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Tip: XOOM Won’t Turn On? Stuck With a Black Screen? Try this Quick Trick

Since I’ve helped out a dozen or so people now that have run into a Motorola XOOM that either won’t turn on or is stuck at a black screen, it’s time to drop the fix as a tip on the site so that more people can find it.  And we’re not sure exactly why some XOOMs hit a black screen that leaves the power button almost useless at times, but it’s definitely happening to more than a couple of people.  Don’t worry though, there is a simple fix that can be applied by pressing just a couple of buttons.

So how do you fix it?

Hold Volume Up and Power until your XOOM turns back on.

Seriously, that’s it.  And actually, Volume Up + Power will get you out of all sorts of jams on your XOOM.  If you are ever stuck with your device on or off and can’t make anything happen, this will almost surely get you back to normal.  And now back to XOOMin’.

Cheers to those of you who ran into the issue!

  • GMaC

    Thanks…..you rocknxoom

  • Richard Baldi

    Whoo hoo!! Thank you so much!!

  • C.A. May II

    thank you sooooooo much. you have earned a spot on my bookmark toolbar.

    thank you, thank you, thank you

  • Ian Armstrong

    I just inherited a Xoom from an iPad mini purchaser. It is 100% responsible for me leaving my Android phone at home or in the office three times in the last seven days. So… thanks for two things.

    1. Thanks for the hard reset button combo, I was Googling for it.
    2. Thanks for pointing out the volume buttons. I didn’t realize they were there.

  • DeadXoom

    Dead as a doornail. Won’t power up or charge. Motorola said they would fix it for $150. iOS, here I come…….

  • Dexter

    Thank you, I can’t believe that worked!

  • Love

    Mrs. Showtech You hVe to wait ur turn he’s mines!!! I love you, I was about to commit Suicide till I found ur post.

  • josie

    thank you. i thought until just now that my xoom had turned into an expensive and unreturnable (!) broken toy. fixed in 1 sec.

  • take sd card out

    power and volume did not work for me but after i pulled the sd card out than it worked so thank you very much

  • Jack

    It worked! Thank you for the help.

  • utkarsh

    thanx a loot…it works……

  • holy sh*t. it worked. thank you so much!!!

  • BMG

    Thank you for this fix!

  • Thank you! I as well love you and am forever in your debt. I’ve had my xoom for a year with no problems and last night poof, black screen and no hope. she has come back to life!

  • John Garay

    I had to reboot my Xoom today – was working fine until it powered off.. Now, I can’t get it back. If I plug it in the charging LED turns on (white at first, then green). I try to power on, but nothing… The power + volume up trick doesn’t work either. This is a stock Xoom (not rooted or anything). Same problem happened a few weeks ago, but was able to get it up and running again after a few minutes (just combo of power and volume +). Any other ideas?? Thanks in advance!

  • Noodles

    Thank You!!!! If I can add a little to this, here is what else I found can have the same effects on the Zoom. Plug your machine in!!! if the battery goes beyond dead, even when you plug it in and charge, Plug it in and try the TWO Finger restart. i had a full Battery, and it would still not work. As soon as I pluged it in POOF!!!!! Worked!!!

  • Keirin Joyce

    Rockin’ tip – thanks.

  • Edwind Damarko

    THANK YOU!!!

  • Drea

    I got my zoom from craigslist, ive only have had it for 3days and i got a black screen today . i was about to flip out and call that sold it to me!! so GLAD i checked ! 🙂 thank you !!

  • Blythe

    umm, i was about to die becuse this xoom isnt even mine. you just saved my life and i love you.

  • frank

    Awesome. Thanks, thought it was pretty simple but couldn’t help but think I had a brick.

  • Kawen

    OMG thanks you so much. I was so depressed thinking mine had died for good and I cant believe something so simple fixed it.


    didnt work…..

  • dreamakeup

    Omg! Thank u!! It worked!!! 🙂

  • This worked for me in a way but I determined the cause to be a faulty eternal SD card. After I pulled that my xoom booted right back up, I had been transferring videos to it and it just sort of stopped transferring. I unplugged it and the Xoom shutdown so, I had an idea what the issue might have been.


      power and volume did not work for me but after i pulled the sd card out than it worked so thank you very much i saw some people had the same problem so taking out the sd card is the answer for them

  • Kari

    Thank you so much! This came up as the first Google search for “Xoom won’t turn on” and solved my problem.

