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Tip: XOOM Won’t Turn On? Stuck With a Black Screen? Try this Quick Trick

Since I’ve helped out a dozen or so people now that have run into a Motorola XOOM that either won’t turn on or is stuck at a black screen, it’s time to drop the fix as a tip on the site so that more people can find it.  And we’re not sure exactly why some XOOMs hit a black screen that leaves the power button almost useless at times, but it’s definitely happening to more than a couple of people.  Don’t worry though, there is a simple fix that can be applied by pressing just a couple of buttons.

So how do you fix it?

Hold Volume Up and Power until your XOOM turns back on.

Seriously, that’s it.  And actually, Volume Up + Power will get you out of all sorts of jams on your XOOM.  If you are ever stuck with your device on or off and can’t make anything happen, this will almost surely get you back to normal.  And now back to XOOMin’.

Cheers to those of you who ran into the issue!

  • GMaC

    Thanks…..you rocknxoom

  • Richard Baldi

    Whoo hoo!! Thank you so much!!

  • C.A. May II

    thank you sooooooo much. you have earned a spot on my bookmark toolbar.

    thank you, thank you, thank you

  • Ian Armstrong

    I just inherited a Xoom from an iPad mini purchaser. It is 100% responsible for me leaving my Android phone at home or in the office three times in the last seven days. So… thanks for two things.

    1. Thanks for the hard reset button combo, I was Googling for it.
    2. Thanks for pointing out the volume buttons. I didn’t realize they were there.

  • DeadXoom

    Dead as a doornail. Won’t power up or charge. Motorola said they would fix it for $150. iOS, here I come…….

  • Dexter

    Thank you, I can’t believe that worked!

  • Love

    Mrs. Showtech You hVe to wait ur turn he’s mines!!! I love you, I was about to commit Suicide till I found ur post.

  • josie

    thank you. i thought until just now that my xoom had turned into an expensive and unreturnable (!) broken toy. fixed in 1 sec.

  • take sd card out

    power and volume did not work for me but after i pulled the sd card out than it worked so thank you very much

  • Jack

    It worked! Thank you for the help.

  • utkarsh

    thanx a loot…it works……

  • holy sh*t. it worked. thank you so much!!!

  • BMG

    Thank you for this fix!

  • Thank you! I as well love you and am forever in your debt. I’ve had my xoom for a year with no problems and last night poof, black screen and no hope. she has come back to life!

  • John Garay

    I had to reboot my Xoom today – was working fine until it powered off.. Now, I can’t get it back. If I plug it in the charging LED turns on (white at first, then green). I try to power on, but nothing… The power + volume up trick doesn’t work either. This is a stock Xoom (not rooted or anything). Same problem happened a few weeks ago, but was able to get it up and running again after a few minutes (just combo of power and volume +). Any other ideas?? Thanks in advance!

  • Noodles

    Thank You!!!! If I can add a little to this, here is what else I found can have the same effects on the Zoom. Plug your machine in!!! if the battery goes beyond dead, even when you plug it in and charge, Plug it in and try the TWO Finger restart. i had a full Battery, and it would still not work. As soon as I pluged it in POOF!!!!! Worked!!!

  • Keirin Joyce

    Rockin’ tip – thanks.

  • Edwind Damarko

    THANK YOU!!!

  • Drea

    I got my zoom from craigslist, ive only have had it for 3days and i got a black screen today . i was about to flip out and call that sold it to me!! so GLAD i checked ! 🙂 thank you !!

  • Blythe

    umm, i was about to die becuse this xoom isnt even mine. you just saved my life and i love you.

  • frank

    Awesome. Thanks, thought it was pretty simple but couldn’t help but think I had a brick.

  • Kawen

    OMG thanks you so much. I was so depressed thinking mine had died for good and I cant believe something so simple fixed it.


    didnt work…..

  • dreamakeup

    Omg! Thank u!! It worked!!! 🙂

  • This worked for me in a way but I determined the cause to be a faulty eternal SD card. After I pulled that my xoom booted right back up, I had been transferring videos to it and it just sort of stopped transferring. I unplugged it and the Xoom shutdown so, I had an idea what the issue might have been.


      power and volume did not work for me but after i pulled the sd card out than it worked so thank you very much i saw some people had the same problem so taking out the sd card is the answer for them