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Report: Twitter Buys TweetDeck for $50 Million

Twitter may have just snatched up super hot 3rd party client TweetDeck to keep it out of the hands of odd little social app guru, UberMedia.  According to TechCrunch, UberMedia was in position to buy TD, but Twitter swooped in and outbid them by some $20 million at the last minute to keep it out of their hands.  Apparently, UberMedia is really into buying up Twitter clients and the originators of the service decided they weren’t a fan of one company owning that many of their users.

So what does this mean for TweetDeck?  Well, we really have no idea.  All we can do now is cross our fingers and pray to Buddha that they don’t decide to axe one of (if not the) top Twitter clients in all the land which has already been downloaded over 1 million times on Android (and who knows how many times on iOS).  But with Twitter really pushing their own client these days, we’re wondering how much longer it’ll be around.

Do we need to start a petition?  (Hah, bad joke sorry.)  Thoughts?

Via:  TechCrunch

  • Why should him stop tweeting?

  • I think he will soon stop tweeting!!

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  • If Twitter decides to kill TweetDeck, I will officially cancel my account. Why? Because I use TweetDeck on my Desktop, Laptop and my Android devices. TweetDeck is the best cross platform social application on the market. Twitter would be wise to take the application and make it their official app with all the bells and whistles we would expect from the best app in the world/

  • Waknatious

    Anyone who spends 50 mil on a free app w/o adds in it is really just out for blood. I’m pissed – I use Tweetdeck all day long.

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  • don’t remove it

  • Djspikezz

    PLUME RULEZ. TweetDeck is a joke, althought 50 million isn’t.

  • This makes sense for Twitter, but it could be a disaster for TweetDeck’s support of other networks such as Foursquare, Facebook & LinkedIn.

  • chris

    how about twitter buys skype from w/e lazy ass people are running it? maybe twitter would be able to release skype with video for android alot quicker.

  • Rob

    I guess I’m confused. Why pay $50 million, when they could simply change their api protocol, and require third party clients to license the rights to connect to the servers. In one step, all non OEM Twitter clients could die, and Twitter wouldn’t have to worry about it, or, just block tweetdeck …. I dont get why they’d pay for the client, when its their back end.

  • Speedtrap63

    Maybe they’ll change the official Twitter client to TD! Well, we can always hope.

  • Speedtrap63

    Maybe they’ll change the official Twitter client to TD! Well, we can always hope.

  • Anonymous

    I have a correction for this article.
    “All we can… downloaded over 1 million times on Android…” Then, it should be ” and _ who cares _ how many times on iOS”
    😛 Android FTW

  • How does twitter make money exactly?

    • Tyler Cunning


      • I have never seen an advertisement on twitter, though. Businesses can have free twitter accounts, just like us, right? I don’t understand how they made 50 million dollars to buy tweetdeck

    • TheVoiceOfReason

      As of right now they don’t make any money, they still haven’t figured out how they wanna play it

  • Rich Floresjr

    I need to start developing software….

  • Osama OBVIOUSLY had something to do with this

  • Anonymous

    Pray to buddha? Oh crap, we’re doomed for sure.

  • Mr. Joe


    ARG! I hate it when big companies buy up the little guys! It destroys quality!

  • Im not sure what I will do if they get rid of TD its by far the best third party app out.

  • If TweetDeck dies like I’m thinking it will I’ll probably stop tweeting for a long time. Since I use Tweetdeck on my desktop, laptop, and phone. Can’t stand the basic twitter client, and the facebook android app is garbage in comparison.

  • Anonymous

    Well, this better than them being bought by UberMedia… but not by much.

  • Anonymous

    Goodbye old friend. I will miss seeing my facebook and twitter feeds in one timeline…. you will be missed


    Tweetdeck = the best, please don’t remove from market

  • Caz


  • Caz


  • Spaz33g

    my favorite by far. hopefully it srvives.