  • john

    jeez you are a star a bloody genius thank you so much

  • faldri

    is that caused hardware or software,my xoom mz600 blank by self,but after soft restart,back on then couple hours blank again..os JB

  • yenzsik

    ARGH!! Thank you thank you thank you. I almost had a panic attack. I thought my xoom would be a goner. Thank you!!!

  • Chris M

    Holy Moly it worked!!!! Thank you superperson!!! To think I was this close to tossing it away!

  • THANK YOU!!! =D

  • Sami

    Thank you very much, it works.

  • Louise

    i have tried volume up, volume down with power button… cannot get anything but the message “launcher failed to start”. any ideas? please.

    • Louise

      “failed to launch”… not start.. sorry

  • BeckyP

    Thank you so much, i was freekin’ out cause I have about 800 photos, plus video on there.

  • Croissant

    I officially love whoever posted this, thought my Xoom was a gonner 😀

  • lindaaa

    🙂 i love you, you’re the best!

  • ev

    works. awesome. thank you.

  • Peg

    I’ve had my zoom for over a year and never had this problem until today. You are amazing and however did you figure this one out?

  • Cathy

    That is not working for me. Any other suggestions

    • Louise

      did not work for me either

  • [email protected]

    i have a motorola razor and it wont turn on what should i do?

  • Grandma

    Thank you so much! I like an easy fix!

  • xoomboy

    damn genius. THANKS A MILLION!

  • OMG IT WORKS Thank You so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alan Moore

    Thank you very much for the help… I can’t believe that just worked…

  • asdfasdf

    Thank YOU! Like so many others, I thought it had died, and I was prepared to have to send it back to Motorola. I have some big meetings today and I sign all my documents on my Xoom, so THANK YOU!!

  • kelly

    Thank you!!!!!

  • thaiboy

    you r life saver thanks a lot if i know ill buy u a drink for whole day.

  • DhanuW

    I saw some tips for screen issues of Motorola Xoom at Motoask .
    Don’t know the exact but I found that it also very useful

  • maria

    I will marry you too and buy you kids but wont have any sorry

  • MDJ

    Huge help…We panic’d…THANK YOU

  • greatlakesdog

    Thank you so much…I thought i was doomed.

  • amber.smiles

    i agree with mrshowtech on that!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you soooooo much for the fix. i luv u! <3

  • shelia

    Help after power and volume reboot it wont come oit of the color honeycomb animation screen

  • DKC

    i wonder how many people threw their ish away without finding this online? :0(

  • lala99

    THANK YOU SO MUCH, i almost freaked out thinking my tablet had fried lol

  • Danielle

    Thank you Thank you Thank you.

  • karen

    did NOT work for me….i am upset….only had for less than 8 months. Any suggestions?

  • Jus

    I just ran into this problem and thanks to this, it turned on very easily. Thanks!!!

  • martha

    Thank you very much. You saved my kids from punishment. Love u for it and my kids adore you.

  • Jshoob

    You just saved the biggest meeting of my life. I thought for sure my information was gone forever. Months of work. Meeting is in 2 hours. THANK YOU!!

  • Anstar76

    THANK YOU.. BUNCHES.. I was freaking out b/c I thought it was broken… You saved me…

  • Melanie

    whoa, you are fantastic 😀

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    wow. Thank you!!! I thought it’s broken and all my ebooks are in there 🙁 you’re awesome!

  • harris khan

    Thanks a lot, this thread helped me in getting my XOOM ON ….thanks

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    Brilliant! Thank you so much!

  • I LOVE YOU. Not even kidding. You just made my life whole again. You are a rock star.

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    Awesome! Worked great. Thanks for this webpage!

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! We were panicking! …and to think its so simple!

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    Smooches! It worked! SOOOOO HAPPY!!!

  • Triggerhorse

    Wow! I thought my Xoom was gone.
    Thanks very much.

  • Prizilla Catino

    Thank you so much! It worked great!

  • flynfuzz

    Thanks. I ran into the blanck screen/won’t power on gremlin today. Your fix worked great. Thanks, again.

  • OMG ,,,major thanks to you! You totally saved my life 😀

  • divncom

    Thank you – I was about to go out to drop it off at the computer repair store and unload 100 bucks to fix it … volume + power lol. Thanks a million.

