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My Water Live Wallpaper Pulled from Transformer, Ported to Motorola XOOM

More goodies for your XOOM!  Our friends over at XDA are already snatching items from the Asus Transformer and making sure they work on other tablets.  First up, is the My Water live wallpaper which you’ve probably seen from press shots and such.  It swishes around on your screen just like you would expect water to, has bubbles for more fun, and then goes into bubble hyperdrive when plugged in for charging.  Fun, fun.

Download:  MyWater.apk (stock kernel) | MyWater.apk (Tiamat or other kernel)

Install just as you would any other apk.

And be sure to cruise over to XDA to see the other apks they’ve pulled from the Transformer.

Cheers Graham!

  • mbolet54
  • Awesome! using it now. Thanks for the link!

  • Guest

    The Tiamat version works on phones.! Huawei X6/Android 2.2.

  • Richards

    Can this be installed in HTC Evo 4G??? Please assist me in this regard. Thanks a ton in Advance

  • YayIWon

    no love for an incredible running cyanogen 7 ?????

  • William Bales

    looks like iced milk on the G2x

  • Anonymous

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  • ShopDroid

    So not only is the Tarnsformer $100 less, but it has cooler software? No wonder it’s sold out everywhere like the i*ad2

  • Anonymous

    Only complaint is that it lags the shit out of my screen when changing orientation.

    Am I alone on this?

    Also, I’m on stock kernel but had to use the non-stock .apk, as Nathan mentioned.

  • Nate7761

    what is your clock/weather widget?

  • Nate7761

    what is your clock/weather widget?

  • Nate7761

    what is your clock/weather widget?

  • Nalpakj

    I installed this on my G-Tablet and it works great

  • Anonymous

    Is this optimized for tegra 2? I noticed that every live wallpaper I tried from the market lags my xoom.

  • Anonymous

    Wish I could get this for my TBolt – would look sick on the screen

  • Illinipoke98

    Gha! it ALMOST works on my phiremod nook color. Water looks and responds great, but the bubbles and ice cube are just white rectangles.

  • Meh. I guess I was hoping for something that actually acted like water. Kinda sucks actually.

  • Anonymous

    Also the level of water corresponds with the battery level. The higher or lower your battery percentage the higher or lower the water level on your screen.

  • Anonymous

    Confirmed, Tiamat installed on stock Xoom with ease, the “stock” labeled one did not.

  • Anonymous

    many live wallpapers either appear low res, or make the scrolling between homescreens seem sluggish.

  • Anonymous

    in all the rendering for the Asus EEEpad transformer they have this wallpaper with a tree and the sun coming through the clouds. i absolutely love wallpapers like that but cant seem to find it through google images. can anyone help me out by directing me to where i can get it or post a link? i’d appreciate it. thanks in advance.

    p.s. kellex rocks for having the best damn website on the internet.

    • KarbonKopy

      Just curious…what Widget are you running in this shot for your time and weather?

      • KarbonKopy

        Whoops didn’t mean that as a responce ha.

  • Jayrod718

    I like My KOOLAIDE better!

  • If you follow the instructions on XDA and install via root explorer copy/paste it worked fine on the latest Tiamat build on my 3G Xoom

  • I noticed the water level lowers and raises with your battery level. Pretty cool live wallpaper.

  • Knightcrusader

    Does this require Honeycomb? Or would this work on Froyo-based tablets? I would like to have this on my GTablet…

    • Tyrian

      The signed .apk works on my gTablet running CM7

  • Anonymous


  • nathanp8

    Looks like the APK’s are labeled incorrectly. I downloaded the Tiamat kernel APK and it installed on my stock kernel Xoom.

    • Anonymous

      Nice! I should a thought of that. glad I read the comments. Thanks!

    • Yep, that appeared to fix my problem. I installed the stock and that didn’t work, but installing Tiamat worked.

  • viewthis66

    the Tiamat or Other Kernel works for the no rooted wifi xoom. the Stock Kernel did not.

  • Xoomtastic

    this works on rooted and non rooted xooms just make sure you have signed APK for non rooted xoom

  • I have a wifi Xoom and the Tiamat or other kernel worked just fine

  • Dummy

    download but fail to install.. says application not installed..

  • Does this just work on rooted devices? I tried it on mine (stock kernel – 3G), and it won’t install.

    • I got this working, but I had to get the signed version from xda.

  • Stock doesn’t seem to work on the Wi-fi Xoom, for some reason it doesn’t install

    • Crazydog

      Ditto. Just fails to install. 🙁

      • Anonymous

        Install the other version as mentioned above. Tiamat/other kernal

  • Ares4

    That looks really sexy, any chance it will be available for phones when I buy the Incredible 2? pretty please? 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Someone port this to phones please. 🙂

  • Is the Transformer as good as the Xoom?

    • Petersen5

      Most people believe its better. Especially for the price.

    • Anonymous

      It’s like a WiFi Xoom with no barometer, a better screen, and a killer keyboard dock option. For $150 less.

  • Gilbert Grijalva 3

    works on only tablets?

  • Angry Turd

    Is it pronounced A-sus or Ass-us?

    • A-sus

    • Anonymous

      i wondered the same thing so i googled it
      usually pronounced /ˈeɪsuːs/ eh-soos[3] in English-speaking countries

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, tell BestBuy that. I went in looking for the “eh-soos” Transformer and nobody had any idea what I was talking about. Then about 4 employees all decided they didn’t have any “ace-us” tablets. Oh and that’s after they tried to get an Acer tablet out for me…

        • jason w.s.

          Lol, alot of people mix up Acer and Asus and think that they are both the same type-quality of brand and that is soooo not true. Asus is actually a pretty high end brand. They make great quality devices. And yeah, its pronounced Uh-Soos, or Eh-Soos. They have some pretty Beastly laptops out there if you look. Acer on the other hand, lol, thats your grandmas mini net book.

      • Angry Turd

        Eh-soos but only in Canada, eh. What’s that all aboot?

        • In Spanish speaking countries it’s pronounced jesús

    • jason w.s.

      Its actually pronounced uh-soos

    • FortitudineVincimus

      I thought it was pronounced

      who-gives/a -shizz

    • Anonymous

      I’ve always pronounced it “a sis”

      but then again I say “pop” instead of “soda” so what do I know?