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Is Official Gingerbread for the DROIDX Starting to Roll Out? (Updated)

A new version of Gingerbread (Android 2.3) for the DROIDX has popped up as an OTA update to one lucky user’s phone and appears to be newer than the leaked version we had a few weeks back.  As you can see in my screenshot above, the leak was system 4.5.573 and the new one that popped up today is 4.5.588. It’s definitely newer, and according to community Motorola guru P3Droid who has the file now, this also includes a new bootloader.  What does that mean exactly?  Well, he’s suggesting that if your phone prompts you with the update, that you might want to hold off for now if having root access in the future is important to you.  

Right now there isn’t an SBF to get you back to an older build from this new version.  No new root exploit has been found either.

And I should point out that we’ve checked in all the usual Verizon places for notes on an update and have come up empty.  This update is a complete surprise.

For those of you that are non-rooted and running Blur 2.3.340, you might want to start checking your phones.

Update 12:18PM:  According to P3, you can accept the update and still flash back to 2.3.340 using the SBF that’s available.

Update 2:22PM:  Loading up now for a quick look…

Update:  Here are the instructions for installing it.

This is definitely developing…

  • Lmrojas

    I have a droid x cm7 with a gingerbread kernel, can I get the update? LOLOL KIDDING. But you know someone is bound to ask.

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  • i just got a buddy with an unrooted unrommed X to see if he could get the update, no such luck…said his phone was up to date…

  • Droid 2 soon?

  • Cwzrd23

    It didn’t roll out today it will probly be released on sunday like always

  • Cwzrd23

    It didn’t roll out today it will probly be released on sunday like always

  • ataris_kid

    New bootloader, eh?

  • Jawshua

    Yeah no update on my DROIDX.

  • Anonymous

    I’m running the leaked rooted gingerbread. I imagine I’d need to flash the SBF for stock 2.2 in order to get the OTA, correct?

    • correct

      • Anonymous


    • why not just wait til they root and new update, then flash it?

  • for those who are on leaked gb what I did was sbf’d, then reroot, reinstall bootstrap, and recovered my backup just prior to upgrading gb and i still have all my current apps and such. also when you update you won’t lose all progress on angry birds which we all know is a chief concern

    • Anonymous

      So the OTA will just “over rule” root like on previous versions?

  • stanger

    stop teasing us, droid life!

  • d

    using update.zip to install this on my phone, will let everyone know how it goes

    • d

      I am now a gingerbread man! go to the link wingshater posted, find the mediafire link posted by Snow02 i believe his name was, somewhere in the low 30’s pages, rename to update.zip, put in the root of your sd card, run stock recovery and voila!

  • Wingshater21

    If anybody wants some more great info on all of your questions just go hear and read through….you can start around page 23 and you’ll be good or even the last few pages if you’re smart enough to catch on….good news is should have a rooted ota update soon from p3droid

  • No update here yet. 🙁

  • Mlarsen_2001

    Nope no luck yet.

  • Am I the only one with a bad feeling about this? It’s only updating people that are already on Gingerbread… Something smells fishy…

    • actually no one w/ GB will get this update as p3 has said it checks to make sure you are on 2.2.1 otherwise it won’t be sent. you have to be stock to get this.

      • You’re right. Misread it. Thanks. Guess I’m gonna have to SBF to get it. I’ll wait until we’re sure it’s out.

  • Nothing yet… and very impatient. Very very impatient.

  • Jo

    does anyone have a picture of the OTA prompt?

  • Brandon Barnes

    It’s unfortunately fake. I can tell in the pic by the pixels

    • TheDroidAbides

      The pic is of the leak that many of us already have on our phones so why would it be a fake?

    • Buckgrad

      The picture is of the original leak of the withheld VZW update, not the new one mentioned (read the text).

  • Nothing here… Wouldn’t mind going to official rom again… Only reason I rooted was to get to Gingerbread. I was tired of waiting…

  • Kdkinc

    They have to pry my ‘Root” from my cold stiff hands before I install a non-rootable OTA on my DroidX

  • just tried on another users stock DX, no update here in maine

  • dannyjedi

    I’ll believe it when I see it.
    If I wanted smoke blown up my ass I would be at home with a carton of cigarettes and a short length of hose. 😉

    • mmmmmhead


    • Anonymous

      what lol. you android fans are weird as heck

      • Anonymous

        If that were true, you would be in perfect company 😉

    • Anonymous

      . . .

    • Wow… oh wow…