  • Romeo

    thank you very much! i thought i killed my xoom. great fix!

  • Melissa

    THANK YOU!!! We’re back in business!

  • catie

    OMG….you are a lifesaver. It worked!!! Thanks soooo much!!

  • Thanks!!!

    Thank you very much for the tip. So glad I didn’t have to go into a store and have them ask for my first born in order to fix it.

  • Hooked on my Zoom

    Wow, thanks! Best tip ever!!!

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  • JohnScott

    Worked. Thanks for the assist! But I can’t help but wonder if this portends a more serious problem. I can live with this workaround, but my refurbished tablet is still under its brief warranty. Anyone have more serious issues pop up after experiencing the black screen of doom and subsequent workaround fix?

  • Chocolotto

    omg I love you soo much!!!! haha thank you, thank you, thank you.  I thought i was going to have to send my xoom it to be replaced.  It worked!

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    thank’s it really worked 

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    Thankyou for bringing back my best buddy.

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    thanks  you sava me alot of trouble now is working good thanks again

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    Thanks so much!! Thought it was broke and was ready to cry. Only had a few months. Bought from HSN was ready to ship back. You are wonderful!

  • Ljk

    Thanks heaps. This tip worked for me. Feeling much happier now. As is the child who was using it when it packed up!!

  • Ronaldrburrell

    Thank you so much.  I was freaking out thinking I will be without my xoom.

  • Neon3lack

    Thank you very much for your knowledge. I am more than happy to pass this on to other idiots such as myself.

  • STeve

    I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT WORKED!!! I spent more time on trying to find Best Buy’s return policy than trying to fix it myself. You are a life saver!

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    very useful! thanks a ton!

  • Chad Brown

    God bless you. This just saved me having to buy my mom a new tablet!!!

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    THANK YOU!  How ingenious!

  • jennlnel

    AMAZING!!!!  So simple, easier than waiting at Verizon for help, and something I would have NEVER thought about.  I had to take off my cover to look for what may be the volume button:-)

  • Bronwynkaye

    Thank u. Was pulling my hair out

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    Thank you very so much…you’re amazing.

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    wow really it works

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    Works a treat,thanks!

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    Thanks you……

  • Jimbly

    Thanks man, was just about to take it back to the shop! Why would Motorola have such an odd way of resetting the thing? Why not just keep the power button depressed? Why the volume up of all things. Well, you saved my Xoom, so thanks a million!

  • Rachann

    Brill, just used this to fix mine, thank you, thank you, thank you,
    thank you, thank you, thank you,
    thank you, thank you, thank you,
    thank you, thank you, thank you,
    thank you, thank you, thank you,
    thank you, thank you, thank you,

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    thanks for the tips! it works!

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    you are an angel ! i hope you can sleep well at night knowing you have truly saved i life <3 eternally thankful !!!!!!

  • Matt

    Thanks for the help, I had never had this problem before and I was starting to get worried. Great simple fix!

  • Chokron

    HOLY CRAP!!!! It worked!!!!! I thought my Xoom just blacked out on me last week and I thought for sure it shorted out and was now useless!  I would LOVE to know what made you think of this combination!!

  • Scott

    My Xoom would not power on no matter what combination I used, I finally unistalled the sim and mini sd card and it powered right up.

  • Klrotschy

    Thank You!!!!!!!   It worked!!!!

  • Eric

    Great! This tip worked!  HOWEVER, why do I have to execute this trick EVERY time I want to start my Xoom?

  • Dgclow

    My Droid Razr Maxx won’t turn on but do have green flashing light.

  • JuddHurtado

    no wayyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tht was awesome thanks

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    Thank you soooooooo much I was so freaking out when it wouldn’t turn on, thank god I found this website!!! Thx a bunches!!!

  • worked for me too!!! thanks!

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    Thank you, very helpfull trick

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    Thank you very much that did it it power right up great tip

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    This just fixed my WiFi XOOM. Thanks!!

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  • Hema

    can not thank you enough, UDAMAN

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  • Shann Howman

    My Xoom wonte turn on after the automatic updates. I have tried holding the volume up and power buttons and still nothing?? Is there anything else I can do

  • London 2012

    Worked first time!!!   THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!

