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DROID3 and DROIDX2 Pop Up in Best Buy System, Model Numbers Confirmed

Best Buy cellebrite systems have updated and now include the DROID3 (XT862) and DROIDX2 (MB870), leading us to believe that we’re a matter of weeks away from a release of at least one of these phones.  The current rumor-wire has the DX2 launching some time in May, but the D3 has always been thought of as a summer release.  Maybe with the DROID Bionic now delayed until the summer, Motorola has moved up the D3 launch to fill a void?

If you want an early look at the DROID3, then check out this post which features parts of the upcoming device and confirms a new 4″ screen and a front-facing camera.  I’m doubting that the D3 will be LTE, but the new screensize and re-styling sure has people around these parts talking.  And with that front-facing camera included, something the DROIDX2 is lacking, could this be the next big DROID until we see the new Bionic?

Cheers @conspiracydroid!

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  • If the Droid 3 isn’t LTE, there won’t be a Verizon phone I truly like for at least the next year. Physical keyboard = a huge must for me.

  • Droid 3 is so tempting!!! I am holding strong for the Bionic or the Galaxy S2 though!!! YAY!!!

  • Ctstyle

    The Droid3 should be a 4G phone. It will be the only LTE phone with a physical keyboard. That Evo lite phone doesn’t count as it is not LTE. Pleeeezzzeee make it a 4G LTE phone!!!!

  • Stephen D

    If the Droid 3 is 4G and has a dual core CPU(OMAP 4 or Tegra 2), bye bye Fascinate.

  • redone902

    should i get the Droid Incredible 2 or wait for the Droid 3?

    • Nyvz

      dude, if ur coming from a droid or droid 2, dont get the incredible. i got one the other day (had a d2) and took it back the very next day. sense sucks, lack of swype sucks, the ui was confusing, especially coming from a moto. the only up side is the phone felt fast despite being a single core 1ghz. any questions feel free to ask 🙂

  • Realist

    Please make the Droid 3 4G. I really want a 4G phone with a Keyboard and FF-Camera

    • Angry Turd

      Amen…word to the turd.

  • JJ

    Why wasn’t the Droid Bionic mentioned in this post? It shows up on the website as well, was it already posted on their website previously and that’s why its not being discussed now?

    Im missing something because the Bionic is way more exciting than the DX2 and Droid 3. Unless they are making the D3 and LTE phone, which would be amazing and therefore highly unlikely.

    • yeah, and why wasn’t the D1 mentioned either, it shows up in the image as well. LONG LINE THE D1!!!!

      • Anonymous

        just be sure to take steps to mitigate the incidental catch. this might have been what happened to the Bionic

        sorry, sustainable fisheries joke 😉

  • Docgoo

    Some great news today is definitely true. As far as Motorola delivering the right smart phones is another case. There should be a shakeup in that company, from the CEO on down.

  • Anonymous


  • Eric

    This means nothing and if it does then the Bionic is on its way as well since its there as well.

  • On a different note what is up with the Model names

    Droid Series : a855(OG) a955(D2) a956(D2G) a957(DR2D2) ???XT862(D3)???
    DX Series : MB810 (DX) MB870 (DX 2)
    Droid Other: XT865(BIONIC)

    Does this XT denote Tegras? Is the XT865 still the Bionic, and why if its so beastly is it only 3 numbers higher in the chain vs the D3?

  • They really need a 4G Droid 3. It would be a change from all the other 4.3″ 4G phones.

    • So by all others do you mean the Tbolt, or not carrier specific?

  • Yay! More phones I don’t want. Come on Bion-arga, come to papa.

  • Yay! More phones I don’t want. Come on Bion-arga, come to papa.

  • I would pick that D3 up for my wife in a second if they would offer a 4G version.

  • I would pick that D3 up for my wife in a second if they would offer a 4G version.

  • Knightcrusader

    First? And D3, here I come…