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DROID Charge Launching April 28, DROID Bionic Originally Scheduled for May 12?

First things first, let’s talk about the DROID Charge and the April 28 launch date you are seeing listed for it above.  We’re starting to hear from a variety of people that next Thursday should be massive with the launch of both the Incredible 2, Charge and then possibly even the Xperia PLAY, although there are rumors that the Japan earthquakes have delayed that phone.  We good there?

Bionic time.  Since our report that the DROID Bionic would be cancelled in favor of the Targa, there have been a lot of rumors floating around the interwebs, so I’d just like to add a little something to help ease your minds.  Like we had said in that cancellation post, the Targa would be moved into the Bionic’s place, but trust me when I say that you should be happy this is happening.  So that 5/12 date you are seeing above, is just an old one – we’ve still got at least 2 months to go kiddies.

While that isn’t nearly as poetic as our Panda friend can be on occasion and doesn’t include nearly as many details as I’d like to give you, I think you can dig enough into that to get a good feel for the situation.

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  • Lube

    The zoom in the picture above has a red DROID eye

  • I have been looking into the Targa after reading this post. There are some rumors going around that it will be a quad core. Do we have any credible sources saying that?

  • IdleMind85

    My question is if they HAVE axed the Bionic that we have all been anxiously waiting for and are putting in its place the Targa (which some of us are less than thrilled about) and renaming it ‘bionic’ so they can sell it, WHY does the motorola website still have the original up on its website?
    (main page)
    (Bionic page)
    (which has a much more appealing design then the Targa does; not a fan of the big boxy design)
    If they’re replacing the true Bionic with the Targa I don’t really know that I’d get it….

    • IdleMind85

      As a side note how do we really know that the Targa isn’t the new Droid X2 – the phone definitely looks like it could be the DX2. All the photos I’ve seen of the DX2 look EXACTLY like the first one, but when have they ever released a sequal that was identical to the first? While the Droid 2 had the same basic design as the Droid, it still is more polished looking and has an improved keyboard. The photos of Targa that I’ve seen looks like a more polished DX. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the ‘Targa’ is actually the DX2.

      • DroidFan

        The DX2 has the same button features as the DX. The Targas buttons are smooth faced. Believe me or not but i have actually played with the DX2. Thats one of the good perks about my job. Unfortunately we haven’t gotten the Bionic which has me kinda worried since the supposed “release date” is in May.