  • Yeli

     My XOOM is stuck at Moto dual core screen and Vol up + Power did not work.  It took me 4 hrs to configure out how to fix it.  The bad part is you’ll lose all your apps and data.


  • Meltingpot

    Thank you so much for this tip! I thought I was doomed!!

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    YES!!!!!!!  FIXED!!!!!!!!!  Thank you!

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    my volume+ does not work any other option, bummer as have used his hard reboot before to resolve issues but the button suddenly stopped working a while back so I’m now stuck

  • Chris

    this was the first article I clicked on to research the problem and you fixed it. Thank you!

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    Thank you!!!!! You just fixed my xoom!

  • Tariq

    Totally gave up and thought that its a wast of time to even do anything about it… had time googled the problem and found your answer… honestly did not think it will work BUT IT DID..
    thank you

    • sam

      Thanks Tariq; from Pensacola FL.

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    You are awesome! I would also marry you and bare your children if I was a woman

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    my droid x will turn on and freeze at the droid logo how do i fix that?

  • Cleverclogsgibson

    Good stuff! It’s happened to me, but now I know what to do, and yes, it works!

  • chachi

    Awesome!!! this actually worked, wow!  thank you so much for posting this.  so simple!!!

  • Bob

    Thanks so much – after 7 months of ownership, I thought it was dead.. Nice fix

  • Jamiemetz

    did not work for me and yes my battery is completely full it shows the green light but still will not turn on no matter what i do

    • Abe

      hold it on? worked for xoom wifi.

  • Mrwc440

    Awesome advice! Volume up plus power at sme time worked perfectly.

  • MR

    That worked for me, surprised but thankful i checked the net first as saved a lot of trouble. thanx.

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    i was just thinking of sending it to the service centre …. but this trick worked .. thanks mate 🙂

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    thank you so much its work

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    wow….thank you thank you thank you! worked perfectly…I now have my xoom back. love you!

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    You are so helpful thank you so much just brought mine back from the dead….

  • Gabriel

    It’s equivalent to pull out the battery. Works with Droid Razr also, just in case.

  • Blaclef

    Ok i know i dont want to be a wet blanket but, I’ve fully charged the Xoom an volume up + power does nothing……seriously.. held it for a long time… 

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    I had my Xoom delivered today. Of course I start by checking for updates, and there was one.
    After starting the update it turned off and did not get back on. My all new Xoom, already dead. God damn it. 
    Now you have really saved my ass. It is up working again! 

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    Worked like a charm!!
    And thank u for sharing fix with the WORLD!!



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    Woo Hoo!!!! Thanks soooooooooo much for the info! I thought I was going to have to deal with Motorola Repair Shop for this one.

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    Im a tech for verizon and it happened to me, i thought i was going to have to send it in.  You didnt just help me but a lot a greatfull customers, thanks

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    Thanks man !!! Encountered this problem for the first time, & it worked!! Xoom Xoom Xoom once again  

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    Yes, thanks!  I was afraid the new update install was a fake or something.

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    Wow… that is as far from intuitive as anything I’ve heard.  Thanks for posting you saved me a ton of grief.

  • I thought i broke it some how!!! thanks so much for giving my xoom back!!!

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  • Black screen sucks

    Thank you! I have insurance on the tablet but I was thinking what crap – I’ve only had it a few months.  🙂

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    Thanks.  Motorola needs to address this problem or it will be my last.

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    Thanks for the comment. It really helped.

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    AH!! AMAZING! i talked with a verizon rep and he told me that it would have to be replaced!! 30 sec on google and you have my xoom working again… thankyou!

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    You’re a god.  That worked like a charm.  And this is after “JustAnswer” told me I had a hardware failure and had to send it in to be fixed.

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    Only had xoom 4hrs

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    this solution does not work for my xoom. Any idea?
    Thanks in adavance

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      Wow..that worked..why does this happen.  I had to do it before but forgot how and had to wait to get home to check online..so much for using my Xoom while I was out. 🙁

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  • Thanks so much for helping me with my zoom I love this thing and I was really stressing that it was broke I take really great care of it and can’t live without it so thanks that did the trick

  • Oh Thanks so much that worked I love my zoon can’t live without it so I was really stressing Thanks so much

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    Tried power volume up and then power and volume down. ITS NOT WORKING. Help

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    Worked on my wife’s Xoom. Thanks for the tip!! She was stressing!!

