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Breaking: Samsung Fascinate Froyo Update ED01 is Finally Ready, Rollout Begins Tomorrow

Samsung Fascinate owners pop the champagne.  Your Froyo (Android 2.2) update is ready.  Finally.

More info.

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  • cdmlmc

    lost my contact list.  How to retreave.

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  • BB

    Umm, my phone sux after this update.  How can I fix that? 

  • Hey,its great news.This handset has the lots of new features. After 5-6 month everyone has got this. Thanks for sharing this news with us. I like this keep sharing with us.

  • Lovemyhtcthunderbolt

    @Brian don’t be mad there are better phones and better companies out there, and also the fact that Samsung sucks, I mean how long has the fascinate been out, It’s just now getting froyo while other phone’s are getting gingerbread, that don’t say to much for the company that made the phone. 2.2 was suppose to have been on the fascinate September of last year, wooooooooooow! Now month’s and month’s later here it is again at a time when the dx, thunderbolt, EVO, d2, are all getting 2.3 shortly. So I guess when the other phone’s get 5.6(lol) the fascinate will get 2.3, LOL, I mean if you go by Samsungs update history.

    • Lovemyhtcthunderbolt

      But for those that actually get it, kudos to you, but the company sucks.

    • O.o_Sup

      youre retarded its not samsungs fault that galaxy s owners finally got froyo it was the carriers

  • Pcman1911

    Receiving my OTA now.and so are several others. At 86% …..

  • Hxc_mosh

    Downloading it now! Its finally here. I’m shocked lol.

  • Hxc_mosh

    Downloading it now! Its finally here. I’m shocked lol.

  • Biboybp

    the update is being rolled out as i type, im downloading right now

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  • Lorenzockellogg

    The fascinate froyo update is live for those of you that have the samsung. Phone ..my girlfriend just updated

  • Alpha55

    Hey Everyone I just got done making love to a black chick anyone want to sniff my fingers they smell like froyo its really fascinating

  • Screw Samsung

    Damn, I guess I should’ve kept my Samsung, but the I wouldn’t have 4G or be able to be on the phone and internet at the same time, not to mention gingerbread is coming soon. HTC THUNDERBOLT RULES. LOL.

    • What was the point of your post?

  • Happy 420 everyone 😉

  • Stephen D

    Better late than never I guess. Don’t really care though since I’ve been running froyo leaks for months.

  • Donnydon

    The fascinate will never see Gingerbread GUARENTEED!

  • NsaneRed

    With “Bing”…Its nice to see that Verizon and Samsung listened to their customers..NOT! Glad I have spent the last month learning how to root and load a custom rom, thanks to all the developers over at XDA and androidcentral of course. I couldnt be any happier with my phone now and will have to decline the update

  • Donnydon

    hahahahah what a joke. I ad the fascinate back in september….8 months to get froyo. What a joke!!!!! Galaxy s is getting Gingerbread!!!!

  • Jorge89

    This is worth checking out http://goo.gl/WJWnI

  • Joachimck101

    Its a lie I don’t believe it theres no way that announced it today and have it out tomorrow

  • Thats just sad.

  • Sog805

    Wow, welcome to 2010 fascinate owners!

  • announomus

    Horray!! 😀 Finally after half a year, but ill believe it till I see it, till then I’m keeping my fingers crossed

  • Hotguy_e

    VZW is hurting the Droid Line with all the slow updates… At this rate apple is gonna beat Android, its said as hell

  • WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. Took you long enough.

  • Anonymous

    Better late than never

  • Anonymous

    About time. I wonder if this will help the freezing issues. Im tired of listening to my wife complain about this phone. Her fault I guess…i recommended the Dinc 😉

  • Only 11 months after Froyo was announced. Seems more like dull stick than cutting edge.

  • Time for some Human League – Keep Feeling Facination…..

  • Anonymous

    How did I get to the archive section of DL talking about Froyo updates?

  • Mrpicolas

    So yes a day late and a dollar short but the fact that they updated at all is at least a step in the right direction

  • “Search the web via BING Voice search with interruption”

    How is this an enhancement?

  • I thought they were going to have Bing as a removable option with this update? Such a joke.

  • Anonymous

    darn, i was hoping the DX would get gingerbread first so i could be all smug about it to fascinate owners 😛

    • Anonymous

      We are getting Froyo, homie. Noy Gingerbread… =/

      • No no. He was saying he was hoping the DX got Gingerbread BEFORE the Fascinate got Froyo… so he could gloat about you guys still being on 2.1 when we’re alread on 2.3.

        • Anonymous

          But, I thought we were all Android bros? :'(

    • Bravo

      Droid X already got Gingerbread. Someone got the over the air update and passed it along.

      • CultLdr

        Yep, been running GB for a few days, loving the new look and the social networking widget. Never thought I’d actually like blur but they made a few nice tweaks

    • Guest

      You’re a f’ing loser if that’s what your life is about.

  • Anon

    How do you know it rolls out tomorrow for sure? Not that I am complaining just curious. Thank you for this awesome news btw!

    • David J Dowling

      Verizon Tweeted this about an hour ago…

      • Anon

        Awesome, thank you for the info.

  • YourMomsTwaht

    Only 6 months after everyone else got it. Nice going Samsung.

    • Samsung released the source a while ago for 2.2, so it is most likely Verizon’s fault for it taking so long

      • They released the source like 2 weeks ago

  • wheels

    so when does gingerbread come out?

    • Anonymous

      I say give it a month or so till most people are frothing at the mouth for Gingy lol

    • Lovemyhtcthunderbolt

      Six years from now.

  • Anonymous

    *Pops Champagne

  • Anonymous

    I’d be shocked if any Fascinate owners reading this blog haven’t put custom 2.2 ROMs on their phones yet. Bing would be enough reason for me to flash a new ROM on day one, and I’m not one to care too much about carrier crap (I still run my Thunderbolt stock).

    • Anonymous

      I rooted and did the whole custom rom thing with my OG Droid. When I got my Fascinate I just downloaded Launcher Pro and got the Google Search source code and that was all I needed. Very sweet phone that way. Now we finally have Froyo. HUZZAH!!!!

  • Retrokid223

    about time

  • Anonymous