not just the DX or Gingerbread.

  • i thought android was all about choice, who’s choice? I want a 4.3″ screen with alright battery life (doesn’t have to be amazing), dual core 1.0 or 1.2 ghz processor, I do like the kickstand for flights, and breaks at work, i would like 8gigs to store apps, micro sd card slot, front and rear cameras, and stock android. where is that? where is that choice?

  • I have checked from time to time, to see what bs they are pushing. They are about six months behind when it comes to legitimate apps. The rest are garbage that no one wants.

  • Jim Dandy

    More crap to purge :p

  • Anonymous

    What a waste.

  • gimlet72

    This is why you root and run custom ROM’s

  • Will *pple try to sue Verizon over the name “Apps” like it is doing with Amazon?

    • Anonymous

      they are missing the other letters apps “tore”. But im sure they will sue for have a icon with the word app under it.

  • Tesseract 3

    I once looked at it, out of curiosity,

  • Anonymous

    Does the iPhone on Verizon come with bloatware too?

    • Mr.Joe

      The iPhone on Verizon is bloatware.

      • Anonymous

        Haha I agree that Android is superior, but does iOS have this type of garbage locked into it?

        • Anonymous

          im 80% sure it has apps on it that the AT&T version doesnt that were put on there by VZW…now dont ask me what they are because i have no idea lol

          • Anonymous

            Sadly, I’m losing confidence in Verizon as a result

        • Mr.Joe

          Yeah, the whole thing.

        • YourMomsLooseTwaht

          No, not as much as the android phones.

        • jason w.s.

          Nope. There is no VZW bloat on the iphone. Theres no way Apple would let that sh!t fly… even though the old VZ Navigator app is better than the Google Maps/Navigation that comes stock on it. Apple is slippin bad on their navigation app.

      • Malonzo85

        I actually lol’d

    • Probably..
      VZN bloat + some Apple bloat to go with it.
      Topped off with a cherry and no-can-uninstall flavored ice cream.

    • Probably..
      VZN bloat + some Apple bloat to go with it.
      Topped off with a cherry and no-can-uninstall flavored ice cream.

    • wes

      Nope, no VCast or non-removable trial apps come pre-installed. Only the stock apps (contacts, weather, notes) from Apple are on it out of the box.

  • You can still make your own list and never have to see any application you don’t want use.

    • The Observer

      The problem for n00bs is they won’t know how to do that.

  • Typical crap from Verizon. Nobody in her right mind would opt for Vcast content when she can get it for free elsewhere. Guess there’s always a chance somebody will tap a rebranded icon by accident. Similar intent to brick and mortar stores that rearrange their inventories so folks will stumble over stuff they wouldn’t have found by habit.

    Note to Verizon: Quit doing your customers favors and do what they want for a change. Dump the value-added dreck and unlock the bootloader. Hell, I’ve been with Verizon for over 6 years. But now that I’ve got an Android device, I’m seriously thinking of switching providers when my slave contract ends.

    • jason w.s.

      Thats true…theres no reason to stick with Verizon anymore specifically to have an Android phone since you can get one from pretty much any other carrier these days.

  • Ugh this sucks. We don’t want this Verizon crap on our phones. Quit loading it up with bloatware like its a feature phone. This is one downside to Android being “open.” Wish Google could do something about this or at least make these able to be uninstalled

  • Google should simply rename theirs .Android Market, that’ll show em 😀

    • Anonymous

      Why rename it when they can just code it to always be first? >:)

  • Anonymous

    Gingerbreak + root explorer = no more vcast app store.

  • Wonder when we’ll see the OTA update?

    • Lurch

      last week they were saying May 10th for the official ota to roll out guess we will all just wait and see hopefully soon

  • Rayman411vm


  • )v(urphy

    All apps…with even more ‘sh*tty’ Apps.

  • Jak_341

    More and more and more fragmentation. This isn’t good at all.

    • Anonymous

      Normally I think the fragmentation issue is overblown and made up. I do think this is harmful to Android though.

  • Never have. Never will.

    • Google should have made the carriers a dumb pipe, not partnered with them this much and given them this much control. They literally want a say in EVERYTHING. Its funny, because Google gives 30% of app sales to Verizon as part of the first Droid deal, not sure if its still going on, or if its just for phones on Verizon. But that sucks, Google ceded all control over to the carriers, especially verizon. Google needs to grow some balls here.