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    Wow, that worked for me as well.  I have no idea how it got stuck like that, but this trick saved me some serious frustration.  Thanks!

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    wworked perfect on my XOOM!! Had me worried!!

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    This is AWESOME and really works

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    thanks a bunch,thought for sure i wasgoing to have to send it in for service,worked like a charm!!!,

  • I think this is a great tip, but the point I think needs to be made is that your device shouldn’t lock up in the first place.  Seriously, I use my tablet for work related projects and it is frightening to think it won’t open.  This just happened to me this morning and it’s up and running at the moment, but to be honest, I am now afraid to ever turn it off again for fear that this little trick won’t work.  Plain and simple, Motorola Xoom is an unreliable tablet and I feel I truly wasted my money purchasing it.  With the next iPad release I will be trading up to a truly reliable tablet.

    • Guest

      The Iphone and Ipad has the same type of reset procedure when it locks up.

  • Ddrinf

    Thanks for the tip. It worked great.

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    Many many thanks…It work for my xoom. You are star.

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    happened after I clear my cache on some programs. thank you so much, thought I had killed it and wasted all my money.

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    I was all freaked out! My xoom shut its self off and wouldnt come back on. Holding the volume button and power brought her back instantly. Thanks!

  • THANKS A TON!!!!!

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    u saved my girlfriends life thanks a million

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    Thank you very much!  I was stressed that I’d broken my Xoom.  Very easy fix!

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    Thank you for this post!  I was really dismayed that my six month old toy wasn’t working!

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    Thanks.  I would have never thought of doing this to get my Xoom started again, but it worked fine and I’m up and running again.

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    thanks it is work 🙂

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    You are awesome!!!  I was trying for hours to get it back on.  You saved me a lot of time and headaches.

  • Steven Beaber

    I tried this a THOUSAND times but with no success. However, I tried tapping the up buttong repeatedly while holding the power. And it worked. I have the Japanese Wi-fi model….

    • Barendkruger

      Thanks Steven… this is the only thing that worked for me. But I’m still bitterly dissappointed with the amount of times this thing has frozen… and to top it all off it freezes to the point that I had spend a night searching for his solution. Was hesitant in getting a Motorola as I wasn’t a big fan to start with… and this definitely isn’t helping.

      But thanks for your help! Saved me from hours and hours of research.

    • Syaz

      Thanx Steven…it is so helpful..really appreciate your tip.

    • Staci1973

      that isn’t working this time for me.  any other ideas for it not turning on?

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    Great, you just solved my black screen issue, thanks.

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  • thank you very much worked

  • thank you!  i had no idea what to do until i saw your post.  

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  • Bobrosenblum

    HELP ! On vacation in Israel my Xoom would not turn on or off. It was stuck on the Motorola logo. I used the tip of holding the power button and volume up at the same time and it worked, but after I used it and turned it off, when I turned it back on it stuck on the Motoroa logo and using the original tip didn’t fix the problem. It just brought up on the top left the message”Starting RSD protocol support ” can anyone tell me how to get this working again?

    Thaks for any help,
    Bob R

    • Moose

      I had the same issue as you did. It gave me that same message when I rebooted it using the power and Volume up button.  The way I got it to come back on was first after I did the Power button and Volume up button reset and the message came up again, I then powered it down using the same method. After it powered down, then I powered it back up like a normal boot up (just holding down the power button without holding the Volume up button) and it powered up without that message. I hope this helps you out and whoever else has this issue because it worked for me.

    • Poppeez71

      I had this same problem and discovered that the vol up button was stuck so I used the vol down button and power button and it turned off. I got the button unstuck and then did a boot up and it is all good. My tip is to check the volume buttons if you get the RSD message and a zoom that is stuck.

  • DSB

    This fix doesn’t work for my xoom after several attempts. What else??

  • Parrotstlife4me

    not working here

  • Jlbutters

    Bizarre….it worked 🙂  Thank you very much!!  Still love the Zoom.  I bought the iPad first and getting ready to sell it on eBay.  Don’t understant why anyone would buy an iPad lol

  • None

    Thanks! Thought I had to take a trip back to Best Buy.



  • Emilyarner

    That worked like a charm! I was ready to drive to Verizon but holding the Power and Volume Key did the trick. Thanks for the tip!!

    • Amberthegr8

      thank you ! this worked for me!

  • JJ

    Thank you this worked.

  • wow thank you so much i was freaking out big time …this totally worked

  • Advacast555

    Thanks that really helped me out!

  • Chevyss89


  • Sioen

    Just happened to us with our ASUS Transformer — holding the Power button + Volume Down for 3 seconds brought it back to life.

  • BFX

    It does work but not on my Droid1…my D1 is trashed

  • dave dave

    that did happen to me i forget what it told me something about service and i just started pushing buttons. i believe the reason it happend in the first place was that i was holding the power button and my thumb was on the bolume button at the same time

  • Thanks for this fix, I can’t believe how simple it is!

  • Ak01299

    My Xoom, that I’ve had no trouble w/since I got it several months ago, suddenly wouldn’t turn on or respond in any way, I’m glad I still have my Droid phone to find this page and straighten out the issue, I thought I suddenly had a $600 paperweight, thanks!

  • M477

    I think this might be an Android issue because I get the same black screen / hard to turn on issue with my Asus Eee Pad Transformer.  Thanks for the tip because I tried Up & Power (which didn’t work) and then Down volume and Power which did work.  Annoying though

  • Budabelly

     Thanks so much for this article! Saved my butt!

  • Willysargent

    So does anyone know a similar reset for Droid 2 Global. Mine went dead last night while on the charger. Now it won’t turn back on.

  • Anonymous

    This happen to me yesterday! I was freaking out, good thing I found out how to reset the XOOM

  • Been doing this for well over a month. Sad that it has to be rebooted as such sometimes.

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  • RW-1

    I’m just astounded … Great tip, and I finally played with a xoom earlier this week, and loved it, but … it is just too expensive compared to what is coming out shortly.

    I’m not trashing it by any means, I thought it felt solid, and like anything else, there are things that could be corrected in an update.

    I love the idea that any android tablet out or coming out has to be compared to the ipad, not really a point, they are indeed comeptition, however the consumer has to make their own choice as to what they want in both UI, experience, HW, etc.

    I believe they are serious contenders, this next year will be interesting, but if they are going to compete, then the price has to come down at least to match. As far as the Xoom, I see this as yet just another example of Moto believing they are Sony, playing upon brand name recognition, being first, and jacking it up for no valid reason other than that.

    The second reason I harp on price point, is that for the price they have set, one can get a laptop that outshines it in functionality for the weight gain, tablet manufacturers in general are going to have to figure out a way to entice someone like me who already has a laptop to ditch it, or at least substitute it.

  • AndroidJunkie

    Meh…I want the Asus Transformer.

  • Motorola xoom tablet would be the best and it is also having drawbacks

  • Niteperson

    Mildly disturbed that this is an issue in the first place.


    did not work for me had to send it back to motorola, feeling a little dissapointed an $800 table should not break so fast 🙁

    • guestwhy

      did not work for me either. yours was it solved eventually? do you know what the issue was?

  • TA

    That’s in the manual.

  • Eric

    This does work Kellex told me about this like a month ago when my Xoom turned itself off and i couldn’t get it back on even with help from a moto rep(who was worthless).

  • Cifchamp24

    Should a device really do this anyway?

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a #motofail to me….

    • Anonymous

      It’s Honeycomb, the other tablets running it occasionally lock up as well. Google definitely has some bugs to work out.

      • Guido_Chicago

        Same thing happened running ice cream sandwich. The fix works also! Woo Hoo!

      • Guido_Chicago

        Same thing happened running ice cream sandwich. The fix works also! Woo Hoo!

  • Droid-xer

    We’ve helped many people out of worse problems at http://www.xoomforums.com

  • Droid-xer

    We’ve helped many people out of worse problems at http://www.xoomforums.com

    • Blaclef

      BS… Mine will not turn on cause I mucked about with an SBF file… no button combo helps.

  • Rj

    I know my Xoom isn’t perfect but it’s still kick ass!

  • Hrishmawi

    People couldn’t figure that out themselves?

  • Peter

    I found the fix by accident in Hex Attack over the weekend.

  • Mr. Joe

    What an amazing fix!

    So simple for something so scary!

  • iI remember I figured this out on my own one time when my Xoom wouldn’t power back on.

    • Sam

      Thank you. Great tip.